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^ that sound is sorely missed in this year's cars Nice post
In season change regulations are going to severely limit any engine mgfr's ability to catch up with the merc. We might see 3 to 5 years of dominance. Honda was in F1 around 2009 or so, so they haven't been out that long. It won't be fast, this is a totally a new world.
No chance for Vet/Alo, he's worn out his welcome at Ferrari.Alonso will definitely end up at McLaren, his contract is with Honda, so there is no other Manufacturer that will have their engines next year.
Fuck both of them
Here is a much better video http://vimeo.com/108126307
I just lost $1000 on GTAT. 2 words: class action How the fuck do you put all your chips into 1 win and send your company under when it fails? Truly incredible, especially after there was an earnings report after the apple news. Shocking mismanagement.
After watching it again, wow... do you know how heavy one of those lifters are? He sent it into the air...
Here it is. It's indeed very scary. I don't know how he wasn't decapitated. BTW its not gory or anything, just intense.http://www.foxsports.com/motor/story/vine-of-bianchi-s-f1-crash-surfaces-video-100614
I don't think so. The start time could have been moved up. Those wet weather tires and a raised ride height would have made it safe to race.
Awful piece of news. When will they finally retrofit the vehicles that remove the cars so they can't be submarined? I read he was in surgery. The whole idea behind waved yellow flags needs to be reconsidered. Perhaps there needs to be a button to limit speed in the affected area and a driver must use it. He clearly misjudged the conditions and came in too hot. I didn't see the video of his crash, has anyone? Lastly, and not the best time, but when it is? Vettel is...
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