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Brandan Ingram to the Lakers. I hope he sucks.
Because you have 2 volume shooters on a team together and that won't fly. D Howard is a clown that will never win anything. If I was Porzingis, I'd be freaking out at the shit team forming around me.
Maybe I'm confounding Turner with someone else, but doesn't he suffer from Kevin Willis arms? From what I recall, the guy was pretty rough. Seems 3 years away. Still, Young is a nice pickup and adds to a decent group. It's not going to win the east, though.
Or would be Shaqtin' a Fool joint MVPs.
There's something comedic about Rose and Carmelo together.
I understand, but considering Mercs advantage, reduced power actually enables other cars to race the Merc. Hamilton never had a realistic chance of catching Nico after lap 1, so in a way it was potentially more entertaining for things to be evened out with guys around him.
The other message here is that Noah can go with Lopez coming in.
Speaking of the Celtics, I'm starting to question Ainge. Boston has 8 picks in THIS draft. They've been trying to shift the picks in trades, but nobody is biting, as Boston's asking prices are high. No team can realistically swallow that many new players, and Ainge is going to get the short stick here with the draft days away. Unless he pulls some magic to restore confidence, the idea of stockpiling assets is looking awkward. I don't recall a team ever having this...
https://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2016/06/have-your-say-are-the-current-radio-rules-hurting-or-helping-formula-1/Comments are interesting on this topic.For me, I don't care to hear a monotone engineer telling a guy to press button 3 and move dial 9 to setting 7. If this is a driver's full time job, then they should know the modes. Does anyone really want to listen to tech support calls with the pit? If so, add the Bangladesh accent.
It does look like he was just slipstreaming, but the rule is the rule.
New Posts  All Forums: