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The point about Cleveland tiring is a good one, it's what sunk the Clippers. While CLE has been admirable in their effort, they'll succumb to fatigue eventually.
And Alonso says the following:http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/32818968
Really glad Coultard is out there voicing the problems. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/33060280
Kid Nickels deserves a medal, solid work. Retain the lawyer and get moving, stop bullshitting around in this thread.
Yeah, I forgot. Wasn't Barnes like 0-9 or something?
Wow, this is starting to look like the Mavs - Heat finals. Curry's not just missing shots, he's taking bad shots and letting Cleveland bother him, I don't like his decisions or his passing, and it's unsettling the entire team, behind the back pass with 2 mins left, hits a 3, then another turnover? Not MVP level play, especially when you consider 2 of the Cavs 3 best players are injured. Going to also call Bogut out for some pretty sub-par play. Tristin Thompson has...
Of course each individual spin is a 50/50 probability. I'm talking about the probability of the event. If I started betting black at spin 1, it's very improbable that I'd lose 11 in a row, the same odds as me guessing randomly right 11 times in a row. By spin 12 or 13 you're into lottery odds.
Perhaps they have no effect on each other as individual spins, but you do get into some small probabilities, just getting 10 in a row is 0.09%. And an 11th spin in a row hitting red is like 0.0005%. Over time those 10 red spins would balance out again, it just might take a few thousand spins for it to happen. 10 red spins in a row is not an example of the GF, seeing red landing regularly more often than black for a period of time and betting black is.If I saw 10 red...
Nice to see a bit of focus, albeit small. Interesting story about Fedora lounge and PayPal. Collective action should be considered thru a stateside attorney, it would be too ragtag otherwise. PayPal call centers aren't setup for this kind of situation. Here is a firm already dealing with a PayPal class action, and they have a S Francisco office. Might be worth a call. http://www.girardgibbs.com/paypal/ If you guys can stay focused, keep the hecklers out (ignore...
Handshake. Ha ha.
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