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I wish the announcers would shut up, I wanted to hear what KG was saying under the basket. But KAT was lying, Lopez never stepped on his foot.Rubio looks like a wind up toy on defense. he just bounces off of shit and goes in that direction.
Minus MCW, I agree. There are better players out there sans his limitations. That 5 swapping Bayliss is a better unit. Parker has yet to impress me. I like Henson. This team revolves around how good Giannis will be.
Politically dominant. This has nothing to do with track performance.
They're turning into the disappointment of the season.
Someones sniffing a Lady Gaga Award.
So what exactly are your points of contention? Seems to me that billionaires are arguing with billionaires. While Bernie is a piece of shit, the large manufactures are too dominant and make it impossible for small teams to compete. An engine such as is described would be good for the sport.To me, fuck Ferrari and their veto. Yeah, I know how they got the veto, but still.
Ufff. Zach Lowe's latest podcast is unlistenable. He brings on a token gay writer and just goes on and on and on and on and on sermonizing about Rondo.
Cue the phony apology.
Well, Miami had that. So did the 80's Lakers and Celtics and the Thunder when they had Harden. It's not that uncommon.By the way... Enes Kanter and Omir Asik have to be the worst contracts in the NBA right now.
Lots of trade talk recently.Cousins, Howard and Whiteside all being discussed.Whiteside is the most interesting, as I read Miami can't retain him because of his next contract.
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