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"it's a business" is objective. The rest is clearly an interpretation and doesn't require "I think" or "in my opinion" for the sake of those that can't tell the difference between facts and opinions.
An opinion can't be false. I think you mean disagree.I didn't mean to imply you did that, even though it does come across that way. I just imaged what some fanboys do in that situation and couldn't see myself yelling "Westbrook!! Fuck Durant!" or making him sign a $5 bill.
I'm probably older than you, so I do have enough to chuck a few shekels at everything, but I understand your position. Not many wives have your wife's attitude... maybe cuck it a little and pay down a bit and make her happy.My view is probably more emotional and less logical, but I just don't like giving my money to banks. No mortgage also gives me the sense of more freedom to retire on my terms. Look at that mortgage statement and see how much of your life's work you...
Sports fandom is a marketing exercise. It's a business that feeds you the idea of belonging so they can take your money. They don't give the slightest shit about you.I watch games for the appreciation of the game and quality of play. It's why I can't sit thru a Sixers or Lakers game, which a fan can. Unless it's at a high level, it's not worth my time.I don't necessarily have enough differences with people to warrant putting them aside in common cause over some sports...
Your wife sounds like a solid woman. I'm a firm believer in getting rid of debt. I would max your 401k, and pay down the mortgage unless you have something higher interest, which should go first.Per above, attack the highest interest first. Actually attack student loans first regardless of the rate, as they can't be discharged in a BK.
When its paid off
I guess you'd rather be moved by the fantasy that you belong to something rather than the reality that you're a stooge of marketing. A sense of belonging is great way to separate marks from their cash.
I can't stand the rake on these cars. They look like hot rods.
I'm not a fan of Uber, see my previous posts. But the hatchet job on the company since Trump involvement is just incredible. Latest one today over the "grayball" tool. Now, they're a company that flouts regulation and engages in highly questionable behavior, so they are asking for it. Question becomes why now? It's obvious why. Leftist dominated media.
Very first addition I did on my house in 2008. I was worried so I hired a consulting contractor (only there for guidance) and I listened to his suggestion for a cement contractor and got Castorini'd for $9k on a foundation when I found out I could have done it for 5 or 6k. After that he came in with a guy he knew for framing, so I got a 2nd quote from another framer and it was half the price.I took the project over completely after that, let the guy go.When I am provided...
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