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So your view is based on unemployment and austerity which sounds like a "perfect recipe" -then why isn't this reflected in the chart posted yesterday? Spain's unemployment woes and austerity have been going for years, and their unemployment numbers are better today than a few years ago by like 5%. And recall Spain accepted the imposition of austerity.Spain gets more money from the EU than it puts in and is now the most corrupt country in the EU. It's also a country...
Great so now that you're aware, any response? Because I suspect you have no idea what you're talking about.Spain, huh? Can you explain why you see them try to leave? I'd love to hear this.
Spain, huh? Can you explain why you see them try to leave? I'd love to hear this.
Hey, something worth reading on the Ringer... https://theringer.com/john-calipari-blurs-the-line-between-college-coach-and-nba-agent-ecc58be0126e#.fpcpfj6x0
This would accurately describe Iman Shumpert in 2011.
LOL, Harrison Barnes on the Olympic roster
Aye, laddie
LOL, Italy, the country that manages finances like a rich widow, wants a referendum. What was the Lira before the EU single currency? Like 2000 to 1 dollar. Go right ahead.In that graphic, nobody would win a leave vote, but support is tepid.
There was an independence referendum just a couple of years ago which SCO narrowly voted to stay in the UK. Now, I think it's a likely outcome that they leave unless England cuts a sick deal.
It's unlikely to happen. Continental EUR is more united than the UK. England was always a hesitant bedfellow. Even Scotland and Ireland want to stay.The more likely scenario is that SCO and IRE vote to leave the UK and stay in the EU. In that scenario, England really eats shit.________________I may buy a few AMZN shares today, its down to 684.
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