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I think it will be more like Wilt vs Davis. Howard and Jordan won't be in that conversation. Think it was Bill Simmons or someone that said to people who say we've never seen anyone like Davis, well we have, it was Wilt. For me though, I think the player with the most potential in the entire NBA is Giannis.Wonder if Davis can do this, look at that standing vertical leap... anyone here seriously think he wouldn't own the league in any era?
Duncan = longevity.
Shaq's label has always been "dominant", which I consider a backhanded compliment. I never enjoyed watching his bully bump and jump style of play. He was a great defender when motivated, and definitely controlled the paint, but he never developed a refined offensive game. Wilt had a much larger skillset across the board. It might be fair to characterize them as rhino and gazelle, but it doesn't capture it completely.
This. My knock on Shaq is that he was always pretty out of shape and never really developed a full game the way Wilt did. Wilt was not only a dominant center, but an amazing passer, even ball handler to an extent. And hit free throws. In general, Wilt had the better basketball mind, and would have been just as dominant today as when he played. He would have developed differently, but you're kidding me if you don't think he had the strength, quickness, dexterity, and...
The Pelicans job looks like a good fit for him.
Minus shaq, yes. Wilt would be a better fit for that list.
These playoffs have sucked. Not even close to last season.
Uff. This series is finally over.
Likely yes. Unfortunately they probably won't progress in the off season.
Uff. That smug bitch face is back. Please Steph, end the nightmare. That first quarter was a fast paced and intense as any I've seen all season. I can't make sense of why the Hawks are perpetually down and uncompetitive playing so well.
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