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Yeah but you miss the point... we're talking steph "potential". That's a bit of a joke, tell me exactly who else has "curry like" skills? Anyone can have curry like potential that is young and can shoot a 3 better than Michael Carter Williams. Are we building a team or trying to win the power ball lottery?
And unproven like 1/2 the players in the NBA. Of all the Kings bad trades, this has to be the absolute worst.
It's a steady grower, you're not likely going to see a 15% drop or an otherwise suitable entry point. The idea is to get on the train wherever you are and ride it.
About time they tightened up the package on the side skirts
Spare a thought for poor Tyreke Evans.
A PE of 13 and a 3% dividend. Solid 4th quarter. I was looking for a long term hold, something stable, this fits the bill.
So Cousins goes from one shit team to another? I'll bet his attitude really improves.And it could be a good front court, if Davis can stay healthy, which he can't.
Dunk contest. Pfff.
No, but it's not 10 miles off.
= Steve Madden shoes?
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