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Also, I don't care what res, if its targeting the headphone crowd, this is useless. Not many headphones out there would benefit from that resolution. I rue the day when I see a kid with one of the wearing a pair of Beats. To their credit, Pono partnered with Ayre. There is hope.
This is what it looks like...
I heard him interviewed about it. As I understand it, they are marketing a hi-res music player. Its novel for that reason, I guess all other players play anything.From what I understand its 192/24 bit resolution.The interview was VERY dumbed down for the MP3 crowd to understand, so there was no technical language.The player itself would have severe limitations, these files are rather huge. I don't think it would hold 1/20th of my library. And they are planning to...
And this inane conversation is nap worthy on many levels.
Most reporters would ask better questions if the athletes wouldn't blacklist them for it or otherwise act like complete assholes. The players don't get that insight into what they do makes them more interesting too. They treat reporters like nats flying around. How many clips of contempt have you seen towards reporters? Granted, some would ask stupid questions anyway, but its a feedback loop that the players play just as much a part in. I don't think Simmons is as bad...
Perhaps its the eyes?
Perhaps also a nut, but I saw a really boring dude flat-line it. The host didn't help. I guess tattoos fool people intro thinking you're interesting."It's all about defense''''We're just trying to get better''"Take 'em one game at a time""We need to raise our intensity""Make the extra pass" / "Move the ball"''I'm just trying to help my team any way I can''"We need to go out there and get after them"''Every possession counts''''I'm just concentrating on basketball''Now,...
Kobe: http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/kobe-reportedly-has-no-interest-in-playing-for-d-antoni-next-season-031314
Or chinese immigrants.
I agree, this is very impressive. There was a Ted talk about doing a skyscraper in wood.
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