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There are a very large number of cars missing from that list. It's not credible.
Man, is it the off season or what? This place is fucking dead. Oh, Lakers still suck after that .500 start.
Picked up the speakers. Linn SARA 9, immaculate condition.
Is fight club the only movie Ballmouse has ever seen made after 1979?
Distinction without a difference
See? Kicking animals into submissive behavior does work after all.Dogs are a colossal pain in the ass. I can't understand why people have them, especially in dense cities. It's a giant time suck, and the root of endlessly boring dinner party conversation. Not to mention you have to plan your life around their piss and shit limits.And yes, they cuck up your rugs.
What made Star Wars special is that it was rare. Now it's another stupid hollywood franchise full of generic and boring plot points like having to destroy the shields.I appreciate the latest incarnation's darkness, lack of idiotic uses of the force, and willingness to off main characters, but unfortunately it's more paint by numbers movie making.I can't honestly remember the last decent movie I've seen. Her? Ex-Machina? The Big Short? Maybe Locke. It's been a while.
Mortgage? Perhaps rent is more illustrative.
Options and margin are different. Options are useful, margin is a sucker's game.My main strategy has been to own smaller positions in lots of equities, so I own anywhere between 70 and 100 at one time. It's not a strategy focused on closely following any one position, but the equivalent of what an ETF might do... I own 6 healthcare, 12 banks, 10 techs, etc. I pick and choose what I like, since nobody is going to care more about my money than me. I mix this with index...
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