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I think the argument for a rule change is to improve the pace of the game, not to assist 5 nutknockers in avoiding free throws with intentional fouls.
There are always going to be crap FT shooters."Get better" doesn't solve the structural problem in the rules.
I don't see how that helps.I would suggest a new classification, you have flagrant 1 and 2, add intentional to that list. If a foul is deemed intentional then award 2 shots and the ball. This bullshit would stop instantly.
Just stop the intentional foul being a shooting foul. No reason for it to be that way.
It's been a good season, but a few elements are missing, and the league has some stuff to deal with. I wanted to see the Bulls as contenders, and what should have been the emergence of the Bucks. Games are starting to look a bit starved of variety as there are only 3 things that happen anymore: take a 3, a shot at the rim, and the free throw. I mentioned this a few years ago and it's come to fruition... everyone basically looks the same thru analytics - 4 shooters at...
Mikey knocked off the fantasy throne... nice job Dabigconundrum
Re Verstappen, I'm not opposed to seeing a bit of spunk from a kid, god knows the sport could use a new personality. What starts to irritate is the entitlement, the "let me past because I'm me" and "you gotta make it right" mentality from his generation. So he got pitted second. Make a pass. If you want to live up to the hype, do it on track and leave the radio whining to Alonso and Hamilton.
Where are all the Gobert max guys when you need them?I'd go for Leonard as a max based on this season, folks wanted to give a 16ppg guy a max last season... not so fast. But $ when $ is due. Jimmy Butler is now worthy as well. Fuck all the talk about potential, as Gobert has proven. You'll see the albatross Whiteside becomes too.______Got a change to watch SA - GSW.The score never told the story, but SA had that game won from the beginning. This culminated early with...
Perhaps talent will never be allowed to trump data again. It's a shame because all you get is a bunch of resigned teams and drivers ticking in metronomic laps because the computer says this is the best you can do.
Race was better than I had expected. In the end it was a Merc 1-2, though. Vettel made a horrible decision staying on SSoft. That Alonso crash was incredible. That car was dismembered.
New Posts  All Forums: