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Man, if Merc is this far up, we have another Williams 93/94 domination year.
Yeah, I'm a fuck Duke guy.I really haven't either, it was jest.People get all rah rah about the tournament, I just see a bunch of frenetic basketball pretending to be intensity mixed with crowd noise. There might be 1 NBA caliber player every 3 games or something? Not for me. Since all the best guys are gone in a year, it lacks the quality you had when G-town face N Carolina in the 80s, Phi Slamma Jamma or UNLVs run. It's just jerseys now.
Can't get into NCAA ball. Would almost rather watch the D League.
Look how happy he was
Agreed.A thought I had fraught with complexities is to have an F1 wind tunnel lab all the teams share, but unfortunately you have teams in SUI, GBR, ITA and now the USA.
I didn't understand what CFD was. I understand now.It sounds interesting on the surface, but the regulations are pretty strict, I don't see many clever design solutions available.
Horner doesn't make statements like that willy-nilly. Modeling is getting better and better, the need for a real wind tunnel is diminishing. He probably knows their modeling tech is far superior to anyone else and knows he's still be the net winner.If there was no wind tunnel, tons of money would get poured into modeling and more high speed computers. F1 is like a raging drug addict, you can only direct the flow, but can't stop them burning thru cash.Fundamentally, F1...
2 answers.1, close to if not max. 2, I don't like him and don't think he plays well with others. If I was an owner sitting in the Mark Cuban seat, I just wouldn't want him in my uniform (if I had options). Same sorta feeling I get for Chris Paul. I'd prefer Lillard over both, who I'd certainly max.
For the comment above, they were talking about a tax deferred account.Sounds like it sucks to live there. That is very high for a simple index fund.
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