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Guy at the peak of his powers. That was special. Just stop gnawing the mouthpiece.
The Hawks have a better chance to make a finals matchup competitive.
Wanted to see it be CHIs year, but I can get behind the Hawks. I thought it would be a ATL/CHI - GSW finals, which all told ATL would be better suited to go against the Warriors.
He'd dirty the outside of the fabric thru misses.
Thomas seems more like a terrible person than just a terrible executive.
The Bulls are in trouble next season without some luck. They just can't score consistently.
Looks to me like he was expecting him to catch the lob in the air.
Yeah, but you didn't address the point, do you want to watch a race with 8 cars? If all those manufacturers were that willing, they'd be there, but they come and leave the sport because not winning is bad for their reputation... Toyota, BMW, Ford, Peugeot, it's considered negative for their brand.
Why? In the past it triggered some strategic battles that played out nicely in the last few laps. The compound itself seems more at fault that the rule.
Chicago's scoring droughts are just murdering their chances. Noah has become unwatchable... I mean, the hands out act down the court after 2 points when you missed 4 shots, a corkscrew jumper, 2 turnover and just general bad play? It's kinda sad. This was the DPOY last year, but this kinda smells like career done, not just series done for him. The Gibson ejection was a terrible decision. And so was leaving Butler on James after he had 2 fouls. James scored like 10...
New Posts  All Forums: