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UNLV, baby.
The dynamics here are more subtle than being a dumbass reporter.I'm sure if they had every freedom in the world, they'd as guys if they had too much pussy last night and needed a rest day, or how much he lost at cards, but they need to ask boring generic questions or the player will act like an imbecile like Westbrook did, or the league will shut them down, or countless other dynamics that keep the show clean and tidy for public consumption and league image. Do you...
Hey again everyone, I just sent another email with some photos of the grinding process. Let me know if you don't get the email.
Poor thing, looks like he needs a rest day.
It's more low level. I just wish I was cool like you guys.
It was obvious Amare was going to break down, there were signals of it in Phx. It was a 5 year deal and he was like 28 at the time. Not a lot of 33 year olds in the league worth that kind of money. I mean, if you want unrealistic expectations, there you go.I'm not hating on anyone or anything, just wondering why there are constantly so many bad contracts. And it's not because guys play thru injuries, etc. I would put it on bad decision making in the front office. ...
Webber was another example, and even Vlade to a degree.Yeah, small markets make it harder to attract FAs, but of that list I mentioned, Lopez, Williams, Perkins, Smith, Bargs, Amare. Only Perkins plays in a smaller market. Bargs was in Tor but NYK accepted his deal. Otherwise, these are big market signings.
That's another contract I could have told you would sour. Not in this way, but still. So I guess his personal demons are of the Lamar Odom sort.
Don't know what you mean. That makes no sense.
Say that again. He was 3/19 the other night.
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