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Then produce your own engine, whiners. You're never happy with the packaging anyway. You have as many resources are Ferrari.
Looks like it. He was hinting at it pretty strongly in Singapore. Stoffel V Doorne looks like the next in line.
Whats the min to have a viable league?
LOL Red Bull
That's a stretch. Dominance all season doesn't change in a race.Max "No!" Verstappen, FTW.
Looks like the case, but it doesn't change the dominance one bit.
I got it an signed up.
LOL. Another case just opened.https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?qtc_tLabels1=9400109699938730596593This one was destined to Los Angeles. Your guess why it ended up in Honolulu is as good as mine.So now this makes 6. Concurrently. I have 6 missing packages as I write this.I can't believe this shit. You just can't make it up.
I've opened a case with the Office of Inspector General, probably an exercise in futility.You just can't operate and be this belligerent without someone knowing about it.888-877-7644 in case anyone cares to try. Click thru to fraud and theft or you'll get redirected to the useless ASK USPS call center.
New Posts  All Forums: