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Maybe. But when your team loses like that, the decision should rightfully be questioned. If you lose by 3 points, I'll shut up, but a blow out? Then you sit your other key guys? I call shit. Especially against an unbeaten team.
I guess some get to pick and choose when to be competitive. If Scott Brooks did it, I would be surprised if your response would hold water.
Dude... have I ever said there is no value in index funds, conservative/risk averse moves or a host of other less risky strategies that have efficacy for situational investing? No. But the problem I have is that there is no room here to explore different modalities and to make blanket assumptions about net worth as a means to talk someone down as a bit player that isn't taking any "real" risks. Bullshit talk to the max.You mock me, and regularly. You can claim...
LOLIt's not magical, it just enables you to shift your risk profile.Why? Confidence has researched value in areas such as athletics. The ability of an athlete to "lie" to themselves about their performance seems to be a key factor in separating elite athletes from the average.Maybe it applies here or not, or whether index funds are for the average. Who knows...Eye popping level of disagreement. What you've made is the crux.So a guy that buys a stock at $100 and...
You're right. This thread rewards boring and backslapping posts and is devoid of creative thinking, it would be a shame to lose your input but you're reputation is best served by shutting the fuck up. Many of the people here enjoy novices that defer to groupthink uncontested. You're perfect to them now, and as long as you bow down, you'll have plenty of thumbs up. Just learn your place, you know.Read below... that post was directed at me, so you see what I mean?Per...
Pop sits Duncan, Howard has 20 at the half. Backfire much?
http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/29934672 Horner needs to STFU. His team is one of the reasons we have teams in administration.
You already know jet will be there.
Look at AMZN, NFLX and TSLA and consider what a meager return of 10% is on those charts.Good companies that IPO usually outperform. GOOG never saw it's open price again. MBLY looks solid, and BABA does as well. I plan to hold my position, wouldn't be surprised if it was a $300 stock in 3-5 yrs.If you are playing IPOs, you need to have the stomach for the volatility. Of course it's situational, but in general I wouldn't be trading IPOs for a 10% return, for that level...
New Posts  All Forums: