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How about this one then?https://www.maharishistore.com/item/2146/Maharishi/7148-GHILLIE-JACKET.htmlMaharishi, two years ago...
Had a chat with a lady who works at the RMW shop in New Bond St. They will send me new pads. Good customer service, as expected.
Cheers! Your input is much appreciated.Did you buy these TTS?As they are made from the same fabric, they will probably shrink and stretch like the 0702.
^You say they will shrink more even after two hot soaks.Considereing getting rid of them anyway, as the thighs are too slim and I need more room in the crotch area.Think I will get a pair of Momotaro x BlueOwl Stealth Warrior Tapered or Japan Blue x BlueOwl Deep Blue Monster Tapered. Seems to be a similar fabric and a better fit for me.Edit:That's something I have noticed too.
^ My waist size is 31, therefore I got the 702 in 30, following the size chart on the Blueowl website. I gave them a hot soak when I got them and an other one after three weeks. Haven't washed them yet and am only wearing them around the house, as they are too heavy for the warm late summer weather. Still hope they will stretch a tiny bit. At the same time, I bought a pair of Japan Blue tapered vintage in size 29 and they are far more comfortable.
Interesting. I have a pair of Deep Indigo 702 that has not stretched at all. After wearing them for about a month, they are still a bit tight. Not unbearably tight but I wish they had stretched a bit.
Bought a pair of Craftman two weeks ago. After wearing them three or four times for a couple of hours, the insole is already dissolving. I have a pair I bought six years ago and the still insole looks better than this. Either the quality of RM William boots worsened or this is a pair that is badly manufactured. What do you think? Anybody with similar experiences?
To answer my own question:The colour of the boat neck jumper is a dull grey with a hint of olive green; a bit darker than the photo on the website. It has a certain military feeling to it. Not my taste and the quality seems to be low. Looks as if it would start pilling very soon. For 30£ it might be ok. I would rather spend a bit more and have something that will last longer.
Not many sizes available at the UK online store. As the Oxford St flagship store is closed, that's the only option. Has anybody seen the boat-neck wool jumper IRL? On the website it is listed as green, while the photo shows that it is grey: http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/166428#thumbnailSelect
I believe only the dynamic flex boots have a removable insole. My Comfort Craftsman don’t.They are rum yearling Comfort Craftsman.You are right. Thanks for pointing this out. I compared them with a friends wide-fitting Craftsman yesterday.When I bought the black pair many years ago, they came in a box that was labeled as regular fitting. I don’t have particularly wide feet, but the RMW wide fit is more comfortable. Will have to exchange them.
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