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There's also Tristan Thompson's perimeter defense in the later games. He really was the 2nd most valuable player in the series.
I probably wouldn't. But just like last season I would have argued he was the Finals MVP.The line between individual and team is probably how a guy affects the game, and in this respect Lebron is a better team player than Jordan.He just led the greatest comeback in finals history an won G7 on the road. Today, I would probably stay with Jordan, but after this, the question warrants being begged. Lebron's career is not over, and I certainly think he's vaulted himself to...
As mentioned a moment ago, that's a team argument, not a Jordan argument. A final record fails to make a case, or you'd be arguing for Bill Russell.
He carried a team of yokels on his back from a 3-1 finals deficit to beat the team that just set the record for most wins ever in a season, and then wins G7 with a triple double. Kind of equates to beating the '96 Bulls. This on the back of 6 or 7 finals appearances in a row, and now a 3rd championship, and with the potential of few years left in the tank.I've never been a Lebron fan personally, but what we saw him do was historic. Other than the fact that Jordan has...
Not even close. Lebron owned this series. He made Kyrie's games possible.Lest we not forget Drayond... a guy that tells another bench to take a TO better win that chip... oops sorry.
^^^ You did, but ain't a record without a chip Yooooooo.
Hroi 2016 thread MVP.... called the double 3-1 comeback!
Holy shit! Cleveland did it! Amazing. First to say it... Lebron did what he wanted to with the Cavs. Now he can build his buddy team. Bye! Oh... shout out to Draymond and Ayesha... you're the best! Now they can award a proper MVP. Lebron was a rock and a basketball god. Now that's how you win with dogshit. Top 5 finals ever. Lebron makes the argument now for best player ever.
Kyrie is exhausted. Pull him.
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