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That's dumb. I've outperformed indexes.
The guy isn't NBA material.
Clever wording, ha ha. As I said before, I don't have the fortitude to risk another person's money."Gut" is an old fashioned term, but I use lots of tools to asses a buy/sell, including a select few posters here. In fact I do trust my intuition on moves, and I intentionally post my trades for anyone to assess how I do. If you look at my history, you can prove/disprove my performance.I have few grand in new cash to deploy tomorrow, I'll let everyone know what I buy, I...
I've taken plenty of shit for it, but I've always picked individual stocks well. Look at my history and do the math, I post what I buy and you have the dates. I just wish I had the mentality to manage other people's money.The only negative in the last few years is biotech (I'm still in, and it's coming back, still feel I will be proven right).
I've gone from 17% down to 14% since the slide over the last week + I thought I was joking, but there actually are folks here holding VRX? Would rather invest in SMH
They did. I think they even had a race that they finished 5th in. It's astonishing that Honda has slid backwards. For Macca it's devastating because Honda brings free engines, and pays into them like $100m.
I thought he was still in?
Heh, I thought he was asking for real.
McLaren have made an exploratory approach to Mercedes about engine supply in the wake of problems with partner Honda. is going to melt down.
What Buffet said in his recent letter about hedge funds is how I feel. It seems really improbable you can overcome the massive fees. The huge outflow of capital over the last several years tells me that its an idea that's come and gone.
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