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Make sure and get a bandana to put under it.
Shocked you're shocked.
Maybe, but it's use has become fever pitch now. Though "Space and pace" is quickly making up ground.
The new favorite NBA buzzword this season appears to be "heat check". Avery Bradley did a hell of a job on Steph Curry the other night. That kid is an impressive defender.
The other half is AAU.
If he said you're a mother fucker nobody would care because we lack enough fucked mother groups to whine about their social standing. What folks should really be up in arms about is calling something the "Sleep Train Arena".
It was the half, if they reacted that way with a game winning shot it would be another story.
Man, that bottle has not been kind to Stevie Franchise.
Mars Blackmon wasn't consulted on those.
They were losing steam against the Celtics, I saw this coming. The biggest factor was having Klay injured.
New Posts  All Forums: