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Perhaps talent will never be allowed to trump data again. It's a shame because all you get is a bunch of resigned teams and drivers ticking in metronomic laps because the computer says this is the best you can do.
Race was better than I had expected. In the end it was a Merc 1-2, though. Vettel made a horrible decision staying on SSoft. That Alonso crash was incredible. That car was dismembered.
Not to be contrarian, but it was like 6 months ago.
Crap is an understatement.In the final 5 minutes of Q3, all the drivers (who were in their cars) got out of their car save for Rosberg and Hamilton. With 3 minutes left in Q3, there were no cars on hot laps.With 2 minutes left, drivers were getting weighted in and there were no cars on track.It's the most confusing qualifying I've ever watched. You don't watch the drivers, you watch the clock. And nobody has enough time to get in and out with new tires as this 90 second...
The handbags can be seen here... http://thesource.com/2016/03/18/matt-barnes-chases-bucks-forward-john-henson-into-locker-room-after-henson-is-ejected/ I miss the old NBA, there would have at least been a haymaker across the referee
Can't see the spurs taking any more than 2 games in a series.
Rudy Gobert looks more Alex Ajinca than that max monster everyone was sure he'd be.
Rockets won by 50.... poor Memphis
Telling someone they sound like an asshole "with respect" is word salad.__________That car probably could have been saved but he quit trying to find enough grip to see the corner thru.It was a decent line, but he dropped into the corkscrew with too much speed. Rather than accepting defeat and losing momentum on the exit, he was willing to let the car drift. He tried to power slide his way thru, you can tell because he nailed the throttle and offered opposite wheel...
Spurs are winning despite Green. He's been a horror show. The other guy that's dropped off a cliff is Ibaka, watch him lose his starting role next season.
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