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OKC seemed to have learned something important about themselves during the SA series, and it really did look reborn. And really did look like they were going to pull this off. I didn't know this, but I was surprised to find out how many of the Thunder's games were lost in a pretty crap fashion in 4th Q collapses during the regular season. The DNA for this series was sewn in that.I really can't find a logical explanation why this team succeeds and is able to build a lead...
My stomach isn't reading into it. He looks like a dog on a chewing bone at the FT line, can't watch it. He's a solid player. Clever defender, great passer. Unfortunately he players limited minutes and he's less athletic than earlier in his career. Would rather have him than that Kanter albatross, fucking $16m in salary to play 9 minutes in the biggest game of the season, what a clown.
This. The guy is a dick.And that annoying finger point to god after every 3. And that disgusting mouthpiece, you can't eat and watch a GS game at the same time.Their fundamental flaw is mental, has been for years. It has improved, but they couldn't maintain it for just 1 more game. And frankly it had a lot to do with Donovan's bad substitutions in G5, his 2 best players were out there the last few minutes with rubber legs. And in general he looked caught in the...
Not similar. While I like them both, one is not a good decision maker, the other lacks a bit of killer instinct.OKC had the game plan down at the half, but afterwards they started jacking 3s and ate shit. Even though they had a decent lead into the 3rd, they never looked comfortable the entire game, and OKC couldn't resist falling into their bad habits when momentum swung.We saw a team grow these 2 series, but they still don't have the discipline.Oh and nice paying...
My guess is that you'll treat us to more bland and generic posts.
Pfff. The bandwagon fan speaks.
Ya, you're right. When Verajao beats Kanter to the hole for 2, you can pretty much poke a stick in it, even with the entire 4th to play. Durant lacks the killer instinct, that's my observation.
Thunder falling apart.
Just when I said that, Durant with those shit 3s.
New Posts  All Forums: