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Well then, MBLY shit the bed.
Brazil is simply a failed state. Ecclestone's mother-in-law 'kidnapped in Sao Paulo' http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-36891829
Kimi had numerous opportunities to TRY a pass on MVS. He never did beyond his single failed attempt. Classic example of a driver past his prime unmotivated by having a new contract. Turn 2 was always his best change, but I believe he also had the speed to try it in the infield. His closing speed into some of those corners was immense.In modern F1, the drivers are fed the expectation that no driver, under any circumstances, should ever hold them up. Not gonna happen. ...
Sorry Hroi, the replacement for D Wade is..... drum roll...... Torch Waiters! 2.9m for 1 season. I guess the league finally found a modicum of fair value, but I feel for you bro. I wouldn't want that guy within 100 miles of my team.
More about Lewis babying his engine than whether he could have gotten by. Should he go on the grass? Between this and Vettel whining, its just another symbol if the pussification of the sport.
This is just about what I do too.
Couple of other thoughts: Kimi just can't pass anyone. Dive that fucking car in there and sort it out at the exit. Fucking hell. Watching him flounder behind Verstappen was maddening. So much more grip and speed and couldn't get it done, how was he given a new deal? Verstappen did change direction twice. And nothing was done... again. With the rake the cars run, how can they aquaplane on the plank? If anything, they would shovel the water and submarine into the...
We went from Formula Pussy on Saturday to Formula Boring on Sunday. Brundle and Crofty tried their best to propose outcomes worthy of interest, but absolutely none of them panned out. Was the highlight of the race really an almost pass by Kimi towards the end? I think Verstappen's comments on the radio were true and very damaging to the sport. "I'm driving like a grandma here". Vettel has to be the biggest whiner in F1, it used to be Alonso, but blue flag rules are so...
This just in: Tim Duncan bought a coffee in public. Later today Tim Duncan could buy a sandwich, keep us updated as news about these staggering events trickles in.
Ok so drive to the speed the track allows for. If you slow down you won't aquaplane. Frankly the Pirelli wets are not fit for purpose. Make a tire that can run in truly wet conditions. Aquaplaning takes place because tire can't displace the water fast enough, not sure what that has to do with ride height. You did accurately describe the tire issue, but it's not related to ride height.There were what, 5 red flags in Q1? Come on. It's not racing.
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