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I have a feeling Exum turns out to be the best player of this draft. Cleveland does better drafting Exum #1 and trading. There is dysfunction within those ranks. My sense is that Kyrie and Waiters are behind it. Maybe then Deng stays but very unlikely. He'd do well in Dallas. OKC would be a good fit.
Unrelated to age, wear and tear. I was identifying the stretch 4 as having diminished value w/o a 3 point line.There will always be guys who do some things better than others. Ben Wallace and Rodman, or the pure scorer. But there is something fundamentally annoying to me about a 3 point specialist, I don't know why.
No way. We get enough stoppages of play with fouls aplenty, timeouts, TV timeouts already. So much so that there is more bullshit than basketball, NFL style.In principle, I would support the notion, but not at the expense of *another* stoppage to hear Doris Burke's lesbianic deep voice.5 fouls should be a foul-out for me. Or instead of foul outs, every 2 fouls is like 4 mins on the bench.You'd have a lot on unemployed players, and diminished value of the Bosh,...
One alternative is to cap the number of 3s you can take in a quarter/half/game. Not saying that's a good idea, but the 3 point shot, as the article points out, has fundamentally changed everything from who gets drafted to contracts and roster spots that used to go to elder statesman like James Edwards and John Salley, they now go to Steve Novak and Bonner.
http://grantland.com/the-triangle/is-it-time-to-move-the-nba-3-point-line-back/ I'm telling you... 4 point line is the solution.
I don't understand all the Bill Simmons negativity. While at times he's a bit annoying to listen to, I don't see a huge amount he says that's wrong. He was solid in that podcast above and has been in many other interviews I've watched, especially his interview with Steve Nash.
Not as bad as anticipated. Cavs are in a no win, I think their right. If I was Cleveland, I'd trade Kyrie, or Kyrie + Bennet/Waiters for Love, then take Exum.
Good read: http://grantland.com/features/eddie-griffin-nba-life-death/
Forget what he said... what's with the baseball bat and sunglasses?
Even better was Vince Carter not even needing a crossover to take him to the hole.
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