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Let 'em pick paint colors, I just want to know how I missed the memo. I'm in the middle of an addition to my house and I have to go there basically every day now, and every time I do there's some meek dog following a guy around.
That won't happen until he calls for GSW to sign Lin.
What's with all the fucking dogs at Home Depot? Am I not in on some social movement?
MIA - TOR, the number of stoppages are just fucking endless. It's time out after time out, the same Angry Birds movie commercial over and over again. And "Inside-Trax" is just horrible. Just stop. Worst than sideline reporting. I know they can't give away strategic info, so it's just worthless platitudes/generalities, can players possibly listen to this bullshit?
After meticulous analysis, Adams pushed the Trump supporter first.
I only commented on the exaggerated description.
Leonard is definitely the answer for Westbrook. Durant, why not give Diaw a start and see how that goes?Not sure Tim Duncan has any role to play in this series whatsoever. He was getting pushed around last night.
Read that, you envision a 400 pound knuckle dragger needing cops to get him off. Watch and you see this hopeless little female hand have no effect whatsoever.
The consigliere of the OKC mustache mafia.
It's been Aldridge's series so far. He can do whatever he wants.
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