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I hear Stephen Jackson interviewed earlier, he made an interesting suggestion. He said he doesn't wear his ring because it's too large and most usually don't fit. He said they should give out a watch, and that guys would actually wear their championship watch. I'd go for that.
Lowe makes that argument. It has some merit, but I've always viewed an MVP as the league's best player, not the most important player to his team. To me, that's Westbrook, and last year it was KD.
I thought RW was like 2 years older. Curry's been around longer than I remember, guess it's that little kid face. I guess that argument is a wash. I'd put it between Curry and Westbrook, and I'd still vote Westbrook.
Westbrook has been the most impressive player all season. He could easily have had 20 triple doubles. Beyond stats, he's the most impressive athlete in the NBA right now and the most deserving. Harden doesn't deserve to be rewarded for his draw-a-foul style play. Curry, dunno, I have no argument other than he seems too young to reward with an MVP, clearly not logical but I think MVP awards should reward a culmination of work.
Curry's my favorite person today.
http://autoweek.com/article/formula-one/former-mercedes-f1-boss-says-loss-german-grand-prix-bad-sign-series? Eccelstone again, such a prick: http://autoweek.com/article/formula-one/ecclestone-regrets-letting-manor-join-formua-one
I'm not trolling so just stop whining. Don't reply. Put me on ignore.
Memphis has had a pretty poor run of it post all star break. They can't score enough to cope with GSW.GSW has the ability to match other team's styles and that is true for Memphis. Early season I would have agreed, but they don't have a realistic chance. I agree, their front court has been forced to develop, and they have.
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