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It's more true for Lin than most players. In his defense, he looks like the type of player that will age well.If they don't advance, the Durant to DC with Scott Brooks now in town becomes a real prospect. Durant might feel like he needs to leave the West to get to the finals. He must know GSW has it locked up for at least a few years to come.
Last year. He deserves it now.
I missed that boat 5 years ago. I could have bought one for 35k. Now it's 50. I feel a bit priced out, while a GTR can be had for reasonable money and will always hold it's value.Also, the maintenance on a Porsche is eye popping as I quickly learned in my short lived foray into a 928. I know everyone likes to tout how reliable they are, but they still have issues, and especially a 20+ year old car. And basic maintenance is expensive. Also, it doesn't take much to...
Lin has shown that his success is situational, and that's a risk. No point paying a guy that could be rendered ineffective with a simple change to the team. 6m yr/3 years, 3rd year team option, not a penny more._____________Read an interesting piece I can't find now about the upcoming FA cycle, and how it might be the biggest overpay cycle in the history of the NBA. There is all this extra cap money laying around, but not enough guys to warrant the spend.... close to...
It's not the posts in this thread, but rather old issues of Road and Track. I'd really love to own a 911 993.I recently sold my beloved A8. I put 200k miles on that fantastic car and decided against an 8k service needed to keep it at the level it deserved. My new car is intentionally practical as it gives me room to indulge in the near future.I'm torn between the 993, a GTR or an early R8.
Funny you posted this, My FB basis is at 57 and I was wondering whether today should be my exit point. I wouldn't be a buyer at this level for sure.More than likely it will pull back from here, you should be able to get shares in the 110-111 range where it should have support.
He's settled into what he always was... a servicable backup PG.
This man will soon define the ESPN 30 for 30 "Broke" documentary. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/15416255/iggy-azalea-saves-nick-young-potentially-embarrassing-tattoo-mistake
Loving my FB right now.
Both TWTR and YHOO are shit companies and you shouldn't get involved. With all the options out there for investment, you want to "play around" with these 2 dogs? It makes little sense. I recently bought ETSY in the mid 8's, that looks like a nice play. I bought GOOG after it's earnings drop.
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