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Speaking of the NYK, I read they are targeting Paddy Mills.
Sure, but that's what happened here. SA beat a more talented team. There are a number of teams more talented than SA in the league, so its a reasonable argument that this style of basketball is what in fact wins. I can't think of a star players that wouldn't thrive within it.Funny, but this was just posted on Grantland:http://grantland.com/the-triangle/nba-finals-spurs-kawhi-leonard-lebron/Glad they posted this, it got a snort laugh out of me when I saw it last night:
It means that they play unselfish basketball and sacrifice personal glory for the sake of teamwork.
Duncan easily over Malone
Last year, San Antonio's loss was an anomaly. They were 97% certain to win in game six at the end. Glad to see the results, the right team deservedly won the series, it should be there second championship running, but it doesn't take away from the quality we've seen. I didn't want to put the outcoached card on the table, but tonight, Michael Beasley? Yes, clearly outcoached. Miami had the opportunity to make relevant adjustments and step it up, which they did when the...
Everyone commentating on the game, my perception, and the media at large seems to believe they were booing the Heat performance. Regardless, its poor form to boo an opposing team for being excited about being on the cusp of a championship. So SA should hold it in so that they don't upset those super dedicated Heat fans? I get it: win against Miami, but do so...
Nobody leaves until Lebron leaves, IMO. After this series, I wouldn't be surprised if they talk and agree to take a pay cut to bring someone in (heh... Lance Stephenson).
The boos were in both G3 and G4 towards the end of the game. I don't recall any earlier. But ya, even I felt bad for the players. They were outplayed, didn't show the same intensity that existed in the last 2 runs, but they should be appreciated for the entirety of the run. Especially when you consider Bucks, T-wolves, Kings, etc, fans who never get close to experiencing 4 strait trips to the finals. Heat fans should be the last to boo unless they are sore that "not...
We have our very own Larry Flynt.
I don't see the same defensive intensity they showed in the last 2 runs. I can't see how they are less fatigued than last year as Wade missed a ton of games, he supposedly came into the playoffs healthy.
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