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Hey, I'm finally right about something.
I mean a guy that moved, not retention.In other news, Kobe went 4-19 tonight, taking 10 3-pointers.
Some live in the past. In the present, we have a 25% shooter leading the loss to the winless Sixers vs a SA team that landed the summer's top free agent.
When I drafted him in fantasy. The clown has hosed up my week.A second video emerged that makes him look like an angry lush.
Man, Memphis can't score. Only 45 points total in the back half of the 3rd Q? Curry gets that by himself.
Definitely not an actor.
I think there were so few highlights of the season that Verstappen looked more of a highlight than he might be. The kid is a good driver, and made some nice passes, but many other guys made a splash in their first season only to become marginalized. He lost the quali battle against his teammate, and scored more points. Not exactly dominance.
This is why I have to DVR any game I watch, I haven't seen a live game for 4 years. I just don't have the 3 hours it takes to play a 48 minute game full of endless stoppages. In the 80's the games went faster, even though you were a captive audience.
You're embarrassing yourself.
Interesting.... http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/wolff-driver-tension-may-force-line-up-change/ I can relate to the comments.
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