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Did you see into the future? That's a completely baseless assertion.The best move for the WDC is to pass Nico. That wasn't necessarily the moment to do it. And why didn't he try for the outside? That would have been a more profitable move.It was too risky.
The number of stoppages are endless. We had :32 of playing time between timeouts a little while ago.
Comes down to perception. Rosberg started his move before Hamilton. Hamilton got a wing along side a back wheel.One way to look at it is Rosberg was late. Another is to determine there was no point in Hamilton driving into a closing door.Rosberg is entitled to completing his defensive move, as far right has he wanted to go - he was ahead. Just because Hamilton decided to stay in does not make it Rosberg's fault.I read the closing rate was 17kph. Not that high. Both...
I read Rosberg was in the wrong engine mode, and was harvesting which caused Hamilton to catch up. Hamilton has a claim he was entitled to space, which is valid, but Rosberg started his 1 defensive move before Hamilton was ever in his rear wheel. For me, Hamilton is behind in the championship and he was in charge of the both their destinies. Rosberg was entitled to his defensive move. Hamilton had the ability to change direction or pull out. He did neither. If you...
Best race in the last 2 seasons. Without those pesky Mercs we actually get a race. Verstappen has all the hallmarks of Senna. The kid is really impressive, his third stint was of a veteran driver. Kyviat can only accept he isn't good enough. On the opposite end, Jolyon Palmer is looking like the dog of the season. I thought it would be Haryanto, but he's stayed close.
Yet you wanted those stats?Goalies, silly point.Roberson was expendable.Adams is a center. Kanter is a stretch something, like Ibaka... no sense playing them together, so that consideration is solved.Duncan has been elaborated.You "know" Waiters had a positive impact. Is this before or after the stats demand? I get your point, as Diaw is a guy that can't be measured statistically. Waiters definitely ain't, not by miles.So moving past stats, you base your argument on...
Much more likely, even probable. If Duncan doesn't retire he's a 15 min a night bench guy.
Didn't seem so in practice.By miles the best quali of the season. The Red Bull swap around added tons of interest.I had a feeling Ricciardo was holding back, but definitely some relief. Max has all the qualities that Senna had. I don't know if Ricciardo can hold him off. Ricciardo beat Vettel. I had some minor doubts about Max, but it's looking like he'll eventually be faster.Arivabenne looked awful post race interview... he looks under pressure.Kyviat had a big...
... you're a big boy, you can find them yourself. You'll see Dion "torch" Waiters averaged 8 pts 2 reb and 1.8 ast... like max deal territory.There's a difference between SAS's bench performing poorly and the perception of an incinerator on the court. Cleveland got it right. He's an unwatchable confidence whore who gesticulates after every play.__________In other news, I'm reading SAS will pursue Conley.
After consulting the architect, he came by and suggested as you guys suggested. I went ahead and had them rip out the old oak this morning and Monday they'll lay the floor to the entire dimensions of the room. His comment was that in this instance historical accuracy wasn't being considered in my flooring choice, so since I wasn't being historically accurate to the house all bets were off. Thanks all
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