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You take a risk every time you play.I wouldn't let my kids play football. But I wouldn't be so myopic to believe that playing in the NBA doesn't create wear and tear on your body. If you are so frail and protective of your body, then don't play in the NBA, otherwise suck it up and do what you get paid to do.
Agreed. He was a fatty late in his career, which increased the wear and tear on his body.Even more ironic was Shaq agreeing with him. That was a real eye roller. Though he's also right "it was worth it".
BoxingMMANFLPro RugbyCalcio StoricoBull FightingRodeoAnd you were saying?White ones too.
To certain generations of thinking it may be retarded.If you intrinsically want to make sure you are able bodied as an old man, fine, quit and live off the millions you already have. But to collect all the money and basically admit you're not willing to sacrifice your body for the cause is not the mentality of a guy that wants it badly enough.Speaking for myself, I'd gladly take on his situation and make the sacrifice. Barkley gets it. He lives an ultra privileged life...
Not sure there are many fans that would love to see him in a wheelchair.My take was not about jealousy, it was about the mentality of his generation, and that has nothing to do with a few bitter fans.Kobe, as much as I disdain him, played sick yesterday (and was 1-14), it represents a big difference in mentality between the mindset of a players that rest with a sniffle and a guy that feels like he has to go.I actually really like Rose, and the issue people have with his...
Then play rec ball. When you're paid like that, you play hurt. Or your a millennial and you whine about how it's not easy.
It's working, he didn't change his lineup tonight either. Don't understand someone putting up 100 bones to then ignore their lineup after 3 weeks.
Dissing maids is sort of a red herring. Barkley has always been a bit of a donkey in my eyes, but in this respect I understand and pretty much agree with his point.Rose is basically saying he doesn't care about achievement because the sacrifice it may take is inconvenient to him. This attitude smacks of entitlement, which is the norm within the millennial generation. So to the ears of fellow millennials, Rose's comments make perfect sense, but to the older generation...
Bad move. AAPL usually upticks around the holidays.
Not helping the share price, that's for sure.
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