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Earnings on oil stocks you mean?
Wow... getting destroyed
Isn't this his last year of a rookie contract? That probably has more bearing on this than anything.
Shumpert and Smith heading to Cleveland. Waiters heading to OKC. And it looks like Reggie Jackson is heading to NY... what a steal for the Knicks. WTF are OKC doing? They just won't pay anyone... Edit... might be a trade for cap room, Jackson may stay.
The dividend is looking pretty tasty, I may nibble too. I bought some PBR and EXXI.
No. I'm a long term investor in AAPL. I recall saying it always pops leading to Xmas. And hit 119.75, I believe. So I would have sold it in the lead up if I wanted to move it.I'm accumulating oil stocks, the bounce can't be far off.
I know what to sell now.
Top 10 for me, but J Butler is mine.
Nice work.I'm in the middle of a mini re-balance.Sold:GILD (32%)MDSO (25%)ELGX (11%)ALXN (9%)TPH (9%)Bought:COSTTNETPDCOPCPHHCZINCVTIVWOVOO
New Posts  All Forums: