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That's just careless. You try a few times and just keep forcing it? No, you adjust. If that pass won't work you make passes that will. If that doesn't get you position, then you adjust. If you can't adjust then you've run out of talent.A am definitely not overlooking OKCs effort, but this is not the only intense defense ever seen in a conference finals, or finals. A couple of years ago when the Heatles were swarming, SAS adjusted and turned it on it's head into...
It was more for the community. When they get to Lebron leaving, it hits home why they behaved that way after 'the decision'.
After watching the ESPN 30 for 30 about Cleveland, it's hard not to root for them.
I agree, Popovich did better than Kerr is doing and supports the Kerr is overrated notion. This team can autopilot. What he's done well is give them a space to be themselves and not force a style of play like a Jerry Sloan would. This might be his gift. But you need to look at the last 2 games. GS brought the same stuff last night and got the exact same result. Other than one burst from Curry in G2, they've been soundly outplayed.How about that big contract for...
Now that I'm seeing it up close, Kyrie is almost as poor as Harden on defense.
I was really skeptical when Zach Lowe started calling him the best center in the league. He's an interesting player and brings a unique skill set to a team, but he's been exposed.I'll always root against a guy a that does shit like this, and his other antics in general. This staredown is looking pretty idiotic right now, and I'm enjoying it.Kerr has been outcoached pretty handily, and so was Popovich. I'm not sold on Donovan mainly because of Ibaka's marginalization...
Please... not 100? Westbrook has been fucking Curry up, so its about that and nothing else. Westbrook had more rebounds than anyone on the opposite team and had a triple double.
The Warriors look beaten, I've not seen this before, the slumped shoulders, the lack of answers, and their best guys are not bailing them out save for some Klay heroics. OKC gets the rebounds, and are out working GS who cant stop turning the ball over. I think it's over.
Please stop. The Thunder are outplaying GS who can't cope with their combination of athleticism and size. GS is careless with the ball and are turning it over like the Sixers, the nonchalant play is what is losing them this series.
OMG Steph Curry please keep that disgusting mouthpiece in your mouth. Those closeups leading up to a free throw when I'm trying to enjoy a slice of pizza kills my appetite.
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