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So what is the gist of your argument here, that Lewis was entitled to bypass the apex because it was wet? And so then even if it's dry, you don't have to "take the perfect racing line", which Nico didn't, so if your statement is true why did he do anything wrong by choosing the line he chose? If there is no reason for a car on the inside line at COTA to let the outside car on the racing line, why is it not ok for Lewis to get squeezed too?I don't see the difference yet,...
Hmmm. COTA, turn 1. That doesn't look like a guy anywhere near the apex to me. Looks like a guy trying to run a guy wide, albeit with more aplomb than Austria. The curb is generally designed to be touched somewhere in the center. Lewis, because he squared off the corner, hit the very tip of the curb.The difference? Nico corrected and took to where he was forced to go. Lewis did not in Austria.
Duncan was poor all season. He had a couple of good weeks early in the year but past that he was half as productive. It wasn't just the playoffs. I'm a big Duncan fan, but it's over. I only watched a handful of Bulls games, but they knew what they were getting when they brought Pau in. So does SA. He's not quite as bad as that video, but he's not a stopper. It's funny how bad defenders seem to only get compared to white guys. Is there a quality white defender in...
Maybe I'm missing something on how these cap rules operate, but can't they just take a tax hit? We're talking about an 8m salary. And if Duncan retires wouldn't that help? I'll miss Diaw on that team.
Heh, I have that same control unit also.For my new addition, my shower head is this one, I like it because at 15" it covers you shoulder to shoulder.
Only if judged via head size.Hadn't seen it, and it's mildly irritating. David West is nothing if not determined.Edit:SA... letting go of Diaw, I don't know. They were a better team with Splitter as well. Seems like a mistake to me.Also, don't understand the Gasol negativity. He's a perfect guy for that team. What are you going to challenge the Warriors with? Like for like?
Precisely. Also Scola, Nene, Amare, Josh Smith, Kmart, Prince, Andre Miller.
Bought more BAC today
That's not a trade, that's theft. In a few days a ring chaser will emerge to fill the gap that exists in the GSW front court. The only thing that can slow that train are injuries. Or grab Hibbert
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