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Heh, forvm. Dems funny.I think the people posting insider words do indeed think its funny, otherwise they'd stop. It's like a forum laugh tack.You can roll this phenomena into that Attolini pink tie joke which was funny for a few hours, then just became a 6 year long black hole for people with nothing to do in the face of a place designed for people with nothing to do.
Not sure why people still use internet words like "dem" and "dey". It's hasn't been funny since 2012.
PC police is here to protect and serve.
I have a cousin that was an HR block tax preparer, he complained how over and over how Indians would come in and do the entire return just to learn how to do it, then leave and do it themselves.HRB doesn't charge until you actually do the filing so they'd always say they would be back tomorrow and never return. He started refusing appointments after a while, but it happens to everyone there.
NKE trade is done, didn't quite double up but close.
Think I may double my position tomorrow. I have way too much cash sitting fallow to keep waiting.
My thought also.But that's an awfully steep climb thru 2015, that's what worries me.
Ok thanks, more or less its related to competition. I've got a growing knot of cash and I'm growing tired of waiting for a correction. Thinking of adding to my position. Would you?
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