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Facts as justification = modern analytics. For me, there was no more dominant team than the '85 Bears.
Lakers got half of that right.
Only 2 games left to put up with Kobe.
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A guy making his team an intentional laughing stock is not something I'd like to reward. Glad he's gone. Now go try and win some games.
Surprise for me was Mikey not cashing. He way out front all season and looked untouchable. Nice job with 3rd Namor, after losing Blake, I thought you were in trouble.
Or the one about child trannys. His lack of introspection at parents allowing 5 year olds to be the opposite sex was surreal. A documentary needs to check its premises at least once.
Hadn't considered that, but you're right about the Senna thing. And it was Senna.Like I said, its not race 2... its the 8th race in a row that Nico has eclipsed Hamilton.
More ghetto than black. He made the league nervous.
That crossover on MJ gets him in the HOF
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