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From the Alpha conference discussion, bought FLEX today. The case for PBR was pretty good, not sure though. Trimmed AMZN. Might reload on RAD, but I'm not sure its worth another bet. I had a feeling the Russia might trigger the correction we've been waiting on. The market doesn't seem interested.
Would probably be a good fit for them. That contract, though.
Bird is a smart guy. He would have made a better offer if he was worth it. Whose going to know LS better than him and his informers on the team? They didn't make a better offer because he wasn't worth it. MJ sees value he can harness but nobody else seems to. LA could have used him, among other teams. Nobody else made an offer.
If that were true, he'd still be a Pacer at 11m a year. And he would have had a lot more suitors. Indiana made a weak offer, perhaps even hoping he'd go. He also got a shorter deal that made sense for a guy his age. Lastly, there are different kinds of locker room problem guys, and the modern tolerance for it is less than it used to be.
Locker room risk, not health.
Huge risk for Charlotte. Whose Indy going to get in his place? And they are still stuck with Hibbert. Love in Indy would be very interesting.
I'd be surprised if that was true, I read Merc solved it first.
You're talking like its confirmed. I haven't seen anything.
They are trying to slow Merc down.
Loving it. Its been a long term hold for me.
New Posts  All Forums: