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I didn't realize how misleading opinions can be too.
I don't understand how playing him at the 2 precludes that. I believe he'd still have the ability to play his game having someone else directing the play. He'd get more open shots in catch and shoot situations, but he'd just as easily be able to receive a pass off a screen and blow by to the rim. Westbrook will probably never turn into a great decision maker, so craft an offense that takes some of the decisions away but lets him be a freak athlete.Some of his moves to...
You said facts are facts. The point was to flip the table to expose how facts can be misleading.
Yes and no. I find truth in the notion that rumors are revealing.
The article presented all his numbers but left his 4 1/2 turnovers a game out. That's misleading. There was a lot of questionable decision making in Westbrook's playoff run.Reminds me of that line from Inglourious Basterds, "I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading, where rumors, true or false, are often revealing."
Ok... you're getting weird on me. I appreciate the megaphone, but....
http://grantland.com/the-triangle/when-the-thunder-became-westbrooks-team/You gotta admit, those are some seriously impressive numbers. But this is why facts and stats are misleading.And:I think the solution to Westbrook is for him to handle the ball less. Allow a guy to make a play for him, and by proxy Durant. Jackson has shown that aside from being one ugly bug eyed motherfucker, he can develop into an excellent PG, all the tools are there.For me, Jackson is the key...
I don't think so. He was being rested for a game 7 if needed. He'll play, I'm sure of it. Pop will probably make him a game time call just to keep Miami guessing.
Although OKC deserves another shot, the team best suited to beat MIA won the series. The news on Parker will be critical, without him there won't be much of a chance for SAS. SA comes into the series with a better bench than last year. MIA will suffer a similar issue that OKC did, SA wore them down, and MIA is not getting bench production.
M Stein on ESPN is reporting that Hibbert is available for the right price. Looks like this is what both sides want. Heh, now let's see who'll pay 15 million for his anemic stats. Wojarnowski is reporting that Vogel is going to keep his job, I wouldn't be surprised if that changes.
New Posts  All Forums: