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Dumbest week of the season.
Time to start buying.
My top selfish listKobeIversonD HowardMarburyAntoine WalkerSprewell
I think this season exposes Harden as a hollow stats superstar. He doesn't set an example, never has.Regarding Morris... he comes at another guy for not giving a shit? Isn't this the same guy that quit on the team when his brother was traded? I don't understand how the NBA sustains all these shitheads.
Nobody on that list should be an active player, it's only fair to consider a guy based on the arc of the entire career.
Shaq on that list is comedy. I'd probably move Wilt to 2. Dr J probably belongs someone on there, and so does either Stockton/Steve Nash.
This is a guy behaving in his contract year. Whoever is dumb enough to pay Whiteside is in for plenty of trouble.
You're mixing him up with me.
Another one that needs his ear filled with how special he is.http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/super-bowl-50-cam-newton-bails-on-press-conference-due-to-chris-harris-carolina-panthers-020816
Oh, that's why the games were all early today: that boring ass football game is on tonight. Where fans spend more time watching advertising than watching sport. In NBA news, D Jordan went 3-14 from the line.
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