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Wow, bought ESPR yesterday on news. It was already up 14% when I took a position, It's up 34% now... up 20% in less than a day.
1. I'm not stupid enough to try.2. I'm still not stupid enough to try.All this agreeing is awkward.It went south for me with Shaq Diesel. Other notable idiocy was/is J-Smoove, K-Mart, White Chocolate, Starbury, Vinsanity, and Swaggy P.Sugar Ray, The Admiral, Magic Johnson, The Juice, Goose Gossage, Oil Can Boyd, Too Tall Jones, Mean Joe Green, those are good nicknames because they mostly emerged as part of an organic process of admiring the guy.Now nicknaming is a...
Great buy. That's low.
It just isn't.
This.The sound discrepancy in that video is embarrassing.
Those suck. Gobert Report? Come on.
Shame for Steve. We are locked in a playoff week and Klay is his guy.
I own it. Up 11% so far. It has a typical risk profile of speculative biotech. Could win big, could be back at $2. It's down today, so you can get it at a discount.HALO is another one you might want to check out.
It's been wallowing for a few years now, and I don't see a compelling case for it to make a significant move upward. It might trend, but what is your goal? If it's not to park the money, then I'd look elsewhere. PALL looks a more interesting investment if you want exposure to metals.
Bought OA pre-market
New Posts  All Forums: