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Dallas up to 5 is pretty speculative.Indiana up from 18 to 13?
And you did with soda companies as well thru the 80s and 90s, if they didn't diversify they'd be in more trouble right now.
All that sugar is basically behind the obesity epidemic, and all the soda is the worst offender. Maybe they won't come under the same potential litigation.As of now, they hide behind all the "more exercise" talk and idea that obesity is because you're a sloth (which in some cases it is), but you will never exercise off all that sugar no matter how hard you try. From what I understand, a can of soda takes about 1 1/2 hours to exercise off. Seen the Big Gulp lately? All...
The soda industry is the next one in the cross hairs. It's where we were with tobacco in the 70's.
Agreed. He's been pretty well behaved in BYN. He'd add a lot to that front court. Even in CLE he'd be useful.
Because lawyers are involved.
Then squander it. The move in the price is smoke and mirrors.
Pretty fantastic race today.
LOL @ guys who poop this thread and spew hate whining about guys who poop this thread and spew hate.
Making up a lot of ground on recent drops today.
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