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I'm not trolling so just stop whining. Don't reply. Put me on ignore.
Memphis has had a pretty poor run of it post all star break. They can't score enough to cope with GSW.GSW has the ability to match other team's styles and that is true for Memphis. Early season I would have agreed, but they don't have a realistic chance. I agree, their front court has been forced to develop, and they have.
I haven't mentioned kobe in months. My posts are topical (even kobs) and anyone that looks will see that. Ball don't lie, superhero. Whiners gon whine.I've no interest in a thread that talks about you, Neo or Lawyerdad. I'd be pleased to see all 3 of you ignore me in "your thread". I told moderation 2 years ago to put quoted posts and watchlist post in ignore. Maybe whine to them? I can't help you there. Your problem. Deal with it, Russy.
Topical. Look at my last 30, 50, 100 posts. Topical. You whine RFX, ball don't lie:I have no idea why you don't put me on ignore. Yet, you "try". Talk basketball. If you don't like what I say, pass it over, like I pass over your 5,000 word posts.Lawyerdad. Where art thou Lawyerdad?Russell Westbrook. I said it a month ago. Russy gon Russ.
For context, Lawyerdad finds value in following me everywhere correcting grammatical errors in threads I frequent. It's weird, but perhaps you/Steve should ask him whether it's useful to the thread?Yeah superhero, my evil plot would have worked if it wasn't for you meddling kids. Just talk basketball which is what I'd do if you and your sidekicks would accept opposing viewpoints. A root cause of your complaint is Neo's rancor, but that's inconvenient.Here, let me hold...
"My thread" smacks of your entitlement. You're stubbornly unable to deal with it or put me on ignore, culminating in feeble whining. My posts are topical. Your problem.In other news, Neo Wooderson is suddenly bothered/substantive.I like Chicago as fan of the team but it's not their year. Atlanta looks poised for a spot in the finals. I'd actually rather see Chicago, but they'd get trounced by GSW (would love to see Butler v Klay though). Atlanta has the right...
You're SFs David Wooderson. It's not enjoyment, it's boredom.
I fill a needed void in social standing for them, and you. It explains your compulsion for correcting trivial grammatical errors. This thread is meaningless in that none of us are going to change the NBA, but isn't from the perspective of feeling your part of an in-crowd.Yes, I know it's you're
Indeed. Tell us more about 13F.
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