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How does NBA TV (the channel) work? I thought it was pay only. I happened to accidentally tune to it this morning and it was airing a summer league game. I know I don't subscribe. Anyone know?
I know what you're saying but things become much easier when you have fuck you money. A dude who drops his entire life savings for a business is taking a risk. A really rich person taking a bit less money in exchange for a better chance to win a championship is just not the same in context. Lebron would live the high life on a beach if he didn't succeed, the other guy would end up destitute. Its just not the same.
This is the essence of risk.
Maybe. Depends on whether you want money or rings. It's situational. Sometimes you can have both, sometimes you sacrifice one for the other.
I disagree. As rich as he is, 2m is nothing. And its not easier to join 2 other max all stars? What player wants to play less minutes?There was only the pressure they invented for themselves with not 1 not 2 not 3 and so on.
Without Lebron eating the cap space, they can max Bosh. Stupid move for him from a b-ball perspective/chasing championships. Or he doesn't want to play with Howard either. Or he saw that Harden youtube. Or both. Should be a fantasy stud next season, though.http://grantland.com/features/god-loves-cleveland/Some nice stories of hero's past. Lebron did see the writing on the wall in MIA. I think signing Granger gave him a solid WTF moment. Not to mention the booing in...
The last one? He was an owner. Unless you mean something else.
I thought you could go over the cap to sign your own players?
I give the guy credit, even though a lot is based on Miami breaking down, he has done a lot here to restore his image. So this should see Bosh in HOU, Carmelo in NY. I think Luol Deng is back in play here for CLE. Wiggins is probably freaking out right now. The Heat are rebuilding now, ha ha. Wow. Finals to breakup in weeks. Poor Napier, thought he was going to play with Lebron and now, nothing.
LeBron James will return to Cleveland as a member of the Cavaliers, he announced on Friday. James will spurn the Heat to re-sign with the hometown franchise he left in heartbreaking fashion in 2010. In an exclusive interview with SI.com titled "I'm Coming Home," James says, "My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now." His momentous decision should have an immediate chain reaction. Carmelo Anthony and...
New Posts  All Forums: