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This.And to LD's comment... there are quite a lot of disgruntled employees at Amazon, moreso than you see in other tech environments. You don't here these grumblings at FB, GOOG or AAPL, but you do at AMZN.
I agree, I've been offered different bonus structures over the years also. This is very different from what Amazon is doing.Usually this comes with joining a startup where you are exposed to potential upside. A well established company like Amazon has no need to do this save to trim their overall payroll.
Today in obvious.It's performance until it's not, which is why it's a high risk income scheme. Also, a lot of people complain about their treatment as employees.They underpay and grind thru engineers. Not sure many last until this fabled millionaire status. Also, the stock has had it's growth period. It's not far from MSFT and INTL status which is why I'm not a buyer.I'd be surprised if there were as many millionaires as is fantasized about. Millionaires leave. They...
It's not common. It might exist once you get to certain executive type levels, but certainly not for the lower rungs. A bonus is different, since it's generally paid out at the end of a year or at some defined increment if you meet a certain set of predefined metrics.Basically this is a way for Amazon to underpay it's employees. They may lipstick the pig but it's a form of deferred comp designed to keep you around (and keep underpaying you). It's another Walmart with...
It's not exactly the negotiating position I'd want to have forcing a new employer to make up for someone elses income deficiency.
This exactly.If a person is worth X then why would they reasonably take 1/2X and the rest 3 years in the future? It's one thing to be at elite income levels and have options and extra forms of compensation, but we're talking about folks in top 10 cost of living areas having to live off of much less, scrape by in some instances.
Which means you have to linger around to vest and get your money, which may mean that once you decide to leave that you also leave shares on the table. In one of various forms this means you make very little (relative) monetary income for several years until your shares vest, then you are always on the treadmill.I'm not sure why this is of value to anyone. Especially since how I understand it, Amazon makes this type of thing take an inordinately long time. It's a risky...
Mostly warehouse but also corporate, there are folks that seem to love working there, but I've encountered a couple of people that detest it, especially at the lower rungs of white collar. They're a bit of a meat grinder in terms of how they treat their staff and one confirmed that NYT expose was pretty accurate. She said the office was the same as the warehouse minus the running.
Here we agree. It's probably as bad as working for Amazon.
I think the reason support for buying TWTR is low is because it can't make money. Why partner when you can subsume it's profits? And otherwise why partner with a sinking ship?Someone will buy it, I sure hope they 're confident that they can unwind all the crappy decision making.
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