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GILD https://www.google.com/finance?q=gild After Hours: 100.70 -6.48 (-6.05%)
Is that the leg split thing you see a lot of guys doing now?
I was surprised you picked him up. His numbers are shocking in a contract year. Also surprised you're hanging onto Payton.I've been hamstrung all season with the lack of a PF. I hope Terrence Jones becomes servicable. Now that I have Holliday out, I had to drop Gordon and pick up a guy with a PG slot.Trade for Kobe?
Biotech getting destroyed today. Hope you got in after the drop.
I sold my stake 2 months ago. There appears to be significant competition with a competitor.
I had a deal for Kobe - Wade, but it didn't make sense at the time, it was before Kobe started playing 1 in 3 games, but Wade's stats overlapped Kobe's too much.
Good one
Pelicans were very well prepared for that game, they deserved the win. Dude, A Davis had a put back dunk that was so athletic it just made everyone look like HS kids.
You forgot my expertise in the stretch 4, fantasy, rubber limbs, prediction, and Kobe Bryant.
Thanks for saving the day.
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