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Beal, LOL... max a guy that can't play a whole season. Mozgov... I know, let's acquire another slow and immobile center. This off-season will breed an entire flock of albatrosses and I just can't want to see who wins the Dion Waiter sweepstakes.
New York is building the team of the often injured for the future.
I've considered this myself several times during this season. I've not read a sentence from any of these books, but it felt like they are pandering to the 'safe spaces' crowd. It's disappointing they can't adhere more to the real story.
I'd rather have an incompetent organization over this "experiment". The reason is that the incompetent organization is at least trying to win. Trying to lose should never be rewarded. I'm glad he's gone. Unfortunately the rules haven't changed yet.
That's a quaint theory, but a country like Spain has a corrupt system and a lazy work culture (how many times have you heard of a hard working Spaniard?), I have trouble seeing how it can happen. They'd have to give up their midnight dinners on Tuesday, 6 weeks of paid vacations, and their political system full of graft would basically have to be dismantled. Good luck.And Greece is even worse.
Ready for a chuckle?Lichtenstein, Palau, Brunei, Virgin Islands, and MacauI suppose the lesson is to have a small territory which you can govern carefully. Reality is, all these 5 are fairly prosperous.
Exactly this. Greece is already a third world country save for it's proximity to Europe, there isn't much hope for them unless they take 10 or 20 years of tough love with the EU.You know, the more you look at the state of nation states, for example the fragility index, the sadder a state of affairs it becomes. There are only 5 countries in the world that are debt free. Its an incredible number. I know the argument that some debt is healthy, but that belief has always...
Makes Zimbabwe look downright fiscally responsible.
Indeed. In the early 20's it got so bad that kids used money as toys.
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