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Damn you. I went in for Middleton this morning and you already swiped him.
The IBB and BIB ETF's have outperformed the DOW, S & P and NASDAQ by 150% and 600% respectively since 2010. It's not that hard to capture the upside when you spot the trend and take the risk. I started diving in in late 2011, so I was late to the party but have still done exceedingly well. In fact, biotech is my highest weighted sector now, and I don't see a reason to change.Until something fundamental happens like consolidation slowing, I see no reason biotech won't...
Is he playing with pain again? The shooting numbers look horrible, but he's still rebounding well and bringing steals and blocks. I'd be surprised if Noah's drop in production is sustained.
Everyone loves a hero.
Big brother #1 appears, the investing superhero defending all that is just and right on the StyleForum.
I thought I was on ignore? Ha ha, you read everything I write.Not really...Bragging is fun. Biotech has outperformed the broader market since 2009 and it's created a significant bump in my overall portfolio. So, cumulatively it's not small.And I just reported losses in TWTR, so you're also wrong. And by the way, KITE up another 8% today.I don't care about the way I'm perceived here. I'll hang tight while your big brothers run to defend you.
Um, I have none. Humility is for those that come to GreenFrog's aid. I'm rolling.By the way, I dumped TWTR! Lost 30%. Some will be proud. Also sold LOCO, most of my profit was squandered, but hey, better than no profit at all.
Moderation... please keep an eye on max contract talk. Max contracts are mentioned too often for my personal comfort.
Butler baby, Butler.Unfortunately I was too heavy on veteran injury upside this season and it's put me behind you in 3rd. Tony Parker and Duncan have missed games, Brooke Lopez, so has (careful) Kobe and Lance Stephenson might be the worst fantasy flop of the season.
Draymond was one of the wins of the year. I noticed him breaking out last year but he still had David Lee to contend with but he's earned the start spot.We're 9 cat, all the cool kids do 9.
New Posts  All Forums: