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Aussies are generally a pretty conservative bunch.
That's not a fair statement. The money has already been taxed. It's not equitable to pay taxes twice on the same earned and previously taxed income. It's not an advantage to anyone in any ethical interpretation of double taxation.
A dollar they didn't what? Spend? How is that zero sum? Your gain is not their loss; you're treating savings like it has no utilitarian purpose. In your thinking it should get distributed to strangers on a crowded street via a windy day and a bullhorn.People can enjoy what they earned and always keep some in reserve. This includes their home, which they hopefully have paid off.So what if an inheritance is split? If assets become too hard to split, give them to me,...
Finally starting to see one of my biotech plays pan out. TGTX 10.07 +4.72 (88.31%) Unfortunately, still down 30%
Your own efforts aside, how can you argue against the additional security that comes with inheritance?Nobody is talking about multi generational households. Inheritance has nothing to do with this.You cannot create perfect stability, but you can build a bigger boat that rocks less on rough water.
You guys are taking this to weird places.Nobody is suggesting saving every penny so that it can be given to someone else. By all means, a comfortable retirement is something to wish for, which I wish for my own parents. At the same time if I saw my mom playing slot machines 10 hours a day, I might have something to say. Yes, its their money, but it's also honorable to pass something on.
Most people of reasonable means can't just buy a second home. It generally takes some collateral.Brings me to the the other point, building wealth thru family inheritance is something to roll your eyes at? Seriously, why shouldn't you care about leaving assets to your kids? Bizarre. In my family. Inheritance is highly valued, and I completely agree with that stance.In addition, it is getting so much harder for young people to build any wealth anymore. 30 years ago...
I don't understand the decision. For some reason in America the idea of passing things on to your kids gets lost. If you did that in most European countries, you'd have a furor in your family. In your 70s you should be thinking about leaving some form of a legacy.Another point worth mentioning regarding getting rid of a mortgage is that you now have a piece of collateral for the purchase of another home for the purposes of income. If you focus on getting rid of a...
I miss that beautiful heavy steering. It's a pleasure to watch.
"it's a business" is objective. The rest is clearly an interpretation and doesn't require "I think" or "in my opinion" for the sake of those that can't tell the difference between facts and opinions.
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