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Survived last night. Now Davis tonight, the guy that puts up stats for 3 players.
He's the best. Quickly becoming my favorite player in the league.
There. Gladly put me on ignore.
Folks, these should arrive within a week. I will have photos soon.
This is worth picking apart piece by piece.I have 100+ FREE shares of EPZM, kid. It's treating me great. Interesting you follow it. Noted.GTAT, old had. So I lost $1700. A small % of my biggest loss ever. Want to hear about it?You locked in a gain on AAPL, but did it stupidly. Again, scoreboard.Yup. Counts for nothing. It's priced in. You are talking about well known news stories as if you have some sort of edge. If they were real concerns, wouldn't a market...
The scoreboard --> which you pussied and sold your AAPL at 113 when anyone who knows the stock well knows full well it always rises during holiday shopping. A proper time to sell AAPL is just before XMAS or just before NYE. Or take a buying position on a dip.My secondary experience with AAPL is that it does much better on number iterations on the iPhone than letter. 6 has been very strong so far.Any piece of news can temporarily derail the trajectory of AAPL (you know,...
I'm taking a mild pleasure schooling you on AAPL and I know it rubs your sore pussy pretty good. Sure it's childish, but the scoreboard is the real deliberation of whose under whose skin. See you at AAPL 120.
I'm in my 40s, kid.Your previous post contradicts the thumb upping you do. I'll leave that there for others to decide what you're about.
Can't understand why you care. You seem to ride the coattails of the index fund crowd, thumb upping their posts and what not, so why wouldn't you just tuck and and sit back, blend long term gains in index funds?But you're worried, you "feel" it's wrong. You might be mistaken for someone wanting to time the market and stuff like "feel hesitant" and "it doesn't feel right to me" would indicate you are using intuition in a way that many here comment on as being idiotic. ...
New Posts  All Forums: