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Eh. Not to pussy out, but Stephenson and Kobe are murdering my FG % and you have more games. I'm still looking at the match-up. Having Beal back helps.
Thanks for joining in. I sent you a note with details.
I sat his ass in fantasy last night, that FG% is just too shitty. The guy was 6-22, it's one thing to have a guy go 1-4 and shoot 25% but 22 shots moves the needle.
Hey everyone: requests for deposits are out. We are over 100 now. Thanks for the enthusiasm and support. Any new participants need to get in by Tuesday (Nov 25) at the latest. I need a final quantity and to transfer the deposit by then. The message I sent specifies details, I can't wait for your deposits beyond the date in the message, so I will have to move with the orders I have if you are on the fence, sorry. A few comments that I have seen: I can't drop ship...
AAPL 117
AAPL 116
Hey everyone, some great news. The gold/brass handles are going to be possible with this order. They are the ones that look like this: I know some folks were on the fence about joining in because they wanted those handles, so it's awesome they are willing to include them as part of this order. The negative part is that there will be a surcharge for it, in the range of $20 to $40 for each pair, but they sure are shiny Anyway, for folks that miss this post, I will...
^ thanks guys, I will send a PM. Not too late but very close.
Lakers on ESPN tonight. Lots of other things happening in NBA apart from suck. But suck getting featured. Shame they never put N Orleans on national TV. Sacramento looks to have turned the corner. They're on tomorrow night, I'm going to watch.
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