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I always thought averaging down was the best way to deal with it
It's relevant to wider point about large corporations and bailouts, special treatment in general for those deemed too big to fail.
This is not reserved for banks, hence mentioning GM
If I ran a small sized corporation that failed thru being badly run, nobody would bail it out, nor give it an emergency loan. So there is this body of public corporations than qualify for this special state supported status. General Motors, for example. In essence, these become state run corporations because they will be there to catch a fall.The state just ends up becoming a reckless risk taking enabler.
Glass–Steigel didn't allow banks and securities firms under one roof, I was wrong I thought it also meant they couldn't act as fiduciaries and market makersI do realize that, I was an AIG shareholder shortly after the crash. The government shoved money down the banking system's throats.While you believe it was a great idea, I roll my eyes now every time I hear anyone talk about capitalism. Good or bad, it wasn't capitalist. And too big too fail remains an open ended...
Goldman failing was orders of magnitude worse than Bear or Lehman? As I understand capitalism, if you are reckless and irresponsible, you fail. But it seems like losses are now socialized and profits remain private, except if you're an average citizen.
It's exactly the fact that many of us partly rely on it for an eventual retirement that makes it condemn-able. In '08, how many people lost their retirements? Had to go back to work? And then this little weasel is in front of congress explaining how his massive corporation, deeply mired in what just transpired, is able to take both sides of a bet. I understand professionals were watching that saying 'of course', but there was a time where it wasn't allowed. I believe...
The inclusion of a pipe was extra clever.
No baffling, no bracing, and a reflective surface inside the cabinets... doesn't add up to something worth restoring. I see a hole in the woofers, is that what you want to restore? I guess for the sake of novelty, but I can't imagine those sound very good. Anyway, measure the woofer (or get a ser nr off it), there are no shortage of suspension kits out there to fix that.What else is wrong?
Advertising on jerseys is nothing new, the US has remarkably resisted it for all this time. If this were done in exchange for fewer TV time outs I would be really happy about it, but I doubt that will happen.
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