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Red Bull have probably been banking on Audi to join the fray. Frankly, if you are using the weakest engine, who cares who else you use? I doubt they are going with Honda. Since the sister team already used Ferrari before, seems it might be a natural transition. Add Ricciardo to the deal and you have a winning deal.
Unfortunately, it's not the only one. I've seen tracking numbers arrive at destination sort centers and then disappear as well.
Argh. The USPS is really becoming 3rd world. I've had more shipping problems this year than in the last 6 or 7 years combined. Is it people stealing packages from mailboxes or what? Not only do I have a rash of delivered "never got it" complaints, but also mail seems to enter the system, hit the sorting center, and never seen again. This is now serious and it's getting worse month to month. Here is a perfect example from just a few days ago, hits the sort center and...
How is this going? I'm in. Not too many partakers, or is there a list somewhere else?
There is download out there that has every grand prix from from '78 to 2010. (PM me if you want to know about it) I watched the '85 Canadian GP. When you watch one of these old races, it explains why people are turning the sport off. F1 now is so incredibly sterile compared to these races. You just need to watch one and it will be very obvious. If only there was HD back then.
These seem to be calling to me. Very nice sandals, for those who partake.
Nobody will notice unless it's something outlandish.
Looks like it worked out, I thought they were running him to get the pressures up.
What happened? Tire pressures too low, is that why they were having him go hard?
Brilliant, thanks.
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