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Been thinking about using insoles too and came to the same conclusion as you, MSAINT. Maybe it’s time to l think again…Boots I wear in summer usually have a slimmer last or are more forgiving when it comes to sock thickness. Mainly suede chukka boots.
I mainly wear boots and that's my experience too, at least in temperate zones. The problem is, when they fit properly with thicker autum or winter socks, they are a bit too roomy for summer socks; the difference is almost half a size.
It's great to follow the recent discussion, as I'm looking for a J-100 at the moment. The other day I tried on the Real McCoy's Buco. Really nice, Great leather. It's a bit basic though - only two pockets and no wind flap - I guess this is because it's an exact replica. The price is rather high, compared to similar jackets. http://www.superdenim.com/the-real-mccoys/brands/buco/buco-j-100-horse-hide-leather-riders-jacket-3968.html
Thanks for your reply.This will be my first leather jacket. At the moment I tend towards the Buco jacket. It might be the most expensive option, but I can at least visit the Real McCoy store in London and try it on before I buy it.Diamond Dave seems to be interesting, but I prefer Areo. The Board racer in Vincenza leather looks really good. However, here in the UK, purchasing an Aero jacket seems to be overly complicated. They have no retailers and one has to order from...
I’m planning to buy a J100. Considering the Aero Board Racer, the Simmons Bilt’s Cafe Racer or the Real McCoy’s Buco J-100. They all look good on the respective websites. The Real McCoy jacket is twice as expensive as the other jackets. I wonder if it is twice as good too. Does anybody know how they compare quality wise? Also had a look at a similar jacket fro Lewis Leather; it's quite nice, but the big logo on the chest is not my thing.
^ The starch is not helping with the fading of your jeans. You soak denim to get rid of the starch and all the other stuff you don't want to be in contact with your skin. Soaking or washing a pair of jeans before you wear them is about hygiene and will not affect the fading of your jeans negatively. I also recommend hot-soaking them because even though they are sanforised, they will still shrink a bit. Some of the experienced members here soak new jeans three times...
I bought a Beaufort jacket the other day. A label in the left bellow pocket confirms that it is "Made in England".
Got a pair of 0202 that fits me perfectly. Now thinking about getting a new pair of Momotaro’s. Are 0201 the same fit as 0202? Any other suggestions? Maybe from Copper Label, Iron Hard or PBJ…
Doc Martens are comfortable and look good. Unfortunately the leather is low quality in these days. I own a pair of Made in England Docs, bought in 2012. The quality of the leather is cheap. After two month of wear, it already started cracking. I still have a pair from the early 90’s that is in a better condition than the new ones. Even back then, the leather has never been nice or soft, but at least hard wearing. They were work boots after all.
How about this one then?https://www.maharishistore.com/item/2146/Maharishi/7148-GHILLIE-JACKET.htmlMaharishi, two years ago...
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