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Gold. Get rid of the Clippers in the 1st round
They're stupid.
Have to agree with this. I think it was a factor in the way the WC played out last season too.
Curry made 77 3s in a row at practice. The guy is unconscious.
Matters if you don't live in la-la land. Otherwise get the Ferrari and move to Dubai, you'll fit right in.
Lewis has outpaced Nico all season, especially race pace. Even if Nico hit turn 1 in first, he'd have probably been passed.
It was desperation, but every driver does it. Look at Alonso's classics, and Vettel last year.
Nico does need to shut up, but the die is cast. Lewis is the quicker driver. It's like when Vettel started to own Webber. Nico has gone up against the quickest driver in F1 and he's proven almost as fast, but second best. If circumstances were different, he'd be a WC but he didn't have Webber as a teammate. F1 is that way. We were left with the false positive about Vettel's real speed, and Nico is starting to look like the loser. Ricciardo exposed Vettel, just like...
Those awkward laughs from the reporters too, no wonder he can treat them like shit. They take it willingly.I can think of 100 players that act that way. Iverson, Cousins, Sam Cassel to start.
It seems that's true. Martin Brundle is also convinced that the cars aero are more disturbed following another car than last season, they just can't get as close.I don't think that's how the order played out. It was either a pre-race decision (whoever gets first corner leads until the last stint), or Nico was told to maintain a gap during the race as the computers churned out race simulations for optimum strategy.At this point, why bother with the drivers? Just setup...
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