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Careful with that Ed... the Fact Check Mafia is around.I agree with you to a large extent. We've made large analytical strides towards a homogenized form of basketball. The transition is not complete but its getting there. Teams are targeting a model with a group of players which the math specifies as ideal. Now everyone needs a stretch 4, so a Reggie Evans type guy is marginalized. Eventually that idealization will make teams look more or less the same. Or dare I...
I don't watch Houston regularly but from what I've seen he'd get pushed around pretty good with some of the beefier 4s in the league.
You're right. The guy that tips the metrics from mid-range is already very valuable. Karl Malone would thrive in this league now.Players will refine their game in that area to the point where they get contracts just for shooting that 3% extra for 18 feet. Over time this area of the game will be refined enough that it will shift the metrics to point to a new area to emphasize. Wesley Matthews is an example of this already in motion. It also seems to emphasize guys that...
http://grantland.com/the-triangle/b-s-report-steve-nash-with-video/ I enjoyed this. Its long as shit, didn't watch it all. But at least Nash is a good interview. Simmons gets shit, but I think its his delivery, the substance of the interview seems to be there. Nash goes deep into how he thinks and what was going thru his mind in situations, and background on stuff like Kobe and Howard which is sincere. Nash made observations about how "metrics has produced games...
Hey, bank stocks benefited. Not all bad
Finally: http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/03/18/schneiderman-announces-inquiry-into-services-for-high-speed-traders/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0
Ya nice life.
My team took a shit 2 consecutive weeks so I went from 1st to 3rd and lost the bye.
Playoffs. Me and CHRK33 finished our only meeting this season 4-4-1. This should be a tough one. I also read Scott Brooks is going to sit Westbrook for back to backs. And they have 6 until the end of the season.
I picked up some BA on the dip.
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