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I'm a lucky cutie that didn't sell.
Very close, I believe we are in the mid-80's right now. The factory has already been informed to start production and will have an exact count to them very soon.For everyone, here is an update from the factory:The factory has tests to perform on the forging equipment and will start this process next week.The initial production run will be ready by the 1st of January at the latest. We were anticipating a 30 day turnaround but the workers take a holiday around Christmas so...
QFPI guess some are unlucky.
This is why Lin will never be a star, he just sits there speaking in dumb generalities about the team, effort and making plays.
OMG that Kobe FG % is an anchor. I start every week down 0-1.
Kobe is a fantasy machine if he can get that FG % up a touch.
Derrick Rose is out tonight.
Not really. I like the guy too. He did the worst thing you can do in modern society which is to tell the world how you really feel.In this instance, he basically said he's fine coasting if it means saving his body for later in life. You can lie you way into claiming context and other such bullshit bur the reality is this is how he really feels. Jimmy Butler scored a career high 32 tonight with his sore thumb while captain Sit-Out was protecting his sore fingernail for...
Wheres the douche apology for fantasy?He doesn't owe me shit. We just have different mindsets. I'd be happy to trade my well paid job for a monstrously overpaid job to bang with 300 pound guys and get so do something fun like play basketball. I'd take that over managing my departments any day.Rose thinks his body is worth protecting for his old age. I would gladly sacrifice it for $20mil a year. I guess the mentality of millennials is that one in the hand is better...
Anyone surprised? Derrick Sit-Out is not playing tonight.
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