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Rose injured AGAIN. The guy's body is just breaking down. He's aging like a running back. I had help out hope for his return, considering the injuries accidents but at this point it's becoming clear his career will be cut short. He just plays with too much stress on his body and while it was possible when he was younger, he's trying to force his body to do this it won't do any longer. I watched CHI - TOR last night. Enjoyable game. That Chicago team looks like a...
Me too, but nah. Team hasn't changed all week as far as I can tell, and part of last week either. I believe this happened with the Swag Team last season, but I could be thinking about someone else.
Was that paid for by your BABA winnings??
BABA hit a new all time high this morning.
Week 3.... bit early to be ignoring your team, no?
Kobe w a 14pt 1st quarter.
Good man. Keep it safe.
Yup. Also exactly why a stock jumps after making a layoff announcement.
New Posts  All Forums: