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The hot water takes half a decade to warm up in my kitchen, unless I had one of those pre-heat mechanisms, which I'd probably not want to invest in.Not too into hand lotion.What did cross my mind is a sparkling water fountain. I could setup a CO2 tank under the sink and tie in a water line.
The unit has a sprayer built in already, though I suppose a 2nd sprayer is more useful than a 2nd soap dispenser.I suspect I'm being setup by searching the internet for a "cock hole cover". Oh well, here goes.
I need some suggestions... So new wife decided to get a kitchen faucet with a single hole design, but um, the current unit is a 2 hole design. She really wants to keep it, so before I impose my will does anyone have any ideas what I can do with the hole that used to contain the water supply? I already have a soap dispenser, is there any nifty gadgetry I'm not aware of out there that I can install? The old design is sorta like this:
A works team that's totally noncompetitive? Did he learn nothing from Alonso? I'd take that Force India in a heartbeat over the Renault. He chased the salary, that's all.
CEO's being such benevolent leaders and all, I'm sure it was a coincidence.
Hulkenberg to Renault next season. Don't understand why, for either party. I guess Nico is chasing salary? What does Renault get? He's being soundly beaten by his teammate and hasn't really ever shown a level commensurate with what Renault are going to pay him. I'm reading Esteban Ocon is up for the other Renault seat... LOL, ya hire the guy that can't do basic math. This doesn't look much like an off season for driver moves. Unfortunately Ferrari retain Kimi again,...
I see, so 5000 people all miraculously came up with the same idea to commit the same fraud?An executive or group of executives directed the scheme. More executives likely knew, and did nothing. If Wells is such a stand up corporation, why haven't any executives been turned over to authorities?And don't underestimate people's capacity to be short sighted, you only need to watch 10 mins of American Greed if you doubt me.
You mean like firing 5,000 little guys doing as their told to do? The decision makers at Wells fired and have ruined many of those people's careers without a hint compassion towards their lives. Meanwhile, the craftsmen behind the scheme remain a mystery.CEOs, politicians, and many TV personalities lull people into believing the shit their shoveling. There is a big difference between the capacity to make macro level decisions and the kinds of personality traits these...
Across these broad and easily characterizable buckets you mention is a string of common traits.There is a reason this keeps happening. Research shows that CEOs are 4x more likely to be psychopaths. In the 2nd article it says CEO is #1 per capita.http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbercovici/2011/06/14/why-some-psychopaths-make-great-ceos/#9ce835c4facfhttp://www.salon.com/2015/06/23/10_careers_with_the_most_psychopaths_per_capita_partner/FWIW, in the 2nd link, lawyer is...
Fuck me...Stockholm Syndrome. Those white people all look alike.
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