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That was a different style of play in that era. With all this emphasis on spacing, it's going to be interesting.
Yeah but the red bull looks identical to last year.This guy did a mock up and it looks fantastic.
On defense, cant you just small ball this team now pretty easily?I wouldn't say no to these two on the floor together, but they are going to give up 3s.
Doesn't look good. It's stylized but doesn't work. That big nose and that sloped back looks disproportional.
I fell into this for a while, I was sitting on all this cash waiting for an "inevitable" crash. I started deploying it right after the election, deploying about 70% of it.I'm starting to question whether sitting on any cash makes sense, as I have new money available at a pace that enables me to buy when I need to, just not at the scale that a crash would enable.GF has been gone since the election, which tells me he missed the boat, or at worst a wound licking Hillary...
The nose on that car is too big, quite ugly. Whats the engine spec on that ugly duckling?
The Volvo I drove is bought by someone that doesn't care how the car feels, mostly women. I was very surprised, I went into the test drive with an open mind and it took all of 20 seconds for the "no fucking way" flag to go up.
I drove that Volvo when I bought mine... total wet noodle. Weak ass engine. The lack of satisfaction when you need any power is a joke considering the price.
What kind of design forces you to remove an engine every 18 months? Lunacy.
Yeah, they create too many streaks, so you end up flushing several times.
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