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I'm not sure I see logic in this. You tip big to get something free... meaning you just overpaid for a free drink? In the long run, exactly how does this pay off for you?On a side note, I've always felt that knowing bartenders was not a healthy sign.
The Simmons podcast is starting to suck. Now all we get is the weekly NFL betting line bullshit with this cousin Sal guy. He's stretched too thin.
I figure he's overpaying Jensen to sit with the idea that Alonso might not be around after next season.Lewis bogged after the initial launch, obv I don't know these clutches, but I would imagine a clutch was fully released about 20 or 30 meters. I didn't see wheelspin either. Something odd happened.
Why, what did Dennis do? Hired Capito who came from the VW rally team. Gave v Doorne the seat next season. Thats all I heard. Lewis cost himself a race. He was quicker ALL weekend and bodged the start. Should Nico take back the WC battle, he might really rue this one. Brundle has this commentary tactic where about midway thru the race he puts out this summary of what strategy convergences are on, and then end with something like "this is going to get very tasty...
Found it: http://www.skysports.com/f1/news/24100/10554380/watch-teds-qualy-notebook Forward to 22mins for the stupid.
Ted's notebook post quali for Spa. It's a TV show, so no print interview.
Man, teds notebook interview with Esteban Ocon.... He did his round of questions, and the last one was 3 x 3 x 3... didnt know. So Ted said 3 x 3 = 9, so what's 9 x 3? DIDNT KNOW. My jaw was on the floor.
I have the Schwab PCRA which allows you to buy basically anything allowed in a 401k
Microsoft would have returned you like 70,000% in 10 fewer years.
Fuck, I'm sitting on a bunch of cash, now more new money available today. It's a struggle not put it to work. I've been waiting for an entry point for a while now and this overbought market doesn't know when to stop going up.
New Posts  All Forums: