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See? Kicking animals into submissive behavior does work after all.Dogs are a colossal pain in the ass. I can't understand why people have them, especially in dense cities. It's a giant time suck, and the root of endlessly boring dinner party conversation. Not to mention you have to plan your life around their piss and shit limits.And yes, they cuck up your rugs.
What made Star Wars special is that it was rare. Now it's another stupid hollywood franchise full of generic and boring plot points like having to destroy the shields.I appreciate the latest incarnation's darkness, lack of idiotic uses of the force, and willingness to off main characters, but unfortunately it's more paint by numbers movie making.I can't honestly remember the last decent movie I've seen. Her? Ex-Machina? The Big Short? Maybe Locke. It's been a while.
Mortgage? Perhaps rent is more illustrative.
Options and margin are different. Options are useful, margin is a sucker's game.My main strategy has been to own smaller positions in lots of equities, so I own anywhere between 70 and 100 at one time. It's not a strategy focused on closely following any one position, but the equivalent of what an ETF might do... I own 6 healthcare, 12 banks, 10 techs, etc. I pick and choose what I like, since nobody is going to care more about my money than me. I mix this with index...
Hmmmm, I have a tempting chance to acquire a pair of Linn isobars. I am not sure I can pass it up. Unfortunately they need massive amps, and most of my systems are not that high wattage. So I'd have to find a proper 300 watter. I had a rare (and becoming much rarer) change to do some critical listening late at night over the weekend, and goddam do 2 pair's of KEF 107/2's sound incredible together. My Sugden AU51 pre-amp is unbelievable, if you ever find that...
I've been holding CMG, but I bought at the 450 range. I plan to stick with it, long term it still remains a good story. I am looking at 5-10 years.My overall response to your posts is that you're too focused on small price moves, and you're a bit trigger happy. I was that way in my early 20s, and I missed more substantial long term moves. Trying to get a bunch of small wins is hard. I like the occasional day trade, but I've gotten busier than ever the last few years...
How does a guy disappear to Chicago between the morning shootaround and game time? He didn't fly commercial or he would have been seen. Do all these guys just commandeer private planes at a moments notice? No wonder they all end up broke. Makes you wonder if he ever left NY.
I does not appear planned, or at least seems like it's a surprise to one side or the other.
Bought more HALO after a successful phase 2 Wanted to take a stake in CG, that sweet dividend, but retirement accounts wont allow it. Bought a small stake in PFE instead. Thinking of ALL. Also looking for a regional bank, any suggestions? What are thoughts on IRSG?
"Family issue".Went to Chicago? Can't even let the team know in advance (like a car ride to the airport)? Smells like bullshit. Here we go on the DR merry-go-round.
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