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I read Simmons saying that Grantland was about break even.
The possession or the Hawks uniforms?
Yeah, even simpler. Too much deference to leaders now. 80s F1, blue flags were just a suggestion.
That crowd was fantastic, best crowd I've ever seen in F1. The track was actually ok, even though it was Tilke-ized. Having low grip made it mildly interesting.Boring fucking race. The 2 Mercs were 20 seconds up after 12 laps. They would have lapped most of the field were it not for safety cars. This unlapping bullshit has to stop. Just have them stop the fucking car and join the back of the field. So what they drive a bit less distance? Idiotic rule.
ESPN, got to love corporations.Lowe will probably follow Simmons.___Holy shit, what the hell is up with Houston? Harden shooting 9% from deep, 22% in total. Murdered my fantasy week last week. He must still be humping Kardashians, they are NBA poison.
That step back was smooth as silk. Harden couldn't have done it better.
Wild speculation, but perhaps separation docs are on the table and they're holding off on a signature?
Kinda hard to assess since it was Jeremy Lin he blew by.
Ended up watching the Sixers game. Okafur looked really at easy, the guy will have no trouble with the NBA. He reminds me a bit of Tim Duncan in demeanor, and his offense reminds me a bit of Andrew Bynum with more range.
I don't see what that matters. Mercedes had customers when they bought Braun, namely Macca.
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