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Any rumors on what the team penalty was?
I trade almost exclusively thru retirement vehicles so I don't worry about taxes. Interactive Brokers is like $1 per trade... if you are getting ripped off with $10 trades, then sure, transaction costs will be a drain.Technically I said "kinda dead" about buy and hold. Take KO. After an adjusted all time high around 1997/8, it's still never topped that peak. If you had sold anywhere near that high, that money could have been cycled thru dozens of positions with good...
Never read it, but I personally happen to think the idea of buy and hold is kinda dead. There is too much data flowing and there are just too many daily moves available that are too attractive to not look for.Otherwise, any book has worth and worthless insight, nothing new there. I can go back 20 years to "Your money or your life" to recycle a few nuggets but also dispel out of hand the idea that buying treasuries is a way to get to retirement intelligently.
Prly one of my favorite houses from this thread.Wanted to note the unbelievably bad speaker placement. To spend all that money and put those monstrosities up on a perch is really terrible. They certainly sound like complete shit in that position.
40's. Risk profile is mitigation thru diversification, moderate to moderately high risk. I like to own smaller amounts of a larger number of stocks, way more than most would own. I have about 80 different positions now. My favorite strategy is to sell profits and keep free shares. Playing with the houses money really shifts your risk tolerance and keeps you on top of the stocks price movement, giving you new entry points because you follow it, EPZM being a good...
Interesting. You're really into blue chips. Never heard of LO, but now I understand... cigarette company name change.You kept MDLZ after the spinoff... I sold mine but still hold KRFT. We overlap on BAC as well, but otherwise that's it.
Out of curiosity, what did you dump?
If we are talking past each other, then I've misunderstood. I think the point I was making to an extent is that index/passive funds are great, but they don't always reflect the risk profile you want.If I was 23, a fair percentage of my money in an index fund makes sense, but if I was 65, I am more focused on income and don't want to take the risk of another '08.You're right to a degree, if you're asking, going passive is an option, but when in investing history have you...
That number is above 90% for sure.To me personally, beating the market is a goal, but it's not always the goal of a fund manager. Some manage a fund for dividend return, low risk, bonds, and every flavor of trading you can think of such as international, country specific, commodity, etc. Perhaps I'm being a bit misleading and myopic to suggest they can't beat the market when it's not always the goal.It's probably more accurate to say they attempt to beat each other in...
Bought TD after market yesterday. KITE must have some large scale institutional buying as it moves sideways for hours and then pops like 4% in a matter of a few minutes under huge volume spikes. Then it trails down from that move to find support. I've seen this happen 3 days in a row.
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