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Good battle. I enjoyed the week. I don't have many outs, but I might get lucky. Whoever gets it deserves the win.
Holy shit. Indiana scored 23 points in the 1st half. That team is in real trouble.
22 point lead
Did you see the way Mercedes pulled out a massive gap in a handful of laps after the safety car today? That's easily 80 HP. They were 22 seconds ahead in 10 laps.
2 more DeAndre... gimme a chance baby.
I'm not complaining about anything, just analyzing. I only have 1 decision that I 2nd guess.I wouldn't be ahead in points if I'd have dropped Randolph. I dropped David Lee last Sunday. The mistake I made was not dropping Deng... actually he should have gone a month ago. I did have openings to pickup different guys but I was battling Mikey last week and FG% was the key stat, not blocks. With the crazy week's schedule we've had this week, there were not many guys that...
Front running does have a meaning understood by the investment community. I would suggest the folks against the HFT excesses are looking to extend the definition into a practice we see in HFT that seems to be virtually the same thing save the minute times involved and actors being different. A broker at G Sachs may place an order for a client in which a G Sachs HFT machine skims its trade. How is it really any different? The client loses out just the same.In fact, and...
Unless Davis sits and Ibaka has an off night, you have this won 5-4. A 4 block advantage doesn't seem insurmountable but your 2 best shot blockers are on tonight. Ibaka has only had a handful of games without a block all season.Having Westbrook sit really hurt. He gets steals every game. I needed at least another competitive category going into tonight to win. I don't see how I can overcome your 6 steal advantage. You can thank Hawes for the win. His 6 steals the...
Estimates I've read is that they have 80 more HP than the Renault engine at this moment.
I happen to believe ethics trumps profits. Some may not, and we each make decisions based on our beliefs.That article's selectively choosing facts is wildly off the mark.
New Posts  All Forums: