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If you want to earn those salaries, it comes with the ultimate responsibility and 0 sympathy, or you can go GreenFrog on us and build the CEO a safe space in the building. Regarding the government, then stop electing the same pieces of shit every time thru.Knowing or not knowing is irrelevant. You're the leader. Instead they fired a bunch of branch employees... right-o, own the problem.This was fraud. Unless someone goes to jail, they got away with it.The purpose is...
There are only 3 or 4 other places Zegna might have acquired them, but I know for a fact they work with both so I would imagine they'd use the same supplier. Keep in mind they are wildly overcharging for this Calvin Klein jacket + nicer fabric, so they can absorb the extra cost.
The shoulder pieces look pre-cut, likely from Rovagnati or Cervotessile. Not surprised at the amount of fusing.
Or andre miller
I have one, and I like it. Anything 3 and under is game.
They seem like they'd crumble like toothpicks don't they?
It was a funny sight at the bus. Rondo was walking around with his hands in his pockets waiting for the fight to go down, the clown.
Great career, solid representative for the sport and a guy that you never heard anything negative about off court.
Claw back provisions are nice, but unless jail time is a real possibility, this will continue.Good point, though. I'm not educated on the subject. If I was her, I'd be mattressing that cash as fast as the ATM will let me withdraw it.
I heard pieces of the senate hearing, apparently they "let her retire" so she could keep the cash.
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