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VRX claims another victim. Ackman has sold out of Valeant, will step down from board Ackman sold 27.2 million shares at $11 each. Purchased at $196. Oh how those short sellers have feasted.
Original Top Gear is good. Chris Harris was always going to be the new standarbearer of the show post Clarkson As much as I can't stand Alfa, that new Gulia is pretty impressive. Beat the M3 on the test track. Original top gear with new people is so much better than stupid Amazon version.
I don't mean to constantly come across in disagreement with you, but I believe this is a mistake. You can't manage your money at a distance. Stocks move on a variety of factors and they're being ignored with your style.Its like you're a chess master and play your best set of moves, but completely ignore the other player and sit there hoping it works out. Market moves usually sit within a predictable pattern until they don't... and that black swan will cost you dearly.If...
A preset buy and sell point is illogical. In essence, you ignore change, news, and macro conditions and stick with a number that may no longer be relevant.For example, say you buy TSLA at 240 with the preset sell point at 255. So a week later things are smooth, then the next week news comes out that TSLA is going to get a massive new tax break that will change it's metrics substantially. So TSLA jumps to 255 the next day and you sell, but you ignore the story. A week... This just gives me the willies from head to toe. Is there nobody to stop this man from demise?
That shocked me. I thought it would have had a sustained dive.
I never use stop orders, I don't like them. Nor do I use trailing stops. Mainly for the reason jbarwick mentions. The other reason I don't care for them is when you see a big sudden dip, it often happens on overnight news, in which case the market makers are opening the price again well below your stop, so it executed way below your stop level and you couldn't really prevent the loss anyway at your stop point.
47% return on MBLY.I'm looking at a put option on SNAP.Market authorities absolutely have to do something to stem this non-voting bullshit. NYSE and NASDAQ not listing this type of ownership structure would kill it instantly.By the way, I hear the SNAP dictator has already cashed in on quite a lot of shares. Investor group seeks to bar Snap from indexes over voting rights
Cha-ching! Cashing in today. MBLY bought by INTL.
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