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Anthony Mason died. I always remembered his as a bruiser, but the Grantland piece changed my recollection of his capabilities.
Yes he does.Choosing between these 2 is like choosing sex with a donkey over a horse.
I trust corporations and Chinese manufacturing implicitly.
I do. I was making the funny.
Market is a piece of shit today.
^ Great table. Everyone into engineered floors should run to Lumber Liqidators... I hear they are doing some deep deep discounts on the formaldehyde flooring. Buy real wood so you don't have to breathe the cancer.
Funny, we were just talking about these floors in the home ownership thread. Buy real wood.
I'll trade you Beal. I don't care about 3s. Make an offer. Could use a PG. I don't think Jrue Holiday is going to come back and Tony Parker is turning into a horror show.Injuries have really destroyed me, I have 5 guys out or at varying stages of return.
Not getting Jimmy the Greek here but makes sense. The players fuck a better gene pool (hotter women) so what emerges is solid potential as an athlete. Also, the guidance is valuable. The careers that languish are often lessons learned for the dads and that passes to the kid.
That was in the documentary. I love how Kareem stops to hold his hip.
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