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Mentioned that Istanbul track above, it was a fantastic racetrack. I can't believe it's quality got ignored by F1. Some examples: That amazing turn 8 complex: And this great battle between Alonso and MS:
Topical to your post:http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/31942154Go Azerbijan.Bernie is directly the issue, he made the CVC deal happen to save his ass and stay in the sport. Max Mosley was interviewed at length last year and mentioned how bad the CVC deal is, pointed the finger strait at Bernie for it. He'd have been out of F1 otherwise. He's a shitty character, pays bribes, fucks the small teams, and screws over tracks with fees making races unprofitable.For example,...
That's a fucking great picture.
Nash retired. Though he wanted to make sure and collect the last Lakers check before doing it.
Knight's percentages have been poor. The score is Elfrid Payton, I wanted to grab him early in the week, but he was playing on days I was already full, as well as next week.Looks like you and me next week.
Good point, I forgot. Curry and Harden, I can't think of anyone else. C Paul maybe? It's be an awful year for injuries starting with Paul George.
I'd love a mini of that cognac, if you can spare it. I might even pay the shipping.
Must admit I'm losing my fondness for Hamilton. He's turning into an NBA guy with the singing career, bling, and seeing his photo pop up sitting on the wings of private jets. He was better when he was understated.
Cant someone force him out? For fucks sake, the guy is starting to resemble a despot.Also, its more than PR that's wrong. It was an ok season last year, but it's not much better than when Prost had the Williams Renault.
My view starts and ends with making Bernie Ecclestone go away. F1's not going to right the stuff amiss until that happens. The sport is pretty bad at the moment, I agree. How they constructed this formula without considering the impact on sound is astonishing ineptness. Just look at that video above from Dragon... its embarrassing. The cars still can't follow each other. It swapped from endless tire management woes and tiptoeing the cars around to everything being...
New Posts  All Forums: