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OKC is doing it right so far. Work inside, slow the pace. GS is having a run, but if they can avoid the rubber legs late in the 4th, they have a realistic shot.
But unlikely they pull it out.
In all it's glory, the spit swap.
BBC Top Gear is back. They kept the show format basically identical, which was a bit weird. I expected them to change the format altogether, but they didn't. They did fine. The only guy I missed was May. In a way, it corners the old cast on their amazon show... the new cast kept the format, are they now the copiers? It could do with a touch of innovation, but I'll watch.
The thought of Hamilton and Bieber saliva mixed must give you pause. It just has to.Yeah. It's safety run amok starting behind the safety car. If its such a problem, get an ultra wet tire. Just stop this safety car crap.
LOL at him going to DC. If they lost to SAS, maybe. But otherwise no.
Bought my 2nd Metabo tool. Solid jigsaw. Solid German products if you don't know the company.
I suspect they were looking at the lack of a penalty of Rosberg last week, and frankly the historical bypass of this rule, which questions the value of the rule. There would have been claims of favoritism if Hamilton got a penalty.Ugh. The more I think about it, the more stomach turning it is. A few weeks ago it was Vlad 'shell company' Putin now Bieber? This is why F1 is losing appeal.I didn't explain it well, but Hamilton drank from his Champagne (mouth on bottle),...
Rosberg was poor. I don't know what to make of these "brake issues", but to lose ANOTHER place at the finish line was was weak. Ricciardo has had 2 race wins pulled from under him. What is going on at Sauber? Brundle is right, those are sackable offenses, but they are pay drivers so what can you do? But man, to ignore team orders and then the other guy get revenge by crashing his teammate? It's comically poor form. Credit Perez. Any someone explain how that...
With 3 or even 4 almost 7 footers on the court, there is no excuse for this. Pound that fucking ball inside.And Donovan made a critical error. Both Durant and Westbrook were completely gassed the last 3 minutes. It coincides with all the late easy baskets the Warriors got. Durant, with about a minute+ left actually waved off a pass from Westbrook.As a coach you need to do whatever, start the hack-a, dreaded timeout, slow the pace, something to let those guys get their...
New Posts  All Forums: