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In a sense, this. Not necessarily the young people. Young people don't have money, so I don't understand the obsession with the teenager demographic.My concern is mostly fatigue with their obscene privacy policy and general creepy behavior. I'd never use the piece of shit, but right now it generates a profit.
I see it as a mid-term play. I'll probably hold it another 1 - 3 years.
-12%Told you it was a dog._______Bought more PYPL when it dipped below 37.
Brand new pair of ICAR 8" KITCHEN SCISSORS - MADE IN ITALY Very high quality AISI 420 stainless steel Left or right handed 8" long (19.5 cm) Disassembles, quick release fastener for cleaning Bone or nut cracker between handles and bone notch / herb stripper on blade
My point is that if what you're saying is true, the Hamilton incident was not significantly enough different to warrant a different outcome from the race stewards.
Hamilton got a drive thru, but Ricciardo didn't, worthy of note.Maldonado doesn't belong on the grid.
Also, give Max Verstappen some props, that was a solid finish.
Most exciting race of the season, though that's not saying a whole lot. How Hamilton managed to beat Nico is an incredible series of bad luck. Vettel drove a faultless race. That safety car really brought the race alive. Poor Kimi, can't buy a result.
Tattoos are idiocy regardless of where you get them, a sad epidemic which jumped the shark when it became known as"body art". It parallels society beautifully though, where instead of just having an identity, you need to express is just to make sure nobody misses it, as with Lebron being the chosen 1.
That was sort of my point. An athlete that thinks "God" has blessed him with a career in the NBA is more delusional than the average religious nutter. Jeremy Lin might actually top this list.
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