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That lineup sans Rose doesn't strike fear into anyone, not that it does with him, but at the beginning of last year we were thinking he had a chance to be back to his previous best, and many were of the mind it could be a CHI championship year.
I was at Spa in 2005. It's a shit place to see a race. Great TV race, not so great there. Were you there?Live during the V10 era was the best F1 sound ever for me. The cars you saw Sunday were 6 seconds a lap slower than the V10 era, it makes a difference while watching, the car is just more unstable.
ACtually I don't think so, there were 2 types of smack talk, one for the week's oppo, the other was public.
Have you ever seen F1 live pre new formula? From folks that have experienced both, it's a massive difference. That sound was what made it feel alive.Glad you went, from the TV, it seems like a really nice venue to watch live. If you have the right seat, it seems you can see way over to the other end of the track.
Don't recall hearing that. I don't think anyone caught it.
The hat throwing moment was pretty awkward, he threw a #2 hat at him. Nico threw it back and didn't look pleased.
Will he show up for the draft, though?
Ya but one didnt pay
Uff... I thought it was a different league. It was a guy in our league?
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