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Can't you just wire transfer?
Ok bought some CS and some MS. Let me see what other bones I can pick thru...
The German government will step in. Too big to fail.
I'm going to start buying. The market is already climbing back the drop. Lots of panic sell w/o much reason. England is not that important. Thinking counter... DB down 15%. Or MS down 8%, nice discount
We may see multiple days of decline, depends on whether today is a 500 pointer. The market will overreact. Personally, I'm crying inside thinking of these poor helpless foreign bankers in the London financial district. What will they do?
I have some cash waiting for a home... bring it
I just finished a new master bedroom/bath over my garage that I managed myself, 3k under budget and I got it done faster than a guy down the street that started 2 mos before me.
Ilyasova ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This is a lie. Unless the Thunder are looking to establish a flock of albatrosses in the region...If it's true, then Oladipo is a decent pickup so they can drop that shit player Dion Waiters.
Marquese Chriss to Sacramento. What kind of bizarre name is that? With a name that awful, you would think he'd catch a break in the draft.
Brandan Ingram to the Lakers. I hope he sucks.
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