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You're SFs David Wooderson. It's not enjoyment, it's boredom.
I fill a needed void in social standing for them, and you. It explains your compulsion for correcting trivial grammatical errors. This thread is meaningless in that none of us are going to change the NBA, but isn't from the perspective of feeling your part of an in-crowd.Yes, I know it's you're
Indeed. Tell us more about 13F.
I'll keep doing it so stay sharp.Being called stupid by a tail-wagger like jet is practically a compliment. Otherwise, you should realize we've got a crowd of superheros longing for a villain. Much more offensive here is the poor quality of humor.
I don't get the pundits obsession with determining "who's team" it is.
It cracks me up how teams are looking at their records now counting how many more losses they need so they don't lose the protected draft picks they traded away. It's untenable.
But many possessions end with well contested baskets, that's not bad defense. On the flip side, terrible defense often results in a missed shot.
Demarcus Cousins rested last night too. This stupid NBA trend is really screwing up fantasy.
This is just a philosophical difference. If CLE needed a 3, they would have shot one.Maybe just say nothing, it's implicit in the counterpoint.
A dunk is the highest % shot in basketball. Feel free to go ahead and hand them out. I was not in the huddle with Hollins, but I can safely assume he didn't say "if the Red Sea parts, go ahead and let them dunk on us".See above. And stop with the Neo inducing "so wrong" babble, it's trivial.
New Posts  All Forums: