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Property taxes on that house would be 165k a month. That'll cover some welfare checks.
Just look at that. One step less and it wouldn't have been called.
Spec homes... pfff http://people.com/home/most-expensive-house-america-us-bel-air/
I tend to agree. To keep the homo-erotic double entendres going, I prefer knobs.
Supporting resistance movements in a town near you
Dunno, its just not a car to "wish for". If I wanted a car that ran forever, I'd get one of those Toyota pickups you see with guerillas carrying AK-47s in the back.Oh my bad, it went from $300 to $400.
Title sponsor is like Marlboro was to McLaren, in fact many but rights to the team name (I believe they were called Marlboro McLaren at the time):
What sponsorship? Most of these teams don't even have a title sponsor.
Here here.Knowing that slime ball Bernie, he crafted a stay in clause. Bernie makes F1 resemble professional boxing in unfortunate ways.
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