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I get the impression Jimmy Butler might be out too. He left last night's game.I was thinking Barkley and Gilbert Arenas before we found out he liked to play with guns.
I'm starting to get it now, LawrenceMD. This would be an example of cliche.
He only does sarcasm the way Alanis Morissette defines it.
I'd expect Dolan's financial choices to get the same sort of scrutiny Sterling's do. It's mildly amusing to me as a result, doc.
Dolan and Donald Sterling are boneheads. Ironic how one gets a pass on financial decisions and the other doesn't.
You're asking the right people. They're experts.
Congrats. You fit right in the TWTR community. Enjoy reading the ram­blings of famous peo­ple.
But Dolan overspends on players. You guys are fiiiickle.
You could probably do a brilliant reality show just accompanying teams on their plane rides. I'd love a chance to run the table on those guys. I hear athletes make pretty bad card players.
Yeah, I have used it only to follow a little known racing driver that I wouldn't get news about another way. In it's defense, this is a perfect case study why the tool is actually transformative. But it's a piece of shit. Impossible to understand how it's intended to operate. I can just see those design meetings now full of tech geeks with impressive resumes turning a simple idea into this monetized bastardization. Also, the street fucking hates the management, and I...
New Posts  All Forums: