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Yup. Also exactly why a stock jumps after making a layoff announcement.
I have a small position, and you're right the market loves the company. I didn't buy back then, but wish I had. I'm up about 60% on my stake.
One speculative play that hits a home run is enough to tip the balance. It may not happen, but some might find it worth the risk so a better way to put it is to stay as close to the averages as possible or try and outperform them.If you made a speculative play on 100 shares of REGN in Jan 2011 @ $32 a share, your $3200 would be worth $41,000, quite a gain on a widely held stock so I'm not taking about some penny stock that went crazy.Look at 2 scenarios: 100% of your...
You'll never see a dime for GTAT thru any investigation or settlement or whatever. The only hope is the company is acquired or rescued and that the price bounces where you get back .20 on the dollar.
Hey everyone, Small update: We are up to 73 orders between the tailor in Europe I'm working with and myself. At 100, we should get a solid price break so we've decided to hold out a little while and cross that boundary. It would be good for everyone involved, it should be worth at least $20 discount to each pair. Thanks for all the interest so far, please keep letting people know.
The long posts are for leaning the shears so they don't lay flat. from what I understand. I'm sure there is probably another reason, such as spreading the fabric on the cut, but I'm not a pro. These will have the joint like this:
He does. With all the name changing, it's impossible to know whose team anyone is.
Kobe is certainly missing shots this season. His FG % is killing me every week in fantasy. Love the other stats but homeboy can also turn the ball over like nobody's business.
In other words, he timed the market perfectly.
Heh, I made money on the Bank of Greece timing a trade close to it's bottom back when Greece was on the world's shit list.
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