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RFX types.
Don't bring me into his dumb shit. I am deep cash right now and I bought a big stake in BABA late afternoon. The market isn't up 5% so stfu.
Higher end of dumb is the answer.
Listened to the BS Report, interesting thing that they brought up I was also noticing in fantasy, which is my guys were producing solid lines during away games. Turns out this year will be the lowest winning % for home teams ever by quite some margin. Home court advantage is disappearing.
What would you do?
Kobe's seniority? Seems like a 50/50 thing to me.
Um, pay under market, heh. I know I'll get shredded, but fuck it.The 5 under contract are a solid group, it's good fodder.To start, I'd seek Pop's commitment to join the transition process. That's a big factor in re-balancing the team. 5 year contract? Worth the money. Name a successor.I'd ask Duncan to take a gradual large cut in exchange for winding down into a limited role and a transition into coaching or management. He's proven to be adept and will do well in...
I wonder, who gave into the triangle better? Michael or Kobe? I'd venture Michael but I don't know the intricacies of the offense enough.
I always thought it was Kobe.
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