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I think it does more to change his perceived value rather than his real value.
More shifting Dumped losers RH and UA, or UAA whatever it is now. Bought Lowes.
My lawn illegal says the best way to improve your grass is to not cut it for about 45-60 days and let it produce a seed cycle. It's not nice for the neighbors but it works. Ever seen the grass of a derelict house after it gets cut? It's dense as hell.
Prilo... the AC Milan player? Does Berlusconi money faze him?
Ya, judging from the photos I thought they were that wood tile floor.
480sf? That's the size of my bathroom. It looks nice other than the faux floors, but it's like living in a cricket cage.
That just means CNN will report on it.
That TWTR train just keeps rolling, unfortunately its rolling backwards. #newCEO
I don't get methodologies. They always break down, so what's the point?
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown was probably the last Almedovar film he did that I liked.I think he's just masturbating and it gets rather boring seeing a guy working out his self absorbed mother complexes in film after film. I tried a few of his movies after Verge, but he's just overrated.
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