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Chalmers to Memphis for Undrich.
Wow. Kobe is turning into the last guest that just won't leave your party.
And they're blowing a 30 point lead...
People are calling the Pelicans the sleeper team this season, I think it's Minnesota. They were up 30 on ATL at halftime. Orlando has had some tough breaks, but they're better than their record.
It's a nice move and well executed, but needs to be tempered with who he was up against there. That first guy was in the air without even a pump fake. And then Myers Leonard, halfheartedly swatting at air, wow talk about poor effort.
Endless shipping problems.One piece of advice I got from the manager of the post office I have adopted is to put a piece of clear tape over the address. Apparently many packages end up in these giant rooms because the labels have been worn/damaged. It seems to have helped. I had a rash of lost mail over the last 2 months and all year, actually. The rate of loss has subsided recently.
If anyone is looking to make a bulk purchase of neckties, I have a supplier. About 4,000 available. Great margin for anyone that wants to invest and sell these. I'm winding my tie sales down over time and want to transition the business to someone else. It's been profitable, so PM me if you want to discuss. You can look at my listings in my sig for an idea of what you'll get.
Jeremy Lin needs a haircut.
Well he wasn't deaf.
Anecdotally, I've shot a soccer ball and a tennis ball and find it harder to get a good motion. I've read this as a reason for Rondo's FT shooting. I'm not aware of any science either way, so as far as regurgitation, perhaps it's a two way street. I had written and deleted a comment about how bigger guys don't shoot as many outside shots, which seems like a factor. As an aside on hand size, this is freak of nature type stuff.
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