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The soda industry is the next one in the cross hairs. It's where we were with tobacco in the 70's.
Agreed. He's been pretty well behaved in BYN. He'd add a lot to that front court. Even in CLE he'd be useful.
Because lawyers are involved.
Then squander it. The move in the price is smoke and mirrors.
Pretty fantastic race today.
LOL @ guys who poop this thread and spew hate whining about guys who poop this thread and spew hate.
Making up a lot of ground on recent drops today.
Love it. Give that guy a roster spot.
Verajao is a decent stopper. I think everyone is underestimating Love's defense. He can rebound like hell. Lebron can force defense out of that squad, otherwise.
So let lebron restructure and make room. I mean, they have an entire year to do it. Let Kyrie restructure.
New Posts  All Forums: