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5:45, what time zone?
Hey all, Does anyone have any experience with any clothing label manufacturers? I need a recommendation for woven clothing brand labels. Stuff like this: TIA
This is true. It's easier when the width of the bike is 10% of an F1 car.Moto2 and Moto3 are also great races. Moto3 is like motorcycle NASCAR, you get these huge packs of riders all drafting each other until the very end of the race where it just becomes mayhem.
Any MotoGP watchers... wow, what a race. It's an incredible testament to how much they ride on the ragged edge.
If you want to call it alive. I can't see him recovering beyond a vegetative state.
Yeah, the guy can barely use his left hand.
Those monocoques are unbelievably strong, that Hans device is also life saving. Without it, he'd be a vegetable.Kubica has had a pretty bad run when it comes to accidents. He almost died in a rally car about 2 years ago.
That level of G should have been instant death. Haven't seen that Kubica crash in forever.
This is why you don't trade on margin.
Ya, I got that mail and forgot. I'm signed up now. 6 slots look filled.
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