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Point being?
Mailed it in. Likely to protect his NBA prospects. Whatever the reason, it was weak.
Embiid is in the physical prime of his recuperative life. He's been missing games all season long. It seems like his body just can't cope with the NBA and he's not going to survive it. I really hate to picture this force of nature being marginalized in a couple of seasons because he can't finish a season, but I don't see another outcome. Simmons, I will hold my tongue, but I doubt this kid will pan out. Something remains disturbing about the way he handled himself in...
This coming from the guy that likes the BAR livery that looks like a big target on the side of the car?
Damn. Embiid out indefinitely. We're in March... starting to sound like the end of his season. This guy seems really fragile. I have a bad feeling he's never going to have a career. Simmons won't play this year. Looking foward to the day when we can we officially call this endless tank-a-thon a bust. I think it already is.
Great report on the development of the merc. Even more ominous. This season isn't even going to be close. Notes on the Ferrari:
Looking ominous. Bottas over a second and a half behind Hamilton. Red Bull way behind. Mclaren yet again with winter testing problems.
You can't outrun the ball. They'll be able to manage decent shooting teams that don't move the ball well, but for teams that do move the ball well, forget it. I think they'll get carved apart unless they tweak the team with a bunch of Raja Bell's.It's a shame, because I like this twin tower type play.
I'm have a feeling that TSLA is going to merge with Space X. I'm going to stay pat. The Model 3 will make this company if they can figure out how to eek out a profit.
That was a different style of play in that era. With all this emphasis on spacing, it's going to be interesting.
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