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I don't see the same defensive intensity they showed in the last 2 runs. I can't see how they are less fatigued than last year as Wade missed a ton of games, he supposedly came into the playoffs healthy.
This. Miami is not that much slower than they were last season. If anything, Ray Allen looks fitter. I think its foodguys point plus the fact that the Heat just don't appear hungry enough for it. In any case, I don't think its physical. To me Wade didn't look hobbled as much as he looked indifferent.OKC wouldn't have steamrolled like this. Not a chance.
That offensive display was just so impressive. Some of those sets were so good I rewound them a couple of times to re-watch. I've been reading stuff along the lines of Miami not showing up, to me they looked completely out-played. There was no lack of effort, they were just out-thought on both ends of the floor. Leonard MVP, but I agree with above, the team really should get it. Funny, all this talk about Miami adding another star... I don't get why a Love or a Melo...
Manu missed 2 with 20 some seconds left. IMO, you can forgive a career 84% ft shooter missing one, but not missing 2. And he turned the ball over a ton that game and generally played badly, but that's beside the point. I can form my opinions based on anything I want, physics aside. Go back in this thread a year, I wasn't the only one that mentioned Manu's 2 misses.
Everything converged in that one moment. Had Manu made 1 free throw, it was game over and SA champs.
I was with you until here... Manu gave them that ring. Should read "had it handed back to them when at a 9 count against the spurs last year"That championship will always have an asterisk in my mind.
http://grantland.com/the-triangle/we-went-there-the-spurs-pressure-cooker/For those here that just can't get enough facts, this was eye popping:
I always liked Eric Snow.You forgot the most punchable of all:
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