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Your Jalen comment defines a rash generalization and non-sequitur. And I know it's a complicated word, but learn to spell sequitur. For all your bad jokes, it's hilarious you're doing the very thing you accuse someone else of.
Yeah, I read Lopez and it didn't add up.I'd rotate off of Shumpert to stop an easy basket from LJ any day.
Impressive leap and offensive awareness, but that was a result of shit defense. Anderson was caught flat and there was no rotation.He's not afraid of the buzz word either, which we know you find endearing.
Point out where I said that.
God help your finances.
As opposed to posts where you (and others) don't explain why and name call instead? I've explained my views at length, overpaying is bad business.Overpaying and the salary cap have no connection beyond what the monopoly money crowd here attempts to infer.
None you'll consider legit because you suffer from fuzzy math.
Ha ha, that's great. Actually gained a bit of respect for Vettel there. Both Merc drivers are looking more douchey by the day.
All correct, although you can't predict the tax situation when you retire, so the last question can't be answered, but as of today, yes. You pay regular income tax on the distributions.
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