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Down to the last 5 deposits, thanks for the quick turnaround everyone!
Fantastic to hear. Thanks for sharing this.
Ditto the Vettel zilch. Nice to see him get owned.
KITE will not stop going up. I've doubled up since my late Aug buy. Up another 4% today. But you know, index funds are better Sold CRM, XLNX and FPX today. I'm a BABA buyer if it dips below 110.
Scoreboard.AAPL 118.25
Unless you invest in index funds, of course.AAPL at almost 118. Man, loving those $5 a share I'm up versus the cats that sold.
PM sent Sent via PM, I don't believe I have your email.You're fine, see my PM
It's old. Too many celebs now, Paris Hilton et al. Move on. I know I'm a minority viewpoint, but show me the race.No real complaints, but I wanted to see more GPs with 4 cars capable of winning the race.The other subplot you didn't mention was the collapse of Marussia and Catheram,
Hey all, 60% of the deposits have been received, you should have an PM or email for details. If you don't, let me know right away. Please sort this out ASAP so as not to hinder the production schedule. If you are choosing to bow out of the order, please let me know rather than not respond. It saves me the effort in chasing folks down, and leaves me with some clarity as to whether we're dipping below 100 orders or not (and subsequently lose the price advantage). I...
*Some* fantastic racing, but a merc without problems is a guaranteed 1-2. There need to be 4-6 cars with a real shot of winning a race.Congrats Lewis. He deserved it. Credit Nico, nobody pushed him harder. I admire his radio request to finish the race.Let's hope they can do more engine development. And let's hope Bernie finally disappears.__________F1 needs to stop showing rich people in the garages. It looks bad. Who gives a shit about Prince Harry, the entitled...
New Posts  All Forums: