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Hey everyone, All deposits have been paid. Remarkably, nobody has cancelled their order. Even the person I thought was not going to join in popped up at the last minute. I really appreciate everyone's commitment, and intend to expedite the process as much as possible. As of now, the books are closed. I have ordered 2 extra pairs for anyone that wants to join in, and I will honor the price I quoted everyone, so if you want a pair PM me right away. Once those 2 pairs...
It's tragic.
It's looking better than I thought this week, Namor. I'm in with a shout. 3s are a dead cat, but I see an inroad to taking the week 5-4. Will need some luck. Jimmy Butler remains the steal of the draft
He was sick, so Cousins didn't really outplay him.
Now that we're doing this1993 Montreal1995 Montreal1996 Montreal1996 France Magny Cours1996 Le Mans1998 Montreal2003 Spa
I didn't like spa. Too few laps.
Montreal is a fantastic place to see a race. Narrow island, makes it easy to visit different spots. My first race was in 93, the V10 era when McLaren still had the Marlboro livery. I've seen the race there 4 times, including the year Alesi won his only ever GP.
My investment is small too, but I'll take it all.
Loving it.
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