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I've done Le Mans. Would never do it again. I heard cars in my head for 3 days afterwards.
The sound of the old cars shook you. It was 40% of the experience. This is really one of the stupidest instances of lack of foresight the sport has ever seen. It's not as if they were clueless the cars were muted.I've been behind walls where you couldn't see and the tremor that car sent thru your body going by was just incredible.Please retire, Bernie.
Interesting week. 1 x 2 and then 3 v 4. No betting for me. I'm not sure I can do better than 4 - 5. Sean M's Swag Team definitely threw $100 away. Hasn't updated his squad in 2 or 3 weeks.
Down to the last 5 deposits, thanks for the quick turnaround everyone!
Fantastic to hear. Thanks for sharing this.
Ditto the Vettel zilch. Nice to see him get owned.
KITE will not stop going up. I've doubled up since my late Aug buy. Up another 4% today. But you know, index funds are better Sold CRM, XLNX and FPX today. I'm a BABA buyer if it dips below 110.
Scoreboard.AAPL 118.25
Unless you invest in index funds, of course.AAPL at almost 118. Man, loving those $5 a share I'm up versus the cats that sold.
PM sent Sent via PM, I don't believe I have your email.You're fine, see my PM
New Posts  All Forums: