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Gratitude for leading among the easiest lives its possible to live on the planet. For not working in a salt mine, or deep sea oil rig. Gratitude for the sport that has been build around you that has enabled you to become elite level wealthy. Acknowledging that you had nothing to do with it's growth, and gratitude that you were born in a country that enabled your talent to be witnessed.Lewis loves to flaunt his adoration of Senna. There are many drivers before that lost...
Below is a photo of the dogs, on that uni-thing. That's douche.Kimi's not a douche, he's an asshole.I like seeing real emotion because you can then know who a guy really is. From there I can make a judgement call on whether I like the guy as a person or not. He doesn't lose graciously. Not many guys get to the top of racing, show some gratitude.
Anyone trying to make money on this stock deserves a 10 day sentence.
Didn't I tell everyone that if you own VRX you hate money?
He never interacts with other drivers, sitting on the corner of the parade car ignoring everything. He's smug in interviews. Acts like a dick in the cool down room. Is broody on the podium when he doesn't get his way. He also drags celebrities and those stupid dogs around with him to races, flaunts his wealth like a rapper, and gives everyone that tries to talk to him the too cool for school attitude.Are you really telling me that there isn't a huge difference between...
That kid is a monster.A Davis came to play too, that sorry ass team whacked the Lakers around pretty good.
You'd make a good red curry.All states hide their tax increases, Virginia chooses to do it via a speeding fine. Other states raise their car registration fees to absurd levels. It's a good business, this statehood shit, you can mask feudalism so elegantly with it.
What was supposed to be funny here? Second round or pumping in the car?
What a fucking scam. This whole parking/speeding mafia is a hell of a business.
Those are different facts that what you said previously. Going 11 over wont get you jail. Going over 80 may, but still unlikely. Most of them are plead down to basic speeding.I'm sure there are anomalies, but in general nobody goes to jail for going 81 in a 70. They might by doing 81 in a 40.
New Posts  All Forums: