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Just got an other one. It's a Mühle brush from Germany ( My favourite so far.
[[SPOILER]] They don’t repair boots in the London RMW store. They would probably send them to Australia to have the work done at the factory. When I considered having my old Craftman boots resoled by RMW, the quoted price was almost as high as ordering a new pair from Bootsonline.Having the work done by Original Cobblers ( might be a better idea. They use original RMW parts.
Cheers. The Simpson shaving brushes look good too, but there is not enough information about the quality of the bristle on the website. Hard to see what the difference between Super Badger and Best Badger is. I bought a Kent BK8, a large sized, pure silver-tipped badger brush.
@Mimik007 Welcome to the Forum. It depends whether you want stacks or not. Stacks are created by extra leg length. If you don’t like the »stack-aethetics« have them hemmed to your size. It doesn’t matter for how long you have worn the jeans. I have a pair of X013. Been wearing them for about three month. My original plan was to get them hemmed, like all my jeans (always a good idea to wear new jeans for a while before hemming). However, I can see that the stacks will...
[[SPOILER]] My size is 9 in CJ Lowndes and my RMW Comfort Craftman are size 9H. The Lowndes are rather tight, I can only wear them with thin socks.The other day, I visited the RMW store in New Bond St to try on Craftman boots with leather sole. Size 9H or 9.5G fits me well.I have ordered from boots-online twice. Only one time I had to pay taxes and it was cheaper than getting them in the London store, but I had to wait for five months for my special order Rum coloured boots.
Thanks for sharing, @lawyerdad and @sliq. Ordering from an online shop in an other country is always a leap of faith. A website that doesn’t provide the usual information and not replying to emails doesn’t inspire confidence. I am rather careful when ordering online. So far it has served me well, especially when I was thinking about ordering a TOJ jacket some time ago.
^No comment?!A week ago, I sent Nungar an email via their website, inquiring about the Craftman boots. No answer. This fits the image I get from the webshop: rather dodgy. I shall order from Boots online.
If comfort is your priority and the 666 fit is good for you, yes.
[[SPOILER]] Ironheart and Momotaro are very different.I have two pairs of Momotaro jeans, vintage label 0202 15,7oz and BOM008-T 18oz. I haven’t worn the BOM a lot yet. Both jeans seem to be made from the same fabric. The BOM has nice details, while the 0202 is rather basic. They are tightly woven, didn’t stretch and feel quite hard, even after about a year of wearing them. Because of the tight weave, they are not very breathable; not the best jeans for high...
Their standard Rum coloured yearling leather has a lot of depth and it's not a burnish effect.
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