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The hype meter on Lebron to Cleveland is now getting red. He fucked them once with the decision, now the team has been told to clear cap space by his agent. If he doesn't go to Cleveland, he'd be fucking them a second time. I see no way he can't go to Cleveland at this point. It makes sense now that the Rockets are locking in Bosh. The guy that really gets the meat pole here is Wade... left in the cold in MIA.
Exactly. "The team would have bent over backwards to send someone to assist". Simple statement which obviously implies "had Delonte called them". I really don't need to spell this out any further unless you thought I was suggesting the team had a crystal ball.I'm not trashing the guy, I'm just saying he's not that smart. There are like 100 ways you can see bad judgement here. Perhaps we're not denigrating his character as much as we're concluding he's just stupid.
No. That's its a bad idea to ride a motorcycle with a bag of guns. Who knows what really happened in advance of that. My point was simply that he should have thought about it, assessed the risks, and used his resources at hand to avoid a public incident. Pretty obvious stuff.
Heh... good player, but fuck will that contract be a laughingstock expiring trade chip in 2 years.
When did I ever say what I just quoted there? I mean, its one thing to paraphrase but to completely change my thought into one that suits your narrative is not going to fly.Re-read what I said. If he'd used forethought, he could have asked the team for help. How you spun that into this "right thing" circular logic is beyond me.
Reasonable point, but if true, someone would have scooped him up. Its a personal responsibility to control yourself, learn, adapt. I sorta believe he was worse than you excuse him for being, I mean if teams were going to give Royce White a chance, surely they'd give a proven performer a chance too. There is more to it. Look at the way Dallas very quietly dumped Odom, inner circles know stuff.Regarding the guns, its an example of the lack of forethought. You don't do...
Years ago I bought JRT, $3000 worth. The stock tanked and went OTC.BB, sold it for $12. I just didn't even want to see the listing in my portfolio anymore.
I never think about a purchase I didn't make which turned out to be a winner. I never even get annoyed by selling too early. I do, though, get annoyed by selling too late on a downturn.I cut 2 losers today, PAY and NUAN, they helped me fund the RAD purchase from earlier today. So I sorta needed the online therapy of admitting I was being stupid.The one position that's starting to turn bad apple on me is fucking DB.
Speaking of speculation, how do you know any of this caused his meltdown?This right here gives him all the credibility i require on the Lebron mom plugging story.
Perhaps I naturally avoid the types of headlines you're describing, but I don't really see very many articles like that there. For myself, I'm glad it exists and I continue to gain an occasional insight from reading Seaking alpha. I'm not really sure it's any better or worse than much of the bullshit that gets written in a lot of magazines and newspapers. There's a big difference between something being well thought out and well written. I don't find very many pieces of...
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