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Spoken by a true authority figure.I see no news anywhere that he quit. All I see is that the remainder of the season has been cancelled.Tesla didn't deserve that treatment. Clarkson hates everything hybrid or electric, which he has stated many times. It was a hatchet job.I'm sure most of those dumb races were faked too.I'm sorta glad the show is gone, and hopefully Clarkson with it. If a new show emerges, I hope it's with May, Hammond and Chris Harris.Clarkson never...
I would have expected a tighter pack, no such luck. It's not often this improves much over a season.
Not a good weekend for F1. There were maybe like 3 competitive passed during the whole race, and after the first corner 13 cars. A year into the new regs and cars are dropping like flies. Give McLaren credit for doing as much as they did. But Renault... man, they're fucking up. Brundle is right, it seems harder to follow another car now, not a good sign. Ferrari have made a big step, but they were nowhere, so it's still a long way off. Nasr did a pretty good job.
I don't believe he has quit yet.They may take the show to another network with another name.The show has been pretty stupid for several years, so it's no big loss. It's great when they do quality features like the one on Saab or the tribute to Senna, etc, but otherwise the comedy is weak (for example the idiotic "some say" schtick with the Stig), the car vs bike vs whatever races are dumb, and those awful car conversions with toilet seats and ambulances and whatever, just...
Chuck was on with Simmons the other day and reminded me of how bad AAU basketball is too. You just get a group of the best guys together and then go around mauling everyone else, how is that of interest to anyone?It's kind of like the Kentucky team. You have 2 top seed starting units on that squad. Why watch them blow everyone out? I watched about 10 mins of Kentucky v Kansas very early in the season, Kansas was getting dismantled and it got boring fast and changed the...
Ferrari have an interesting story to tell. Williams need to tread water. Macca 6 seconds off... wow.
Man, if Merc is this far up, we have another Williams 93/94 domination year.
Yeah, I'm a fuck Duke guy.I really haven't either, it was jest.People get all rah rah about the tournament, I just see a bunch of frenetic basketball pretending to be intensity mixed with crowd noise. There might be 1 NBA caliber player every 3 games or something? Not for me. Since all the best guys are gone in a year, it lacks the quality you had when G-town face N Carolina in the 80s, Phi Slamma Jamma or UNLVs run. It's just jerseys now.
Can't get into NCAA ball. Would almost rather watch the D League.
Look how happy he was
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