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Not a bad race. Hamilton recovered beautifully, no whining today. Ricciardo, again. Beating Vettel easily at this point. Ferrari were very poor.
OMG the US coverage of quali was so bad it's just amazing. Why oh why can't they hold out 18 minutes without commercials and advertise between the sessions?? I mean come on. They even did a commercial during Q fucking 3! And the commentary... just tragic. As bad as American's doing football (sokker) commentary.
Asshole inducing.
17 yo, 7' 0". Coming to an NBA near you.
Nice trade, dude. Be careful though reporting any form of success... some here may think you're uppity.Close call. My RAD options expired today... $6.5 strike, it closed at $6.49, ha ha. The guy on the other end of that trade must be pissed.
http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2014/09/wolff-sends-powerful-message-to-mercedes-drivers-work-together-or-you-are-out/ "We would love to continue with Lewis and we want to continue with Nico." The wording of that is very interesting.
Jobs numbers are pretty bad so markets turn positive. I get the dynamics of it, but still. Can you believe ACTC (now ACTCD) has gone up after the reverse split?
European central bank announced it will start QE next month.
Time to short the Euro Bought SEU3, and then also EUO pre-market
That would make them luddites, since most people have tin ears. Prly a conversation for the audio thread, though. We have enough distractive forces here.It irks me a bit when someone sets up a $6000 set of speakers without any consideration for their placement.Even critics like Butch might agree that you can tell the difference between a badly placed speaker and a well placed one. Or maybe not, not all tin ears are built the same.
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