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Appreciated, thanks.I understand your points, but I've seen too much unsavory stuff in this industry to provide me any level of security or confidence. I'm a defensive investor in this respect, and for good or bad I always trust my own assessment of an asset above anyone's view. This is what the predetermined viewpoint you mentioned is. In essence it's like an ex-gf that cheated on me, and while we are still friends of convenience, I know to stay well away from her in...
Spent much of yesterday trimming ETFs that were borderline above and below my purchase price. This morning I opened a position in DHR.
Perhaps he needs to starts races behind a safety car too? I have just the place.
Thoughts spoilered [[SPOILER]]
I must admit that I'm actively searching out racing that doesn't take place behind a safety car. I managed to find some outside of F1's safe space.
MotoGP yesterday... it was really nice to watch a wet race start for once. All the guys rode off in a cloud of mist and there were plenty of fallers. It was exactly the way it should be when you're playing with the limit.
Of all the academic disciplines, math was always my strongest. I didn't quite have that last 1% to be a physicist, at least the type that could really break some ground. I ended up as an engineer. I have some physicist friends, and I enjoy the opportunities I get to bounce my latest understandings of M theory and S-matrix against their institutional knowledge. One friend is a physicist, but has never used it. After his Princeton PHD, he created a hedge fund. I...
Sure, I sent a PM, let me know if you can't receive it.
Right, he was drafted for 'upside'. The guy does a lot well, but he's going to get badly exposed if he can't shoot. He was drafted because the Phila model is to go hunting for a superstar, and quite a large part of superstardom is scoring, deny it if you want.
So a rating agency's job is to rate an asset based on it's quality. These agencies are supposed to be a trusted source for judging that quality. We had an asset class that was packaged with lots of high risk mortgages, and so how did it slip the agency by that these were bundled in the asset? You seem to suggest it was happenstance, and that "mistakes were made". I tend to believe people in the ratings agency knew to some degree because ex-Goldman guys know Goldman...
New Posts  All Forums: