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A live "Chupacabra" captured: http://www.wkow.com/story/25137656/2014/04/02/texas-family-believes-theyve-caught-a-chupacabra?fb_action_ids=10202297699176280&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_ref=.Uzwyp2dBdvY.like
My desire to believe it's real has been dented recently, I agree.A new video was posted which has HD images, if this is faked, its well done. The blink is in slow motion, so if it appears mechanical, that's the explanation given:
This is one problem, but there is a much bigger one. On the whole, this is the biggest scam on the planet.The Lewis book details front running using differences in market data. Its why the BATS guy lied on CNBC. O’Brien said BATS uses high-speed data feeds but in fact two of its exchanges use a slower feed to price trades which enables the outpacing (front running/scalping). O'Brien really should resign over his behavior on CNBC. If you haven't seen the debate, its...
Interactive Brokers. No reason to look elsewhere.
The ESPN 30 for 30 on the Big East is awesome. Growing up in the Ewing/Sleepy Floyd/Reggie Williams era, and watching Chris Mullin and Mark Jackson, and of course Ed Pinckney and Sherman Douglas were some great times. Great documentary. Best moment was that N Carolina v Georgetown national championship game when John Thompson told Patrick Ewing to intentionally goal-tend every shot NC threw up. I was a kid, and I didn't understand goal-tending but I do remember that...
Awesome. Diaw's is the best. Who is that behind pop?
I intend to suck all $410 of them.Well, minus that fucking $20 I lost to you.
Whew:Looks like Anthony Davis has some back problems.
Still close with Namor. I've got a decent shot. I'm in better shape than I thought I'd be as of tonight's starts. Westbrook better play tomorrow and sit Thursday. Mikey's risk picking Kyrie back up has paid off as he's starting tonight.
I was coming to write this. The camless system is electromagnetic if I am not mistaken.
New Posts  All Forums: