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Not a Lakers fan, but a bunch of bullshit.
Maybe Moses Malone or Bill Walton?
Can't say the same for your lame ass.
Season 1, that's a guarantee. S2, likely the same. Maybe by the 3rd season they'll get it together. Alonso has yet to prove he can carry a team like Schumacher did with Ferrari.
If that's true, Kobe is right, but it explains why nobody wants to play with him. These modern players are too coddled to be challenged.
Simple solution. Introduce relegation, tanking will stop and every game of the season now has meaning.
I had Jordan last season and he did indeed shoot fewer FTs than I thought, minimizing the negative impact. That said, more than one he had a bad Sunday that cost me the FT cat for a week. If you have a guy like Jordan, you need a guy like Kobe that shoots volume FTs, or Harden.
Daym Namor. Within 7.8 seconds of announcing Mo Williams being hurt, you had him dropped. You're going to get carpel tunnel hitting F5 on RotoWorld like that.
Wow, very surprised. I guess that explains the delay.
KITE up another 6% today after yesterdays almost 20% gain. What a great run. I'm killing this one.
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