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BBC just did a great 3 part series on scotch... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk9zCO2mvaY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7j5ua2kTHY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWK_Mh-EVgY
OMG, Vettel punished? This sport has become a shit show. Charlie Whiting does in fact need to fuck off. That was a great moment of defensive driving, wheel to wheel, and kinda the only interesting moment of yet another boring fucking race. And he gets a penalty for some truly excellent driving? Ugh. Verstappen did deserve the penalty. He clearly gained a significant advantage. It was good comedy to watching Max leave the room. Vertappen is really showing himself...
Man, Kobe really shit on that Lakers team last season. They're actually a nice team to watch now. A bunch of kids finding their feet, sharing the court, giving it a go, it's a nice thing to watch. But last season was probably the lowest this franchise could go. And the ownership is to blame for letting that selfish motherfucker behave that way.
After today, there have been 9 different race winners this season. Oh... I'm taking about MotoGP in case you're confused. Yet another fantastic race today.
Anyone serious doesn't like money
I like the little crackles that ice makes in tap water. I also like saving money on those overpriced filters.
Heh. I think Bezos is indifferent to shareholders, and that makes it an unattractive investment for me.You have a company trading at 195x earnings that cannot seem to show any form of a profit. And even after this run up since 2015, it's only down 40 points. That's not attractive for an investor seeking value. To those in before 2015, you've got a tidy profit, I'd take it because AMZN certainly isn't going to produce one.
He'll be injured in no time.
This is some hilariously funny stuff guys. I can't take anymore.
LOL, Italians cherish their ability to whine about losing out. It took a Kraut, Frog and a Limey to turn their fortunes.
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