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How does a guy disappear to Chicago between the morning shootaround and game time? He didn't fly commercial or he would have been seen. Do all these guys just commandeer private planes at a moments notice? No wonder they all end up broke. Makes you wonder if he ever left NY.
I does not appear planned, or at least seems like it's a surprise to one side or the other.
Bought more HALO after a successful phase 2 Wanted to take a stake in CG, that sweet dividend, but retirement accounts wont allow it. Bought a small stake in PFE instead. Thinking of ALL. Also looking for a regional bank, any suggestions? What are thoughts on IRSG?
"Family issue".Went to Chicago? Can't even let the team know in advance (like a car ride to the airport)? Smells like bullshit. Here we go on the DR merry-go-round.
This was a masterpiece, I cannot decide if its his best movie or La Femme Nikita is.Absolutely, it was a really good movie, but perhaps too ambitious. The Jaworski documentary was wonderful.Their worst movie by a mile. Piece if shit.It will suck. Leave the original be. They'll create a dumbed down, generic, action packed, tech show off garbage pail sequel the same way they fuck absolutely everything else up in Hollywood generica.Until the End of the World (director's...
Went back into TSLA. The gigafactory is open, and pre-order numbers for the new car are pretty incredible. I had a lot of doubts looking at other massive carmakers ability to drive TSLA off the road with price and volume, but they have that same ability to connect with customers like AAPL. See what happens.
The tax system rewards carrying a mortgage. We're also taught to over consume, and to embrace planned obsolescence.So certain elements of debt (deflation, and tax deductions) are more attractive, but structurally it seems like a false bottom. It's not unlike the stuff Ron Paul is always railing about. I am not sure how correct he is, but he believes firmly this whole thing is a house of cards and to some degree I can see his point. Tangentially related, I am reading...
There is a silicon sealant designed for fireplaces and high heat. It's sorta brick red in color. Can't recall the brand but there are several of them.The crack is no big deal. If its an insert, you still have the firepit for protection.
Hey bro, mail that to me, perfect fireplace starting material.
Say what you will, but there is a class act and exactly what it means to be a professional.
New Posts  All Forums: