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You should have pissed on his face.
Much, much too high. Go back about 7 pages for the grand debate.
I'd say that about their vacuums, but a 7 year dishwasher? And you'd buy another? Ibid sugarbutch
7 years? That's horrid.
LOL Westbrook doesn't get in, but look at all these players that voted for themselves. Lavoy Allen?
My plan is to buy whatever I like that drops the most. Like today... might get a bit more BMY in the portfolio.
Wait... Russel Westbrook not voted in as an all star? He's the MVP. I don't even have words for the idiocy of "fans". It's the worst snub I've ever heard of in the AS voting. The guy is averaging a triple double! Embiid? No way. You want to vote a guy in playing with a minutes restriction? Isiah Thomas also snubbed?
Property taxes on that house would be 165k a month. That'll cover some welfare checks.
Just look at that. One step less and it wouldn't have been called.
Spec homes... pfff
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