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Yeah. Ask about 400,000 more of your friends to do that so I can unwind from this shit.
That headband is not high enough on his head.
Pau should totally become a Spur. These players don't know what's good for their legacy.
It actually does seem like its building towards Cleveland. Ha ha, poor Wade.
No, I never took any profits on it. I was up about that much at one point, so its an even more precipitous drop than just my initial position. What a piece of shit.
PBPB down 25% after shit earnings. Down 56% on this loser.
I think what we really want to know is if Delonte is also better than Parker...
The hype meter on Lebron to Cleveland is now getting red. He fucked them once with the decision, now the team has been told to clear cap space by his agent. If he doesn't go to Cleveland, he'd be fucking them a second time. I see no way he can't go to Cleveland at this point. It makes sense now that the Rockets are locking in Bosh. The guy that really gets the meat pole here is Wade... left in the cold in MIA.
Exactly. "The team would have bent over backwards to send someone to assist". Simple statement which obviously implies "had Delonte called them". I really don't need to spell this out any further unless you thought I was suggesting the team had a crystal ball.I'm not trashing the guy, I'm just saying he's not that smart. There are like 100 ways you can see bad judgement here. Perhaps we're not denigrating his character as much as we're concluding he's just stupid.
No. That's its a bad idea to ride a motorcycle with a bag of guns. Who knows what really happened in advance of that. My point was simply that he should have thought about it, assessed the risks, and used his resources at hand to avoid a public incident. Pretty obvious stuff.
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