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Your analysis is so insightful. You should watch him more so we can all know for sure.
Dallas has plenty of back court already too.
Yeah, good point, you'd need a 3rd team.
What about Rondo for Lance Stephenson? Seems like they'd get a lot more in the deal, though Wright has been good in a limited role.
Sure, European football is much more capitalist than the closed club the NBA is, so yeah, the richest clubs buy the best players. Just like in F1, the team that can spend the most is usually champion. Euro football has other things to achieve, though. There are usually 2 different domestic league cups to win. A real juggernaut wins the treble, the C League, the domestic league, and the domestic cup. There is simply a lot more to root for. With basketball they are all...
Who is he in the league?
Prove it
I saw that as well. The moment where they were in the hotel and Roman drew a racetrack on the tablecloth and Jackie described how to be fast thru a corner really changed my understanding of how to be quick.
Careful guys. Rfx is never far away from a 5,000 worder.
I never said it was the only solution. To me, it represents the most interesting solution because I think holds the most positive disruption.I know lawyerdad, prove it.
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