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If we are talking past each other, then I've misunderstood. I think the point I was making to an extent is that index/passive funds are great, but they don't always reflect the risk profile you want.If I was 23, a fair percentage of my money in an index fund makes sense, but if I was 65, I am more focused on income and don't want to take the risk of another '08.You're right to a degree, if you're asking, going passive is an option, but when in investing history have you...
That number is above 90% for sure.To me personally, beating the market is a goal, but it's not always the goal of a fund manager. Some manage a fund for dividend return, low risk, bonds, and every flavor of trading you can think of such as international, country specific, commodity, etc. Perhaps I'm being a bit misleading and myopic to suggest they can't beat the market when it's not always the goal.It's probably more accurate to say they attempt to beat each other in...
Bought TD after market yesterday. KITE must have some large scale institutional buying as it moves sideways for hours and then pops like 4% in a matter of a few minutes under huge volume spikes. Then it trails down from that move to find support. I've seen this happen 3 days in a row.
Useful here until someone disagrees w your taste, which according to you is perfect.This comment should be directed at moderation. Someone deleted a bunch of posts when he returned to the thread after the grand self imposed exile ended. He was criticized for the return, which was deleted... moderation here seems to believe the abuse is acceptable in exchange for content because no subsequent off topic material has suffered the same fate. How about they be mutually...
Based on the price a few days ago. It was an FYI in case anyone is looking for an entry point, it's down about $3 from its all time high Tues. This stock has some serious momentum at the moment and looks like it'll beat that high should geopolitical stuff not get in the way. That last earnings report was strait A's.
Oh, , and here I was thinking that calling people pieces of shit, retards, fuckers and whatever else was the derailing element. I guess you just told me how it is.So in light of these newfangled facts, you're a stupid and insufferable fuckwad. I'm back on topic now.
2 or 3 days of FB trading down. For any looking to get in, this represents a small discount. Out of my GPRO trade, so glad it recovered after that earnings report, and make .5% to boot, ha ha. Now just 17% to go to get out of TWTR.
Funny the things some people get away with saying in this thread. People that promised never to return but did. This thread could use better moderation, and fewer heros.
Sure, he wasn't going to score points without a safety car, we're in agreement there. Had he parked it on L17 and then had a SC on L20, would we be talking about this? We'd be talking about how he salvaged a couple of points.I don't think the tap was intentional, but staying in the corner too long was. That's the point, the incident happened because Rosberg chose not to back off earlier. He knew he had the corner lost, but wanted to make a point. Well, he made a...
BMW alert.
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