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Genius? Never said that, nor in Montreal. He won 2 races in the best car by miles when his teammate ran into trouble in a car that can't follow other cars closely. I thought he drove well in Monaco, but you guys seem to portray me as saying Hamilton fell off a cliff. I'm just early in noticing his decline.
New Top Gear ep 4 - continues to improve. Chris Harris is now a feature host, which I love. He was always my choice for original Top Gear. Eddie Jordan is back, which I hope continues. He's a magnetic personality. And Sabine, still working her way in, is enjoyable. Other than red head loud host, this show is quite good. Matt Leblanc continues to be understated and funny, and the segment with the Vulcan was impressive, thank the maker they didn't slide it sideways...
This is otherworldly. You'd really rather have a guy that shoots 0-9 in a finals game over Curry? And still a phenom prospect? He's barely clinging to the label of being a middling role player. Whatever potential exists, it's woefully unrealized, and he's had the stage to do it. Might be perception, but he was worse these playoffs than last by quite some margin.Putting on the GM hat, he's damaged his stock badly through poor performances. I see no logic in rewarding...
His change in lifestyle was building over the last couple of years and burning it at both ends is cumulative, so it catches up with you over time. I pointed it out last season, his end of season form was off, and it's rolled into this season. Hamilton has become fascinated with hanging out with musicians, who are a notoriously a drug using/alcoholic/body abusing crowd. Even all the traveling between races traipsing around the world wears on you.It's not a question of...
Dwight Howard? OMG no. Not in a million years.Harrison Barnes is a below average player on a great team. Anyone that pays him is stupid, including the Warriors. Batum would be a great fit.Why on earth would they pay a guy that performed this badly in the finals? Seriously question, what's the attraction to this guy?
Love's moment shouldn't be forgotten... https://streamable.com/e/255w
It's great to listen to.The distractions argument is self evident in your response... he was locking up and off all weekend. Even though he did set some quick laps, when it came time to deliver he didn't. The inability to sort the car mode is more abstract, but things just aren't going his way and at least part of that is self induced.I think the comedy in this car settings thing is how complex the cars are. Are these guys drivers or button pushers?
Try again in English
There's also Tristan Thompson's perimeter defense in the later games. He really was the 2nd most valuable player in the series.
I probably wouldn't. But just like last season I would have argued he was the Finals MVP.The line between individual and team is probably how a guy affects the game, and in this respect Lebron is a better team player than Jordan.He just led the greatest comeback in finals history an won G7 on the road. Today, I would probably stay with Jordan, but after this, the question warrants being begged. Lebron's career is not over, and I certainly think he's vaulted himself to...
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