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Bought VFH
What bank etfs are you guys in? Looking for cover on the impending rate hikes.
I really don't. It's hard to be more eye-rolling that the lakers or the LBJ heatles but they've succeeded.
Make sure you post that when you do it.
You cannot
The phone app is too limiting. They need a web front end. That said, free is free. I have an account and some money in it.
Never even heard of those.
Is there a worse experience on earth than trying to list a product for sale on the Amazon seller marketplace shitbird/interface? I'd rather be waterboarded.
I don't, nor do I want to.I want to know more about exactly the same things they want to keep secret, it's a very different body if information. Many fans want to see pictures of Lewis Hamilton at a party with Jay Z or whoever, I could care less. What you call dialogue is all fluff to me.I'd drink up technical nuances, which are rarely offered up, and that was more the point.
Would have to agree, the incessant secrecy is damaging the sport. http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2015/07/f1-needs-to-be-more-transparent-to-win-over-fans-says-social-media-expert/
New Posts  All Forums: