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Definitely not low risk with Chris Paul around.I predict they will not get along, as Paul is a special little flower when it comes to managing the ball. Stephenson will have the same problem he had in Charlotte with Kemba and Evans, and Paul is a nasty political operative, so even if they play different rotations, he can still undermine Stephenson. Paul is a Kobe-lite when it comes to guys wanting to play with him.
Zach Lowe wondered this in his last podcast. He said that they Cavs should just play their best lineup and dominate the glass and offensive rebounding against a team playing a 6' 7" guy at center.
This is one of those moments where statistics can't tell the story.
Exactly. Iguodala is not even a consideration. Lots of role players do well in a series, so what, just giving him consideration shows you there is nobody on the GSW worthy.If Lebron was not in the series it would be 4 strait 30 point blowouts. Just for making it a series gives him the award.
You guys bickering over strawmen aside, simple question for you: in these finals, whose been the best player in the series so far?
+1He's been the best player on the court by miles. I can't stand the guy but he's the series MVP.
As was postulated here earlier, fatigue taking hold. The Cavs has a shot until the middle of the 4th. Cleveland just can't get a basket when they really, really need it. It was a good game, surprised Mosgov didn't get a bit more run.
Nigel knows more than any of us here. He's an ideal person to chime in because he sees the same in-car shots we do, and I know he's watching it and thinking hold on a minute, this is fucking easy compared to my day. And it is. It's a combination of power steering and a host of other evolutions in the sport, but also the fact that you can't push the cars to the limit the whole time or you'll destroy the tires. F1 is indistinguishable from endurance racing now.
There are better places to have your money right now. TWTR is a dog.
TWTR is a dog. I lost 34% and sold my dogshit, I mean stake, about 9 mos ago. Worthless stock, good sell.
New Posts  All Forums: