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Can you prove those are opinions?
Fuck ya. Turned 3-6 around to a 7-1-1. Sorry bibs
Very debatable.
Could be the deepest college team in history. 4 guys almost 7' tall. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2298969-how-many-kentucky-wildcats-will-become-future-nba-draft-picks
Warriors are superb right now. To my other post... Celtics '08 qualify as well.
You pretty much said nothing. Dirk wasn't top 5 when Dallas won it. As mentioned, Detroit. Even the bad boys era... don't even know if Isiah was in that realm.
Who was SA's top 5 player last season?
You mean like Alonso would?What does this mean for K M? Is he now the Macca reserve driver?
The idea that you suck to win indicates a change is warranted. It's not in the spirit of sport. The reason teams intentionally suck is to get a top draft choice.With relegation, you eliminate the suck to win dynamic. The risk of getting dropped from the top flight would make most every game competitive. For me, that means lots more interesting games throughout the season, and all kinds of new dynamics end of season when teams on the bubble are fighting like crazy to...
Correct, I never made mention of college. A system akin to European football (even basketball) with academy systems are what I mean. Funny how much American's love to talk capitalism, but European leagues are the ones that resemble it much more. You can't suck your way to success in the Premier League. You'll get handed your ass.
New Posts  All Forums: