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Unrelated to basketball
You read that one fine
I dont think he's underrated, he's a fantastic player. Probably the fastest thinker in the NBA. Excellent defense and offense. And he'll age extremely well.The flip side is that attitude, the gesticulations, the exaggerations of contact, and that endless whining.He's incredibly skilled, but unwatchable.
No team with C Paul can be fun to watch. It's true. The Lakers are fun to watch, but fact remains they're below 500. It was more a statement of how low the franchise got. Though watching M Gasol try and dazzle and then give up a a steal on that cute pass was fun to watch, Memphis is not fun to watch.
NBA brings comedy D Howard Hawks are 8-2, and the Heatless are 2-8. Not to be outdone, the Sixers are 2-9. Dallas is 2-8, thank the lord they locked in Max Barnes... real impact player there. Most humorous of all is Lakers fans are excited they are almost .500.
Hey man, that's racist.
Of course he is. The Wizards, I suspect, had Durant dreams.
Thats another piece of shit to add to the TWTR VRX matrix
Dude, the Pelicans are horrible. It's a Sixers type joke.
The word posse is illegal now, beware of the PC police.
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