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I appreciate the (ever more uncommon) intelligent response. I take you seriously because in your sig you're hustling, and that means something.It's not manipulation with ratings agencies, it's collusion. Meaning jail time. As the movie said, if I don't the agency down the street will. The 'self regulated' sub-industry decided it was a menial risk, thinking they'd never get exposed in the assumptions behind AAA, so they fucked with the ratings. A wealth of unethical...
That's an implication you've inferred.While point agreed on much of your post, The Big Short, in a superhero G v E way, exposed the public to quite a lot of truth about how financial markets are being run, and perhaps the enormous headaches you report come from shedding an unwanted light on it. Just because it was 30 seconds long doesn't make it false, just simplified. There's no value in a 7 minute diatribe that few grasp.I disagree about this idea that thousands of...
I have empathy for you, bro
I've read enough to feel dangerous, and I never said there was a grand conspiracy. Though calling it systemic is equivalent to when politicians say 'mistakes were made'. It was certainly more than systematic.
GreenFrog, take your emotional warrior bullshit to a Millennial safe space.
Twice, actually.There is no room for either sympathy or empathy in this space.
Did the big money have any sympathy for homeowners when they manipulated ratings agencies and leveraged credit default swaps exponentially? A lot of people should be in jail, but hey you can't judge, you should have empathy for the bonuses of criminals. Ackman seeks to eviscerate the other side of every trade he makes, if you want sympathy you're barking up the wrong tree. I have my own nest egg to think about, I don't give a shit about any number of Ackmans any more...
Yeah, how about some sympathy for the poor rich guy.
Apparently Canada needs some walls built.
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