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I can't see Aldridge going to the Suns.
I bought more EXXI.
I agree. Per above, makes me question why they let Splitter go. He's a perfect 5 for this team.
Dude has the strangest nose in the NBA. Never saw this vid, 2 thoughts, Zach Lowe is a haircut and year away from being bald, and LMA just sounds like a SA Spur.
A touch above fair value. $8-9 mil was a good deal for the team, so they overpaid a touch In this strange market where a guy like Tobias Harris is in the max deal conversation, SA did some decent business. Still questioning why Splitter was allowed to go... we're a year away from cap increase, just deal with it.
The guy ran a pretty good company, but as an owner he's a fucking clown. Karl's contract isn't going to have a loophole, fire the guy and move on. Terrible, terrible decision hiring him.
And stop namor from drafting Curry and Davis again.In other news, is anyone out of their fucking mind enough to offer Tobias Harris a max deal? Albatross!
Thats a good move for the hawks.
Then we're gonna need analytics. Cue Brothersport.
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