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Lol, 1.5 million ?!?!?!Like maybe $1,500 is closer to it.
Anyone have recommendations for wireless security cameras? Need to be outdoors. I can do all the config and networking, but I want a reliable, good performing camera that will last.
Crushing it today!!
I liked the Torro Rosso the second I saw it, and my view continues to be confirmed. This is a great car from a limited resources team, TR reminds me of the early Jordan years. I think it's the star of F1 so far considering what they're budgeted to do. And it looks great. I predict it outperforms the Force India into 5th just barely behind Williams. ... in other news, please ban the shark fin before season start, it looks so fucking bad.
Yeah, Draymond. Guess that explains why he has his own version of physics where his leg swings into crotches.
The earth is... flat, Kyrie? ... make sure you watch the idiot at 5:00 if you need a reason for why people think this way.
^ Also COST I exited TGT a year ago, have no interest in going back. I would stay away.
Oh... ha ha, I didn't even know that. I think the guy is just lazy.
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