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Time to short the Euro Bought SEU3, and then also EUO pre-market
That would make them luddites, since most people have tin ears. Prly a conversation for the audio thread, though. We have enough distractive forces here.It irks me a bit when someone sets up a $6000 set of speakers without any consideration for their placement.Even critics like Butch might agree that you can tell the difference between a badly placed speaker and a well placed one. Or maybe not, not all tin ears are built the same.
AF would almost certainly agree. Those speakers are meant to be on the floor with tweeters at ear level. Treble, bass and soundstaging are heavily compromised. Not to mention how close they are to the back wall. Just like a donkey that buys a Ferrari and crashes it because he can't drive it.
I averaged down on EPZM, holding tight with KITE.I dropped early, just don't have the commitment to the story. I think the move is based on anticipated Xmas sales, which I don't see as a new part of the story.I don't believe they can successfully build an ecosystem long term. For your sake, I hope I'm wrong, but I won't be a buyer again.
Don't know. I wasn't there.
MBLY: I'm up 27% in 2 weeks, Goldman just gave it a $100 price target.Stop being whiny. My moves for the last few years throughout this thread stand on their own.I don't understand the question.
Your advice is sound but it's not just luck. Some people have an eye for trading, others don't. Over the course of time you find out and you outperform, revert to the mean or under-perform. The latter 2 means you should just buy broad based and spend more time with your family. I've personally succeeded trading, but to me its more of a hobby. I like the game too much to just hang up my ticker and buy VTI which has averaged 6% annually since 2001.I bought DIS and HD...
Best of breed.Woo hoo. LOCO popped, took profits.EPZM and KITE are looking buyable at these levels.EDIT: took new stakes and EPZM and KITE
Bought PANW, FITB, STML, UL, O, and NVS this morning.
It has momentum, thankfully. I think It can get a bit closer to my breakeven.The shares have momentum, but the platform has really big problems. It was discussed earlier in the thread. If you want to be in the space, FB looks a much better bet.
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