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Injuries this season have been ridiculous. Is westbrook the only elite guy that's had a complete season?
The public is stupid, so using that as a justification for it being a great name is moot. This is not about looking back saying things were better back then, it's about the organic nature of nicknames, and how they needed time to mature in the past, which has changed now, and I feel for the worse. If the names were actually good, then no argument, but they're simply not.
See, that's funny. But Chef Curry is total shit. First thing that crossed my mind is Curry with an Indian dot on his forehead shooting a 3.
Chef Curry?
You can loosely consider it an income stock. It's not paying a big dividend, but it does increment steadily, almost like a non-cyclical. I think everyone should have a little V, MC and AXP in their stack.
Exactly. With Gobert, the dude grabs a few rebounds and it's as if there is a sudden requirement to call him something instead of Rudy Gobert. Nicknaming is for wankers, just like that phenomena of calling players by their initials and number (CP3, etc).
I have some at this level, but I bought it a while back.
1. This explains your poor taste in humor.2. Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. -Mark Twain
Wow, bought ESPR yesterday on news. It was already up 14% when I took a position, It's up 34% now... up 20% in less than a day.
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