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Ha ha, Clippers are such douchebags. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/13221695/los-angeles-clippers-lobbying-deandre-jordan-back-deal-dallas-mavericks
Unlikely. He doesn't seem to have the same presence in the locker room. Boston got a very good player for very little.
Of course I understand the stretch provision, but I don't really view that as fair value. David Lee is a very good player, they should have gotten a lot more for him.Sacramento, on the other hand, clearly does not understand the stretch provision.
For Gerald Green? WTF? Boston took GSW to the cleaners.
Yeah, Tony Parker isn't going to hack a whole season. They need help.
With what the Warriors did, I don't think you can say that anymore.
Or be over the cap a bit? They could keep both guys if they wanted to.
They'll be fine. If West joins, that covers much of the loss. Still think that letting Splitter walk was a mistake.
So is it official that Deandre hated Chris Paul? Wonder if Balmer thought of giving him some Microsoft stock. Oh wait... Microsoft is 2nd to everything. Dallas overpaid, we'll find out next year when they start running plays for him. He better get in the gym with Hakeem. Sorry Blake. The Clippers have to scramble now, they're in a bad spot. Knicks sign Derrick Williams, LOL. I can't believe that guy can still get a deal. And overpaid for Robin Lopez. Tobias...
New Posts  All Forums: