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Hundreds of new listings Lots of skinny ties, high end, and interesting lots such as Brooks Brothers, J Crew etc http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=tiebonanza&_sop=10
Post it again in the NBA thread, and the old fantasy thread from last year.
I own shares in PGP, so I'm not pleased.
My short Euro position is rocking. I'm up 7% on it.
Fucking sea of red.
Some still are. I have a tennis friend that entered one for 100k a year ago, and told me that I could probably get in for 50k. The fund was more than strict venture capital, but regardless, these types of instruments were more selective in the past. This is just a single data point, though.
I predicted exactly what it would do. Guess I got lucky again. I highly recommend this stock, I anticipate it to double in the next year now that the sellers have been shaken out. Holding my position.
I didn't comp NFLX or AMZN, someone else did, regardless.For AAPL, I think GOOG, MSFT, IBM, FB are better comparisons. Within those names, it sits below FB and maybe GOOG which trades at 30, and FB at 85. Even MSFT has a higher multiple than AAPL, and you can't tell me that AAPL isn't a better growth story.I think AAPL is cheap all the way to a 22 multiple, then it's fairly priced, above that it gets rich.
I think your underestimating the potential upside of the iPay platform. While yes, much of the news is priced in, it's still trading at a low relative multiple of 16. And it still responds to news well, also pays a 2% dividend. Not sure I see the downside risk.Positive news of partnerships with the platform should be price move catalysts as expectations for it to prove a valuable revenue stream grow. Will it fulfill the potential? Who knows. But good news about it...
I think that cliff house is badass. Imagine the views, the feeling of being suspended above the waves. As a weekend home, I'd revel in it.
New Posts  All Forums: