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Oh, , and here I was thinking that calling people pieces of shit, retards, fuckers and whatever else was the derailing element. I guess you just told me how it is.So in light of these newfangled facts, you're a stupid and insufferable fuckwad. I'm back on topic now.
2 or 3 days of FB trading down. For any looking to get in, this represents a small discount. Out of my GPRO trade, so glad it recovered after that earnings report, and make .5% to boot, ha ha. Now just 17% to go to get out of TWTR.
Funny the things some people get away with saying in this thread. People that promised never to return but did. This thread could use better moderation, and fewer heros.
Sure, he wasn't going to score points without a safety car, we're in agreement there. Had he parked it on L17 and then had a SC on L20, would we be talking about this? We'd be talking about how he salvaged a couple of points.I don't think the tap was intentional, but staying in the corner too long was. That's the point, the incident happened because Rosberg chose not to back off earlier. He knew he had the corner lost, but wanted to make a point. Well, he made a...
BMW alert.
PM GreenFrog.
Some traders do, I'm sure.
Vanguard funds are probably the only ones I'd buy. Lowest fees out there.
"Edge" is an amorphous term. To one guy it means strategy, to another it's a backhanded way to describe a guy that thinks he knows more than he really does. I find the market teaches that that latter lesson very quickly. Or it's the guy at a trading desk burning both ends of the candle at night.I personally like to talk about trading ideas, I guess I have some strategy somewhere out there, but I find too much strategy makes you robotic and unresponsive to signals and...
You can make a chart do circles by plugging in the convenient tool or looking at the right timeline, etc to make a story look compelling. Agree completely. But there are some pretty well established chart signals that a lot of traders and automated platforms move on such as the 200 day moving average.You prly know what a candlestick chart does, but just in case, its useful because it tells you 4 things, the open, high, low and close of a price for any given duration. ...
New Posts  All Forums: