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Even though it hasn't happened yet, Torch Waiters and Barnes. All this upside they keep telling us.___________In other news, the Celtics have a meeting with Horford... really nice piece of business might get done there with a guy that actually deserves a bit of money.
What do you mean? They are giving crazy money to upside now too.
LOL D Howard to the Hawks. 24m a season for 3 season, at least he didn't get a max length. Guess they are the next victim.
I can't watch this anymore. I like Evan Turner, but what the fuck? And I like Mike Conley but definitely not for $150m. These team are crazy. Oh, and SO fitting... looks like Torch Waiters is headed to Sacramento.
LOL they let Bayliss go only to overpay Delladova??
LOL at the London banker's freaking out
I approve. Nice piece of business.You're missing the biggest risk, which is he stops caring after getting a payday. Remember you're looking at a 27 yr old that just suddenly started playing well. It doesn't add up.What's the rule here? Is there like a 3 strike policy or something?Since he stayed with the Heat his whole career and "sacrificed" money in the past, he feels entitled to be Kobe'd. Something went down when Lebron left with his contract and he's been a whiny...
Indescertum is now a Nets fan
Whiteside: you'll regret his deal, Miami
Beal, LOL... max a guy that can't play a whole season. Mozgov... I know, let's acquire another slow and immobile center. This off-season will breed an entire flock of albatrosses and I just can't want to see who wins the Dion Waiter sweepstakes.
New Posts  All Forums: