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Not at all. If anything, it was probably a team order.
Also in the category of "not surprised": http://www.npr.org/2016/10/04/496508361/former-wells-fargo-employees-describe-toxic-sales-culture-even-at-hq
Not surprised, they have to do something to replace all that revenue their losing with the switch away from cable.
Bought DB at open. The news has gotten just bad enough. Worst case the Duitsers bail it out. That dividend is looking tasty at 6.7% even if it is suspended for a year.
Max Barnes was 1-10 last night. It's pre-season, nevertheless they were wide open shots.
Thanks, ya I saw some crazy pricing and couldn't understand it.
Anyone understand what's happing with RRD today?
Just read about Lewis moaning post race about his engines. Thumbs down. Second time this season he's done that. The Vettel move just looked like racing. Although he probably left the car hang out to pinch Max's exit and that's what caused the collision. It's also called racecraft and shit happens. Draw lanes on the track FIA.
He's had mechanical issues, but he has simply not been that guy that you watch and say that there is no way his teammate can touch him.Nico is in good form, had he got really lucky today... but Hamilton got pretty dam lucky in Brazil back in '07 (or 08?) to take his first crown. Massa could so easily be a WC and Lewis has 2.Anyway, there will likely be more drama. Lewis won't capitulate. But my early season assessment remains: he's distracted.BTW... that Rosberg...
Big blow for Hamilton. Looks like he needed another stop and turned the car modes up to build a gap. Would have been writing big blow for Nico getting punted off, but now he's even able to retire from a race and maintain his lead in the WC. The setup on that Merc is a thing of beauty, and so was Alonso's racecraft... he makes back half drivers look so GP3. That McLaren has really improved. That series of corners between DR and MVS was a amazing to watch.
New Posts  All Forums: