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Do you know the reason it's corrected?
Whew. Survived the week. Me vs Mikey next week. Looks like Indescertum beat Commando Sole.
CHRK33 and I have played it even again. Good battle. Its 5-4 and unless he out-blocks me by 9 tonight I'll slip thru. Thank god for Deandre Jordan. Lots of damage this week. Westbrook, Deng, and now David Lee may be out.
He is. Night in and night out. The guy is incredibly productive.
Ya, I have him. I'm barely hanging on 5-4 this week, and he's not playing back to backs even before this.I read he's fine, no pain. But I don't see the Thunder taking any risks with him, but he's got no more games this week so I've got time to see if a drop is warranted.
I thought like 1/2 the league was using it now. I know SA, Dallas and GSW are really into it, who else? Boston and LAC?
I'm afraid of a guy on Bath Salts with a machete in a public bathroom, this is a bunch of tall boys running around. I just have a preference to see 32 distinct teams with distinct styles so that there is a clash rather than mostly canceling each other out. If this is the way the game is evolving, fine. It just means I may not watch as much as it becomes boring. Perhaps something new and exciting will spring up, who knows.Ya, there is a lot of nuance in the game that...
Careful with that Ed... the Fact Check Mafia is around.I agree with you to a large extent. We've made large analytical strides towards a homogenized form of basketball. The transition is not complete but its getting there. Teams are targeting a model with a group of players which the math specifies as ideal. Now everyone needs a stretch 4, so a Reggie Evans type guy is marginalized. Eventually that idealization will make teams look more or less the same. Or dare I...
I don't watch Houston regularly but from what I've seen he'd get pushed around pretty good with some of the beefier 4s in the league.
You're right. The guy that tips the metrics from mid-range is already very valuable. Karl Malone would thrive in this league now.Players will refine their game in that area to the point where they get contracts just for shooting that 3% extra for 18 feet. Over time this area of the game will be refined enough that it will shift the metrics to point to a new area to emphasize. Wesley Matthews is an example of this already in motion. It also seems to emphasize guys that...
New Posts  All Forums: