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Rio Hyaranto... um, welcome back Alex Yoong.
I saw the line. Average the 2 games and get 7 / 6.5 / 1 assist, half a steal and half a block. He's available, snap him up. Between the knee, rest games, and minutes protection as the playoffs near, nobody is going to win a fantasy playoff series with Duncan.I love the guy as a person, but he's not a fantasy option anymore.
That's not a plan. That's pure stupid.If you increase corner speed and don't change top speed, all you do is shorten the braking distance which lessens the change of a successful pass.
Look at Duncan's game log, it's done nothing but trend down all season. Not sure he had a lot to do last night with Cousins, TD only played 11 minutes. I should have gone with my gut and dropped him before the ASB. I've cut bait, whoever has belief can grab him in fantasy.
Ok so they want to increase corner speed and not change top speed to gain lap time. And this will.... make passing EASIER???I swear I thought these were supposed to be smart people. I guess politics makes everyone dumb.
Where are you reading about the '17 regs? I thought they were going for 1000 hp cars.
I guess last night he also chose to have 2 rebounds be the only stat he recorded in an entire game?
They're adopting something similar to what DTM is already doing. Reminds me of that Olympic velodrome race where the slowest get progressively knocked out.Seems like lipstick on a pig. The Manor will be the first out every session, and they'll end up with the same players at the end. Perhaps a mistake costs a driver an occasional start at the back, but otherwise meh. It might be a bit more exciting and a bit more track time, so from that perspective its an...
Heh. The one at :55 is extra special. Actually does a good job getting near the rim, then, instead of passing for an easy dunk to EITHER Adams or Ibaka, he misses a shit circus shot that results in a transition 3 to... you guessed the irony correctly, JR Smith.
For anyone that wants to make squares https://www.etsy.com/listing/265264097/acrylic-pocket-square-and-handkerchief
New Posts  All Forums: