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M C Williams awful again last night. Now that's how you blow a team out.
Oh no. A twitter post! Political correctness again. Don't banter, a bunch of millionaires chasing a ball around is serious shit.
Reggie Miller, please stop talking about "energy" constantly during your broadcasts.
I hope you're right because I've become endeared to them, especially Duncan. Being in my 40s, it has meaning to see my 7' brethren posting lines against the youth.
The team that appears to be the one that has fleeting moments almost inevitably loses. It's like poker, play the math and your advantage will usually see you thru. In a 7 game series, the probability is compounded that you'll succeed.
Not regrettable mistakes. Inevitable mistakes.
The game was lost well before that final play. My DVR only extended 30 mins so I couldn't watch the last few mins, but I knew SA had won the game. Pop has done a great job of going after the Clippers biggest weakness: their mental strength.
I was wrong about HOU - DAL but I don't see HOU beating the Spurs. I think the Clippers are a bigger matchup problem than whatever Houston can throw at them. Leonard should be able to disrupt Harden enough to get them an advantage. If Terrence Jones has a massive career defining series, then yes, Houston has a chance.It does indeed look like a last gasp run for SA, but I think it has to be the Warriors to unseat them, which I think they will in 6.
What exactly? You mean ground effects?
I came to post this same thing. 5 or 6 mins remaining in the 4th, I started to see the Los Angeles Whiners show up. The hands started going in the air. Doc Rivers started his sideline histrionics, and then boom Paul zips the ball to the ref and a tech. Shortly after, Crawford gets owned on a fast break and whines, then Blake gets the ball poked and (you guessed it) hands in the air. 2 or 3 more instances.When this bullshit started, I knew the Clippers were done. They...
New Posts  All Forums: