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What do you mean by this? What does vaporware mean in this context?
What commerce platforms are you guys using? I can't take the ebay fee machine anymore and need to make a change. Any recommended? Key selling point for me is I don't want transaction fees.
Meh. He's peaked. Press likes him, but he's never been that impressive to me.
I do wonder how much of a distraction on the chassis the road car business for Macca is. I'm also curious when we see a Honda engine in one of their road cars.
In DC, Field English Custom Tailors is probably the best place to try. But be prepared to wait.
I did say "rarely", which I believe survives scrutiny if you look at the numbers, and I'm also not talking about white collar fluff.The rich have legalized most of their criminality.
Down 350 pre-market. I'm a buyer today, show me some bargains.
I've developed a complete set of 13 pieces of 1/4" thick acrylic BOW TIE SEWING PATTERNS Total of 11 Patterns + 2 Extensions - Superb Quality, no finer set available in the world Thick 1/4" acrylic is heavy, dense, scratch resistant and durable. Hand made in USA. I've gone to great lengths to include every design feature thinkable. The set is designed to snap together, so one pattern needs 2 and only 2 extensions. Try one out, or buy a few I'll price accordingly. A 3...
Thanks, I see it now. I don't recall it being that way in the past. Glad it works.
I think they had more power in the bag, but no reliability. I think they're still running way below the engine max, so I don't think it's a question of the engine just not having the power, I think it's there, but can't do it with any reliability at the limit.
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