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If I was a doctor, I don't think I'd readily admit I'm a chicken and afraid of lawyers.Indeed, even more reason not to take risks. And malpractice insurance is not required of an MD, in fact it's a growing trend to go without.This is certainly another factor... but 17 years? It doesn't account for that large a gap.Often not, but modernization can have the reverse effect. I see this in my field constantly. The technology moves faster than any single person can keep up...
Nanny racing. Now you can't move under braking. Just move over and let everyone thru.
What makes you say that? Anything new can easily turn into "unproven", "risky" and "non-standard" in a court room. I'm sure there are other factors, but don't discount the fear of malpractice.
Prop 61 in California is already on the ballot.
You have to have the capacity for weight control to get the benefit.
Putin hacked his account. After yesterday everything's Putin Putin Putin.
This is what a year with Garnett does.
The game would be so easy if I was 6' 11".
Wasn't straw commonly used also?
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