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Ha ha, I know. Fucking buyer's remorse over here. If only I had waited a day. Definitely pass on the margin trading, though. My goal was to be in before the Winkelvoss ETF opens, any idea when that's going to start trading?In other news:http://www.wsj.com/articles/sears-sells-craftsman-brand-to-stanley-black-decker-1483623215Poor Sears. Just die already.
Yeah, my dad has one of these with a blower, its a sauna in that room on full blast. It works very well.I have a wood stove, which is quite efficient, and it has a return behind it that feels the rest of the house. My other fireplace is au natural, but its in the dining room and is nice for dinner party ambiance.
Faster than recent performance may be accurate, but that still leaves him in the Hulkenburg/Perez/Grosjean class. It's going to be pretty easy for Hamilton next season, making for boring racing. I don't buy the idea that the Red Bull will be a winning car next season, but I hope I'm wrong. In other news, Bernie wants Schumacher's kid in F1. Regardless of how unprepared he may be. I have not heard he's that good.
No. He could barely gap old Massa.
You are protecting your currency against inflation, which is a profit. If I had $1000 or 1 bitcoin. In 5 years, the dollar devalues, and the bitcoin is worth $5000, which I can convert back to dollars. In instance A, I have a devalued $1000, in instance B I have $5000.
Correct. I setup a wallet and used coinbase, one of the exchanges and bought it directly for dollars.I triple backed up the wallet to be safe.I am not sure, but I may setup a weekly buy and just build a small bundle of it.If I buy today at 1000 and sell tomorrow at 2000, how did I not profit? Additionally, there may never be a need to convert back to USD, and just using it as currency.Every government currency in existence has been devaluing since forever. They call it...
Just bought more Bitcoin, and a little bit of Etherum, which is a newer currency and more speculative. I am convinced everyone should have at least 1. Its a currency that cannot be devalued by central banks and has a finite limit of 21 million that can ever be in existence. I wanted to get in before the Winklevoss ETF launches. I think that the 3rd world is going to turn to Bitcoin in droves at some point, after being sick and tired of their Zimbawbe 500 billion dollar...
Apparently that George Karl book is really hard hitting, goes after a lot of guys.
Ya, I knew you meant tankless. In cold areas it isn't feasible. A dude I know from Canada told me that it's illegal to run any form of water pipe in the house along a wall which faces outside.
http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/750169/Mark-Zuckerberg-Facebook-CEO-President-Donald-Trump-Obama-America-US-politics Company dictator for life wants to be president.
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