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Rightly so. They cant allow that prescient.
Interesting development. BBC is reporting that it may be Ross Brawn that eventually takes over.
That's a very Italian thing to say.I don't know if you've been to a live race or not, but it should sound like a shrieking banshee, be a lot louder than you thought possible, and make the ground rumble beneath you. Definitely not music. But certainly more than just noise.
That Ferrari wasn't this bad in pre season testing. They've been blown by in recent weeks. Alonso, he must be losing his shit. Raikkonen looks like he did when he was w Ferrari last.
That was a foul. Had the roles been reversed and LeWhine been called, he'd have been in that GIF waving a rule book open to page 74. The guy gets the friendliest whistle ever and still whines to kingdom come.
As far as I know, yes. That gif is tragic LeWhine.
The points I've made previous address everything you mention here. I'm no pollyanna, I've even looked for an HFT ETF, but I disagree fairness is misplaced and your wish to position me as some extremist is falling flat.If an equilibrium was meant to happen, it would have by now. The incentive to eliminate the parasitic behavior is not there because the skimming is passed on to the customer. The funds take their % regardless, and since everyone is losing out about equally...
Ha ha, the take the mouthpiece out "where's my foul" bitch face is on display right after time expires.And please NBA, stop the stupid nickname stuff. Plumbs? It ruins the fun of the moment.
It's not whether the info is public vs private. Its public. The issue is that BATS is pitting exchanges against each other so that they display different pricing data at different times. This gap is where one flavor of HFT operates. And these operators pay a premium for this discrepancy. This is clearly outside the spirit of how exchanges should operate.Your second point is simplistic. I believe there are lots of regulatory issues for funds, especially retirement...
Ya. But I believe you get 86 games per position, and once you use them that position is locked. My positional slots wrapped up more than a month ago.
New Posts  All Forums: