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I was saying the same thing... no way to know. Alonso is certainly dastardly, and perhaps a genius. Regardless, I will never like him.
We can't know that. In the end, it was a team call. They said no.
Disagree. Bynum is a cancer.
I quit watching with 2 mins in the 3rd. Game over. Hibbert: 0 points, /series Better luck next time IND. Perhaps Paul George can shoot a WIDDDDDDEEEE open 3 when instead, after pussy-footing for a couple of seconds, Mahimi gets an offensive foul for having wooden legs. Or maybe the team can take a risk and fire a pass to the rim when like 7 times tonight someone broke wide open for an easy one. I mean, like, MIA does this. Why? IND, no confidence.... a beaten...
If you were the team principal, would you really let Lewis dictate strategy considering there was not even a SC announcement? I understand sometimes the driver wants to take a risk, but if that risk backfired wouldn't you be the donkey letting him tell you what to do after he landed in 9th place in Monaco of all places? No way. As team principal, I would have done everything in my power to ensure my 2 cars remained 1-2, fuck who was in 2nd.
I'm not sure there was any context.My take was that there was no crystal ball around there being a SC or not, therefore the team, with the advantage they already had in hand, decided to take the lower risk approach and wait for an official announcement. If I was in the position to decide, I would have done the exact same thing. If no SC had been deployed, Mercedes would have been heavily punished by the move.I think Lewis saw it as a perfect chance to jump Nico, but what...
At the very least they should add a minute to the clock. Schumacher pulled that shit deliberately back in around '06. He pretended to have a problem at Rascasse and fucked everyone's final lap up.It wasn't the most entertaining race, though Monaco rarely is. The interest comes from the novelty of the cars on such a narrow, tight track, but otherwise it's not such great racing.It was also odd to see the lack of quickly ripping thru the gears. I didn't see anyone get...
Why not?
I recall, at the time, all the players were willing to make some form of sacrifice to allow for them to stay together.It was a stupid move to let him go. Lamb isn't ever going to replace what be brought to that team, I think the front office thought he would. That was their ace, turned into a joker.He was exposed a bit in the playoff series, but he had a better core to work with in OKC. The other issue is that there was no realistic way to keep him as a 6th man, but I...
I agreed.
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