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That petro-dictatorship Baku track doesn't seem too bad. GP2 was complete carnage. Lots of locking up and missed corners. Expecting some safety cars tomorrow. That final straight is huge. Are there any spectators at this circuit? I barely see any grandstands. And the balconies track side are virtually empty.
It was Lebron's night, but it was made possible by missing Bogut, and that made Tristan Thompson the 2nd best player on the court.
One thing I notice for G7 is that the Cavs were taking forever to get into their offense in the 2nd half. This won't fly in an elimination game. Whoever said it a while back might be right... two 3-1 reversals back to back would be insane.
The call that got Curry fouled out was DEFINITELY a foul, I don't know what you mean. In fact he fouled Lebron twice.
I didn't consider last night a blowout. I watched thinking that at any moment the Warriors had the ability mount a run and take over the game, and it looked like it was coming with the way the Cavs ended the 3rd Q and Thompson hit back to back 3s. Cavs went up 24 and it got trimmed to 9. 11 points in a first quarter? This team is developing a Jeckyl and Hyde personality. You really do have to give Lebron credit, he scored 18 points in a row at one point.
So is a rich person with the nerve to call any system rigged.
Curry just fouled out. He chucked that disgusting mouthpiece at a fan. My life's complete.
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