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Hey everyone, polished finish now available. Same pricing, see photos.
He was a wily 'ol fox as a player. I think he can do the GM thing. Depends. Looks like it's either him or Karl that has to go. Get rid of Karl, bring in a guy like Kevin Olle. Karl destroys relationships with players.
That was a huge move. I have a pretty big stake and it brought me even after it took a dive for a few months. Lets see the 30's again.
In that event, put Ben Wallace on that team
This season and injuries has been outrageous. I think it was Jeff Van Gundy, I don't recall exactly, but whoever it was blames it on the off-season training regimes. The players are getting bigger and stronger in the off season which is putting a larger strain on the body. Seems to make a good point, as players are playing less minutes and now this modern (weaksauce) trend of rest days, injuries should be going down.
I am not from Stewart's era though one obvious difference is that Stewart wasn't out there photographing himself in a such a gaudy self promoting fashion. Lewis looks full of himself and dripping with self styled exclusivity. It's really off-putting to people like me. Perhaps he'd be better off with a bit more class and discretion -at least these are the sensibilities I was raised with.I don't know what Jackie would do today, but I'd suggest he cool it too if the...
Red Bull cannot function unless they have total control of a sport. The lack of competitiveness early in their history was acceptable since they were building the team, but now they feel entitled to success.
By all means, have a good time. The problem is that I don't care about or want to see LH's instagram, twitter, or any form of exposure to him that doesn't involve sitting in a race car. For some reason, motor sport media outlets seem so deprived of news about, you know, racing, that they feel compelled to act like TMZ.Second, the way I was raised, photographing yourself flying about on a private jet partying with the upper class and flaunting your wealth is poor form. ...
Rebranding... just an excuse to con the faithful into buying new gear.
Perhaps, but if we are going down these populist rabbit holes, wouldn't the Most Valuable Player in a series be the person that makes the series the best show? In this case where would the series have gone if Lebron was not there? The Oscar goes to a 4-0 sweep.
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