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Judging by the behavior in an insane asylum, painting the walls with your shit is also absolutely a great idea. Just because others are behaving like knuckleheads doesn't mean you should join the parade, and judging a guys worth based on what another team's players earn is not only poor reasoning, but poor management.____________Separate, related question. Do teams have to make these deals public?
When you hit reply you get what was there in that moment. All I did was make a few grammatical changes and add half a sentence.True talent worth of high salaries shows it. At some point Butler and Leonard were 4th options. Loudmouth Draymond was a bench player behind Lee and emerged. The argument he's contained is bullshit. NBA history is littered with guys that lost the battle of talent vs ego. He's had 4 years to show something (including big minutes in 2 finals)...
I reminds me of watching footage of people looting during Katrina. Everyone gets all the free shit they want.He's not a max guy under any circumstances, not even worth 5m a year. The Mavs are idiots, but I guess they lost Chandler so they need to find a replacement. How stupid can you be to reward a guy that "comes out sometimes".
Track is the same for everyone, so are the pressures. Either dampen the suspension or don't use the red curbs. That Kyviat accident could have been horrific were the barrier collision slightly further forward. Palmer just doesn't look like a driver. If I was team manager, I'd pull the plug.
Lewis did well, but I'd say the best guy on the grid in changeables today was Button. To take that Macca to P3 is the lap of the weekend.
It's this, no question.The result of the last stress test was positive, so it's good news for banks. I'm still positive long term. I really like CS right now because everyone hates it, 6.6% dividend is sweet, unfortunately only paid yearly.
That deal is never going to look cheap under any salary cap.Wow, chronic underperformer Kent Bazemore gets 70m for 4 years. Atlanta is lost in space.
I'm meh on it. I've been chipping money in weekly via a SEP IRA, but definitely wouldn't push a grand a day over there. I'm basically flat and it's been close to 2 years. Not exactly a return. I've given it to the end of this year, but if I don't start seeing gains, I'm pulling the plug and taking control.
Even though it hasn't happened yet, Torch Waiters and Barnes. All this upside they keep telling us.___________In other news, the Celtics have a meeting with Horford... really nice piece of business might get done there with a guy that actually deserves a bit of money.
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