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Barkley is right. Someone at TNT needs to make an executive decision and stop showing the Lakers. My eyes.
Chicago looks pretty abysmal tonight. No ball movement.
My word. Denver is down by 28 at the half vs GSW. Sounds like some sharp execution.
Ha ha, that's fantastic. It's happened to me a few times.
Lakers dreamers
Damn holidays.
Love: I predict another max contract that will look really bad in years to come. No so sure it's his fit in the team, though I will come back to that. He looked more agile in Minny last year and now looks stiffer and less mobile in Cle. I think his body is tightening up on him and he's never going to be that player again. On that Jalen Rose podcast, he thinks that Love and Lebron play the same position (the 4) and that they don't co-exist well because of it. Not sure...
UNLV, baby.
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