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Mainly because they will hit the 2 hour limit and TV audiences won't wait.I agree, but why not get cars circulating 15 minutes early? The track is sitting there empty. And frankly who cares? Change the ride height rule and let them race. I always found ultra wet conditions a great way to find out about the drivers. Hearing those whining messages over the radio that it's too wet is so cringeworthy.
TWTR culture also has a problem of shutting down right wing activists in favor of left wing activism. Master-Classter, I would abandon the position if I were you and stay far away from that stock.
You sir, are going to lose money.
I disagree completely, it was because they banned Milo Yiannopoulos.
Keep that TWTR love going fellas... down 9% after hours. Anyone holding this dog is headed for even more pain. It's not a viable company.
Well then, MBLY shit the bed.
Brazil is simply a failed state. Ecclestone's mother-in-law 'kidnapped in Sao Paulo' http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-36891829
Kimi had numerous opportunities to TRY a pass on MVS. He never did beyond his single failed attempt. Classic example of a driver past his prime unmotivated by having a new contract. Turn 2 was always his best change, but I believe he also had the speed to try it in the infield. His closing speed into some of those corners was immense.In modern F1, the drivers are fed the expectation that no driver, under any circumstances, should ever hold them up. Not gonna happen. ...
Sorry Hroi, the replacement for D Wade is..... drum roll...... Torch Waiters! 2.9m for 1 season. I guess the league finally found a modicum of fair value, but I feel for you bro. I wouldn't want that guy within 100 miles of my team.
More about Lewis babying his engine than whether he could have gotten by. Should he go on the grass? Between this and Vettel whining, its just another symbol if the pussification of the sport.
New Posts  All Forums: