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I am the same size in APC NS and Japan Blue slim tapered. After one month, the JB seem to be slimmer and have only stretched a bit, while the NS are painful during the first week and then become very comfortable. SD1 in both. The denim quality and construction of the JB is much better of course and they are heavier. The APC are a bit better in the details (belt loops, pocket sizing).
I just bought a pair of Japan Blue slim tapered to replace my APC NS. Similar fit, better quality. If you are in London, you could have a look at Albam jeans; they are a good alternative to APC. Look for the Regular Leg fit.
Does anybody know if the Linen Shirts are available at the London stores already?
I have had a pair of Comfort Craftman boots for about five years. After a lot of wear, the rubber sole is getting a bit thin and I am thinking about having them resoled. The RM Williams store in New Bond Street would charge 150 pounds for having them resoled at the RMW factory. This is quite expensive. For a few pounds more, I could get a new pair, when I buy in Australia. I will buy a new pair in a different colour anyway. Nevertheless I would like to continue wearing my...
- COS is fine sometimes, especially during the sales - avoid Topman, buy Uniqlo chinos - Tkmaxx - watch out for sample sales
Thanks for your input.The first JB models had a Momo leather patch, that’s why I thought it was a diffusion line. You are right though, they make it very clear now that JB and Momo is not the same.Do they stretch a lot?
Has anybody bought a pair of tapered Japan Blue jeans and can comment on quality and fit? I have always liked the APC NS fit, but think the quality of the denim could be better. Momotaro jeans are great quality and even if Japan Blue seems to be a diffusion line, they might be much better than APC. Looking at the measurements at the blue Owl website, the Japan Blue tapered fit seems to be close to the New Standard fit.
My 0202 in 30 arrived. They fit much better than the 0702. Only the leg opening is a bit wide, but I knew this before. Just giving them a hot soak. Interesting: They don’t seem to have as much starch as other jeans. Recently I soaked a pair of Jean Shop Slim Fits and the water turned dark yellow brown immediately. That’s the suff I don’t want to have in contact with my skin. The Momos just lost a bit of indigo and the water is still clear.
Thanks for helping, @IIIrd Icon and @Mistral. Will get the 0202 in 30. Did you SU1 to get a more relaxed fit?
The 702 I got from Blue Owl are not undersized in the waist. They are size 30 and the waist I measured is just a bit under 31. The fit is tight but not uncomfortable and I am able to button all the way up. I expect the waist to stretch a bit anyway. The problem is that they are too tight in the crotch area and I don’t expect any streching there. Therefore I will probably exchange them for a pair of 202 in size 30. This will give me half an inch more in the rise and the...
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