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Took a stake in ELLI this morning. I liked the interview on Mad Money, and it's been beaten up pretty good.
Yes, that was exactly the reason for the mid seasons switch. And Kyviat wasn't going to pan out. Don't know why he even retained the TR seat.
Oh I wasn't saying that was him, no way. The opposite. He's not a competitive enough driver to put next to Hamilton.
Need much more detail than that.Purpose of room? What needs relocation? What floor? Demolition required? Finishes outside and inside? Windows?
Pippen didn't have Jordan and (pick a superstar) to share the ball with. Pippen was #2 in the pecking order and Klay is now #3. Credit to Klay that he doesn't seem to care.
If you dont put a competitive driver next to Hamilton, the spectacle will really suffer. I am not sold on this new found competitiveness for other teams idea yet, and I don't want 4 years of Vettel at RBR waxing Webber.
I sure fucking hope not. http://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/38219470
I bet they would be more afraid of getting exposed than anything. If you are beating your teammate, it means you're still in contention to move up. For example, look at Rubens, after a year with Schumacher, nobody ever rated him a WC contender again, but with Jordan he was viewed as serious candidate for future WDC.
That 30k number was for exterior only, and at that its a row house, so I believe its only front and back.From the perspective of presentation, maybe. But most buyers want their own colors when they move in. This is somewhat different than painting to taste and living in it.
^^ Told you that was a shitbird. Sell. Biotech getting manhandled today. What's going on? My $5 shares of BAC are looking beauteous right now.
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