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BMW alert.
PM GreenFrog.
Some traders do, I'm sure.
Vanguard funds are probably the only ones I'd buy. Lowest fees out there.
"Edge" is an amorphous term. To one guy it means strategy, to another it's a backhanded way to describe a guy that thinks he knows more than he really does. I find the market teaches that that latter lesson very quickly. Or it's the guy at a trading desk burning both ends of the candle at night.I personally like to talk about trading ideas, I guess I have some strategy somewhere out there, but I find too much strategy makes you robotic and unresponsive to signals and...
You can make a chart do circles by plugging in the convenient tool or looking at the right timeline, etc to make a story look compelling. Agree completely. But there are some pretty well established chart signals that a lot of traders and automated platforms move on such as the 200 day moving average.You prly know what a candlestick chart does, but just in case, its useful because it tells you 4 things, the open, high, low and close of a price for any given duration. ...
The vast majority of funds underperform the major indexes. I'm sure they're all talented, but they don't seem to perform.I think it's because funds collect fees regardless of how the fund performs. No incentive to perform.Lastly, fund fees are a pretty big drain on your gains. Index funds are an exception, but in general, it's a significant headwind.No idea why you're characterizing people as having an "edge". Nobody has an edge, just beliefs, trading ideas and life...
I don't use it in some exclusive way in a vacuum. I've used varying types of technical analysis as a confirmation tool. The most common piece of technical information I use are support levels. I can't count the times I've moved out of a trade when the chart turned and saved myself the drop. And there have been times that I didn't gauge the sentiment well and the trade turned positive and I lost the gain. But there is snake oil to be had, for example the discussion of...
Whoa. I've been trading KITE for the last 3 days... what a fucking roller coaster!!!!! https://www.google.com/finance?q=NASDAQ%3AKITE
I just can't bet behind this. This sounds like the marketing message a fund manager wants you to parrot. In your worldview any form of investing is gambling, you're just paying the fund manager to gamble on your behalf, and then have the double whammy of trusting not only the market, but also the manager.In my life experience, nobody is ever going to provide more attention to your money than yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: