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Its been a stalwart in my account for a while. It's not a huge dividend but it's price appreciation counters it nicely.
Thought you'd be buying DIS too.
Stauskas by miles
He's in trouble. Tore a knee ligament in a game the other day.
I was first to that. Not an NBA player.Not sold on Gobert. Definitely not sold on Russell.Lillard has already taken his leap. He's just get more control of the offense, which is different than a leap in skills development.My sleeper for the season, Kyle Anderson in SA... I have a feeling he'll start playing 16-20 a game at some point and look good.
Bought more DIS
Valuation, it trades at 13x and pays a 2% dividend.In other news, DIS hit, looks like a change to get in.
AAPL looks like a buy at this level.
Is this a different setup than last season? Confused what 'daily' means in context. Is it still weekly head to head?
Should at least setup this year's thread. Get people in early.
New Posts  All Forums: