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Bought more BAC today
That's not a trade, that's theft. In a few days a ring chaser will emerge to fill the gap that exists in the GSW front court. The only thing that can slow that train are injuries. Or grab Hibbert
The Durant ripple effect... Wade is in negotiations with the Cavs.
^ of course they're better ________ Reaction continues to be negative. http://www.si.com/nba/2016/07/05/kevin-durant-warriors-stephen-curry-free-agency-thunder
Durant's move convinces me that the league should have advocated harder to stagger the salary cap increase. Such a significant jump at once enabled such a move. The cap has been somewhat effective in creating some level of parody in the league, this move makes GSW completely dominant. Good for them, not that good for competition as a whole.
I'd have suggested the same for him... 1 more season for sure. Yes, Olapido would have been a great compliment. Now they have a huge hole and Westbrook, the kind of guy that other big stars might shy away from playing with.Oh well, they still have Kanter.LOL. Jet's butthurt is one a small pleasures of this thread.
Ok so follow my logic:Hey... who'd you get?We got Harrison Barnes at a max. Oh. Why, who'd you get?We got Kevin Durant at a max. Damn. We got hosed big time.
LOL Mavs, stuck with the sucktard Barnes at a max. Dirk must be like wtf I took a pay cut to bring that chump in?As for Durant, he goes where he can shield his lack of killer instinct. And Lebron must be like whew, glad I got mine when I did.
Durant to Golden State? A bit shocked. Is this source reputable? http://www.morningledger.com/golden-state-warriors-sign-kevin-durant-heres-everything-we-know/1382190/
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