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No, and thus the curse of the fact checkers. It's a bit non-nonsensical to chuck statistics at me when I made no factual claim about scoring averages. I stated an opinion.For example, a few pages back, I talked about how I downloaded and re-watched the entire 7 game Laker-Celtics '84 finals. Those were high scoring games, but they were brilliant to watch, very entertaining, great basketball. Watching that series now as an adult shifted my views on the current NBA a...
Statistics are notorious for redirecting a discussion. I made no claims about scoring averages. Thanks for fact checking, and you might get a few thumbs up, but it doesn't mean much since its beside my point. Although, now that the list is there, you can see a clear trend upwards in scoring from '93 on. Regardless.I'll restate in different terms and perhaps you can address the actual point I was making. The entertainment value for me is diminished. It looks too easy...
"Rules" is a loose term. Some are unwritten. Some rules blatantly ignored.Star treatment #1 - defenders get called early and often on stars (the Raja Bell treatment). #2, starts almost never get called for fouls... didn't LJ go 6 entire games last season without committing a foul? The net result being they always get their minutes and thus always get their numbers.A walk being 4 steps now. Touch fouls everywhere (all contact now is basically a foul). Hand checking...
That's very interesting. I noticed it closed at .81. Finishing the day on a high is a bullish sign.Still. We're talking about a 200m valuation. With a single person running the business. Can you imagine him today? I would have F5'd 65,000 times.
My trailing stop triggered. Profit taken I'm going to rebuild a position if given the chance.
Holy shit it's up 23%
Make that 17% I went ahead a setup a trailing stop
Make that 16% I don't know. Lots of people are starting to pay attention to this sector. I may do a trailing stop. Or just sell and keep the profit in free shares. We're up 40% in 2 days.
I posted it in this thread a couple of pages back, I don't have it handy. Otherwise, Google FDA approval calendar, there are more than one out there.Your desire for speculation reminds me of when I'm at a poker table and I start feeling frogish. It's usually the moment where I lose a big hand. Don't be the guy that goes all in with a pair of 9's. You're in a colossal bull market, you can't help but make money.
It closed 25% up so closer to 70$. Only 975% to go.Damn right. It all adds up. Obviously it's peanuts but you can't put a price on the timing of a good trade.
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