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Not concerned about heat radiating in or out, that's a given. And panel gaps are pretty well sealed already.If we are talking about the same types of seals for the edges, then they're not very effective. You mean like these?
Thats a good partial approach, but Isn't that still going to let a lot of air in top and bottom, even the sides?I thought I would have to cover the wall top to bottom, leaving an air gap to the garage door. I won't have to open and close the door in the near future, so I want to introduce some kind of seal.Nice table saw btw
It has to look reasonable. You mean the rigid foam board type? It would still leave gaps, and I'd have to do something to treat the edges. How would you do that? I worry that silver tape would eventually detach from a masonry wall.I could run a curtain across the length of the area to hide the insulation.
I'm considering re-purposing a garage. I need to seal the garage door in a way that's not permanent, but weather tight enough to allow for a space heating and cooling unit to work properly. Also, I need to cover the floor, I looked at those interlocking rubber-ish solutions, but they would get pricey. I was thinking of buying a roll of carpet padding and covering that with an inexpensive office type rug. I mainly need to have the central area of the room covered so...
Malaysia? corruption? Perish the thought. Speaking of corruption, bring Turkey back, that was a fantastic racetrack and get rid of that horrible Russian race.___Street races are valuable for the sport. Not every race needs to be flat and as smooth as a billiard table, so I'd like to see Singapore stay.
Sixers have gone 108 games, but finally have a 2 game win streak. Quite a process.
I really liked Malaysia as a TV race, the 2 long straits were always interesting tactical spots. Losing Singapore would really suck. Guess they want more dictator petro states to host races.
I listened to the Woj interview with Embiid, not sure why he's so "great" and a sought after interview. Just sounds like another big oaf to me.
Wish it was in English, but wow, what a drive. Properly made video that shows the setup corners before the pass.
He looks more open minded than surprised
New Posts  All Forums: