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Bought my first bitcoin!
Heh, just found out about this.
$2000 is a ripoff.
Damn. My stuff is rocking today. Loving this.
I just knew there was a reason all rappers drink Hennessy (from the bottle).
I dont know about his salary, but I think Newey has shares. I am sure design engineers get paid well, but not mechanics. It's funny that these guys are the very last link to the car, as well as the pit crews and they earn 40 to 80k for the more advanced work. Now granted, you open a local garage and can advertise you were an F1 mechanic.
Yeah, they're real time. Some of the more obscure instruments are 15 min delayed.
Yeah, but still
Considering the amount of money sloshing around in the sport, its embarrassing. Apparently mechanics also get hugely shafted compared to the time and effort they put in. F1 seems like a MLM scheme where a very tiny number of people are rewarded and the rest get shit.
Fuck, how about Sainz? 350kThe gulf between drivers in quite incredible. I don't really follow salaries, so I am really surprised to see the massive gulf.
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