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I think they gave a shit about him before he committed, but Doc dug himself a hole by spelling out what his role would be a year ago. Jordan didn't want that, even though he was effective within it. Going back in history he was labelled a head case in college, dropped to the 2nd round as a pick, and is noted as being a 'slow learner', aka dumb. Paul, for all his bullshit, is a pretty smart guy, so he probably lost patience with Jordan's inability to catch on.Rivers...
This was on grantland, just look at those 3.
No. But I don't recall another player ever doing it. Pretty unheard of.
In a way, I hope it works. It cements them *the* douchebag team, perhaps the biggest ever. Cements Deandre as a little pussy deal welcher that needs his adoration and hi-5s. Cements C Paul as a Kobe level asshole that guys don't want to play with. And Doc Rivers looks even worse as a GM that can't take a lump and move on. This is quality drama. No matter what happens, Clippers come out badly from it.
Ha ha, Clippers are such douchebags. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/13221695/los-angeles-clippers-lobbying-deandre-jordan-back-deal-dallas-mavericks
Unlikely. He doesn't seem to have the same presence in the locker room. Boston got a very good player for very little.
Of course I understand the stretch provision, but I don't really view that as fair value. David Lee is a very good player, they should have gotten a lot more for him.Sacramento, on the other hand, clearly does not understand the stretch provision.
For Gerald Green? WTF? Boston took GSW to the cleaners.
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