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Any why blame him? Unless you are a full blown auto manufacturer, you're always going to be a B team. Red Bull is was basically an arm or Renault, so it's not an exception. If you are a B team, buy your components, earn your margin on being a part of the sport. Maybe get lucky one day and be like Brawn and sell to Mercedes.
I do both. I figure I can't follow all these names as closely as I'd like so I have a core of about 20 individual names and 3 biotech ETFs, as well as 2 healthcare ETFS.BIB, for its drawbacks, has outperformed every other bio-ETF that I am aware of.
As I said earlier, continuity. Ferrari had everything in place to transition development and then transition that first pass into a better design that is competitive. The expectation for Honda to do it without that continuity would be quite a feat. Most of these cars were struggling to get to the grid for the 1st race in 2014, all things considered, I didn't really expect more from Honda than where they are.
We had a member here recently say that biotech was starting to look extremely attractive at these prices. I guess I wonder why.I'm long biotech, have been for a few years now, and while I've taken a nice swat to the gut, it hasn't changed my conviction. I bought more BIB when it hit 52. I can't point to a single thing that has changed the playing field around biotech to such an extent that it's an industry worth 25% less than a few weeks ago.Precisely. Unless something...
What has changed in the sector to support a rise back towards those earlier valuations?
People didn't suddenly get old.
I'm curious to hear why biotech is suddenly very attractive.
http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2015/09/analysis-sauber-and-force-india-rebel-what-impact-will-eu-probe-have-on-f1/Not even that. Look at all the years that Renault and Ferrari have maintained consistency in F1 and even they are underpowered. To expect Honda to stroll in years after abandoning the Mugen project and just be quick is unrealistic. You point is reasonable, nobody knew where they were when the engines were unveiled, but just because you know where you need to...
He's already signed for Haas.
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