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What did it cost?
Wow... I eeked out a gain today and the market finished a few points up. This market has some serious power, I wish this could go on forever.
Nothing tops that Jordan 7up livery. Most recently, the Williams Martini car gets on the list. Honorable mentions, I always like the Leyton House and the JPS lotuses in the Senna era.
Indeed. If you don't, forget it. It's a real shame that all these great quality cars aren't even driven to their half-life.
Serial kicker is back
They really need to get rid of that horrid shark fin The Macca looks like the 1st really innovative design I've seen - still no title sponsor... ha ha they have fake news CNN on the air inlet
I guess drug dealers aside, the more disappointing thing for us non-gangsters is why these good quality machines can't maintain a life beyond a lease cycle and a 2nd owner that gives up after several years when substantial services are required. How does it make sense when you pay $100k for a car that becomes un-maintainable in 6 years, but fundamentally the car is in excellent condition and will run many, many more miles?
Yeah, look out.Unfortunately German car maintenance is out of control expensive. Especially in the M and AMG class.
Taj Gibson is a great addition to that team. Him and Adams with Grant backing them up is a decent group.
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