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Read that, you envision a 400 pound knuckle dragger needing cops to get him off. Watch and you see this hopeless little female hand have no effect whatsoever.
The consigliere of the OKC mustache mafia.
It's been Aldridge's series so far. He can do whatever he wants.
SA is going to win this game.
^ LOL might need to try that I watched 2 interesting documentaries over the last week: Senna vs Brundle A doc chronicling the battle between Ayrton and Brundle in their season together in British F3. While it was insightful, I was irritated throughout at the lack of race footage. It's nice to chronicle events, but how about letting us see some footage of these close battles? Still worth a watch, but not well directed. When Hammond met Moss Great. So much I didn't...
Shaq can dish it out but... Inside the NBA got Shaq all riled up with a Drake/Kobe meme http://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2016/05/01/shaq-drake-kobe-bryant-meme-nba-tnt
The 4th quarter is like watching a Jr High game. Especially Toronto. This team will never win a chip.The endless stoppages and commercials compounds the crap on display. It took 30 minutes to play the last 4 minutes.
Umh. Such mastery of the self-evident.
This articulates the point I was making a few weeks ago about how the cars just don't look fast anymore. During yesterday's quali, it hit me just how late on the power these current cars are. I guess the torque forces you to ease out of a corner, but it looks slow as they are rolling out of the corner and doing a 1-mississippi before powering...
It was the engineering team Schumacher had that made the difference.The Sochi race is the worst race on the calendar. Nice to see that piece of shit Vlad Putin with Bernie again and the Putin backstage time is so comically awkward. That man has absolutely no personality.No fur hats this year.
New Posts  All Forums: