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Every move I make on the wire is pissing on an electrified wire. FFS.
It's not, thanks for the interest. I'll PM you with details in the near future.As of not, we are at about 34 pairs. Almost there.If anyone has friends, please let them know.
On objectivity we can agree, I think.There are elements of a position that are objectively irrelevant, but we're talking in vacuums. Those constructs serve little real world purpose save to delude a person into believing they're making a more rational decision than the next guy. There are a quadrillion variables at play and to believe that someone can glean the perfect objective move from it is unlikely.Take a 60 year old dude in '08. Objectively a case can be made that...
And blabady bla bla is my response.
OTC: While I agree that it *should* have 0 bearing on today, I find it impossible to believe any human can. It's the "don't think about elephants" principle. I certainly understand what you are saying, don't get me wrong. Where we differ is that I just don't see it being possible to ignore the body of history/information/sentiment/news that built the current day's valuation of the trade and that I welcome the history behind the move as a useful "data point" into what I...
Ha ha, Tyson Chandler also. Thursday's are good catch-up/pull-away days but it didn't happen for us. Your whole squad took a dump.
2 complaints: goes against the spirit of competition and I have Parker and Duncan in fantasy.
Uff. I should stop.Because it's not. If your profit is 10,000% or 10%, are you really saying it wouldn't change your view on what your next move should be? Nothing has 0 bearing, all variables around a trade should be considerations. The ideas you should behave like a robot is quaint, but when it comes to the very real question of your financial security (the reason you do invest), it should very much be a variable in a decision to buy, sell or hold.I disagree. They...
Maybe. But when your team loses like that, the decision should rightfully be questioned. If you lose by 3 points, I'll shut up, but a blow out? Then you sit your other key guys? I call shit. Especially against an unbeaten team.
I guess some get to pick and choose when to be competitive. If Scott Brooks did it, I would be surprised if your response would hold water.
New Posts  All Forums: