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This is true, they are tasked with improving the cars. You really think F1 teams would allow for cameras just flopping around? You're seeing the intense vibrations that era of car produced. The camera quality is what was available in the day.Here is a good video that shows the transition, you can mostly see it with the control of the wheel, your really see the amount of force it took to turn it in the past. Today they have power steering. You gradually see it looking...
To me, those karts look like... well, karts. The corner speed fools you into thinking its fast because it's not slowing down a huge amount as the top speeds are not very high and the distances between corners are short. They are exposed to G, but nothing close to what an F1 car produces.Stuff like this below was just more interesting to watch. Warwick looks like he's driving a monster, so yeah, the corner speeds are higher today but it doesn't necessarily improve the...
That Curry pass was exciting.
Should have dropped them, especially Anderson.
This confirms he's a douche.
My bet is the latter
Wow, Monta Ellis really screwed BasketballPlayers against Wu last night. 4 - 22, the guy single-handedly lost him the week 5-4 on a tiny margin of FG%. He looked in control Friday.
I never said Mosley was exempt. And you fail to mention that he sold them to Bernie.
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