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These conference finals have been lame. There hasn't been 1 game worthy of the SAS - LAC series. They gotta change the way the playoffs are seeded.
On the bright side, it was the only interesting element of the race. There were like 2 passed the entire GP. Lewis on the radio "impossible to pass". That about sums it up. He was on brand new tires and couldn't even make an attempt to get by. With 3 laps left, he actually quit. Otherwise, losing the lead that way, you gotta be kidding me.
Korver must have believed there was help rotating behind him, he was facing the play and the 3 point threat the whole time. It makes him look stupid, but the defensive breakdown was not his, it was behind him. That was some bad team defense.
Was Milsap getting pushed around last night or what?
Budding romance.
Exactly. I have a rather valuable package that was never even scanned at the post office I dropped it off at.
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the USPS is becoming more unreliable? 5 years ago, never a problem. Today I am getting lost mail and other kinds of problems I never experienced before. Am I just unlucky or are others having the same issue?
Don't even know why you have to bother explaining this to people. Really. Harden's crap is obvious, and unwatchable. He plays with the specific intent to get to the foul line as much as possible, and (not incl hack-a) leads the league in this pedantic style of play. Harden's the Lawyerdad of the NBA.In other news, I just read the Rockets won. Surprised. I can't stand either team, but at least the Clippers play with some flow. Great. More 3 hours games. The only...
Guy at the peak of his powers. That was special. Just stop gnawing the mouthpiece.
Guy at the peak of his powers. That was special. Just stop gnawing the mouthpiece.
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