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Holy shit... check out PBYI
Love to CLE is a much better fit than CHI. I agree with you, that was my point earlier, CHI wouldn't improve much with a deal like that. Losing Butler means losing your premier perimeter defender without a replacement. What good it is to have Love if you are giving up 20 more points a game in the frontcourt?
BIIB, TMO, BA all solid earnings. XLNX not so much.
MINN hasn't accepted such an offer. Gibson I'd trade but I wouldn't package Butler. They just got Gasol anyway. And you underestimate Butler, he's going into his 3rd year and has huge potential.
Meaningless statement. Even if its $1 its a viable short.
Funny, I think Ackman is fundamentally right but it's very hard to explain the flaw in a way to send investors running. Eventually, enough people won't profit from the model on the ground and it will translate to the profitably. HLF is a MLM scheme, but it's not destined to fail, just look at Amway. Not a buyer...
Same thing I said. He's not as bad as people make him out to be. Anyone that can rebound like him is valuable.Now, CHI... Butler... that kid is special, no way I'd ever trade him. Any CHI team is going to come up against Lebron and Butler defends him very well, was the best until Leonard decided to one up.CLE is going to make the deal. He'll be great on that team. Verajao, if he can stay healthy, provides good rim protection. Haywood is serviceable. Not a lot of...
Earnings about even. Stock slightly down.
3rd solid trading day in a row. Opened a position back up in PBR yesterday.
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