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LOL... everyone should get out right here. As soon as due diligence starts, it's certain to fall apart.
Apparently Mr Scott directed it and put himself hanging from a cliff -how novel. I couldn't handle the suspense wondering if a core character would die. The only thing I really, really wish they did was say "we've got company" when the intruders broke onto the ship. Also amusing was the old starship they found... like in 1968 we had color TVs and 300 years on all the screens on that ship were black and green again? Who designs these sets?
I'm not sure if you're serious because that movie was a grabastic piece of shit. Snappy chat, constant comic relief, and the usual litany of cliche action sequences, and (gasp) a fight at the end and the good guys win.
I think he recognized that. He's talking about variance within the Z Zegna line.
Probably the former. Large manufacturers like Zegna now have their hands in so many products that many are outsourced with little connection to the company. The idea of 'brand' has become watered down, so expecting Zegna to behave any differently than, say, Armani is a fantasy.
Decided to hold off on WFC I'm having trouble deciding whether to sell my BABA stake, it's only a 13% return since the IPO, but I have a good bucket full of shares so its a tidy profit $ wise. I guess I'm wondering where the conviction in the market is coming from, and whether I'm missing a longer term move by selling because I'm bitten from being underwater for so long.
Those tight pants make you look bad when you try and pull them off
No shortage of suckers out there.
Savile Row Men's Warehouse One of these things is not like the other. You're putting too much thought into marketing jargon.
Is this like that D Wade phone commercial?
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