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Handshake. Ha ha.
The Warriors were taking horrible shots all game long. It wasn't just Curry.
So Lebron got his ToJ.
The only thing more boring than the Cavs offense is all these posts splitting hairs about whether they were jump shots or post ups.
Read my last couple of posts carefully.And also, ask yourself what the point of posting in this thread is if your money is gone?Yeah, that's why I think a few people with nothing at stake here have tried to help direct this group into productive action to get a resolution, which isn't working.Guys, if you want to keep wasting your time then by all means file 160 police reports in 20 different countries. It will never makes it way anywhere save for a crime statistics...
That 1st Q was awful for GSW. I'm surprised that CLE hung with them so long after it got close. They never scored in OT as far as I remember. I couldn't believe the number of isos. Looks like Kyrie is gone. This playoffs has been defined by injuries. It would suck if this news made it a sweep.
Then that's the resolution. And you'd be amazed how liquid people can become when facing jail time and a criminal record.Are you serious? You want a guy on an internet forum to walk into a police station and tell them I have 160 people defrauded? Bad idea.I have a much better and simple plan with 1 simple step, and I have posted it to you guys multiple times: get a lawyer in S Korea. Let the lawyer lead the chase. Pay a retainer, provide a statement, whatever the...
Class actions are commonly done on contingency, as I have stated here before. Otherwise, if this group each chipped in $5 or 10 a piece, you could easily retain someone. Criminal process are secondary because you need someone to represent you guys as a group. It's just like the paypal cases, are you guys really going to file 150 police reports in a foreign country? No. You're not.
I tried as well and I'm not getting thru. These folks seem bent on complaining their way to a resolution, so good luck guys but you're never going to get anything done like this: get a lawyer in S Korea and stop these foolish posts.
+1The guy I'm dealing with kept making long stories too. Couldn't meet the lawyer, mom was sick, couldn't this, couldn't that. In the end, it was just a way to buy for time. Stop talking to him, get a lawyer, have the lawyer negotiate for you. You guys are really gullible if you fall for this bullshit.
New Posts  All Forums: