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Where does one read Zach Lowe now?
Yeah, I have never been one to partake in the love of kobe, but what do you expect from an guy playing in the back court this many years into his career? It's good comedy to look at a 1-14 shooting performance, but give the guy credit for announcing he's done this early in the season and all the work to be able to even play again. This way he can take a final lap with dignity.
The NCAA took care of that before Harden.He's gotta be hoping for the final injury.
From what I read he showed up at camp out of shape, seems like it snowballs from there.
I held back the boredom and sat thru an NCAA game to watch this Ben Simmons kid at LSU, he's crazy special. And omg is college ball awful. Definitely the next iteration of the 5 position player and belongs in the starting lineup of any NBA team -shouldn't be wasting away in college risking career ending injuries.
Almost as inversely impressive as Kobe going 1-14.
"We're down 30-11 after 1 quarter to GSW" ?
Wont last when Carmelo gets hurt, which he will.
Goddam do I miss that guy. That behind the back to Webber at around 1 min was incredible. And those slip passes to Divac, amazing.It's too bad the game is so fast now that it won't allow for gen 3 of Pete Marovich / J Will.
Steph was doing his thing, but I think the story of the night was watching Giannis go at Cleveland and especially Lebron. He's clearly their best player, and now looks like the leader of the team. Edit: LOL, the other story is how Doc got outcoached by Luke Walton.
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