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Things have stabilized after yesterday. Got fucked on GPRO Bought the inverse VIX at close yesterday and that's been a good bet.
Taking a risk on GPRO earnings, bought in right now. Also bought the inverse VIX ETF betting that we stabilize tomorrow (XIV)
Me too. I'm sitting on 40% cash waiting on it. Started nibbling today.
Should have held my triple shorts day trade
I did some triple shorts but they're not moving, dumped them. Hopefully that's a sign the market will strengthen as the day moves.I may start a position in PNRA today... seems beaten up enough.
Argentina donkeys are going to fuck up the market up today.
LOCO baby, LOCO Bought at the open and am up 24% TODAY Just sold and kept the profit in free shares.
Interactive Brokers
I realllllly needed that. I was down over 40% on this one. Now I'm down like 10%. Please break even so I can dump this dog.Opened positions in UPS, GLW and a Spain centered ETF, EWP. Also took nibbles on GPRO and DPZ.I am considering SPFF and a pretty risky play in BDCL.
I started researching BDSI
New Posts  All Forums: