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47% return on MBLY.I'm looking at a put option on SNAP.Market authorities absolutely have to do something to stem this non-voting bullshit. NYSE and NASDAQ not listing this type of ownership structure would kill it instantly.By the way, I hear the SNAP dictator has already cashed in on quite a lot of shares. Investor group seeks to bar Snap from indexes over voting rights
Cha-ching! Cashing in today. MBLY bought by INTL.
What's everyone think of those costco branded scotches, I see a 12, 16, 25 year, as well as some blends. Is this solid value? I wonder who is bottling them.
Looks like Embiid is going to need surgery
Yeah but not at this scale.
TWTR again. #ShitCompany #FakeCEOSo it makes me wonder if TWTR doing this to boost their numbers? Worth asking. #JusticeDepartment #SEC many as 48 million Twitter accounts aren't people, says study
Renting your own car so someone can go and rag on it all day? No thanks.
There's a utility guy out in the street right now. The pace these guys work is astonishing, it's seems impossible to move that slowly intentionally.
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