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No. That would be like giving you credit for amazing writing.
Ugh. The Rockets? You want D Howard to get a ring? I'd rather see the Lakers win.Stevens is a great coach, he's made the most of a really rag-tag bunch. He can even make big slow white guys useful.
Thanks for the feedback, a size wider or narrower?
Are you fucking kidding me?
I get it. Some may invest in the hobby, but most end up back at the easier alternative like streaming.
Apparently a lot of people.I have shares in their Synchrony spinoff, which have done quite well.
The Rega is a great starter, I agree with the group. The only other option is an older Linn, but they go for really good money now. I also agree with above. Once you set your stuff up to stream, it's hard to invest in the hassle of LPs.
They said it was a minor injury.
No, it definitely isn't.
You're getting completely robbed.You can PM me the quote, or just reject it and get others.
New Posts  All Forums: