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Nothing like a Fed rumor to turn the market around. Nice to see some green, lets hope the Fed stems the pressure with the statement tomorrow.
Legit 7 footer, 17. Can move.
That's what it was, a Westbrook steal with your Bledsoe turnover.
Honestly, it was an unlikely outcome, but that's why they play the games. Amazing how it came down to 1 turnover and 1 block (or was it steal) in the last minute of the last game.
I don't think its so simplistic. The fee structure is intentionally as convoluted as possible.
I see what you did there. Still smarting over that, eh?
Repeat baby, repeat.What about the 4th place, then?
These expense numbers are often times misleading. There are all kinds of hidden fees involved here that you're not aware of. It's the investing equivalent of a late 90's phone bill.The PBS's 401k scam documentary, it explains the problem.
FB down 3.5%. Nice discount.
I think there will be more selling before the week is out. It's sea of red. My biggest gainer today is up $7 total.
New Posts  All Forums: