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Anyone know who manufacturers a high quality wool interlining? Any help would be appreciated.
They raised pressures this weekend at Monza.That's a ton of cuts on the tires. If you go deep into the kerbs and exceed track limits, you're going to be punished eventually. White I understand the driver's concerns, I don't see how it's Pirelli.Frankly, if I was Pirelli, I wouldn't want to be in F1 anymore. It's a no-win situation.
+1Most of the suggestions in this thread are highly conservative. I was at a wedding early in the summer and wore a salmon colored tie. Some weddings are a more festive themes than others, which should influence the choice. As a guest, I think you have lots of flexibility. As a groom, less so, but again it comes down to the theme of the wedding.
My expectation was super obvious: a thread about selling on ebay means there are likely some folks selling on their own. I was querying to find out about commerce platforms. Seems like I've stumbled on yet another hive of protected groupthink on our beloved fora.11%? I'd love to see that be true. For me, how about 23-27% all told (mileage may vary).That may be, but it doesn't change anything.Rasheed > Big Baby.
The original purpose of this crap was to control costs. The end result is cementing an advantage to Mercedes. If I were Toto, I'd be loving it because even if they ditched the system, it would still take 2 years to catch up and a ton of spend.I wouldn't be surprised if Audi's reluctance was based on the problems with the token system. There are other ways to cut costs that don't involve stifling the competition. If I was Audi, I'd be looking at Honda right now thinking...
Your victim mentality aside, we hopped from Grailed to needing 10 million dollars in inventory and from there I was told to build my own site from the ground up on squared space to sell buttplugs and anal beads bubbled wrapped in 5000 Kenneth Cole ties as, predictably, thumb-uppers and hecklers have arrived on the scene sniffing controversy.My question was crystal clear from the get go, and I "shot down" advice that didn't do much to advance it. It's clear very few if...
Thanks, but doesn't help me. I need advise on seasoned commerce, and I guess I should pay attention to the thread title, this is more for d'bay hounds. I'll look elsewhere for guidance, but sincerely, thanks.
Transaction fees with the merchant account/paypal/amazon checkout was never the concern, those are obvious. The concern was e-commerce platforms that charge a percentage of the sale as some amorphous "integration fee", which is bullshit.Ebay's biggest problem, for me, is it's storefront and monthly listing fees. I have almost 5,000 listings, so as an anchor store I pay that big fucking monster fee + monthly listing fees on almost 2,500 items. It totals almost $300 a...
10's of millions? Where are you getting these outrageous numbers?Storefront's are relatively cheap. Some simple math tells you that a handful of sales are more economical than the ebay fee machine. Your views about where you'd shop are not unique, but not everyone shops the way you do. I can keep all my other storefronts and transition as the market dictates.This is all divergent from my original question.
I don't know how we went form my original question to the forum into this soliloquy on Grailed.Here is what I asked:Grailed may use an ecommerce platform, but it's not an ecommerce platform. Examples of ecommerce platforms are "big commerce", "shopify" and "Volusion".
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