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DIS is no longer interested in TWTR.
In English, that word is sobriety.
I held it from around 08 thru '12, I did ok on it. I just forgot about it thinking it might be heading for the scrapheap. Glad you've done well, it never crossed my mind to revisit it.
NLY? Haven't hear that call sign in years.
Something like this?http://www.grohe.com/ie/4816/kitchen/hot-water-kitchen-taps/grohe-red/Edit, this one also:http://www.lowes.com/pd/InSinkErator-Chrome-Hot-Water-Dispenser/999959853?cm_mmc=SCE_PLA_ONLY-_-Kitchens-_-SosDisposers-_-999959853:InSinkErator&CAWELAID=&kpid=999959853&CAGPSPN=pla&k_clickID=8a854668-d676-4601-94b9-717b7f935034This is pretty interesting. I see a battle emerging between me and the wife, she's going to want this, while I want a carbonated water...
I've been holding DIS since before cable cutting startedUntil that revenue is replaced and a better story emerges, it's going to stay horizontal, my guess is another 1 yo 2 yrs
Uh oh, the internet police is here to get things back in lineFrom what I read it's clear there is no obvious preference for bottled/filtered when tested blindly, in fact NYC tap was the favorite in the first studyThe point of those links was to show thatIMO, to justify the cost Fiji, it would have to win by a huge margin
Not at all. That small a number would basically indicate guessing. If only 30% claim to tell a difference, then there just isn't a difference of any significance to warrant 10 to 50x the price of tap.
We share the same basic objection.The research indicates otherwise. The EPA limit is up to 4 parts per million, which in your eyes constitutes "shitloads". Forget all the studies that show people regularly cannot tell the difference.It's in your head.
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