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With what the Warriors did, I don't think you can say that anymore.
Or be over the cap a bit? They could keep both guys if they wanted to.
They'll be fine. If West joins, that covers much of the loss. Still think that letting Splitter walk was a mistake.
So is it official that Deandre hated Chris Paul? Wonder if Balmer thought of giving him some Microsoft stock. Oh wait... Microsoft is 2nd to everything. Dallas overpaid, we'll find out next year when they start running plays for him. He better get in the gym with Hakeem. Sorry Blake. The Clippers have to scramble now, they're in a bad spot. Knicks sign Derrick Williams, LOL. I can't believe that guy can still get a deal. And overpaid for Robin Lopez. Tobias...
I can get yellow horn, brown or really dark brown (almost black). All would be buffalo horn. Sizes are 32L for the front and 24L for the cuffs/interior buttons.PM me about it.Photos show similar styles. 
Everything 20% off tonight... great ties for sale, almost 5000 listings, something for everyone. http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=tiebonanza&_sop=16
I can't see Aldridge going to the Suns.
I bought more EXXI.
I agree. Per above, makes me question why they let Splitter go. He's a perfect 5 for this team.
Dude has the strangest nose in the NBA. Never saw this vid, 2 thoughts, Zach Lowe is a haircut and year away from being bald, and LMA just sounds like a SA Spur.
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