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It seems that's true. Martin Brundle is also convinced that the cars aero are more disturbed following another car than last season, they just can't get as close.I don't think that's how the order played out. It was either a pre-race decision (whoever gets first corner leads until the last stint), or Nico was told to maintain a gap during the race as the computers churned out race simulations for optimum strategy.At this point, why bother with the drivers? Just setup...
I don't, but motoGP/2/3 are all much more entertaining than the current F1. Even the WRC is better right now.
That coffee table would look great in Jet's dorm.
I can't see how that's possible. They both limped the cars around. Nico clearly had more pace, why wouldn't he close the gap instead of whining on the radio? The only way this makes sense is if he was told not to. Closing the gap would have forced Lewis to speed up, as he wouldn't risk any mistake losing him track position.The other aspect is that the team told Lewis to speed up multiple times, and even threatened to reverse the pit stop order. Lewis was...
I don't know, I would suspect the team instructed the drivers to hold station and maybe have a fight at the end. I just don't see Nico doing that on purpose either, he was basically telling the team over the radio that holding 2 seconds behind Lewis was backing him into Vettel. If he had freedom to race, he would have attacked or forced Lewis to speed up.If you can't follow a car without destroying your tires, then you have no basis for racing anymore. I mean, how...
Told you this kid is getting good.
New great white hope emerging, Dukie bound. Quick release, makes his own jumper on the dribble, reminds me of Curry a little with decisive clean moves. Needs some refinement, but he can play.
Your assertion that it's a superstar driven league is debatable. It's clear star players make a difference in championship results, but it's only superstar driven from a marketing perspective.
I think most of those seasons he made it to the finals, but he met a better all around team in Boston with a formidable center in Bill Russel. It is still remarkable that he didn't win more, even as he adjusted his game to make others more productive around him. It shows you what a great set of teams those were in Boston, and what a great coach Red Auerbach was.
The mid-pack provided some entertainment today, thank the lord as the top 6 were just a lazy procession. That middle stint with Nico on the radio telling Hamilton to speed up was so cringeworthy. The "tire management stint" is why there were a host of unused grandstands. Martin Brundle is so right, the cars struggle more than ever now to get close to each other. How many years has F1 had this problem and still no substantive action is taken? It's got to change. Nico...
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