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No, it definitely isn't.
You're getting completely robbed.You can PM me the quote, or just reject it and get others.
M C William is a worse shooter than I thought, I mean, I knew his % were weak but uff, my eyes
Hey everyone, here are 2 photos of the shears that we've ordered. If anyone is interested for the 2nd round, this is what they'll look like. For folks that have sent me a message, I have them and will reply soon. I am pretty busy getting this order fulfilled.
Green gets all the press, but Bogut is a big factor in the quality of that Warriors team. Unfortunately centers tightened up and start getting hurt all the time after a few seasons, but with the Bucks he led the league in blocks.
I agree, 4th should never be more than the $100 entry. You deserve something If you're in with a shout that final week, and it will help keep guys engaged, we had too many abandoners.$600, 300, 200, 100 is a good payout structure.
I was just fucking around dude, relax. I know you'd have planned the week differently. I abandoned 3's as category at draft time.
Good season. I would have beaten Namor 5-4 if it wasn't for that pesky indescertum the week before Suggestions:Payout top 4Don't let team abandoners backKeep the format the same ($, auction, 3 moves a week, etc)Introduce IR spot (in which case make it 2 moves a week)If you do a 2nd $50 league, format it exactly the same
Exactly. I looks like high school ball with better athletes. The shot clock is endless. It's dribble, pass, dribble dribble, pass. Back in the 80s you say solid fundamental ball. Then the high school generation came into the league and from there it was downhill for college. If there is a rule, they should make it 2 years. But I still believe college ball should be converted to semi-pro.
Everyone hates Duke, so I'm not sure how he's any different than most everyone else
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