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Told you so.
The kid has a great sense of where the grip is.
Glue lam is what I used in my addition, much cheaper and easier to install than steel beams.
I was planning to turn the units on and off when those spaces were not in use for extended periods, so I think some of the savings would happen that way. While there are some drawback to a split system, the fact that h/ac conditions the entire house when normally only a tiny portion of it is in use at one time is like having all the lights on all the time, which nobody would do.Now granted it takes time to temperature a room, if you keep it at a relatively low/high...
Yes, I believe steel is substantially more expensive, at least that's what my architect told me, so I never bothered quoting a price.
$300 is a pair of used Aldens to squish spiders with.
Lowe's interview of Boris Diaw was fantastic. It's nice to know that there is at least 1 interesting player left in the league you might actually want to hear interviewed. He's one of the few in the league that I'd actually like to be friends with. Cements why that Embiid interview was so disappointing.
Thanks guys. I am using Mitubishi right now, which seems to be the most reliable. I do agree I am introducing multiple points of failure, but when I do the cost calculation, I see about 6 or 7 years to repayment assuming a 30-35% savings on electric/gas. $100 to 120 savings per month x 7 years depending on final cost of conversion.I have a fairly new furnace and AC, which I can sell, that's part of the calculation.
I'm not misusing it, I'm making fun of it.
Wife and I have decided to add another room to the house off the back. About 400sf for a new home office. I'm thinking of converting my whole house to a ductless split system. Has anyone done a full conversion like that before? This new room is going to get a split system. I added a split to the room we built over the garage and I couldn't be happier with it, it's brilliant, keeps the room a perfect temperature, and is quiet as a mouse. Forced air seems so...
New Posts  All Forums: