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Leadership is overrated. Partnerships are more valuable because interests are aligned. Leadership is a dominant construct and it's one reason why F1 is lame right now, that slimeball Bernie pretends he could cut thru it, but he'd do it for his own self interest. It's the same reason you see the wealth gap in America increasing rapidly. Bernie is not and has never been a leader. He's a slimeball that has enriched himself and created a oligopoly of F1 in the process to...
One of those might help. This is going to be another injury plagued season.
What a slimeball.His comments about Sepp Blatter were comic as well.
Ugh. Can't decide whose slimier, Bernie or Putin.
Looked this morning... we already have a 3 mile long injury list of players. Looks like the injury plague will be worse than last year.
Draft, here we come
Dictators rely on this type of stuff.It's the most bizzare race for all these reasons, perhaps ever. They raced Las Vegas once around the caesars palace parking lot, I thought that was #1, but this venue has it topped. That track in India was a horror show too.
He's topped Christiano Ronaldo in the category.
I don't recall James Hunt and Nikita Kruschev doing hula-hoop together before the podium.
Yay. Paypal now has a code to enter when you log in. More hassles.
New Posts  All Forums: