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Love it. Give that guy a roster spot.
Verajao is a decent stopper. I think everyone is underestimating Love's defense. He can rebound like hell. Lebron can force defense out of that squad, otherwise.
So let lebron restructure and make room. I mean, they have an entire year to do it. Let Kyrie restructure.
Lebon needs to call love and ask him to wait a year. End of discussion. Love is just a young guy that wants what he wants right now. It's not in his interests to lose Wiggins... just hold on.The problem is MIN will trade him, but if he goes or not, he just has to say the next season he'll leave for CLE, then its over.... CLE will make the deal with MIN because all relevant options are dead. Wiggins stays.
Same page.He's been maligned for his contract, but for his abilities, who wouldn't want him for the right price. I wouldn't go near him for that CHI contract, but that is more a reflection on CHI than Boozer. He's been a model pro, so what he got paid... if you're stupid enough to pay him it's you're fault.
And so what? If I was the 27th best rebounder in a 30 team league, I'd be the best defender on at least 1 team.The Boozer neg is great for LA. They got a solid pro from Duke, and has produced throughout his career. I don't see him a lot different than Elton Brand, who nobody criticizes.
Exactly. A rebounder is also a bad defender has never made sense. Perhaps he's a step slow but there is no way that CHI team lets him get Harden, he was just obviously not a great defender on a great defensive squad. He'll perform above expectations in LA, even be a fantasy pickup.
He is. He get's shit on for that salary, but for 4m, come one, who wouldn't take that post play?
Any other team, that would be +1
"My main goal every night is winning the game" - CousinsAnd some prefer sex missionary style. Personal preference.
New Posts  All Forums: