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Next time young man, shoot the 4 footer. Then get a haircut. What get's learned in AAU on display again...
Probably nobody. But the Merc team does. It's not a stretch to see how this gets from A to B.Toto Wolff is himself raising the alarm. F1 is full of anonymous leaks, but when the team principle is making statements about the drivers, it starts to add up.
Here, for one:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/motorsport/formulaone/lewishamilton/12037531/Lewis-Hamilton-could-be-dropped-due-to-rivalry-with-Nico-Rosberg-reiterates-Mercedes-boss-Toto-Wolff.htmlMore evidence of why he's losing support:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/formulaone/article-3349747/Lewis-Hamilton-boasts-having-lots-vodka-bizarre-selfie-Niki-Lauda-snubbing-Autosport-Awards-London.html
Yeah, I don't think it's a comparison. Hamilton has been burning it at both ends, that stuff won't last. He's fooling himself. Even Martin Brundle's tweet gave it to Hamilton for not showing up that award ceremony: "Sad World Champ LH44 didn't pass by Autosport Awards for 20mins to at least thrill/motivate young drivers he once was. Unwritten obligation"And the question I posed never received a substantive reply: why is Merc targeting his exit and not the guy he's beaten??
Ok, then you tell me why he's the one targeted for replacement? Too good at racing cars? If the association, as you say, is beneficial, then why not look to replace 'boring', 'well-bred', 2nd place Nico? Seems crazy that he's labelled the problem, you must agree?If none of these angles are correct, then we're left with less appetizing possibilities like LH having a dependence. Note the Mavericks dumped Lamar Odom more than a year before anything became public. These...
This Lewis the playboy shit started after McLaren, at least in it's very unattractive current incarnation.You'd be very wrong. Burberry, MCM and a host of other brands have never recovered from it. Lots of market research out there on the topic. No luxury brands wants the hip hop crowd wearing their stuff.You better believe his associations are on the minds of Merc brass. Why do you think the recent conversation is focused on him. A 2x WC in a row? It has to be serious.
I wouldn't be surprised if it has more to do with this:http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/sport/formulaone/article4633930.eceUnfortunately its paywall, but you can guess what the rest is about. His antics are probably behind his late season dip in form, not this phantom change to the car.Merc has an image it wants to uphold, and a driver in it's #1 car, drunk with a champagne bottle and a bunch of rappers is not exactly it. My concern for Lewis is he's gotten into something,...
GSW are averaging 117 pts a game. They're averaging 41 points a game in 3 pointers.
Hey, I'm finally right about something.
I mean a guy that moved, not retention.In other news, Kobe went 4-19 tonight, taking 10 3-pointers.
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