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Thanks, dude.
I've been holding all my shit lately. I sold TSLA, but that's it. Unrelated, so its a long story but I'm curious about what funds you guys are recommending. I am a fan of Vanguard already, so anything outside of that. I'm providing input on a new 401k setup for a small business. Within this plan there is a fair amount of freedom to trade anything, even ETF's. What funds are you guys sitting on? (if you mention a name, can you give me a sense of how risky you think...
Kobe is an excellent example of this. Jason Kidd as well. Kareem. Olajuwon was always a freak athlete but he also made great adjustments as he aged.Is there a definition that I'm missing here? I always believed athleticism to be genetic, sure you can improve upon it but athleticism seems the starting point to me.
I guess the numbers can tell you a story, and by using them you can now collect logic and fact to counter my subjective viewing of the series.Watching the games, all of them, I saw Butler bother him a lot. He batted numerous balls, harried him, forced a number of passed, stopped Lebron's post ups a number of times, stayed with him in transition and contested his shots very well. How much more can you ask? Did you really expect to look those numbers up and see James go...
Older Kobe is easier for me to like than ball hogging younger Kobe. I never liked Shaq very much. Iverson was hard to watch because he was so selfish. Isiah Thomas was probably the player I disliked the most all time.MJ would smile and shake his head, but he wasn't this arms out open with the mouthpiece in hand that LeBron is. I never remember Jordan whining that much to the referees. I don't know, off the court its persona management. I mean, I guess a lot of people...
I prefer to watch it when talents to South Beach gets neutralized. My personal favorite is what Jimmy Butler did with him in last year's playoffs.You may enjoy his game but I am too turned off by the histrionics and entitlement.
Vettel was too far ahead, he had no chance to pass. I think it was a late change of direction to defend the place as soon as he saw Massa step out. I'd have to watch it again, but it seems the timing was such that it seemed reactive.I get the impression that the brake bias modification was a response to Lewis going out. Until that point, I'm not sure they knew, its certainly possible they did, but that called seemed like a freaked out engineer trying to save his guy...
And he's bow-legged.
In the second half, yes. But they lost the game in the 1st half. They allowed the Heat to establish themselves inside. In fact, Miami had the rebounding edge. While SA was competitive throughout, they didn't execute in the 2nd half and the cushion they should have tucked away for a cold spell wasn't there.I think this win is attributed to Miami's adjustments/game plan going in. They got early points in the paint and fouls.
I don't think there was a back marker in that crash. I think Perez was just moving over to defend the place. He left Massa with no time to react. That was a pretty nasty crash. Vettel was very lucky not to get collected. Butch, you call it bad luck from Hamilton, but isn't it possible that he pushed the sick car too hard? Looks like the rear brakes in the new F1 cars are under-designed.
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