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You need a better bank
A page or so back, SCTY. Waiting for a new entry point below 70.____________Day traded PCYC today -caught it at the bottom and did well off the bounce.Started trading EPZM again, bought at 34.70 and then 34.08 as it kept sinking. Will triple down tomorrow if it shows weakness. I really liked that recent move, it should test 40 again soon. For whoever doesn't trade it, this puppy is capable of some heavy moves so tighten your belly if you buy in and don't be afraid to...
Love that. That's a huge psychological boundary.Took a bite of EPZM at market close @ 34.70. That seems like the bottom end of the recent move. I'll buy on the way down if it keeps dipping. Hopefully it pops again tomorrow and I get a few more free shares.
I've been day trading LOCO since the IPO, not like I've become a millionaire from it, but I've accumulated 12 free shares from my efforts.
Finally gave in... bought CMG.
I believe its end of day.
It will come back.Stupid ass news story. Good thing I did my sells early. And fuck Russia.
I'm sitting on my shares right now, I have it feeling it will test the 52 week high...
I honestly see your point, but what if that car was a gun and he tried to shoot past him and killed him instead... would anyone doubt charges in that situation? Or what if it wasn't a racetrack but some guy's private dirt bike track in his yard? Or what if it was a bunch of boy racers?There was a recent vid of some boy racer in England that tried to show off and plowed a crowd... he's getting charged, and you know there was no intent but yet charges.Steward doesn't...
I think its the reverse. His intent was almost certainly not to run the guy over, but if there is an established act these idiots do, then it can be established that this is was the driver was doing, and therefore did it with intent, which seems pretty clearly like involuntary manslaughter. Somehow, in sports we seem to give fights, and all kinds of other criminal acts a pass. If it was a loss of control, an issue with the car or a freak accident, that would be one...
New Posts  All Forums: