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For over 34 years. What else are you curious about?
Ceiling fans mitigate most of that. Move volume in a room will obviously add cost, but you can keep temps in the room lower at the thermostat if you push the heat down.Tall ceilings are great. Worth the extra cost.
That's hooey. You decide before you reach the foul line, basic stuff for the non AAU crowd. He tried to go for it himself and ran out of talent with a Manu step. The guy's a waste of a roster spot.
LOL, like I said, SNAP is a piece of shit
How is this guy in the NBA??
This is starting to sound more about your parents than their money. I can get you a few names...
Aussies are generally a pretty conservative bunch.
That's not a fair statement. The money has already been taxed. It's not equitable to pay taxes twice on the same earned and previously taxed income. It's not an advantage to anyone in any ethical interpretation of double taxation.
A dollar they didn't what? Spend? How is that zero sum? Your gain is not their loss; you're treating savings like it has no utilitarian purpose. In your thinking it should get distributed to strangers on a crowded street via a windy day and a bullhorn.People can enjoy what they earned and always keep some in reserve. This includes their home, which they hopefully have paid off.So what if an inheritance is split? If assets become too hard to split, give them to me,...
Finally starting to see one of my biotech plays pan out. TGTX 10.07 +4.72 (88.31%) Unfortunately, still down 30%
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