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Loving my FB right now.
Both TWTR and YHOO are shit companies and you shouldn't get involved. With all the options out there for investment, you want to "play around" with these 2 dogs? It makes little sense. I recently bought ETSY in the mid 8's, that looks like a nice play. I bought GOOG after it's earnings drop.
She's been a poor CEO, but the company has been broken since 2000.
Wouldn't touch Yahoo with a 10 foot pole. It's a shitty company, so no amount of investor intervention is going to solve their fundamental problems.
Oh. No joking allowed.
A body of factual information you had no response for resorted you to the amorphous 'trolling' label as a way to save face. I'm not being provocative nor looking to string anyone along which defines trolling. If you would read the thread history, you'd see that I touted Butler here long before anyone had. You confuse trolling with the fact that I'm invested in the guy and feel he is worth acquiring.
Kobe stopper.
It's not a question of talent, it's that the team/fans hate him. Also, stories were present all season about his general attitude.
I can't decide. Who'd you rather have? Leonard or Pippen?
That's why its a LOTTERY. 2nd worst offers a probability of a higher pick. You said lower pick, and from my math 9 is lower than 1 or 2. But by all means, pick 5 "at worst" as a number that is both lower and makes you comfortable, but they only have a 55% chance at a top 3 and 15 teams have a mathematical chance at #1.Butler is an impact player that took a couple of years to emerge, not unlike Kwhai Leonard. You want to compare Russell year 1 stats on a suck ass team...
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