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Separate money, so no, but she would raise an eyebrow at current Scotch prices, and she would be right.I've been sipping it for about a week now, the 12 year blend is meh, for the price, can't complain. The 16 year single is not that impressive for being that old.Have not tried the other 2 I bought yet.
He defined the time period.
Speaking of trolling, Pepe is so 2016, this might be the most amazing (and youth unemployment driven) piece of political trolling in history. Math, astronomy, sheer determination, it's all there. Thumb up this post, don't divide this forum, normies. Never underestimate the power of comedy, New York. You had this, and you let it go. Shame on you. New York sucks... look what you had:
He was subtle and effective. What else would you ask for? Win.
Walnut does have color variance. Nobody will ever notice, its not worth thinking about.My dining set is all mix and match antique windsor chairs, so I'm biased.
MVP Russell Westbrook out-assists entire Raptors team
That's dumb. I've outperformed indexes.
The guy isn't NBA material.
Clever wording, ha ha. As I said before, I don't have the fortitude to risk another person's money."Gut" is an old fashioned term, but I use lots of tools to asses a buy/sell, including a select few posters here. In fact I do trust my intuition on moves, and I intentionally post my trades for anyone to assess how I do. If you look at my history, you can prove/disprove my performance.I have few grand in new cash to deploy tomorrow, I'll let everyone know what I buy, I...
I've taken plenty of shit for it, but I've always picked individual stocks well. Look at my history and do the math, I post what I buy and you have the dates. I just wish I had the mentality to manage other people's money.The only negative in the last few years is biotech (I'm still in, and it's coming back, still feel I will be proven right).
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