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I don't understand why the smaller teams just don't quit? All this moaning, why bother? The big teams control the revenue and the rules, I wouldn't get involved. There is lots of racing to be had. Sauber would do a great DTM team, Formula E, or a host of other formats, or start their own. Somehow F1 either needs to run 4 or 5 team with 4 or 5 cars, or they make room for smaller teams to survive. Watching smaller teams getting blue flagged to death, 4 seconds off the...
My father had a Vega GT back in the 70s. Red with big white stripes down the middle. White interior. He wrecked it like 6 months after buying it. He was never much of a driver.My favorite was a family friend that had a Datsun Maxima (before it was Nissan) and it had "Fuel Injection" on the back under "Maxima".
MB is expending an awful lot of time and effort into making people look like someone they're not. It's not in tune with their historical reputation.In a different way Porsche is falling victim to this. That Macan is a completely unnecessary car, not to mention looking like an AMC Pacer.
Good, its the best spot.Yeah, 10 of 15 years ago when I went there were plenty of places to sit with gen admission, that entire hill on the turn 1 / 2 complex was open seating. And you could find lots of spots in other areas.F1 wants to grind every penny out of you with those outrageous ticket prices, and forcing everyone into a grandstand is a good way to do it.
I've been 4 times, but not in over a decade so I can't say how much the open seating tickets have been limited now.The best place to sit is the hairpin.It's great to spend a day, perhaps the Friday practices, wandering the track for different vantage points, then use your grandstand seat for Sat/Sunday.
BMW, Audi, Opel, VW, etc aren't going nearly as far. Get your point, it gets ridiculous to get a 2 and 4 series BMW, come on, you couldnt deal with a 3 or 5?
Mercedes has too many classes. As a kid it was C, D, E and S. Sensible right? A guy could pass one on the street and understand hey that fucker's rich, that guy is upper MC, etc.Now we have G, GLA, SLA, SL, C, CL, CLS, CLR, CS, E, CLE, S, SL, SR, SLK, oh and GL, A and B and they AMG all of them at one point. Google renamed to Alphabet... that was meant for Merc who missed it's moment to properly characterize this bullshit.And oh my lordy lord... I've seen this abysmal...
I didn't miss the point, though maybe indulged the wine. _______________ This series is miserable. We're watching the Cavs flap at small lineups while GS doesn't even play very hard. This looks like the first round.
This. He's a 16 minute a game guy. Against the Cavs we suddenly have a superstar. Make a real point next time.
New Top Gear ep2 was much better than ep1, great group of guests getting to Q & A off each other. Eddie Jordan really should be the host instead of the glasses guy that's a touch too motivated, and they whiffed on getting Chris Harris in there. Le Blanc is actually quite good. Let's not dismiss, this might work. My bias is Clarkson was always a dick hole, meh on Richard, but I do miss May.
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