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We have oversupply, that's why it needs revisiting. And by oversupply, I mean we're absolutely flooded.Indeed, the cheating is completely rampant. Secondarily to how much less the H1B crowd makes, it depresses wages across the board for everyone else. And then you have to work with these really unskilled people.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-31998343http://www.latimes.com/world/great-reads/la-fg-c1-india-testing-scam-20150717-story.html
Breitbart urges boycott of Kellogg after brand stops advertising on site http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/12/01/breitbart-urges-boycott-of-kellogg-after-brand-stops-advertising-on-site/ This is why Kellogs move was stupid.
That was Wells Fargo.
I understand that, but *new* users cannot download the app on their phones. The rotation out of tech is because of the impact to profitability curbing H1B will have.The H1B fiasco I'm talking about is centered around IT contract workers, not students that graduate from US universities, nor grads that are plucked from IIT.I am a bit busy today, but a 2 min search produced the links below. Most everyone in IT knows about the false claims of work experience and fake college...
Hopefully because of the end of that horrible H1B visa program flooding us with cheap contract labor at the expense of full time jobs.Why is K and AAPL getting involved in a culture war? What idiots. My nice little safe paying K dividend has dropped from 85 in July to 71 today.AAPL has decided to delete Breitbart from it's app store. Do they realize how many readers that site has? Here, Google, here is a host of new customers for you.TWTR threatened to ban Trump.Why would...
Looks like the homes of people tied to Pizzagate.
Gratitude for leading among the easiest lives its possible to live on the planet. For not working in a salt mine, or deep sea oil rig. Gratitude for the sport that has been build around you that has enabled you to become elite level wealthy. Acknowledging that you had nothing to do with it's growth, and gratitude that you were born in a country that enabled your talent to be witnessed.Lewis loves to flaunt his adoration of Senna. There are many drivers before that lost...
New Posts  All Forums: