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Boris Diaw is a classic case. In Lin's, he's neither that good an NBA player or fantasy option.
Draft him...
Ebay -> paypal spinoff is having repercussions. Labels purchased on paypal are not updating on ebay consistently.
Russian mob special?
It won't last
Rounded MOP mother of pearl SHIRT BUTTONS - Made in Italy MOP (Mother of Pearl) shirt buttons commissioned from a top factory in Italy. Colors are optical white, light natural, and light brown Available sizes 18L, 16L and 14L Details and prices: 16L and 18L sizes will both be 3.5mm thick ($.89 pc) 14L size is 3mm thick ($.79 pc)
Stunning lacquered RED CONCAVE MOP (mother of pearl) shirt BUTTONS MADE IN ITALY Stunning RED! Mother of pearl is lacquered for deep amazing coloration Available in: Size 18L (11.4 mm) buttons x 4 mm thickness ($.99 each) Size 16L (10.3 mm) buttons x 4 mm thickness ($.99 each) Size 14L (9.5 mm) buttons x 3.5 mm thickness ($.89 each) Great quality! Must see in person!
And why did Bernie do that? Self interest. My point exactly. And so in this instance was Mosley the benevolent dictator?
My overall point was that leadership is overrated, and that Bernie gets credit for a lot of things that were dumb luck.
I think my points survive. DTM is more fun because it's more fun. F1 is global, yet currently uninteresting save for narrow moments and small battles."Leaders" are too often given credit for things they have little to do with. If Jean Todt or someone else was the head of F1 thru the Bernie era, I don't see it would have ended up much different. Senna - Prost did for F1 what Bird - Magic Johnson did for the NBA.My interest (in what has been my favorite sport for many...
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