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Aussie dollar is a decent hedge, but this is a good chance to go long.I'm a buyer tomorrow.
If they default on their debt, someone will lose money, indeed. But come on, the trillions of $/Eur sloshing around the world? It's a pittance. Yeah, it may affect a few banks and other holders but it's minimal compared to the market's reaction to it.Buying opportunity if you ask me. I'm sitting on cash.
Greece means nothing other than some overnight news to trade on, but has absolutely 0 real meaning in terms of the bottom line in global economics. It's a shitty little country with a few ruins and a pervasive inability to manage it's finances, which has been true about Greece forever.Even if it leaves the Euro, it still won't matter since its like 1.5% of the EU's GDP.Greece has no negotiating position other than political perceptions of EU trading partners. This is a...
Man... Kerr on the Zach Lowe podcast, what a snooze. Guy is one boring motherfucker. He wasn't this dull as an announcer.
He's not a GM so forget it.
I don't see it, especially at #2. There are 5 guys like him in every draft, I see nothing that makes him stand out. Other than Wiggins, there isn't a single guy in last year's draft that looks a real prospect with a similar skill set.I agree with above. LAL has luxury of attracting FAs, so they may be banking on that.
They got the best value for their draft spot._____________Otherwise, seriously... 4 fucking hours to complete the first round? This is stupid.
How about something honestThis is a long journey, and lots of things have to go my way to be successful in this league. Being humble and learning from the quality around me is the most important thing I can do. I'll take my minutes when they come and will put the work in to make my career more than just the luck of the draw. A lot of guys think getting drafted is a dream come true, I'll say that once I prove myself productive at this level.
Listening to these agent prepped interviews of new draftees is mundane and irksome. Everyone has a chip on their shoulder, thinks they are the best player in the draft, and is ready to win a championship.
Pacers pick is a strange one
New Posts  All Forums: