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I don't get your logic. If they beat again, you'll miss the move. What's the value in getting in after the beat for a 10% move? I'd rather own a non-cyc with a 4% dividend. If you're playing the growth story, you are already late to it, this is not a safety zone play. Sure, it might move 40% in a year, but it might also dive 40%. Look at its crazy valuation, its priced for absolute perfection, which it has little hope of delivering.
This kind of thinking is a solid way to lose money. 2 earnings beats is like a guy that has 2 good games in the NBA deserving a contract.Second fallacy is waiting for the news to invest. Getting in after the move is a nice way to spend 2 quarters watching the stock move sideways. If you believe in it, you get in early.
I wouldn't. I'm dying to break even just to get out of the trade. The platform sucks.
Biotech is going crazy today.
Whoever stuck in with the EPZM move is doing well. It's up another 4%.
Oh no kidding, Alonso and Vettel for sure.Hamilton has been getting more and more whiny all season long. He didn't used to be this bitchy.
It didn't bother me that he asked. It was a fair ask. And I'd have done it. But it was asking over and over again that got really sad. It's not his call, the team gave him instructions and he needed to follow them. If it was really pointless, the team would have parked him.
Bought RHHBY
New Posts  All Forums: