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DAYM 16 in a row for OKC.
Stand and piss compared to a not having to smear shit allover you ass to clean it up? Not even close.
Put a bidet in my new addition's bathroom, one of the best decisions I've ever made.
The kick was intentional, just like that punch. He may be a serial leg flailer but it doesn't change my mind on that individual instance. He's even looking down to aim at Adam's hog.
Sure it is, flagrants are tools for injury prevention. A kick is generally more dangerous than a punch, therefore Green's behavior is more severe than the role player's.
http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/wizards/2016/05/24/bradley-beal-washington-wizards-nba-free-agency/84842666/ Not in a million years would I give brittle Beal a max deal. Play a whole season and then lets talk.
We need our all-stars on the court, so dont get logical on us.
The explanation is comical. Dahntay "closed fist" Jones, someone help me understand how an arm has more power than a swinging leg? I thought the league was interested in preventing injuries thru behavior like this? Oh, its a completely different play. Bullshit.
I don't like seeing the same guy win all the time ala the Bulls domination in the 90s. I would rather see the Thunder grab one at the expense of the Lebron-aliers.While I liked GS, there has been a nonchalant attitude about them in the playoffs that make me doubt them, and Draymond has sealed it... I don't like seeing assholes succeed, and he's as asshole.Stars run the league. They found a way to slip his behavior thru. I thought a flagrant 2 would automatically render...
Well, you kinda were implying that.I'm a friend of officiating conspiracy, but you have the most popular player in a decade and the league is plotting against his team? Don't see it.
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