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It's a day old, but goddam was that Bucks - Bulls game great. I'm glad they got one, Milwaukee deserved it. That last show was fantastic, Celtics-esque. What a fun, fun series.
Both Dallas and SA are appealing to him because of the aging veteran in his spot. Both teams would improve and remain contenders with his introduction. If I was him, I wouldn't want to deal with the tumult in LA, nor the transition in NY, but Boston might be a destination, though SA and Dallas have much better cores. I think he sees Portland's current crew as reaching it's limit, and this playoff series is a mess. He would be foolish to stay. My guess is he leaves and...
If I was Aldridge, I'd be calling Pop to promise me 5 years and Leonard to make sure he re-ups.It would be a massive coup for SA to get Aldridge... with him, Duncan and Splitter sharing the minutes in the frontcourt, it's very formidable. Duncan could go another 3 or 4 years with a reduced role.If I had to choose between Green and Aldridge, it wouldn't really be a choice. There are plenty more Green types than there are Aldridge.
SA dismantles LAC. 49 points after 3 quarters? End of series. After a promising game 1, it's been a gradual downhill slide. Paul can't deal with size, Jordan neutralized, Griffin can't execute. The benches are starting to impact the series in a way some have feared, it's starting to look like SA can't be stopped. The subtlety is amazing, like a racing driver that eeks out a tenth in every sector, pretty soon he has a 6 second lead. It's that way here as the Spurs...
No fault, I just found his flap funny. Now playing with your shoe after leaking a steal? Not so much.
Ha ha, ya kinda. My favorite bit is the Deandre "I'ma block that no I'm not" double chicken wing.
I love this.
Great night of games. I DVR'd the first 2 so I wouldn't need to sit thru endless commercials, so I couldn't stay awake for the last one but it sounds like a roller coaster. That Celtics team doesn't have a chance in hell but they're scrappy and make a game of it every time out. Reminds me of the Bulls - Heat series 2 years ago with Nate Robinson. The Bulls - Bucks game was fantastic. Giannis was at sea the first 2 games but he came alive, the kid is so impressive to...
This is the coaches equivalent of continuing to overpay players with albatross contracts.Add Isiah Thomas to any job in basketball to that list.
Solid Z Lowe (and shorter) piece on Brooks and the Thunder. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/scott-free-the-thunder-imagine-a-future-without-scott-brooks/ My only disagreement is that I don't think he'll land another gig. He's been out-coached and exposed too many times to be considered for a top job. Maybe a job in college. But in the NBA, I don't see him getting hired again. Guys made progress under his watch, but they would have elsewhere too, so it's not saying...
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