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I bought 300. It was down today, so I'll try and build a position thru it dropping. If it pops from here, great. I'll nibble again if it drops below fiddy cent. If I can get 1000 shares at a good level I'll let it ride. I don't want to drop any more than that into it at this point because of regulatory uncertainty. If we get some Federal clarity it could really go.[FB may touch that level but there is a lot of institutional buying and that quarter they just had was...
You're pretty late to both parties. Be prepared to ride the dips until they reach new levels. FB just finished a major move. TSLA may have a little run left in it.
Really?The rules have gotten out of hand. Scoring is just too easy now. This is a joke. His 22-33 is not efficiency, they're practice court fluff stats.
I bought a little. What the hell.
It was a serious question
So anyone researching weed stocks?
Fuck Russia and the Ukraine.
LOL. Basketballing games last for 4.I've scraped back to 6 - 3, for the moment.
Ya, this dusting was comprehensive. My boys did not show up this week. I don't even have 200 rebounds, I usually have that by Friday. And they shot like shit. You were always going to win 3s and FT but comparing our records over the season it should have been a toss at 5-4. Bad week. It prly cost me the bye.
Anyone know why biotech is taking a dump today?
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