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Can't be worse than LA's plan. The rule around draft lottery selection just has to change. How many team are "rebuilding" now? And its pundit after pundit asking whether team x or y should blow it up. Zach Lowe is the worst offender with his talk of Memphis and LAC. In this instance, you must give Miami credit. Under certain leadership they would have blown it up, but even after Lebron they remain a playoff team and got a really solid player in the draft last year.
Oladipo to OKC looks better by the minute. I just know they wanted to let Waiters walk, now they can, and I think they've improved in the process. I think that Sabonis kid will be able to start right away.
I'm a buyer on the way down.Why do this? It was a peasants revolt. Lots of elite voices telling you this was going to be good for you, then 20 years on their towns are flooded with new faces doing their jobs at lower wages. The folks in London can't relate because lower skill workers don't effect their socioeconomic standing, so the answer is their economy was running smoothly in the eyes of some. It explains a lot about our own political cycle.
Can't you just wire transfer?
Ok bought some CS and some MS. Let me see what other bones I can pick thru...
The German government will step in. Too big to fail.
I'm going to start buying. The market is already climbing back the drop. Lots of panic sell w/o much reason. England is not that important. Thinking counter... DB down 15%. Or MS down 8%, nice discount
We may see multiple days of decline, depends on whether today is a 500 pointer. The market will overreact. Personally, I'm crying inside thinking of these poor helpless foreign bankers in the London financial district. What will they do?
I have some cash waiting for a home... bring it
I just finished a new master bedroom/bath over my garage that I managed myself, 3k under budget and I got it done faster than a guy down the street that started 2 mos before me.
New Posts  All Forums: