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Hey... at least its not TWTR
I was typing that same thing. Everyone has a whisper number to bail on.They probably had a wait period, I think most often it's 6 months, but that's usually for pre-ipo buyers. For employees it can be different. I believe it was 6 months at facebook.
It's one of the ugliest cars ever made. Just admire their work....
Max Barnes improving! 3-13! Show me the money, AI.
Not so much in our modern layoff culture. What always changed my behavior as an employee was stability and knowing it would be tough to match my salary somewhere else.I do agree it changes your behavior to some extent, and I do see efficacy in a scenario where stock or other form of alignment is something to achieve, but definitely not as a part of my core salary. I'd need to be at fair market value in cash and if there are sweeteners, then great.
Well, as an investment prices have bottomed out. Pacers are getting record numbers.
I didn't mean win all the races, but you're awarding points like it's a given. You can skew the math towards either party, but the numbers show Rosberg is about equal now and as you said, that brings him closer to Hamilton. Why he's closer remains a debate.
Take Spain, Rosberg was in front, claw 7 points back. Barhain was a racing incident, 3. Rosberg's transmission issue in Britain cost him 3. That's 38. The lead is 33, so its a delta of 5.You're also making the assumption that Lewis would have won all those races, so that 5 points is well within the margin to swing it either way.From what I've seen Nico has been just as competitive. Race wins, it's 9-6 and quali it's 8-8.Lewis went from a clear edge on Rosberg the...
Disagree with what? I don't understand.
Equal at best, if you take away any Rosberg issues. It's a dip in form. And his behavior is becoming erratic.
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