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Alonso isn't racing in Melbourne. Strange turn of events. We don't know the whole story from that accident.
I saw him play live once. He has good body control.In person games kind of change your ideas of who's impressive and who isn't different than TV. I saw Rasheed in his prime once. He was a beast. John Wall is impressive in person and on TV. The other guy was Gerald Henderson, I saw him play for Duke once, holy shit was he the best athlete out there by miles. Just goes to show what another level of athleticism the NBA is.
Indeed. The Swag Team has James Harden on the bench, LOL.Man, look at P3 thru 8. Like 2 or 3 games separate the 5 slots. Anyone in that group can can make the top 6 or just as quickly be out.
Maybe if that video didn't cut shots every .2 seconds you could actually see how the car looks. What a shitty piece of production.
Very, very soon. They should leave the factory within days.
Had him last season in fantasy. Very dependable player. Now he enters free agency with this.
A bit. Maybe I read you wrong, but you left me the impression that you like to chuck it around and see what sticks.
Just a note of caution: don't treat this like found money. Lottery winners and professional athletes go bankrupt regularly, and I think a large component of it is being that the money came too easily.Watch the ESPN 30 for 30 called Broke if you don't believe me.
10% is a significant pullback, you'd be talking DOW 16,400ish. I'd look for 3 - 4 %. I don't see any headwind until the Fed decides to raise rates.You can nibble your way in, but if you're a dope paying $10 a trade, it starts to get expensive.
Loving this. Up 64% on my short Euro trade since September.
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