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Lame jokes didn't go over.Playing it off has failed. You're not funny, maybe wrap it up?
You're looking to be clever. It isn't really panning out.
lol Baynes is 28. Um, ok. Do you have a point to make?
We're not far apart save for Leonard and Green.Perhaps a pay cut with Duncan involves playing fewer games, or something, or only home games.Regarding his eventual replacement, I'd start by taking a shot at drafting the best PF available at the time, who knows. Per Pekovic above, since they have Splitter, they need to draft a more traditional PF, not necessarily a center. Milsap probably isn't going to want to leave his situation in ATL. If you give a rookie a year to...
RFX types.
Don't bring me into his dumb shit. I am deep cash right now and I bought a big stake in BABA late afternoon. The market isn't up 5% so stfu.
Higher end of dumb is the answer.
Listened to the BS Report, interesting thing that they brought up I was also noticing in fantasy, which is my guys were producing solid lines during away games. Turns out this year will be the lowest winning % for home teams ever by quite some margin. Home court advantage is disappearing.
What would you do?
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