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That 1st Q was awful for GSW. I'm surprised that CLE hung with them so long after it got close. They never scored in OT as far as I remember. I couldn't believe the number of isos. Looks like Kyrie is gone. This playoffs has been defined by injuries. It would suck if this news made it a sweep.
Then that's the resolution. And you'd be amazed how liquid people can become when facing jail time and a criminal record.Are you serious? You want a guy on an internet forum to walk into a police station and tell them I have 160 people defrauded? Bad idea.I have a much better and simple plan with 1 simple step, and I have posted it to you guys multiple times: get a lawyer in S Korea. Let the lawyer lead the chase. Pay a retainer, provide a statement, whatever the...
Class actions are commonly done on contingency, as I have stated here before. Otherwise, if this group each chipped in $5 or 10 a piece, you could easily retain someone. Criminal process are secondary because you need someone to represent you guys as a group. It's just like the paypal cases, are you guys really going to file 150 police reports in a foreign country? No. You're not.
I tried as well and I'm not getting thru. These folks seem bent on complaining their way to a resolution, so good luck guys but you're never going to get anything done like this: get a lawyer in S Korea and stop these foolish posts.
+1The guy I'm dealing with kept making long stories too. Couldn't meet the lawyer, mom was sick, couldn't this, couldn't that. In the end, it was just a way to buy for time. Stop talking to him, get a lawyer, have the lawyer negotiate for you. You guys are really gullible if you fall for this bullshit.
I am talking about both. For my own situation, I hired a lawyer to try and negotiate a resolution with agreed upon consequences, and when that broke down, he filed the criminal complaint on my behalf. This group needs clarity on what the legal legal options are. I am working on the civil complaint right now, if one complaint fails, you have the other.That long post above? I recommend everyone ignore it and focus on your legal options, I suspect that's why the post...
Waste of time. You need a lawyer. This is just another distraction, like filing paypal cases.
A few names here:http://www.hg.org/law-firms/fraud/korea/seoul.html
Yeah, fair point. But that's a lot of distance to wander off line and he'd be hugely compromised up the hill.
What city does he live in?
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