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The other message here is that Noah can go with Lopez coming in.
Speaking of the Celtics, I'm starting to question Ainge. Boston has 8 picks in THIS draft. They've been trying to shift the picks in trades, but nobody is biting, as Boston's asking prices are high. No team can realistically swallow that many new players, and Ainge is going to get the short stick here with the draft days away. Unless he pulls some magic to restore confidence, the idea of stockpiling assets is looking awkward. I don't recall a team ever having this...
https://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2016/06/have-your-say-are-the-current-radio-rules-hurting-or-helping-formula-1/Comments are interesting on this topic.For me, I don't care to hear a monotone engineer telling a guy to press button 3 and move dial 9 to setting 7. If this is a driver's full time job, then they should know the modes. Does anyone really want to listen to tech support calls with the pit? If so, add the Bangladesh accent.
It does look like he was just slipstreaming, but the rule is the rule.
Credit to SI then.I think Simmons probably wants to avoid the "Grantland copy" press. It's a mistake. It could work in this current form over time, but the writing is not up to it yet. Also, the interface is a bit disjointed in appearance, and so are the topics. I know Grantland had this mix of topics, but it didn't seem so obvious.It's self evident, the guy just didn't play well, that's all.I mentioned this in general a while back, but the 3 point line was an eyesore...
I see what they're trying to do, but it ends up being too cool for school. It's missing a couple of Zach Lowe's in different disciplines. There's hope but the notion that we're all in on it should be eliminated now. Perhaps a bit less weed and a little more whip crack would help. From (non-writing) personal experience, this is what you get when you hire millennials, and these writers are DEFINITELY millennials. Long form, which is what made Grantland good, has been...
Ya, there was a Cavs article about G7 that was so bad it got pulled, at least I dont see it now. There's work to do there.
Ya, I can see that. After 7 WDCs it's hard to find new motivation.
I agree someone will be (stupid enough) to pay him, and I definitely want to see what he does when the motivation to earn a payday is gone.I doubt the Warriors bench can beat any starting lineup, this reminds me of when people said UNLV would beat an NBA team.
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