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I wish you'd post the whole clip so you can see the buildup, that choppy, low res, ADHD vine stuff doesn't cut it. Regardless, that kid has the body to be a super-superstar. Look at those legs, they're like a foot longer than anyone in this photo. If he develops to his capacity, he's going to be the first 7 footer in history that can play 5 positions effectively. Here, res not much better, but at least now you see he took the ball coast to coast: And this...
Collar stays for sale PER PAIR: $1 5 PAIRS: $4.50 10 PAIRS: $9 20 PAIRS: $17 Larger quantity, send a PM for a price. Shipping as cheap as a stamp, otherwise depends on weight but 5 pairs is $2, etc AISI 430 stainless steel with matte finish Nice weight and bending ability. I'll mix and match. Buy as many as you need, 4 sizes: (ALL ARE 9mm - 7/16" wide and .8mm thick) IN: 2.25" MM: 55.9 IN: 2.5" MM: 63.5 IN: 2.75" MM: 69.9 IN: 3" MM: 76.2
Evans has been average at best. Shooting % is a disaster. Too many turnovers. Basically what you said.I have him in fantasy, so it's cringe worthy watching some of those reds light up with missed shot after missed shot.I have Kobe, Stephenson, Evans... a recipe for FG % category killer if I've ever seen one. I've actually started sitting them.
Prly the same response as Jobs, maybe more since the business is different.
I am. Thanks for the troll post.
Kobe had 10 mother fucking turnovers tonight. 10. 10.
Is that Michael Jackson?
We have this same all star jersey conversation every year.
Barkley was taller than Dr J ? Or is that a trick of the camera?
Sure am. But you know that. You were pointing out how AAPL was below your sell price, and I was calling you out on the lie.
New Posts  All Forums: