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I see, thanks for the insight. I don't hold a lot of mortgage based securities since '07.
I'm trimming today as well, mainly a couple of ETFs that have climbed back to 0.I'm trying to understand your view on mortage reits, how will they not get trounced with rate increases? Is your view that the fed wont raise again when they expect to?
Wouldn't all these all time highs be pushing the limits of the market by definition?
GreenFrog, you in on this?
Came to post that. You gotta be kidding me. 4 months in? Capito is a really talented guy, he ran that WRC team perfectly, won a championship first time out.http://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/38371269
I do not. But I wanted to complain about when refrigerators became so fucking expensive? How does spending 5 to 12k on a refrigerator make sense? These things are chock full of electronics just begging to fail. A month a go I heard a guy on a podcast all happy about how his fridge had a built camera so he could see what was in it.In addition to all this functionality, comes the annoying task of having to figure out how to use it all.We've turned into feature lunatics.
I wouldnt, I think a bad quarter or two is coming, you can get it lower
Maybe thats why the shares aren't down?
Wells Fargo bleeding continues: New account openings dive 41% http://money.cnn.com/2016/12/16/investing/wells-fargo-fake-account-customers/
My new bathroom has a bidet, which is the best decisions I've made in years.I kind of cringe at the idea of having to take a shit in a different bathroom now. Having one really makes the senselessness of smearing shit all over your ass with toilet paper obvious.
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