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Good info and advice in general.Employee Fiduciary offers the best program I've seen. Flat charge of $1500 a year, no extra fees, nothing. You can trade anything you want, including individual stocks, ETFs and basically any fund there is. You're not locked into some investment bank's lame offerings.
Maybe you'll get lucky with it.
I recommend everyone ban lad-dog from their stores. I mixed up 2 packages and the guy acted like a major jerk about it, even though I offered to send him a prepaid label to correct the problem.
Looks like the Fed didn't fuck us up.
Nothing like a Fed rumor to turn the market around. Nice to see some green, lets hope the Fed stems the pressure with the statement tomorrow.
Legit 7 footer, 17. Can move.
That's what it was, a Westbrook steal with your Bledsoe turnover.
Honestly, it was an unlikely outcome, but that's why they play the games. Amazing how it came down to 1 turnover and 1 block (or was it steal) in the last minute of the last game.
I don't think its so simplistic. The fee structure is intentionally as convoluted as possible.
I see what you did there. Still smarting over that, eh?
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