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Chi is becoming Jimmy Butler's team now. 31 & 10.
Hey everyone, I have responded to the folks that posted above. As of today, the bottom half of all the shears have been cast. Now remains the top half. This is great news, the mold survived! More news soon! Again everyone, if you want to join the 16" shear run, please post about it here, we won't be able to get it done without a lot of advanced orders. Cheers
Jimmy Butler.
Relegation talk is hilarious.Don't know. He was born ready, though.
Prove it.
Done deal
Your analysis is so insightful. You should watch him more so we can all know for sure.
Dallas has plenty of back court already too.
Yeah, good point, you'd need a 3rd team.
What about Rondo for Lance Stephenson? Seems like they'd get a lot more in the deal, though Wright has been good in a limited role.
New Posts  All Forums: