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Earned it or not, embarrassing a global manufacturer? That was was a bit much. Those relationships are important. Just because you are rich, famous or successful, it doesn't entitle you.It's easy to say Honda dopped the ball, but how do you really know? The McLaren chassis was not exactly a superstar last season. I mean, Renault complains about Red Bull packaging, and to some extent they have a point.
"GP2 engine" If ever a team needed a demoralizing comment, that was it. Alonso kinda deserves to be fired for that, he said it more than once. Honda's hands are tied with regulations, perhaps "GP2 regulations" might have been a better thing to say. Max Verstappen has the measure of Sainz. Pass him in the race. Came from the back of the grip to pass him in Singapore.
Liquidating lower priced ties. 255 tie auctions ending in 2 hours: http://www.ebay.com/sch/tiebonanza/m.html?_nkw&_armrs=1&_ipg&_from&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1&_trksid=p2046732.m1684
I sent about 35 today, maybe 150 a week. The guy at the local office told me to go to the sort facility and speak to the manager directly.
I'm back. Guess what? Another lost package.https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?qtc_tLabels1=9300120111400909922470Most of my stuff is first class.By the way, that's the 3rd package from that sort facility that got lost in this mess.That makes 6 THIS MONTH.
It's the Asian Iman Shumpert look.
And Mikey... I thought he was going to make a return
Appears today you only need one skill to start making outrageous demands.
H Barnes is totally overrated. Crazy for GSW to even offer that much.
Then produce your own engine, whiners. You're never happy with the packaging anyway. You have as many resources are Ferrari.
New Posts  All Forums: