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John Wall. My eyes. Come on dude.
Hey everyone, Books are closed for the pre-order. There will be more details on how to acquire a pair in the near future. In the mean time, I am pleased everyone is happy with the result.
I recognize that shipping box From now on, you shall officially be known as 052.
LOL.New respect for P.J. Carlesimo. Loved his comment at around 4 mins left in the 3rd Q of the last Wiz - ATL game (gm 3). I was sitting there watching and getting that boredom urge to check my iPad as the game grinded to a hault with those stupid bonus foul shots and then he chimes in brilliantly with "Looking forward to the 4th quarter so we can get some flow back into this game". He got a solid chuckle out of me, and he was spot fucking on. NBA games take WAAAAY...
I made it to midway in the 3rd. It's a combination of cringing dislike for both teams and some really horrid basketball. With one or the other eliminated I can at least make it thru a close game, but I have trouble remembering a more horrid playoff series than this. Every game gets worse than the last.It's foul after foul after foul. Fucking Harden with his foul draw histrionics. Intentional fouls. Timeouts. Shit personalities. Yuck. Done with this series, not...
Quality post.
Tactical race. Ferrari made some questionable strategic decisions. Does Kimi really command a seat in F1 anymore? He's nowhere near Vettel and was blown away by Alonso last year. Wondering if he's out of the sport next season. I think Bottas is going to get the seat, I hope so. Driver lineup changes are good for assessing the pecking order of drivers.Red Bull's horrible start continues.
Hard to agree with you, buy FFS yes, and especially Jacoby. Take Lowe with you, though.
Rose definitely hit a big shot. Doesn't exempt his past choices, but thanks for making all that effort to quote me. The Bulls performance is worthy of changing people's views on them/him, just like C Paul gritting that game 7 winning shot. It makes me rattle my wrists with clenched fists about CP, but I am super happy for Rose, who has suffered. I welcome his playoff run, meaning I tip my hat and admit I might be wrong, but then again, it's 1 shot off the backboard, so...
New Posts  All Forums: