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How can I get market exposure to Bitcoin?
Yeah, but Massa? Come on. All these talented drivers and they want to bring Massa back? Give the seat to Marco Wittman then, maybe not F1 experienced, but a 2 time DTM champion can't be shrugged off.
Home invasions don't usually happen in apartment buildings.
Does that security film actually work?
I think cameras are a better solution than most security system. You need some sophistication to set it up correctly, but having whoever came near your house on film has a lot of value.The key is to get good resolution cameras, keep them at a level that they are not easily destroyed, and port the video to an external source because if they steal your computers, you're in trouble. Also, keep all motion detection video for 6 months. If someone hits your house, they...
Took a position in FDX this morning. ____________________________________ Ha ha, TWTR CTO just quit. Great work Jack Dorsey who can't sell the company because nobody wants it, and is fucking with shareholders for being a political douchebag. This guy is even worse than Marissa Mayer. http://www.businessinsider.com/twitter-loses-chief-technology-officer-adam-messinger-2016-12
Best home security is a gun and knowledge of how to use it + willingness to. In my situation there is someone home 90% of the time, so I don't fear a break in when I am not home. My main fear is an invasion.I feel a source of break ins are people that visit your house like repairmen who feed people info on targets. I try to slip in that I'm well armed.
FDX down on earnings. Think I might pick some up.
I disagree, this saves Werhlein's career. I assume 2018 depends on whether Bottas is more Nico than Webber. I would imaging he signs a 2 year deal.
It's pretty stupid with all that talent available that they settle back onto Massa. Williams is really going to suck next year.Bottas is going to get his ass handed to him.
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