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Magic made the team better.I think Wilt was the best center ever.Re Shaq, his few moves worked because of his size. He couldn't score from more than 5 feet out and a significant percentage of his baskets were offensive fouls.
Watch the 30 for 30 and see how quick and agile he was in ORL at that size. He was a completely different player during the LAL years, sure he was dominant but his frame changed and with that he lost much of what made him special. I didn't find those LA years amazing, I just saw a guy that was so much bigger than everyone else bully his way to the basket over and over with the same 3 moves.Had Shaq maintained his weight and developed his skills, he could have eclipsed...
Watched the 30 for 30 last night "This Magic Moment" If Shaq could've played at an ideal weight and actually developed his skills, he could have challenged Jordan for #1 ever. He was amazing those first couple of years. Then it really got ugly.
The argument starts and ends with who you'd rather play with, and it's hands down Duncan.
At least the self styled king passes the ball.
Indeed. No more Kobe, I'm at peace.
Great to see him still around. I think I caught a glimpse of Elfrid Payton. Shows it again this year...
I was too young to appreciate the Steelers in the 70's, but I'm sure the Steel Curtain was as formidable as any other great team. I stopped watching football in the late 90's, so I missed all the Pats dominance.The only knock on the warriors record, assuming they get it, is that their losses were almost all to weak teams.
Facts as justification = modern analytics. For me, there was no more dominant team than the '85 Bears.
Lakers got half of that right.
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