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Not sure why this gets an 'out of this world' label, it being difficult notwithstanding. I guess some are easily wowed by a pair of geordi laforge glasses, but there are lots of drills out there focusing on multitasking. The drills Jason Williams used to do with himself were pretty impressive. And to me he had better dribbling skills than Steph, or at least more fun to watch. The technique in the NBA has become more generic because of the speed of the game, a lot of...
Evidenced by that lovely photo of him, Lebron, and Wade riding that banana boat. Professional sports offers a window into a person's worst traits. I'm sure Paul doesn't try and draw a foul when he's brushed by a tourist walking on the street. But it's his nature to be a dick. Doesn't mean he can't also be personable.
It's the curse of smart people, you're constantly noticing how stupid most people are and it grates on you as you age. Paul is a dick, at least part of it comes down to this. To me he's unwatchable as a player because of his antics.
A trade before the deadline would be good for everyone.
Jeremy Lin taught us that these things don't last.
Indeed. The games are long enough. In fact, I can't sit thru a game without DVR-ing at least half of it and then sitting down to watch when I can skip thru the endless stoppages and commercials.In general, all sporting events have gotten too long. Soccer being the exception.
Thanks, darling.
Prly 5-6 more wins. Fisher is just not a coach, but that roster is really poor. 8th spot? It's the East, but still. I'm not sold on Kerr being a great coach yet, it's 1 season and a lot of talent. "Great" requires sustained success.
Andrea de Cesaris was so famous for not responding to blue flags that his funeral was decorated with them.
In fairness, I'm kind of the only one that complains about overpaying. Lamb has done little to warrant even a 10 day contract.
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