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I don't understand all the Bill Simmons negativity. While at times he's a bit annoying to listen to, I don't see a huge amount he says that's wrong. He was solid in that podcast above and has been in many other interviews I've watched, especially his interview with Steve Nash.
Not as bad as anticipated. Cavs are in a no win, I think their right. If I was Cleveland, I'd trade Kyrie, or Kyrie + Bennet/Waiters for Love, then take Exum.
Good read: http://grantland.com/features/eddie-griffin-nba-life-death/
Forget what he said... what's with the baseball bat and sunglasses?
Even better was Vince Carter not even needing a crossover to take him to the hole.
That went further than that punch, the benches emptied in the tunnel
http://grantland.com/features/2002-western-conference-oral-history-los-angeles-lakers-sacramento-kings/It was a great series loaded with some really horrendous calls.
That was the most entertaining team I've ever watched. Any team with passers as good as Vlade, Webber and Williams is going to play some attractive basketball.
Clippers. All along fan loyalty has been on the main reasons sports franchises are so coveted. Sterling has made millions off of it with dogshit teams.
Ya, I was down 6, now I'm up 14 or whatever it closed at.
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