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Think I may double my position tomorrow. I have way too much cash sitting fallow to keep waiting.
My thought also.But that's an awfully steep climb thru 2015, that's what worries me.
Ok thanks, more or less its related to competition. I've got a growing knot of cash and I'm growing tired of waiting for a correction. Thinking of adding to my position. Would you?
But UA stock is totally in the shitter... how can that be if they're taking share from NKE?
Anyone follow NKE closely and understand why it's been under performing the last few months?
I would personally rather see a guy's ugly side sometimes than the boring monotonous answers they always give to media outlets. They should indeed broadcast the outbursts, as they are what's happening in the car. When an NBA players loses it at a referee, they cameras are there and you see it, why should racing be shielded? In fact, if you really want to make the sport relevant and exciting, provide channels for all team radios for live broadcasts. This way a Ferrari...
Didn't know that, well deserved irony. Vettel has always been a self serving dick, so hardy har har. Next time shut the fuck up and drive your car.
This is the bullshit of it, Butch. It's a stupid fucking rule that opens up yet another area for interpretation as to what a move under braking really is. I saw a solid piece of defensive driving. It reminds me of some American sports which are actively eliminating defense to increase the excitement of scoring. To me, rather a purist, I think a well defended position is as interesting as a pass. Vettel was cheeky, but professional.And if Verstappen was penalized, why...
BBC just did a great 3 part series on scotch... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk9zCO2mvaY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7j5ua2kTHY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWK_Mh-EVgY
OMG, Vettel punished? This sport has become a shit show. Charlie Whiting does in fact need to fuck off. That was a great moment of defensive driving, wheel to wheel, and kinda the only interesting moment of yet another boring fucking race. And he gets a penalty for some truly excellent driving? Ugh. Verstappen did deserve the penalty. He clearly gained a significant advantage. It was good comedy to watching Max leave the room. Vertappen is really showing himself...
New Posts  All Forums: