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I know. I was about to post that. We are destined for 5-4 either way, the bastard might take over #1.
You might as well paypal it to me in advance.
1 v 2 this week, Namor. Wanna throw a 20 on it strait up?
^ I've seen those in real life... they're pretty ridiculous.
Meh. Blame it on the Port.
Hey guys, thanks again. My friend went with Kathryn Sargent, she really liked the reception she got there and was impressed with the confidence she got from KS's process.
Don't you worry, he'll be back. I think he expected more people coming to his defense which hasn't happened after pulling a he goes or I go. Perhaps he should consider why.But if you really want to see know-it-all-prickdom in action, visit the wine thread. This is nothing.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.If you balance these out with more conservative plays, it should be fine.
OKC looked like shit last night. That Grantland interview with Durant was boring as all fuck, the guy is so guarded. Is it me, or has tanking become more accepted now? I don't recall it being so blatant in the past.
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