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I got it an signed up.
LOL. Another case just opened.https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?qtc_tLabels1=9400109699938730596593This one was destined to Los Angeles. Your guess why it ended up in Honolulu is as good as mine.So now this makes 6. Concurrently. I have 6 missing packages as I write this.I can't believe this shit. You just can't make it up.
I've opened a case with the Office of Inspector General, probably an exercise in futility.You just can't operate and be this belligerent without someone knowing about it.888-877-7644 in case anyone cares to try. Click thru to fraud and theft or you'll get redirected to the useless ASK USPS call center.
Pre-order is closed, thanks guys.
Here we go again. I have 5 concurrent shipping problems. 3 disappeared in the system after arriving at various sort facilities. 2 are delivered but the people say they are not delivered. The postal service is becoming a huge time suck for me. After researching this a bit, some folks (some even postal workers) are claiming the reason is consolidation of sort facilities. Who knows. But there is mounting evidence that there is a problem developing across the country...
Ya, that still confuses me to. I think it means vs a different team every day.Namor, can you explain?
+ ImhoffHeard from him overnight.
Sure. Say the word.
You in, Ter?
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