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Yeah, fair point. But that's a lot of distance to wander off line and he'd be hugely compromised up the hill.
What city does he live in?
No man. You need a lawyer where he lives. What is a Japanese or American lawyer realistically going to do about a case in S Korea? Again, misdirected energy. You need a lawyer where he lives.
Folks, a bit of friendly advice: I'd recommend you guys stop with this endless banter, its a waste of energy, just take necessary steps to get your money back as a group with a lawyer in his country. People opening paypal cases are just wasting their time. Anyone that realistically thinks paypal will honor a 2 year old claim when they offer a 45 day window is clowning themselves. They're a corporation, your cases are not special flowers, they're not libel, and they...
http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/33015978 The article is nothing special, but what I found interesting is this comment: "Lotus have refuted Verstappen's accusation that Grosjean gave the Dutchman a 'brake-test', saying the data from the Frenchman's car proves that on the lap of the accident Grosjean actually braked five metres later than on the previous lap. " 5 meters is a huge distance. Just goes to show you how far off the limit they are driving in F1, especially...
I've got no skin in this game, but I am also dealing with being defrauded out of some money on my own deal with a guy overseas as we speak.I immediately hired a lawyer in Portugal, provided a power of attorney, and filed a case with the police there. If there are really 80 people here willing to put forward a statement about being defrauded, then I would get in contact with a lawyer in S Korea and file a police report. That is exactly the kind of exposure this guy here...
It's been shipped. You can rail on me here if you hate the tie.
Here is what I posted over on Cutter and Tailor about the situation with the shears. Unfortunately the situation remains unresolved. If anyone here reads this and ordered thru this guy Gustavo, please contact me. And if you support the return of everyone's money, please check and support the Facebook page about it.
The first one was my listing, yes, it's absolutely real. It sold, so I guess he was convinced
6 days? I think Klay will be back by then.
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