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I get it, and agree. For someone that can't contribute to either because of income level, and can't qualify for a SEP, then it's a viable alternative to do something, however limited. For a SEP, start any small business and report income on it, you qualify, not that hard.
I received an update this morning, I will email everyone tonight after work.
End of the day, the backdoor method is still taxed.SEP-IRA gets you the equivalent of an IRA under the limit.
Do you have a side business that you have reportable income? Look into a SEP-IRA. I have one, and I can put a significant amount in it.
Top 5 gainers today are all biotech Market giving up gains, what happened?
It's 1.7% below my entry price right now. I like the story.
I sold it a month or so ago and rotated it into another biotech. I think it's run is over, or at best significantly slowed.
Check out Mirotic crossing
The greatest backpedal ever was Carmelo's sucker punch
BOOOOOOM PCYC up $25 a share today... just made a truckload. Biotech baby, biotech.
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