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No. though I didn't remember about deviation, so I looked that up. And even if it were, so what?
I don't think that's a steadfast rule. I held my triple short euro position for months.
The inverse shorts (and 2x or 3x shorts) the long equity, so for example XIV probably shorts VXX or something similar. If you think the market is going to be flat, bullish or in a period of compression, then the XIV is a good hedge bet on a bullish/high beta or otherwise volatile play.The risk is with volatility indexes is that you are exposed (heavily) to news and world events. For example, say you buy VXX tomorrow expecting the market to steadily gain for the next 3...
1. You're ignoring the fact that he can do it. Could Iguadola lead a team like that... not a chance.2. My point overrides. Yes, to a small degree GS influenced him, but it was overwhelmingly because of his own team.3. Best player = finals MVP. It's my yardstick. Leonard was the best player in the finals last year.
I've noticed that, there is something buried in the link, but forget finding it within those long articles.
Am I really going to compare the same player one year apart in the NBA finals? Why that would be crazy. Dubs won it and deserved it. But no, they didn't stop him. He wasn't forced to carry the offensive load by GS, he was forced to by the circumstances of his own team.So nobody debates Lebron was the best player on the court the entire finals, but because Iguadola executed a game plan and reduced his shooting percentage 6% he is the MVP. With that logic, Delavadova...
Could go at #5. This kid can move, and shoot.
Couldn't agree more.Nice soundbite, but Lebron didn't average a triple double versus SA. Different circumstances, GSW had 1 player to stop and couldn't. They rewarded a cute story.Writers outsmarted themselves. Lowe voted Lebron, and so adds to the notion that he might be the only writer left worth a shit.
There are a host of ETF's tracking volatility. Your question needs a frame of reference. If you are talking about overall volatility, then perhaps the VIX is a place to start, the VXX ETF is heavily traded, as well as it's inverse, XIV.Generally, these are meant for very short terms trades or hedge bets, they are never really used as long term trades as they tend to fluctuate wildly and can lose you a lot of money.The impact on price is straightforward with the VIX,...
I'm not. It's constantly being smathered on the BBC F1 website. They won't stop. I've never even used instagram. I go there for like F1 news, like related to the sport. For some reason the BBC feels the latest on LH's douchebag rich boy lifestyle is news.
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