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Do you really save though? I have never really sat down to calculate it, but in my gut I wonder how is it savings when you start over at the year 30 countdown whereas you were in year 22 and had amortized down to the point that you were starting to build up principal payments. Now you are back to mostly interest + some principal..75 is a significant adjustment, but I also question the logic when it costs 3-8k to refinance, it will take quite a while to pay that back, and...
After about a year under water, my BABA shares are finally positive.
IB is by far my choice.
Sold my TGT position earlier this week. Some might suggest I timed it well.
Broken jump shot
Not at all, in fact I complimented the pass and just recently mentioned that perhaps he got his social life under a bit more control and was more focused on his work. It just happens that he's the center of attention. The focus of my complaint are rules being applied arbitrarily for similar situations, not that Lewis gets away with penalties that Nico doesn't.
Hamilton has... Hockenheim 2014. Same corner.... no penalty. The rule isn't followed, it's arbitrarily tossed around. To me, that's a great piece of passing, but letter of the law, it's a penalty.No time to dig up video, but I recall one pass in particular in the era Senna had the slow McLaren that he really hung a guy out to get by. Might have been Portugal.
Carts, but not at a serious level, and no longer.5 or 6 passes happens in any given DTM race that would trigger a penalty in a GP, including said Rosberg - I see it regularly. It's not the difference between closed and open wheel, it's that hard nosed racing is still valued in DTM. Generally, you only see a DTM penalty is when a guy is physically pushed off the track by another car. Nascar is irrelevant because ovals don't have the kind of corners where it would happen....
Acknowledged. I'll stick with my view that if you have a line into a corner where you feel you can get ahead of the other driver then you take it, otherwise like Senna said "you are no longer a racing driver", and the same goes for governance, these penalties mean you are no longer a racing sport.
Senna's passing style was to make the other driver decide whether to give in or crash him. Yet again regarding COTA, nobody has yet described why Hamilton running Nico off was not the same exact behavior that we saw in Hockenheim.Watch here again... Hamilton nowhere near the apex, and you have Nico given no racing room and having to correct to avoid a collision.In all these pass scenarios that trigger controversy, there is a 3rd choice which is to give up the corner. ...
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