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Not just that but you can be forced to acquire a position when it goes in the money. Not a good situation when a life event pops up.
Dogs are a pain in the ass.
AMZN shit the bed again.
Or in other words, loss is 100%
Roy Hibbert wrote the book
I guess the guys that match his skillset is Taj Gibson at 8m... Thompson is basically double that at 15.He's a good fit for that team, and you're correct in the assessment above. It's not a question of skills.A good fit for a team doesn't make a max player. Nor does a unique skillset. That kind of money is reserved for superstar characteristics, and Thompson woefully lacks in those. The guy averages 7 points and is a 50% FT shooter.
I've watched them 3 times, granted not a ton.I would never pay that much money for a player with very limited skills. Sure, he plays a role... but he's just a role player.Back to the reason why: it limits your ability to make any moves. It's not a slight on Thompson. He was never worth that much to begin with. It's management's fault for overpaying him.
AAPL baby, AAPL. 7% is a huge move.
This is why you don't overpay players: Shumpert, Smith, and especially Tristan Thompson. No room to make moves now.
I doubt Lebron is so concerned with how Carmelo feels to pull off such an elaborate stunt.
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