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Brian Scallabrine was brilliant on the Woj podcast. Such a great listen, his dive in on the year with GSW is worth the download on its own.
It's the same podcast rebranded as ESPN.Hmmm. Reddick's is worth checking out.
Lowe's latest cast got me to revisit Kukoc, goddam I forgot how good he was. I kinda remember him as a big bodied long range gunner but he could do so much more. Help's explain why those Bulls teams were so hard to stop.
That Boban is a fucking riot to watch.
Finally got around to watching GSW - SA. They're destroying everything in their path. Fastest reactions to double teams I've ever seen. There was one Bogut dunk in which the hockey pass that led up to it made GSW look just like the SA team that beat the Heat, only faster.
AAU defense
Man, this is who Griffin punched out? That looks beating up your girlfriend bad. Mild irony, this came out yesterday.
Too bad he's a damaged individual. Not exactly a man I would trust around my girlfriend, sack of money, or keys to my beach house.Re Blake, starting to wonder if he's just an angry drunk.
Struggling to understand how this is allowed
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