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If you buy wholeheartedly into analytics and let it rule the way a team plays, it will probably fail. This goes for letting it rule personnel decisions too.Reminds me of a conversation in the investing thread about myopic, single minded thinking with investing. It applies with any complex ecosystem.
This is why it's true nobody wants to play with Kobe. After that play Lin must have been like "WTF did I get into getting traded here".For me, I snagged him in fantasy cheap, so Kobe needs to keep jacking them up. If it means the Lakers lose, side bonus. We all know the Lakers fans around here just start the rah rah for Team Balmer anyway.But... this was indeed impressive.Carmelo and Kobe are pretty much the same player, sure both want to win, but both want to be...
Curious what rule prevents Merc from a 3 car team?Didn't know about the 3rd car not getting points. That would need modification.I agree, better sharing of $ solves many woes, but with any vested interest, good luck getting any large team to agree to share any more money. The big teams are probably quietly hoping for 3rd cars as it reduces overall competition.F1 needing Ferrari is a long standing myth. It seems like bullshit Bernie dishes out to gloss over his...
Hey everyone, just a quick update.So far there is a total of 30 orders. Another 10 and we're ready to initiate the production. My understanding is that the factory will accept 40, if we get to 35 I will order 5 extra for myself and sell them on eBay (yes, this time for a profit ).So get a pair of these for your other hand, then you can be like...
I'd give the nod to the mid-80s Browns QB battle between Sipe, McDonald and Kosar.
Also, I support the 3 car team idea. More chances to weigh drivers against each other.
Sponsorship has dried up big time. No more tobacco to float the boat. I'm amazed at how hard it is for teams to sign up new names. Look back at photos of cars from the 80s and 90s, there are names slathered everywhere. Now, much of the grid operates with basically bare liveries. In other news: http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2014/10/f1-team-to-get-cash-injection-as-fiat-confirms-ferrari-stock-market-floatation/ Ferrari going public. Interesting move. Instead of...
Damn, Westbrook. Big blow.
Would be hard to choose between Bonds and Jet. Send both to the baseball thread.Watching Ballmer was 2 notches above Sterling on the cringe scale. I didn't expect it to look that bad. Would be hard to choose between Ballmer, Sterling and Jet. I'd have to go with Ballmer.
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