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Thanks, I'll send you a PM.
^ not that interesting. Funny how we are talking about the worst team in the league all the time now. Were we discussing the Sixers last year after 9 games?
True, I guess a fan knows they suck because they decided to deconstruct the team.
He could just ask for a trade. No reason he can't help a contender for a few years. Maybe it was something unthinkable 6 months ago, but not now.You're right about one thing, he just decided to take over, but it's a chicken and egg. I've been in pickup games where a guy decides to dominate the ball, you just kinda quit playing. Also, when a guy dribbles all the time, it triggers you to stand around as well.Unfortunately, the fantasy boon I'm getting right now probably...
He has that TV and mic in his face daily. He could actually say something useful to help the fans understand the situation. There is nothing wrong him talking about his experience. He could have said "I only had 2 shots tonight, we're going to need to look at the film and figure out why, I thought I had some open looks. Whatever the cause, I should have had more than 2 shots".
I'm a lucky cutie that didn't sell.
Very close, I believe we are in the mid-80's right now. The factory has already been informed to start production and will have an exact count to them very soon.For everyone, here is an update from the factory:The factory has tests to perform on the forging equipment and will start this process next week.The initial production run will be ready by the 1st of January at the latest. We were anticipating a 30 day turnaround but the workers take a holiday around Christmas so...
QFPI guess some are unlucky.
This is why Lin will never be a star, he just sits there speaking in dumb generalities about the team, effort and making plays.
OMG that Kobe FG % is an anchor. I start every week down 0-1.
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