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Quality post.
Tactical race. Ferrari made some questionable strategic decisions. Does Kimi really command a seat in F1 anymore? He's nowhere near Vettel and was blown away by Alonso last year. Wondering if he's out of the sport next season. I think Bottas is going to get the seat, I hope so. Driver lineup changes are good for assessing the pecking order of drivers.Red Bull's horrible start continues.
Hard to agree with you, buy FFS yes, and especially Jacoby. Take Lowe with you, though.
Rose definitely hit a big shot. Doesn't exempt his past choices, but thanks for making all that effort to quote me. The Bulls performance is worthy of changing people's views on them/him, just like C Paul gritting that game 7 winning shot. It makes me rattle my wrists with clenched fists about CP, but I am super happy for Rose, who has suffered. I welcome his playoff run, meaning I tip my hat and admit I might be wrong, but then again, it's 1 shot off the backboard, so...
Ha ha.... It's not about Kyrie, but he sure did gesticulate something special sitting next to the kingyy.
"The Bulls win at the buzzer". That was special. Really special. I love this team, Noah is shit, they can't execute, but fuck are they worth cheering for.
Hey everyone, The first shears have arrived and they exceed expectations. The quality is amazing. Super happy... when I cut my first piece of suit flannel my first thought was "holy shit". All the first orders have been delivered as of today. I am finalizing the remaining order, everyone that has PM'd me has been replied to. If you didn't get a reply, please let me know. Turnaround time on the order is 30 days. PLEASE SEND A PM TO BE INCLUDED ASAP. I want to...
Only because they included the Jordan 7-Up livery do I concur. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/32660637
That's a real shame. Grantland won't be the same, I wish Simmons owned it.
Has Tony Allen ever won DPOY? If not, it's a tragedy.
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