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Some guys just need a main course, others need a 5 course meal. Nico achieved his goal, and would find it hard to find motivation.
Nobody will say he lucked out in a year when Lewis wipes the floor with him. In F1 you only need to be outperformed for a season to be relegated to 2nd driver status for your whole career.
You're taking all this pretty seriously. Take it easy.A 50 second sport doesn't intrigue me. Its called a preference.
We will all approach such a subjective question with our biases.Watching a dude swim isn't much of a sport to enjoy, ie "look how well he breathes" or "did you see that turn".And watching gymnastics creeps me out because these girls look all stunted in their growth, and the men are all gay and I don't want to be reminded of what the olympic village must be like once they wrap up. While it's not directed at the athletes, the corruption also ruins the Olympics for...
Took a position in NWL this morning.
Good question. Its likely Werhlein, who I don't really rate. Very interesting development now that seats have been filled. I suspect Merc won't challenge Hamilton with a senior driver.
I'm shocked Nico Rosberg retires: World champion quits Formula 1 http://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/38185846
Only you could make such a stupid comparison
I agree, but overwhelmingly its IT related... 5x ,more than the next space:http://www.myvisajobs.com/Reports/2012-H1B-Visa-Category.aspx?T=INIts basically an IT funnel to US corporations for cheap labor.I do not have their numbers in front of me, but having consulted for 20 fortune 100 companies over my first 10 years in my career (including Microsoft) I can tell you that the spend on consultants, in general, is often equal to their payroll for IT.People contact infosys...
Ya, can't say I got any buzz watching some 3' hobbit flip around. Olympics are so corrupt it tarnishes the whole thing. Re RFX, ya he had some guys around him, but you want to compare that to the talent available from GSW? He beat at team ready for a dynasty virtually on his own. Did I mention that block on Iggy?
New Posts  All Forums: