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Tony Parker looks pretty awful right now.
I like the extra flex a sub-floor provides when you walk on it. Wood on concrete feels hard as hell.
My point exactly about not giving up draft picks. They overpaid to get a 16 and 4 guy, and will overpay again, compounding the mistake.
This is about risk, not talent. A player's body often breaks down before talent is realized, or the player indulges in too much distraction.Is Dragic worth 12m next year? Sure. For that year. In 5, when he's 33? Maybe, but unlikely. It's too much risk in a guaranteed contract world, so you price it in. Simmons has fodder for those columns because too many shit contracts exist. Being guaranteed just exposes it.I put forward what I think Leonard and Dragic are worth,...
When people start talking like this, it usually means they are a step or two from being made to look stupid. I recommend you stop. Take the fact that the Kelly Blue Book exists to counter arbitrary prices as a hint, bro.I put my views on Dragic out there. Lots of whingers here who love the dog and pony show, but never put a number to a player. I know, it's the new salary cap.
My response was a very serious post.If it's not arbitrary, it's kelly blue book/carfax. Wish you clowns would decide. "Cap is going to rise" reminds me of idiots that spend their work bonuses before they ever get them. Again, there is a reason Simmons writes a yearly column on it.
This is NBA, make it a rap lyric.
Heh. Carfax. Genius.Focused on how overpaying is so pervasive, and so many bad contracts exist. You think 7.5 mil is an amazing deal? Ok then, so you never answered... what do you think he's worth?Now we're talking.LOL. I love this "borderline allstar" bullshit. So all allstars are max players, folks. Check your premise, you'll realize you're saying some stupid shit.I love how everyone is bandwagoning overpaying players so they can blame them when they don't win...
Yeah. League minimum. As I've said, there are maybe 6 or 7 guys worthy of a max in the league. Just because someone rates a guy doesn't mean you overpay.
What's he worth to you?
New Posts  All Forums: