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I think the #1 pick next year has been decided. Move over Giannis, we have a new 6-11 pg in town.
Quite interesting. It reminds me of how affected Webber was vs Vettel when the new Pirelli tire was introduced.I don't pay too much attention to the championship, actually. Unless of course it's very close which most years it's not. If a guy starts to look inevitable I unplug from the WDC.That race in Brazil has a case for being the most boring race of the entire season. Sochi the most generally awful.A convergence of factors make this season a forget-fest. Macca...
I'm now convinced I can get by Gordon Hayward.
Who isLink or vid or something?
It's a player's league. Tristan Thompson and his contract. Dion Waiters suggestions on a max deal.
Lots of downforce was left on the table in the past, I agree. With that amount almost completely diminished, there's almost no leeway left. In the past, that gap in downforce was what enabled you to follow. Today, without that perfect airflow, you're 5-6% down which is 3 or 4 KM per corner, that across a lap, without tire slide, is probably over 1 second, an eternity in F1.Not, that's not great racing. A battle over a few laps, fuck the tires or downforce, producing...
In response, the quality of driving today is such that the degradation characteristics are mitigated by the driver's ability to extract the max from the tires. A tire that lasts longer would only shift the inevitable forward a few laps. A car sliding because of induced understeer will always degrade it's tires.The aero effect on the wing in dirty air is way more damaging than the relatively calm compressed air cycling under the car. And we have evidence. Look at...
That was a boring race. Hamilton on the podium said it best. Can't get close, can't race. Why oh why can't we get ground effects back.
AC Ter Kuile - made in The Netherlands - interfacing / interlining available in 3 weights / blends Heavier weight (12.99 per yard): Thicker lining is suitable for lighter silks like Macclesfield or crepe 65/65WAP-29 2R Blend adds weight and structure to tie 20% Wool - 60% Polyester - 20% Acrylic Width: 100cm Weight: 310 grams/m2 Medium weight ($12.49 per yard): Medium weight lining suitable for thicker silks such as Repp or Grenadine WAW1414/33 Weight: 210...
Pfff. LOL at Red Bull, all that talk of quitting, right guys, nice posturing.
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