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I just hope there's a video of it.
Blake Griffin hurt in fight with member of team's equipment staffNamor must be fuming.
You don't see a lot of people in Chicago living in the past with Jordan.
Note to Robin: next time close your fist on that little bitch.
Wow, the Clippers even practice bitching and moaning. Shedding Smith smells of desperation. Even for free getting Stephenson would be a bad move for any team, even a return to IND.
The funny thing about Luke Walton is that he proved the Warriors don't need Kerr. Or that they can coach themselves.
Right now? A Naim Nait 3, fantastic little integrated amp. I made the mistake of selling mine about 8 years ago, regretted it immediately, and then spent 2 years sourcing another:This weekend I'll wire the Spendors to a more traditional Naim amp and pre amp combination and give the Nait back to my Linn Keilidhs.Still on the lookout for a pair of Harbeth.If anyone local to DC wants a pair of KEF 104/2, send me a PM.
I'm a creature of my generation, not to mention I like to look at a substantial stack of separate units.Let us know what you like. An initial pass on that Hegel is interesting.Going to wire up the Spendors this weekend to a Naim Nap 180/Nac 162 and demo them for a few weeks in my home office. With my Nait 3, they sound really nice, I'm impressed.
Scored a pair of Spendor SP2's today (the original version). Sound fantastic, 9.5/10 condition, one owner. Overpaid a little, but I'm very happy with them. So now I need to let a set of KEF 104s go to make room.
The Lebron-aliers are being destroyed by GSW. A 32 point lead in the 3rd.
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