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Credit to SI then.I think Simmons probably wants to avoid the "Grantland copy" press. It's a mistake. It could work in this current form over time, but the writing is not up to it yet. Also, the interface is a bit disjointed in appearance, and so are the topics. I know Grantland had this mix of topics, but it didn't seem so obvious.It's self evident, the guy just didn't play well, that's all.I mentioned this in general a while back, but the 3 point line was an eyesore...
I see what they're trying to do, but it ends up being too cool for school. It's missing a couple of Zach Lowe's in different disciplines. There's hope but the notion that we're all in on it should be eliminated now. Perhaps a bit less weed and a little more whip crack would help. From (non-writing) personal experience, this is what you get when you hire millennials, and these writers are DEFINITELY millennials. Long form, which is what made Grantland good, has been...
Ya, there was a Cavs article about G7 that was so bad it got pulled, at least I dont see it now. There's work to do there.
Ya, I can see that. After 7 WDCs it's hard to find new motivation.
I agree someone will be (stupid enough) to pay him, and I definitely want to see what he does when the motivation to earn a payday is gone.I doubt the Warriors bench can beat any starting lineup, this reminds me of when people said UNLV would beat an NBA team.
When did you see this in MS? Pre or post retirement?
Get real.Save the money and give a D Leaguer a shot, or fuck it, tell Manu we want to start you for 1 year at 20 mins a game. It would be better than Barnes.David West and others before him showed us that set for life players are willing to sacrifice for a historically great team. And guys shown the D-League door will work. Let Barnes go.In other news... uh oh... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2016/jun/20/lebron-james-cleveland-cavaliers-nba-title-goat
Ok... and a 4th scoring option deserves a max deal? What kind of everyone gets a trophy world is this? It should very well be a matter of reward. There are plenty of dogs in my neighborhood willing to leave potential dogshit in my yard.Look at Jimmy Butler, was he a 4th or 7th option at some point? Yup. Did he just flaccid penis it until someone handed him a paycheck or did he show what he had? He showed it. Barnes deserves 5m yr/3 years to prove he has chops, and...
With our favorite sports heroes, we often don't notice or face their decline. Regarding the comment about Alonso not racing unless there is something to race for, it does beg the question of decline, and frankly the attitude that he'll coast if the car is not fast... kind of the definition of an asshole.
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