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Ha ha, a little racialism to lighten the mood.
Of course I was biased. The same way back-slappers pile on here.When the argument dies, time for word salad. I made no objective claim and you know that. What you're obfuscating is that I really was just stating an opinion.Perhaps I should have said opinion. Fixed.
Round 5. You were a thumb-upper on the fact checking, makes sense now. Note: I just showed this to 3 intelligent colleagues at work and they all got my point first time.The way he went 22 for 33 looked really easy. It didn't look impressive. It looked like he was on a practice court. It didn't look entertaining.His baskets looked too easy. It looked like he was a practice court.It looked easy. It looked like he was on a practice court.It looked easy. It looked like...
There is no empirical evidence for my opinion, which is that to my eye most games are not entertaining because it looks too easy to score.And if you didn't care you wouldn't comment.
I know better than to wind you up and your 61,000 word tirades.BTW, I laid the careful trap of stating an opinion. If people would stop trying to out-cool each other we'd all be better for it. Yes, I know I'm an easy target which means you fail doubly hard when it doesn't work like this one didn't.And oh look... Jet awoke. King of the daisies.
As expected... Williams & Martini. What do you think of the livery? Its a little understated.
Biotech is taking a big bath today.
Sounds like its time to double down on MCIG, ha ha.Anyone track SGMO?
I have some new money to put to work. Any stellar ideas, anyone?
No, and thus the curse of the fact checkers. It's a bit non-nonsensical to chuck statistics at me when I made no factual claim about scoring averages. I stated an opinion.For example, a few pages back, I talked about how I downloaded and re-watched the entire 7 game Laker-Celtics '84 finals. Those were high scoring games, but they were brilliant to watch, very entertaining, great basketball. Watching that series now as an adult shifted my views on the current NBA a...
New Posts  All Forums: