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Oh, in that case absolutely agree. That would be a horror.
I hope you're wrong re slowing things down.Silver is a real life Giacometti sculpture.
I'm for whatever solution speeds up the game. Those last few minutes can be criminally slow already, made worse thru intentional fouling. Nobody has 3 hours to invest in a 48 minute basketball game.
Pfff... with those condo fee mafias? No thanks.
Guess almost dying didn't make a difference. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/gossip/la-et-mg-lamar-odom-drunk-vomiting-delta-flight-lax-20160712-snap-htmlstory.html
But you play one on the internet?
I grew up in an era where what I said would correctly be considered exposing entitlement rather than an attack, and it was still OK to try and make a buck. Complaining about something without cause sounds like millennial whingers, so they should get a safe space where nobody will push back on it.
What's included is completely irrelevant. You can afford it or your can't. When did it become normal to start attacking people for setting their own price for a service that they choose to provide? It's as if Curry is required to do people a favor. Don't go if you don't like the price.
I have an idea: if you can't afford it, then don't go. When I was a kid basketball camp was the local outdoor courts, and they were free.
New Posts  All Forums: