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Oh, that's why the games were all early today: that boring ass football game is on tonight. Where fans spend more time watching advertising than watching sport. In NBA news, D Jordan went 3-14 from the line.
Good, I could get a ton in return for him.
No. He's a superstar and has a lot of good qualities, work ethic at the top of the list. But he's a selfish player that other guys don't want to play with. Kobe or Duncan? Everyone prefers Duncan.
There is lots to know about Cousins off the court. And I just read the other day that Karl may not last the season. Malone was actually ok for Cousins, the franchise compounds his flaws.We have diametric views on the guy, as a GM I wouldn't want him. The type of team I'd want to build does not include guys like Chris Paul, Cousins, Harden, Lawson, Rondo, Griffin, Kobe, Howard or Beasley. They aren't worth it.
He's a low character guy and isn't coachable. His skills overshadow these points, but they infect the entire team. You simply can't have your best player acting that way. I've heard the line that he just needs to get out of Sac, but these are not traits that just disappear.
Cousins is a cancer.
Anyone that acquires MCW should be fired.
Brian Scallabrine was brilliant on the Woj podcast. Such a great listen, his dive in on the year with GSW is worth the download on its own.
It's the same podcast rebranded as ESPN.Hmmm. Reddick's is worth checking out.
Lowe's latest cast got me to revisit Kukoc, goddam I forgot how good he was. I kinda remember him as a big bodied long range gunner but he could do so much more. Help's explain why those Bulls teams were so hard to stop.
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