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Hawks sweep Cleveland in 5 Chicago in 6 Toronto in 6 GSW in 5 Dallas in 7 Memphis in 6 Spurs in 6
The tanking advocate repents.Butler credits Luol Deng for his mentorship. Not to burst the bubble you inhabit, but veteran influence is not a revelation.
I think he's right. I think they lose first round, or just skim by and die off in the next round. Just too much to combat their style in a playoff scenario.
Coming from the guy that filled this thread up with incessant minutiae with his BMW.
#7 was a big time travel. That video is pretty pointless.
LOL, that just had to be a pair of BMWs. Must make the owners here so proud to be part of the herd.
Marion is a great player, and a class act. He's one of the guys that was able to transition his game with the changes in his body and the league in general. He was productive everywhere he played and had a longer career than 90% of the guys that ever played in the league.Anyone that can't give proper credit to his career is a idiot, but what else do you expect from a donkey like Neo.
I hold it. Not particularly enthused by the stock, the last quarter was kinda weak.
You missed this one.
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