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They played together at UConn. Napier off the bench. Ease some handling duties from Walker. Lots of upside for that team. It was a really bad move to send him to a contender, regardless of what you needed.McGary: lots of big bodies left that can do more. Kyle Anderson. Even Early. Fuck, how is he still there?
Seriously, it beggars belief. He should have gone 10 places ago. Jesus Miami are lucky.
They need a guy good at setting picks?Awesome. Its clear to me this guy has a ton of talent.Napier to Charlotte. Great help for Kemba. What a steal. And stupidly send it to Miami. Wow. How idiotic.
^ Mitch fucking McGary? Brian Scalebrine alert.
Raptors pick some Brazilian nobody. OKC must draft Napier. What a steal.
Levine looked less than excited to brave the cold in Minn, ha ha.
Weird pick... Nuggets take McDermott. They have Gallanari, I smell a trade. Edit: makes sense. Traded to Bulls for picks. Orlando take Saric. Another Euro bust or Dirk lite.
Elfrid Payton?
Stauskus to Sac. Smart, sees the court, heady and crafty. Or they just drafted Bonner. Vonleh slips to Charlotte.
Randle to Lakers. Kobe has his very own baby Zach Randolph.
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