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You can shoot badly and still score more than the other team. Your cherry picked inference is poor.For SA, Adams was the main trouble spot in this series. 11pts/12reb and shot 70%. Duncan? 6pts/3reb and shot 35%. By far the worst shooting on the team.The rest of the team was not outplayed statistically, you only need to look at the series stats to see that.
By all statistical measures Duncan was hopeless. Watching his play in all the games confirms that. Can't believe anyone is debating this.SA lost tonight because they couldn't hit shots. Secondarily were a number of factors, two of which was they were slow to 50/50 balls, and the coaching decision to sit Diaw was very suspect.
Yes - "Duncan, blocked by Ibaka"
Curb your enthusiasm, this series is over.
Come on man, that's fantasy.Can't understand sitting Diaw. What's he done wrong?Pop's coaching has been really suspect in this series.
Already happening before Boban. 31 points in a half?
Boban needs to be paired with Aldridge. Some strange coaching choices here. SA can't score.This reminds me of the SA OKC series a few years ago when OKC was touted and SA took them apart.
Finally BOBAN! Immediate impact. Theres hope
... asking for phantom calls
Duncan starting. Uh oh.
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