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In general, yes. Last year was fantastic, this year has been good. On average all my funds have been up about 6-9% across the board. There have been some spinoffs, and movement in large cap. Really, 10-15% of your portfolio is not a lot to speculate on.I've been reviewing ETFs lately, you are into dividends, what do you think of this one?ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Dow Jones Selecthttps://www.google.com/finance?q=DVYLLooks like it has about a 6% yield and pays...
Parker, average? Come on dude. He's a bit older, plays fewer minutes, but otherwise who wouldn't take him above Thomas for a single season?The guy is quality, I hope you're not saying he's who he is because of the system, are you? Before their current system is what it is today, Parker was an all star and was on championship teams.
Exum. $20 if anyone wants it.
I find speculation keeps you sharp. If I had a bunch of fuddy duddy positions, I may check my account once a week. If I'm speculating, I'm watching much more closely and with that comes unexpected opportunities.
Sold RYN after their spinoff. Made 17%.Bought RH and ZTS this morning.I'm still holding that dog.I'm up 24% since I bought it.Wouldn't dream of it at these levels. I got scared and sold around 335.I think everyone should keep 10-15% of their portfolio for speculation. I stay in that range. I've done really well in general with these plays, although I've lost touch with the FDA approvals calendar lately.Where I can't correct my trading behavior is sitting on a position...
Hey all, Helping a friend with a website. Anyone here a graphics designer? Or can anyone recommend a solid graphics designer for a website mockup?
Because nobody wants to play there so they have to overpay.
If you really want to solve the tanking problem, introduce relegation to the league. That shit will stop instantly.
^ did not want to put that hat on.I think much of the transition to the NBA is a guy's relationship with found money, often more than their actual capacity for performance among a more elite group of athletes.Sometimes you encounter a Vesely but these guys are almost all freak athletes to some degree, and some can't think at NBA speed, but I suspect if you took the same draftees and put them in an NBA with no money, you'd probably see a very different landscape of who...
I think its probably because only one of those two (Noel) will pan out, not to mention stay healthy. This way they can hold onto the better player. Also, nothing like a bit of competition between two bigs for minutes to motivate them to perform. I think it was an ok pick. I still would have taken Exum, but oh well.
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