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I realllllly needed that. I was down over 40% on this one. Now I'm down like 10%. Please break even so I can dump this dog.Opened positions in UPS, GLW and a Spain centered ETF, EWP. Also took nibbles on GPRO and DPZ.I am considering SPFF and a pretty risky play in BDCL.
I started researching BDSI
No, I meant thru to the 90's, sorry.
I don't see many dips into the 90's unless the broader market corrects.
True. The SC made a huge different closing the gap to Nico too.
2 great races in a row. Hamilton, wow, what an effort. Ricciardo was excellent, but got lucky with some amazing timing. Vettel looks very Jenson Button right now.
I dumped it. Lost 1.8%.
Another complaint I've heard is that some are extremely hard to back out of.
I don't know enough either but I know that you are putting an awful lot of faith in an insurance company's long term stability to make it worthwhile.
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