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Biotech is going crazy today.
Whoever stuck in with the EPZM move is doing well. It's up another 4%.
Oh no kidding, Alonso and Vettel for sure.Hamilton has been getting more and more whiny all season long. He didn't used to be this bitchy.
It didn't bother me that he asked. It was a fair ask. And I'd have done it. But it was asking over and over again that got really sad. It's not his call, the team gave him instructions and he needed to follow them. If it was really pointless, the team would have parked him.
Bought RHHBY
Indeed.Actually, he took his attitude to a whole new level yesterday by asking over and over and over and over to park the car. I really started to feel embarrassed for him, he should be ashamed of acting that way. The privilege he has to drive those cars and the amount of money he is earning for his effort, he needs to get some perspective. In fact, I'm starting to lose my desire to support him over this regular garbage.
EPZM up 9%... sold too early. For those smart enough to *first buy the stock*, then stay in, I think it crosses support levels to the upside and may continue to run.
Man, I just made another killing on EPZM. $2.35 a share profit... more free share for me. Shudda listened, GF. When all my free shares come to roost after their stuff gets approved... the beach, baby.I bought YELP.
I don't think I agree with that. He's pretty honorable when racing.
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