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Seems like Bottas to Ferrari looking likely. http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2015/07/f1-driver-market-on-starting-blocks-with-latest-bottas-development-in-italy/ I like the move. Another driver to compare Vettel against, as I still have trouble believing in his natural speed. Bottas will be a good measure, and serve to confirm whether it was Newy that won those 4 WCs or not.
I get the impression they did. Too much of a coincidence, otherwise. Poor guy, I wouldn't want to be living that way either.
He does tend to do that, he flipped on CELG and BIIB like 4 times in 2 months. That said, he's spurned me to consider a few positions I have done very well on, WY for example.It's about fucking time too. It's been a flatline for like 2 years.___________Opened a position in PYPLV today.
Hey everyone, brown MOP button pictures posted. They are really nice, the factory did a great job.
Mark Cuban doesn't seem like that kind of owner, as don't a few others but by and large, the league is not structured so that success on the court necessarily means more profitability. It seems more about your market and success at collective bargaining.
Even if you can hardly win a game?
You can lose all your games and probably still make money because of the distribution of revenues.The thing I don't get about this situation is how they think all these kids are going to stick around. Either they'll be unable to afford them all, or they have to count on revolving doors of new kids to replace them and actually stay. They can negotiate extensions exclusively, so I suppose that's an incentive for a rookie contract to stick around, but they'll quickly exceed...
I'm going to enjoy this contract and the "you gotta overpay" crowd. The funniest part is they let Harden go over less money. From a pretty tight fisted organization like OKC, it's an astonishing piece of bad business. He *might* have been worth 7m a year on a good day.
I thought you guys never saw a max deal you didn't like?Horrible you must be joking level contract. Will be looked back upon.
And the bitch of a bitch of a bitch is Doc Rivers. Use a flash next time fellas.(It's like I said, he wasn't worth a max deal)
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