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toasty's eg jacket is really ill-fitting. looks uncomfortable and digs in to the pits.
nice writing. why can't teger be this interesting?
"He is an angry elf!"
haha out of a bootleg vagina, no less.
not to mention that hair is totally anti-dr swag
jil flower shirt = three wolf moon shirt
dude malakas>jetjet=mikey886i
malakas, is your last name makaasar? nvm, keep on goin, otter.
i agree on couch being hipster-ish. i mainly got the navy blue and army green seatbelt-material ones. they're pretty understated and very comfortable to use. i tried but didn't like any of the bandolier-type straps. no offense but they're kinda geeky. i should add i'm not a pro, though.
i use couch (couchcamerastraps.com) shoulder straps and gordy's leather wrist straps depending on what camera i'm bringing. couch is cool if you're in the mood for some kitsch '70's style, and gordy's is classy to look at. i use a wrist strap with a pad on a D300 and i like that the strap makes the camera almost incospicuous despite its bulk. l
New Posts  All Forums: