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HD baby!
Right up your alleyway.
He's put the work in but it doesn't really look natural.
No, they are brass plated, sorry I wasn't clear. I don't know how many microns, I can certainly ask but I'm not sure I'll get an answer on that.
It's strictly aesthetic. They're plated, so over time they will develop a patina as the plating weathers, to some this is attractive, to others they're treating these as strictly functional or don't like that patina.
I know. I just love the dude. I spotted him his rookie year and felt he had a lot of upside. He's got a lot more. In a sense, it's not being hypocritical as much as me saying that there are players I'd take the risk on. Butler is one of them. I might say the same for Wiggins in a year or two.
Last points, then I'm dropping this. There are a bunch of bad deals because of stupid decisions based on highly foreseeable circumstances. Bargnani deals. Aging players. Injury risks. Overpaying or they'll leave. Cornering yourself like Miami just did. I'm not afraid to award a big contract, but a bad decision could wreck a team's ability to contend for an extended period. You're justification for taking risks is like spraying bullets hoping one hits, not my...
You can do better than this.With Teague, 4 for 32 is fair, and was fair at the time, all star or not. If the Dragic numbers are laughable, let him walk. But they can't because they gave up too much to get him, so they are forced to overpay. Bad business cornering yourself that way.Probably in the 30% range. Most NBA salaries are league minimum type stuff so its a smaller pool of guys that fall into the overpay category.
"He'll probably get 15 or 16 if you undervalue him" and "but he probably will play like he deserves it" is what you said, which implies you think he's worth more than 15/16. We're within a million or so of the max for his years in the league. I drew an inference.My valuation is based on being 28, his numbers, and that he seems to have peaked, or is very close. And that peak isn't that great. In comparison, Jeff Teague is making 8m, who'd you rather have? Teague is...
New Posts  All Forums: