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Butler baby, Butler.Unfortunately I was too heavy on veteran injury upside this season and it's put me behind you in 3rd. Tony Parker and Duncan have missed games, Brooke Lopez, so has (careful) Kobe and Lance Stephenson might be the worst fantasy flop of the season.
Draymond was one of the wins of the year. I noticed him breaking out last year but he still had David Lee to contend with but he's earned the start spot.We're 9 cat, all the cool kids do 9.
You should get away from this thread fast, RFX45 will come in here and whine 5000 words on why you're not in the league and shouldn't post here.
Just like you, I take a topical interest in an NBA player in an NBA thread.
Kobe's shooting woes are topical.
CS is looking very cheap.
Yesterday's bounce was very solid, I got about 70% of the last few days worth of losses back.I can't believe KITE, ISIS, STML and AAVL. I'm up 230%, 80%, 56% and 103% on them respectively. Biotech continues to outperform the index funds. I took a position in FOLD yesterday, they seem to have a solid pipeline and look to be a great buyout candidate.My short Euro positon (SEU3) continues to rock, up 34% since Sept... come on Draghi.
Kobe back at it, 2/12.
Wow... those Knicks are even worse than the Lakers.
Man, Larry Sanders is an idiot.
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