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Yeah, its this drill that looks like a Black and D my dad had in the 80s but it's tuned for drywall.
The best income is earned while sleeping. Thanks for the free advertising.You work at a liquor store.
More not punching a clock.
On Saturday? Don't forget your nametag.
Moto2 rider Luis Salom died on track yesterday in a crash. Nasty accident, the front of the bike washed out into a fast corner and they both slid at very high speed into the barrier.
Kerr overpowers clipboard
Cleveland doesn't have a "big 3". They have 1 star and 2 guys not meeting expectations. Kyrie looks less useful to me every time I watch him. Love is a rich man's Mike Dunleavy. Beyond the Cavs, this modern basketball with a stream of 3-pointers from 4 guys pinned to the corners while a ballhog runs off screens is getting to be an eyesore.
Nice toes
Just having a laugh about how you flatline your way thru here. Maybe this is the secret sauce I've missed to what it takes to be one of the cool kids. Fuck me, it's not about killer instinct after all.In terms of butthurt, let's reflect on performance... I've finished above you for like 3 or 4 seasons in fantasy, so I can only empathize on how constantly losing to a borderline retard feels.
Any generic inference you'd like to draw from that and share? Perhaps something with keywords such as 50/50 ball, rim protection, or an observation about rotations that would garner general agreement from everyone?If you want to take a risk, mention JR Smith. If you really want to lay it out there, an analogy about 3 point shooting might even get a response.
New Posts  All Forums: