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Even Towns looks shaky. That defense. Either you bring it both ways in 2017 or you're a 'Melo.Picks - schmicks. You need continuity, but a different kind.
Vindication? Wow.
I definitely wouldnt do that
Bought PFG this morning with new money.
At least post a photo You can barely see the car... not sure if they are disguising design details or shit production
Ya so we're in emotion territory. Which I relate to. My biggest fault as a trader is my willingness to hold dogshit for it to come back. Red, to me, is a failure and unfortunately I fight it.I've gotten better... for example dumping RH was a step. 5 years ago I would have held it until 2020. There are better options. Which is my point. The flexibility of cash is much better in your situation. If you can evolve as an investor and hold that trigger, there will be...
Can you eliminate the closet and extend the shower? I'd rather sacrifice that than a larger shower. A closet above the toilet might serve your need and give you a larger shower. Having a larger shower is really nice.
BIB HALO EPZM BMY ZTS and more all took a nose dive, suddenly and together.
What the hell just happened? Everything bio and pharma suddenly went red. Did Trump tweet?
That's an overstatement. Maybe a Pioneer amp's phono sucks, but a well regarded Linn certainly does not.Also, he has a really limited budget. Buying a separate phono stage means less money for the overall setup.
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