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Maybe dead on front, but from the side the Vette lines are more obvious
Isn't that the website that publishes 60 pictures of phony v-next iphones a month?
The difference between soccer and basketball is the sprinting. In soccer they cover much more distance but they do it at a different pace. Soccer player are generally more fit IMO, and basketball player's raw size plays a role in their endurance. Still, when you see some guys gassed at the end of the 1st, it does make you wonder. Back to fouling. It's the main reason the games have gotten so slow. A foul was originally intended as a punishment for a mistake. In it's...
I simply don't have time to watch a game live/on TV. I have an hour, so a DVR is my only option. I guess the only annoyance for me is I have to hit the forward button more often.
A vestige of my lost youth. After S Wars, Mark Hamill was the greatest actor on earth to a kid. Him, plus a wild Corvette was gold. To my eye today that car looks like shit, but regardless, it was fun to revisit this movie many years on.
Baseball or NBA timeouts, which is more boring? If hacking in the middle of a quarter becomes prevalent, the easy fix is to make it a 48 minute rule. The main reason I don't watch more games is the endless stoppages. Reduce timeouts, and give guys 5 fouls. 6 fouls x 12 players x 2 teams is 144 potential stoppages, not to mention timeouts and scheduled breaks. It's an insane number. Another rule change I would make is to change the number of fouls for starters versus...
Pff. Where did you reach such a story?
Oh, in that case absolutely agree. That would be a horror.
I hope you're wrong re slowing things down.Silver is a real life Giacometti sculpture.
I'm for whatever solution speeds up the game. Those last few minutes can be criminally slow already, made worse thru intentional fouling. Nobody has 3 hours to invest in a 48 minute basketball game.
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