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That's because they're hookers
I have a substantial state in DIS. I like it and plan to hold long term. A dip below 100 would certainly be a buying opportunity.
The word you're looking for is example. A sample is a selection of a subset. The experience of a single individual doesn't approximate characteristics of the whole population.The example I gave served to teach me that a good looking polo shirt doesn't guarantee results. You have to pay close attention to the work, and that advice might help others avoid being on the TV show Catch a Contractor.
Unfortunately I'm doing more of that every day.You're at risk of overpaying for work because you equate a high price with quality. They're not mutually exclusive.I have a cousin that went on one hell of a roller coaster ride about 10 years ago. Her and her Mr Castorini husband hired one of these ultra reputable logo polo shirt wearing guys and had a trashed house for almost 3 years, lawyers, and some really fucked up structural work needing to be undone. They ended up...
Unless the idiot public wakes up, no, it has no bearing.As a public, this kind of backseat shareholding shouldn't be supported by buying shares. Look at the emergence of this free speech squashing intolerant left wing, and look at the emergence of dictator-CEOs from Silicon Valley. If you think there isn't a nexus here then you're watching too much CNN. The left and the right are swapping places -these CEOs are the real fascists.
More worrying is this despicable shareholder rights trend, but yes, this is just another TWTR't be buying shares in this piece of shit. Not a regulation guy, but this crap should be outlawed.AND
Oh, you're a Mr Castorini male.
Best way to start is to ask trusted friends for recommendations.
Bought BOX, LRCX and MSFT. Haven't owned MSFT in 8 years, but the story is good now.
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