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Thanks. Calls remain the better bet.
I'm confused, I'm reading 2 things. You said my loss would be $10 per share, but do you mean the $10 down to $80 or the $10 between $90-100? I think you mean 80, but I want to make sure.
That's a decent strategy. Need to noodle on that.So if I take 100 shares of a stock I own at $100, write a put option on it at 90, and then it drops below strike at expiration to say 80, am I responsible for it at the strike price of 90, or do my losses extend down to 80? I've never understood selling puts from this perspective, is my downside capped or is it 0?The other vehicle I wish existed is a service that aggregates small positions among multiple owners into...
Naked calls are a bad idea. Make sure you own the stock. What's your experience with writing puts?
For every hundred shares of stock you have you can sell an option on it. Means that someone pays a free for the right to buy the stock at the strike price at a future date. If the price isn't over that strike at expiration, you keep the stock and the fee that was paid, otherwise, the person gets the stock at the strike price.Its an excellent way to make an extra 1 or 2% on your positions.
Bought BAC at 15.02 today and sold call options at $0.22 on it.Doubled down on SBUX and also doubled down on DVYL. Bought more AAPL and PBR.Don't think the downturn is over, so I'm sitting on cash and willing to double down on any long position when the math makes sense.
You going in on KFT? I'm bearish. Holding my small stake in it, but still.I think there is more correcting to do. Hopefully the weekend settles nerves.BAC looks cheap here.
Things have stabilized after yesterday. Got fucked on GPRO Bought the inverse VIX at close yesterday and that's been a good bet.
Taking a risk on GPRO earnings, bought in right now. Also bought the inverse VIX ETF betting that we stabilize tomorrow (XIV)
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