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I've posted an update:http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3852#entry44419
Calling today optimistic is kinda optimistic.
Not sure which F1 you're watching, but it's already this way. All the cars look the same. Most cars on the grid use customer engines. Building a tub is not that hard anymore. They basically use all the same design tools and buy most parts like brakes, rims, and many electronics. It's cheaper to go this route. In the late 80s and early 90s you could afford it. What Williams did with their Prost era cars may never be repeated, that car would probably cost $800m to...
If I don't have enough to whine about, the new paypal interface is a mess. It used to be usable, not anymore. Oh, 2 more missing packages.
Not so much anymore considering the tightness of the regulations.
No prize money? Deal killer. That money is instrumental. Why a time limit? There are only so many manufacturers.
Set of 5 COLLAR STAYS / TIPS WITH MAGNETS (10 pieces total) with STORAGE BOX - will serve 5 shirts BEAUTIFUL MATTE FINISH 6 sizes available - CHOOSE A SIZE! Includes N35 Neodymium magnets, excellent adhesion 6 AVAILABLE SIZES ARE (all are .7 mm thick): 1 3/4" (45mm) long x 7/16" (9mm) wide 2" (50mm) long x 7/16" (9mm) wide 2 1/4" (56mm) long x 7/16" (9mm) wide 2 1/2" (63mm) long x 7/16" (9mm) wide 2 3/4" (70mm) long x 7/16" (9mm) wide 3" (76mm) long x 7/16"...
Any why blame him? Unless you are a full blown auto manufacturer, you're always going to be a B team. Red Bull is was basically an arm or Renault, so it's not an exception. If you are a B team, buy your components, earn your margin on being a part of the sport. Maybe get lucky one day and be like Brawn and sell to Mercedes.
I do both. I figure I can't follow all these names as closely as I'd like so I have a core of about 20 individual names and 3 biotech ETFs, as well as 2 healthcare ETFS.BIB, for its drawbacks, has outperformed every other bio-ETF that I am aware of.
As I said earlier, continuity. Ferrari had everything in place to transition development and then transition that first pass into a better design that is competitive. The expectation for Honda to do it without that continuity would be quite a feat. Most of these cars were struggling to get to the grid for the 1st race in 2014, all things considered, I didn't really expect more from Honda than where they are.
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