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Indeed, how utterly ridiculous is it that when the green flag finally emerged, half the field dived in for inters. They ruin the racing with these nanny nanny safety rulings. Rosberg, he just has no chops in the wet. Verstappen is starting to edge out Ricciardo.
Or scared to shoot.
Wow... Q3, the gap between P1 and 10 is 3 seconds! This is just the top 10. That's an eternity. It means by lap 30 they'll be lapping the top 10.
Ugh, Ferrari retain Raikonnen for another season. Vettel is happy about it, of course... nobody to challenge his lap times.
What, no platitudes?What I'm talking about is the salary floor. The 'punishment' for not paying the minimum salary threshold is that you pay the difference to the 90% number. You don't have to meet the minimum on players or adhere to the cap because in both instances you're taxed. An owner can field 12 NBA min salaries and pay the difference in tax. Unless the rules have changed, which I don't believe they have, you're wrong.You lack reading comprehension, I'm not...
Javale Mcgee waived by the Mavs. Add another one to the scrap pile of upside guys that just had to be paid to see how they panned out. While it was painfully obvious he lacked the IQ for even a liquor store job, he still earned $12m a year. Ya I know, that's cheap now. It was always a waste of money to me, and I was right. You'll see the same with that Gobert oaf in Utah.
Seems like a quick solution to balance out this mid-tier overpay lunacy is to raise the minimum salary to a level that forces a reasonable % of the team's salary to go into the bench.
Right, so you stack the end of the bench with min salary guys and overpay dudes that might score like 3ppg and grab an extra rebound more? And at the same time need to gut your bench to make room for the overpays? Just plain idiotic money management.And you don't HAVE TO spend on salary, you can do what PHI did and pay tax for being under minimum... not to say this is a long term strategy, but I'd accept that tax in the face of wildly overpaying players so that I can...
That's not smart business logic because it compels you to overspend. Players aren't suddenly twice as valuable. The cap just went up. One doesn't make the other true, this is the classic bubble mentality, you have money available so you spend wildly on assets that are way overvalued. Just because something might appear cheap in the future doesn't make it so. Khwai earns fair market value, so does Steph. Steph would be worth a max deal within the current cap...
That looks real. It's not in great condition, though. I've encountered this type of thick silk hermes several times.
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