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Big Baby looks completely disgusting on the court. He's making a "meal" out of scoring 8 points and 5 rebounds.
That will be more interesting than the rest of the stupid stuff they do combined.
Greeks aren't threatening anyone, so I don't see your point. They pose very little to no economic threat, so what they do matters about as much as New Zealand would.
Nobody gives a shit about Greece. I'd be more concerned that the Germans want out of the Euro.
New Lotus. Not much looks different. Pretty large floor board.
Doesn't excuse Westbrook's idiotic execution interview, but does get on reporters for their boring, stupid "talk about" questions. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/sports-media-press-conferences-nba-nfl-mlb-nhl-lebron-james-bill-belichick/
That was an amazing show. The timing and athleticism of the blocks were excellent. Fuck were the Bulls listless. I don't know if Thibs has lost the dressing room or whether he's running them into the ground, but that team is playing win 0 energy.
That was sick. He was launching shots regardless of who was near him.
Brooklyn was so bad last night that words escape me. They were competitive until about 2 mins left in the 1st and then it was just downhill. Watching DeAndre Jordan elevate over Lopez for rebounds made Lopez look like Gheorge Muresan. The Clippers did very little to win, it was just easy shot after easy shot.
New Posts  All Forums: