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I know what to sell now.
Top 10 for me, but J Butler is mine.
Nice work.I'm in the middle of a mini re-balance.Sold:GILD (32%)MDSO (25%)ELGX (11%)ALXN (9%)TPH (9%)Bought:COSTTNETPDCOPCPHHCZINCVTIVWOVOO
You're doing the right thing getting the money in early, most youngsters nowadays spend it all on expensive cars and live above their means.This crowd here loves those index funds, I personally like the vanguard suite as the cost basis is very low. I highly recommend you watch the PBS program called the retirement gamble, you should start to understand how the fund industry and retirement industry work. It's not exactly on your side. Always keep the fees low as it's a...
This has always been the knock and they've managed.Pop sticking around would be idea, but they guy is getting old. Maybe he has a successor selected. He'd be harder to replace than anyone there.
Splitter too. Anderson looks servicable. Mills and Diaw will be around a while.
And Cousins just got ejected. Good timing.
Opened a position in COST.
I'm making Kobe available. With Parker and Duncan sitting so many games, I can't afford a 3rd guy that is sitting out games as well. I recognize what missing games does to his value, but I'm willing to listen to reasonable offers.
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