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Wow... everything momentum is getting hammered. Looks like money being staged up for the BABA IPO.
I've been taking profits all morning. I think we have a shitty week ahead.
Ferrari may have brand recognition, but Porsche is eating it's lunch and so is the Audi/Lambo combination.And who cares about Maserati... they haven't made a decent car in like 40 years.Stupid because it will never work. Now they can't say "push Jenson" and will develop code words. The FIA is so idiotic.
Wow, dude. You've really shown me.You joked "you lucky fucks"I joked "skill baby"Someone chimed in that I knew my stuffI deprecated that "I wish"To this point of "skills baby" that you've worked so hard to suss out, I quote myself again: "it's called trash talking or just general excitement about a move that favors me. You mistake someone enjoying the process of trading with arrogance".It's called trash talk, Green Frog. Now please leave it because your inability to...
Right dude. My answer to this:was because "I beat the pros". Which I removed within this 10 minute window, but you saw it, and didn't call me out for "beating the pros" in the moment. You're a liar.Please spend your time finding a "skills baby" post. Even though I explained it was some friendly trash talking. You already look stupid, compound it.
If you go for the last round as 1 and 2, you know you've cashed out. It's not such a big stretch to move that out a bracket and say that the winners of 3 and 4 cash out.It's more motivation for a lower seed to try for a playoff place. It's more motivation for people to sign up in general since the changes of a payout increase.I'd suggest just giving 4th back the original buy-in so have it be 600, 3, 2 and 100.
You're the one making claims that I "beat the pros". And the proof is someones comment and then a lie about some ninja edit. LOL. For posterity, notice there is no edit stamp on the post, so you're lying:The fact that I post my losers, my mistakes, and gaps in the way I trade negates everything you say. You're trying to anchor the idea that I post winners and hide losers to make me look better than I really am, when in fact I have journaled here a pretty accurate...
What about a 4th place payout?
No dumbass, I'm sure there was somebody here claiming that he consistently beats the pros thru individual stock picking but it wasn't me. Search the thread and find him.I've beaten the DJIA regularly, this is true.And no, I don't want to trade other people's money. I'm sure I'd be a successful broker. But I do quite well in my current career path, thanks for the advice though.I never claimed to provide any hard predictive data, so that's a stupid statement. What I did...
Impossible to police.Either eliminate the radio, ala MotoGP or deal with it.
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