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Gibson could handle the role. I'd sit Noah at this point.
Don't know why anyone would even try watching this.
What the hell is with J Noah? The guy is 1 - 14 from the free throw line, and otherwise just looks terrible. All the assets he had that forgave his lack of scoring are basically gone. I've always liked the guy, but forget it. Play Mirotic.
Was that rockets - clippers game the longest in NBA history? I started watching at like 11 PM and still caught up with the DVR with like 6 mins left in the 4th. I just turned it off. Man, do we need rule changes about stoppages. This is NFL level unwatchable. The Rockets are just awful on the eye between all the stoppages. Not a nice series.
Gasol v Bogut Randolph v Green Thompson v Allen Some fun matchups. Game 2 was very watchable.
Biotech has been getting negative press the last few weeks. Buying opportunities abound.
Lowe Post justifies basically every rule change I have been advocating for years, though the hack-a stuff was not on my radar, everything else was. http://espn.go.com/espnradio/grantland/player?id=12834188
Bulls were better than the Cavs. They had to win or it was hopeless. Lots of holes exposed on both teams. The Bulls rebounded extremely well, that was the most important difference I saw. Great to see Butler v James in the playoffs again. The HOU - LAC game seems to rest on Ariza and Terrence Jones. If Jones can slow Blake down and Ariza can take advantage of no natural matchup, then Houston has a chance. Uff, it was vomit inducing wishing Houston will win. Also...
Curry is MVP
Interesting choice.... strait up, who'd you take? Green or Butler? I'd pick Butler.
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