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Washington Wizards for sure.
He maps to the pattern of contract busts.
Signing Whiteside is an Andrew Bynum type mistake. All of that guy's motivation will disappear once he gets his money. Albatrosssssss....
Thibs taking over Minnesota.
Definitely not. The league would never communicate a message like that directly and risk being caught rigging games and bias towards their star players.A couple of years ago Lebron went 6 games without even a single foul being called on him. Book selling bullshit is kinda the same as ticket selling bullshit.
If what Tim Donaghty wrote is true, then you're sorta right. I tend to believe it because of that Lakers Kings series. Worst refereeing ever.
I always liked Patterson and he smothered him on that play, but self styled names or not, Bell was the real Kobe stopper.
That's not Raja Bell
Nico can have mech problems in 2 races and Hamilton is back in front. I don't think it's a miracle but it would be hard for Hamilton to make the gap up at this point. Lucky for him it's early season. It was an entertaining race, but fuck was the gap at the front hopeless. The exchange with Vettel and Kyvat was quite funny. Vettel did the best he could to convince everyone it was not his fault. And for fucks sake, do F1 drivers get paid per the use of the word...
Magic made the team better.I think Wilt was the best center ever.Re Shaq, his few moves worked because of his size. He couldn't score from more than 5 feet out and a significant percentage of his baskets were offensive fouls.
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