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Just bought some RDS.A as well.Sold my entire stake in PCYC, great win.My SEU3 trade took another leap today again, 73% up being short Euro. Almost cashed out yesterday, glad I didn't.Sitting on tons of cash, lets see a real correction for once.
This starts to explain why he's been passed up so many times
RDS.A below my original purchase price. Also buying EXXI.
But he still deserves a max.
Relax bro. Russy still gon russ. At least we know whose dick you'll suck when Kobe's isn't available.
Russy gon blah blah blah blah.
Russy gon russ, or something.
Get a room FFS.
Like top tier PGs like Curry, then 2nd tier guys like Dragic and then the 3rd tier like Lin.
Heh. Wait for the super slo mo... totally on purpose.
New Posts  All Forums: