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Point taken, but this all started with a $30k price quote. By any measure of finish, that's too much money.I didn't get the 5 star end of the earth paint job, but I got a very good paint job, and there is nothing about it that is worth paying 3x more to improve.
In the 2000s pit stop passing was virtually the only way to get past someone. But there are different types of great racers, Prost as an example. He was never a match for Senna's racecraft, but Senna was never a match for Prost's tactical sense across a season. As spectators we want Senna not Prost, but at the same time you can't discount a guy's strengths that deliver WDCs.Yes exactly, I think everyone on the grid save for Max fears losing to Hamilton. The worst thing...
My example was new construction. I had another crew do all the drywall work and wall prep. These two painters came in and did some minor adjustments but the walls were just about ready for primer when they started.You can take the level of detail to the end of the earth, but there are diminishing returns.
You can't substantiate that statement just because I seek value. Spending a ton of money on the perception of quality is a loser mentality.This is why I didn't use a company. I run when the dude shows up with the polo shirt with their company logo for an estimate. I used a professional painter and his brother. 2 man operation that often subcontract when work is slim. That overhead disappears, as they just split the money. They came highly recommended thru my...
In fact quite the opposite, never listened to that show in my life. I like to call shit where I see it on any side. Bush and fake wars, or Obama and his loser mentality. Trumpster will get his fair share I'm sure.My point is about why Germany has a stable manufacturing base considering its one of the most expensive places to manufacture in the world. And its not just cars, its everything down to simple pencils. How are they able to do it and the US cannot? This is...
LOL. "Professionals" don't hire illegals?Like I said, do a bit of research and you will define what quality prep is. Then mandate it. Watch the work and ensure it's done to your standards.Or pay 30k.Money is too hard to come by too give it away to "professionals" like that. A close friend of 20 years (contractor) even told me to never waste money on contractors because they guy working for them would just as easily be the guy that takes a side job over a couple of...
Germany is a tasty clip too. Real success story in the face of all these journalist's facts. How have they made it work? But hey, just stick a photo of some ridiculous car park and draw a poor inference that mainstream readership will lap up.Germans: Make good shit people will buy.I own 2 Miele vacuum cleaners, one for each floor of my house because they are so good. But Obama voters will tell me to let an illegal vacuum the rest.Americans: Buy bullshit NYT's theories.
Weakpaint. That ball don't lie.
Passing your teammate in a pit stop isn't either. But nobody defines that as a non-pass.
Please define:What is min quality prep to you?What is quality paint, brand and type?What is shitty quality paint, brand and type?
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