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Valuation, it trades at 13x and pays a 2% dividend.In other news, DIS hit, looks like a change to get in.
AAPL looks like a buy at this level.
Is this a different setup than last season? Confused what 'daily' means in context. Is it still weekly head to head?
Should at least setup this year's thread. Get people in early.
Unless you're a gay Fair observations.Indeed I am looking at larger scale purchases. Most new cars aren't going to kids, or durable goods, or watches, or quality shoes. I just don't understand the constant murmering about the young crowd, it's just cliche and doesn't seem to reflect reality.
Way to stay young Most people graduate their interests as their income levels increase. Sure, a keg at a party was great as a teen, but today? Not so much. As I transitioned to wine my highest hope is their not serving a California fruit bomb.
So obsess over a 15 year old with 80 bucks rather than a 40 year old that makes 150k. I hate all forms of marketing, so I'm a rookie debating this, but on the surface it doesn't make sense. The idea that you hook them young into brand loyalty might matter, but what product do you use today that you used at 15? Clearasil?I just don't see the same level of attachment to brands that I did years ago either. Back then a dude bought Chevys all his life, not anymore. And...
In a sense, this. Not necessarily the young people. Young people don't have money, so I don't understand the obsession with the teenager demographic.My concern is mostly fatigue with their obscene privacy policy and general creepy behavior. I'd never use the piece of shit, but right now it generates a profit.
I see it as a mid-term play. I'll probably hold it another 1 - 3 years.
-12%Told you it was a dog._______Bought more PYPL when it dipped below 37.
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