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Save for Butch who seems to be toting the company line
Nobody said anything was 100% his fault. The Bucks offense is more refined than it was in 76er land, so he's in a situation where he should be more effective. You can argue he is, but to run at an elite level for deep runs into the playoffs. For example, it's too easy to defend MCW in pick n roll when the defender can just go under every screen. You can easily cheat off him and deny entry passes when he's away from the rim as well. He can't punish a missed rotation. ...
TWTR. Told you it was a dog. Master-Classter, stay away from the stock, it's a piece of shit. You're not getting in on a bottom, you're at the plateau of a new top. #Sell. Kinda nervous about PNRA earnings. Release them already. Edit:
Last nights game.This is one of those that the stat line doesn't match the performance. He's not that good, just look at his numbers on the season. Rose had a bad game, and MCW was influential on defense, but it's not his defense that's in question.
I guess the league figured Love needed the rest anyway.What Olynick did was intentional, both he and JR Smith deserved 10 game suspension.I'd go one step further, he's just downright awful on offense. His shooting is just atrocious, I just don't understand how these guys get in the NBA under this obsession with upside. If this is what upside looks like, stay in college, kid. Learn to shoot. Watch more game tape.Trading Knight for this guy was a big mistake. I...
It's a day old, but goddam was that Bucks - Bulls game great. I'm glad they got one, Milwaukee deserved it. That last show was fantastic, Celtics-esque. What a fun, fun series.
Both Dallas and SA are appealing to him because of the aging veteran in his spot. Both teams would improve and remain contenders with his introduction. If I was him, I wouldn't want to deal with the tumult in LA, nor the transition in NY, but Boston might be a destination, though SA and Dallas have much better cores. I think he sees Portland's current crew as reaching it's limit, and this playoff series is a mess. He would be foolish to stay. My guess is he leaves and...
If I was Aldridge, I'd be calling Pop to promise me 5 years and Leonard to make sure he re-ups.It would be a massive coup for SA to get Aldridge... with him, Duncan and Splitter sharing the minutes in the frontcourt, it's very formidable. Duncan could go another 3 or 4 years with a reduced role.If I had to choose between Green and Aldridge, it wouldn't really be a choice. There are plenty more Green types than there are Aldridge.
SA dismantles LAC. 49 points after 3 quarters? End of series. After a promising game 1, it's been a gradual downhill slide. Paul can't deal with size, Jordan neutralized, Griffin can't execute. The benches are starting to impact the series in a way some have feared, it's starting to look like SA can't be stopped. The subtlety is amazing, like a racing driver that eeks out a tenth in every sector, pretty soon he has a 6 second lead. It's that way here as the Spurs...
New Posts  All Forums: