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I'll be watching that one, interesting potential playoff preview.
#1 - Douchey/bad idea to share how much money went into a trade, about $9,120.#2 - Down 6%. Cut your losses. JCP is a piece of shit.
I like French law.
Cry a river about humanity for us. Millionaires pay publicists to lie. I think hard drugs was involved, deal with it.You just said what he said. Try contributing something new.
I still have it too. Waiting for the payday.
I hold RY. Good dividend. Consider COST and RDS.A.
JC Penny is another Radio Shack in waiting.
LOL at the staged interview. Believe what we're told all the time much? A staged interview by a publicist wasn't part of an exit strategy to 'keep his options open' for a return by 'walking away'. Larry's Oprah moment. Bullshit.He was just suspended for violating the league drug policy for a 2nd time. Even abuse of weed can exacerbate a controllable situation. I'm sure he's got stuff to deal with, but don't be naive, he's made lifestyle choices too.
This is all code for ranging drug addict. You can see it in multiple ways, such as the drug addict skin tone, tattoos preceding the meltdown, and erratic violent behavior.The league probably busted him for hard drugs, if they hadn't he'd be putting up 8-8 and a block and folks like me would be asking the bust question.
If you did, then nothing you say has meaning because most of what you post is the internet equivalent of pop music.
New Posts  All Forums: