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Thinking about ordering a pair of Craftman boots in width H either from Nungar or from Boots-online. I have ordered from Boots-online before and width H is a special order, which would take longer to deliver. Therefore I am thinking about ordering from Nungar, where the boots are 10 AUD$ cheaper and a wide size seems to be in store. Unfortunately I couldn’t find information on payment methods and shipping costs on their site. Seems a bit dodgy. I know Styleforum members...
@troika You can send your boots to Australia for a factory repair, but this is rather expensive. Last time I sked in the RM Williams shop in London, the price was 190£. There is a company here in the UK that repairs RM Williams boots, using original parts. http://www.shoe-repairs.co.uk/ The rubber sole of one of my pairs needs replacement soon, after about six years and I will give them a try. A friend of mine had his boots successfully resoled by a good local cobbler;...
Yes, that's what I had in mind. Brush number 8 in white, black is looking good. Cheers!
I am planning to buy a new shaving brush. It should be a soft badger silver tip brush of medium size. As I live in the UK, I already had a look at the obvious options – DR Harris, Truefitt & Hill, Floris, Penhaligon… They all seem to be good quality brushes, but are probably produced by specialised manufacturers for these brands. It would be interesting to know who these manufacturers are. I also had a look at Edwin Jagger’s website. Is anybody here using these brushes?
Schott has a line that is produced for the European market. I once bought one of their jackets, believing it was a »real« Schott. The leather, the hardware and the construction was very low quality. I sent it back immediately and decided never to purchase anything from this brand again.Later I learned that there are two different lines. Made in the USA jackets are probably much better. However they market low quality products under their name, without making it clear that...
Wouldn’t judge other people’s lifestyle. This is just about denim ;-)A pair of jeans worn by someone who works as a builder and goes hiking in his spare time and one owned by a someone else who works on the computer all day and sits on the sofa the rest of his time will have a very different fading pattern. Of course, the quality of the denim plays a role too, but the aforementioned worrying about details is unnecessary.
Should you wash them when they are dirty?Will they still look good when a bit of indigo is lost?How should you hang them?Should you dry them inside-out?Could you wear them during a rain-shower?All the worrying about details like this will not result in a more attractive pair of jeans. There is no right or wrong. Your jeans’ fading pattern reflects your lifestyle. Each pair will look different.
Been thinking about using insoles too and came to the same conclusion as you, MSAINT. Maybe it’s time to l think again…Boots I wear in summer usually have a slimmer last or are more forgiving when it comes to sock thickness. Mainly suede chukka boots.
I mainly wear boots and that's my experience too, at least in temperate zones. The problem is, when they fit properly with thicker autum or winter socks, they are a bit too roomy for summer socks; the difference is almost half a size.
It's great to follow the recent discussion, as I'm looking for a J-100 at the moment. The other day I tried on the Real McCoy's Buco. Really nice, Great leather. It's a bit basic though - only two pockets and no wind flap - I guess this is because it's an exact replica. The price is rather high, compared to similar jackets. http://www.superdenim.com/the-real-mccoys/brands/buco/buco-j-100-horse-hide-leather-riders-jacket-3968.html
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