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Back to robot drivers.
A lot of the trading on + earnings AH are guys short covering, which tends to explain the price spike. When you need stock to cover, you pay up because you don't want that position exposed overnight.
Well in fairness, it's not approaching the limit.And frankly, who cares if they fly off? They're well paid, and so I suppose in millennial world that means you don't take any risk and hide behind the skirts of safety at the hint of danger?What happened to Bianchi is what happens when you race cars. Unless you accept that occasional eventuality then you might as well run the entire race behind the safety car.There's prevention, and there's the show. In the 80s a guy...
You said what I said. Tried it on for size, don't like the benevolent dictator structure, moving on.
I know, but I'm not in S Valley, and I want my shareholdings to come with voting rights. When you see trends like they, they're not for the benefit of guys like us, so I'll take my profit and move on to things I have more belief in.
Out of FB. I can't support these new ownership structures with no shareholder rights. It's a bad trend.
I did, and lost money. Most of these social media stocks are all hat no cattle.
Ok so the BLM crowd is celebrating killed cops in Dallas... accounts still openRight wing professional troller... banned for thoughts on a movie (that is actually total shit)Scratching my head about "ban hammer" and "hostile environment" when you compare these two.Their liberal bias has been chronicled well before Milo. A bunch of social justice warriors work there, and helps explain why the company is a piece of shit like Yahoo.
Mainly because they will hit the 2 hour limit and TV audiences won't wait.I agree, but why not get cars circulating 15 minutes early? The track is sitting there empty. And frankly who cares? Change the ride height rule and let them race. I always found ultra wet conditions a great way to find out about the drivers. Hearing those whining messages over the radio that it's too wet is so cringeworthy.
TWTR culture also has a problem of shutting down right wing activists in favor of left wing activism. Master-Classter, I would abandon the position if I were you and stay far away from that stock.
New Posts  All Forums: