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Secondary. It wont get more than a couple thousand miles a year.Ya, thats why I have to drive the other 2.
Having owned an A8, I've built a tolerance for the maintenance costs. I think I just need to drive the GTR and R8 and see how they feel. I've driven a 993, and ya it's not really that quick, but it feels really nice to drive.
Let 'em pick paint colors, I just want to know how I missed the memo. I'm in the middle of an addition to my house and I have to go there basically every day now, and every time I do there's some meek dog following a guy around.
That won't happen until he calls for GSW to sign Lin.
What's with all the fucking dogs at Home Depot? Am I not in on some social movement?
MIA - TOR, the number of stoppages are just fucking endless. It's time out after time out, the same Angry Birds movie commercial over and over again. And "Inside-Trax" is just horrible. Just stop. Worst than sideline reporting. I know they can't give away strategic info, so it's just worthless platitudes/generalities, can players possibly listen to this bullshit?
After meticulous analysis, Adams pushed the Trump supporter first.
I only commented on the exaggerated description.
Leonard is definitely the answer for Westbrook. Durant, why not give Diaw a start and see how that goes?Not sure Tim Duncan has any role to play in this series whatsoever. He was getting pushed around last night.
Read that, you envision a 400 pound knuckle dragger needing cops to get him off. Watch and you see this hopeless little female hand have no effect whatsoever.
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