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It's highly unlikely that they'd part w/ Renault without a Mercedes engine in their pockets. But I also struggle to understand why Mercedes would allow the challenge, especially considering the quality of Red Bull chassis in the recent past.F1 needs another manufacturer. But not the way it is now. New manufacturers should get a 2 year window to update their engines at will, otherwise with this level of sophistication they'll never catch up.
Not so sure, that Audi partnership still looms. I wouldn't be surprised.
He's not that stupid to get mixed up in that. If he is, bye bye endorsements.
That statement means they did in fact have sex, but he believes it was consensual.
Thousands of ties broken up into lots: http://stores.ebay.com/blendedfutures/Ties-by-the-Lot-/_i.html?_fsub=10856158012 All 10% off tonight. 20% off if you buy it via PM, so send a message.
Cheers, mate. Thanks.
This seems like close to a bottom to me.EPZM, nice pop. Is it news related? I don't see anything.
Wouldn't be surprised if today ends positive.
Half the drop has already recovered. Up $7 a share on BIB already. Anyone selling into this is a numskull.
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