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New Williams: New Force India... wow, look at that radical front wing.
Dion Waiters looks just as bad on OKC as he did in Cleveland. I just don't see him making it. OKC made a bad move. I've watched 2 games since his move, he's always calling for the ball, gets stopped 20 feet out by a single guy, and either hoists a bad shot or gives the ball up leaving someone else to make a play against a well set defense.
Yeah, it was auction.Mega studs are great when they play 4 games a week. And it's a death sentence when they get injured. I find it hard to rationalize putting your whole season on the health of 1 guy.
Did a fair amount of selling yesterday. Lots of cash staged. The VIX is too volatile, earnings aren't terribly good, so I see things heading downward. I'd like to see a dip below 17,000, maybe to 16.5.
Tonight, I think it was losing Whiteside. He was really effective. Not having his presence in the 2nd made a difference. I haven't seen the Heat much, so it might be more common, but I saw a different team without his rim protection.
Thibs is a major league perfectionist. He cringes at the smallest mistake. So it happens that those mistakes emerge from rookies and younger guys, but I think it has more to do with that method of teaching than playing young guys. It's somewhat detrimental to the teams development. It eliminates the breathers guys need during a game. Yesterday Mirotic made a stupid move on defense, I think he gave up 3 foul shots to Love or something... yank. Back was Gibson after...
Brooks makes bad decisions with his rotations.Thibs, ya I gotta agree he does run his guys a bit too hard. Jimmy Butler's shooting is starting to slip, indication #1 he's wearing down a bit. I do think keeping guys below 35 is pretty important for consistency throughout the season. His rotations probably do contribute to stress injuries.Pop's older guys could play 18 on back to backs.
Budenholzer or something. The dude in Atlanta. Your post did indeed say available, sorry. They'd probably have to give the team to an interim assistant. My overarching thought is that Tibs is great, and he should stay on.I know, I have come to expect Parker and Duncan to miss at least a game a week. And Kobe has become a 1 game in 3 guy. But being tired is not an injury, you're paid too much for that.By the way, Lebron seems to have aged a few years over the off-season.
No. I love him. He doesn't treat his guys like tired little whiny pussies. The only guys I can think of that would handle that team well is Brad Stevens or Terry Stotts. Holzinger or SVG maybe. Lionel Hollins.By the way, next week its me and you, homes.
A coach that will give his guys fewer minutes and lots of rest days?
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