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Something very German about that, ha ha.
Empty apartment. Looks around. Such vibrant illustration.
Awesome, thanks.Didn't know Grohe was a different company. I had their stuff when I lived overseason.Next step is to try the products out at some local shops so I'll go to a local retailer and judge them hands on. I have a lot to go on now. Again, thanks.
Every few weeks you cycle thru here and call people idiots, acting like you're above the conversation with vague generalities like "institutional investors" and MLP yield balloons. As we see in my link, lots of institutional investors invest in O including vanguard (it's largest shareholder) so you're wrong, and it's never suffered thru any MLP calamity, in fact it continued to raise it's dividend even thru the '08 - '11. You're shitting on a very stable company you...
Yes, you do.O has yielded 4-5% since the 70s, and the market prices it where it is, just like it prices good yields with ATT, Verizon, Chevron, Gen Electric, Kinder Morgan, Conoco, Philip Morris. The largest shareholders of O are institutions (w/ institutional investors), so saying it's being ignored is the oversimplification that I see.https://finance.yahoo.com/q/mh?s=O+Major+Holders
Historically, the market has outperformed depreciation thru inflation.Regarding 4-5%, O has been paying a steady, monthly dividend for almost 45 years w 19 years of increases. It currently yields 4.5%. And yields 5.6% for my basis.
Thanks, this helps quite a lot. I know the Grohe brand, but those Dornbracht products are very nice.How do you rate the Waterworks products versus these?
So whose making the best plumbing fixtures these days? I was suggested Waterworks, any other brands I should give consideration?
MJ equals everybody in this thread. Side splitting.
You're a contributor here.
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