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Washington defense was outstanding. Beal injury might prove a massive problem.
Though that one corner where they come close to a wall, think it was a left hander, they had a camera placed there at an absolutely perfect angle to catch the oversteer, it was a beautiful shot.
COTA, Canada and now Mexico make for 3 North American races. Not sure I can relate to needing another.
Did that clown actually ask the serious question "did Red Bull give you wings?".In terms of American tracks, Laguna is indeed a nice circuit. Fuck it, why not just revamp Willow Springs. But circuit of the Americas is actually a nice track.
I've been to the Canadian race a few times, it's a great spectators venue. As it it's financial stability, I can't speak, but for me the worst calendar cockroach was India, with that sky so polluted you could hardly see down the strait, it was just awful.
Why do you say that about Canada? Seems a vulnerable race to me.
Pops only mistake IMO is not benching Parker more, he's been the Manu of 2013. Otherwise, he's done some great coaching with a team hurting for fitness. For example, when he switched to a 3-2-1 zone... impeccable timing.
I'd feel like he wasn't worth the $.
I have never been there, but I can imagine the sound. As a racing circuit, the track sucks. It's short, boring corners, low skill.I think you mean the double left lefts into Rivazza after the sweep sends you downhill. From onboard footage, it seems like an incredible corner.
New Posts  All Forums: