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Nigel knows more than any of us here. He's an ideal person to chime in because he sees the same in-car shots we do, and I know he's watching it and thinking hold on a minute, this is fucking easy compared to my day. And it is. It's a combination of power steering and a host of other evolutions in the sport, but also the fact that you can't push the cars to the limit the whole time or you'll destroy the tires. F1 is indistinguishable from endurance racing now.
There are better places to have your money right now. TWTR is a dog.
TWTR is a dog. I lost 34% and sold my dogshit, I mean stake, about 9 mos ago. Worthless stock, good sell.
Compared to that ToJ thread, we've made huge strides.
Who are these guys and what shit?
Know what you're talking about before thumbing up posts.
Yes, excluding zero. Indeed the next spin is a new pattern. Where the probabilities arrive are the odds of predicting a specific pattern happening and those odds diminish the larger the pattern. So the odds are 1/2 for 1 spin, but when you get to 5 its a 1 in 32 chance you'll get it right and then 10 is a 1 in 1024 chance. It's not the fact each spin is unique, it's that you're predicting a pattern that creates the divergence in probabilities from the 1 in 2 for the...
You're out of your depth. There is clear math to define a probability of a certain pattern happening. Ellsbebc explained it accurately. The odds of that event in Monte Carlo are the same as 5 red + 10 black + 5 red + 6 black in that order or any other combination. Considering the number of roulette spins that have happened since the game's invention, it starts to look more probable to occur. What is much less probably is that you'd be at a table betting the event.
That post was addressing a different mathematical topic.If you do a million spins, it will eventually balance out somewhere very close to 50/50 between red and black. I was simply highlighting that point by adding a quip about betting black. I even said it might take a few thousand spins, didn't I? Same principle as counting cards in blackjack.You may have studied math, but you could used a bit more coursework in reading comprehension. 5 red + 5 black is a PATTERN. ...
I didn't say that. Here is what I said, which you actually quoted.It's very improbably that I'd lose 11 in a row, that's the overall point. Betting red or back at spin 11 is inconsequential as the odds of 11 reds in a row are the same as exactly 10 reds + 1 black, or any other pattern such as 5 reds + 5 blacks.
New Posts  All Forums: