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Good season. I would have beaten Namor 5-4 if it wasn't for that pesky indescertum the week before Suggestions:Payout top 4Don't let team abandoners backKeep the format the same ($, auction, 3 moves a week, etc)Introduce IR spot (in which case make it 2 moves a week)If you do a 2nd $50 league, format it exactly the same
Exactly. I looks like high school ball with better athletes. The shot clock is endless. It's dribble, pass, dribble dribble, pass. Back in the 80s you say solid fundamental ball. Then the high school generation came into the league and from there it was downhill for college. If there is a rule, they should make it 2 years. But I still believe college ball should be converted to semi-pro.
Everyone hates Duke, so I'm not sure how he's any different than most everyone else
I didn't watch the game, but I also like seeing a 3rd or 4th year guy get to the final and win it. The one and done thing is why college ball is lame and I don't bother tuning in, as a spectator, you don't develop relationships with these guys over the course of a few seasons. And it's why I talked about doing away with the current structure altogether, and even let college teams be a flavor of semi-pro.It's not the same. A program like Wisc. might have a few, but they...
Not only that, but it would lead to 4-0 sweeps and more shit games, as picking intentional mismatches = blowouts.What really needs to happen is division champs affecting seeding. I just needs to be 1-8 or 1-16 if this east-west crap is finally abandoned.
Wow... and I get accused of bad ideas.
Nice win Namor. Well deserved, solid all season. Nice 2nd, indescertum. Good week in the battle for 3rd Wu, it was competitive late in the week but losing Durant proved pivotal.
Strange how GS seems able to match opponent styles pretty well except for one that looks a lot like their own.In other news, watched the KU v Wisconsin game after I heard they lost, that Kaminsky kid can play. 7 footer with range and good basketball sense, he may not light the NBA up, but definitely looks like a serviceable NBA guy. He'd create matchup problems.
At least it had a normal name. This corpo-naming stuff is revolting. The Kings play in a place called Sleep Train Arena, that's just embarrassing. Folks think it's nostalgia, this nicknaming stuff, but it's not, corporate naming rights are the same claptrap.
Damn. Brook Lopez has been a monster for the last few weeks.
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