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Not really seeing how these dots are being connected.
This is because of rampant age fraud.Funny, we were talking about Deng recently, maybe Ibaka looks so out of sorts because his body is just starting to tighten and break down.
Don't agree. Ibaka was a shot blocking defensive monster until he decided to become a long range shooter that unfortunately neutered his natural strengths.While it's cute to see him hit a 3 and roam the perimeter, a few years ago he was throwing down dunks, amazing blocks and regulating the paint.Now he's gifted that role to Adams and he's in no-mans-land in terms of a role. He's a guy that tried to be this complete player and ended up a JOATMON.Diaw was always a point...
This. Let guys show their cards on track.
The rule is vague, but you can't make it 50 pages long either.The thing that's gotten out of control in the last 5 years is the blue flag. Come on already. Palmer was given a blue flag in Barca and it took Ricciardo almost 2 laps to pass, and not because he was blocked. You can't make a guy fighting for his career lose 5 seconds by pulling over and waiting for a car at a similar pace to go by.Kill the blue flag altogether. Lets get back to the days of De Chesaris
Rosberg wasn't hit because he pulled out and lost 3 places. Hamilton put him in a position to crash and he blinked. He could have easily claimed his space and allowed the crash to happen.Moving across track reminds me of this one In my view, if you are going to allow only one blocking move, then you are entitled to complete it IF you start it without anyone on your wheel well. You can't neuter out track position from racing. The purpose of a block is to deny space, so...
That first half was littered with mistakes. Curry broke the game by himself, impressive. Bogut is hopeless. Hobbled or not it doesn't matter because the guy is always injured anyway. And Ibaka... how irrelevant does he look out there? Story of the post season so far for me is the emergence of Steven Adams, really looks like like a pro now.
Bought more 2 days ago.
The other thing about the impact driver is that it doesn't strip screws nearly as often.An impact driver doesn't hammer into concrete, the impacting happens along the rotation.You gotta try a nail gun
LOL @ celebrating the suck behind a draft pick.I think the Simmons kid was just protecting his body. Nobody seems to care about poor shooting anymore.
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