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Coming from a guy that said you'd give him a max deal right now? Not troubled. Of course it was 1 game, dummy, I never said different nor did I say it in all caps for effect. Not flash in the pan, but after the 4th watch, he's got a long way to go.
Bogut's scoring is irrelevant. Quote where I said Gobert is "not good" or anything like that.Front court last night, GSW got a lot of quality baskets at the rim, Bogut moved Gobert around easily and helped the offense create uncontested shots, nullifying his presence. His positioning was exposed.Not all centers are good "rim protectors" (they were shot blockers in Ben Wallace's day) and not every player has "upside" a "motor" or is a "floor spacer". 10 years ago it was...
The way he was getting hyped here, a bad game was 20 and 20.
Bogut held him without a field goal yesterday, but I'm the one that doesn't know what I'm talking about. You've got a long leaper who makes a decent pass, changes shots, but an offensive game miles away from being polished. Shit free throw shooter. It took the league 20 or 30 games to figure Lin out and the same will happen here. He won't feast like this forever. The word "upside" is getting tired. And please stop with the NBA's newest favoritist buzz word, "rim...
As far as I can tell, he's played about 50 games, some with limited minutes.I've always liked Bogut. The guy is a walking pair of crutches but at full strength, he's still a force. He put Gobert in his place easily. Out-muscled him and maneuvered him all over, some slick passes too. After a while, Gobert looked lost and exposed.
I think he's hyped. Bogut put him in his place last night.The guy rested on the bench most of the season, now he looks like a defensive juggernaut against guys that have 50 more games under them. He has a lot of potential, but some folks here already think he deserves max money, which he definitely does not.I actually like the kid, but people need to curb the enthusiasm. We've seen lots of flash in the pan guys like Jeremy Lin.
Dutch GP gone.Portugal gone.San Marino gone. Sweden and Austria gone.Silverstone was at risk a while back. Monza at risk now. But wait... guess who pays NOTHING? Monaco. Bernie is such a shit.
Mentioned that Istanbul track above, it was a fantastic racetrack. I can't believe it's quality got ignored by F1. Some examples: That amazing turn 8 complex: And this great battle between Alonso and MS:
Topical to your post:http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/31942154Go Azerbijan.Bernie is directly the issue, he made the CVC deal happen to save his ass and stay in the sport. Max Mosley was interviewed at length last year and mentioned how bad the CVC deal is, pointed the finger strait at Bernie for it. He'd have been out of F1 otherwise. He's a shitty character, pays bribes, fucks the small teams, and screws over tracks with fees making races unprofitable.For example,...
That's a fucking great picture.
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