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Fuck ya it did.Way up today.
I think you don't have it.
+1GILD is a bad move. Beyond it's problems, Trump only needs to breathe on his Twitter account to make you regret the purchase.
Like I said, you're a fan. And fans are notorious for calling the worst quality basketball great when it results in a win. I remember '90s Knicks fans calling Starks-ball great, but it was complete shit to watch.
They may be "better" in a mathematical sense, but apart from Embiid they are scratch your eyes out awful to watch. A Sixers - Knicks game is automatic suicide watch. You characterize that as a blast because you're a fan and it was a comeback. I'm sure they've had a moment or two of entertainment, but I'm too much a purist to label that team anything other than complete shit.
That's fantastic news. Unfortunately it will turn into pit stop passing again, so a counter measure against that would be required. Perhaps a minimum 3 second stop time?
That's what I was going to say. He must sleep like a corpse.I am not sure a white noise machine is going to be enough. He might need some sound deadening material to cover the windows. It might not look pretty but will help. Key is to get the sound blocking as air tight as possible. No movement of air, no sound.
Its like an old programming teacher once told me, it compiles but that doesn't mean it works.Other than Embiid, Sixers are awful to watch. And you're making a lot of assumptions about broken foot, he hasn't played a minute yet in the NBA and could be a giant bust.Speaking of awful to watch, anyone see the Knicks yesterday? I could only take 10 minutes of it. I would rather watch figure skating.
Not sure you can say Philly is much better, they still suck pretty bad
Torch Waiters!But note that the game winner was unnecessary, as he took 2 horrible shots leading up to it.
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