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My 0202 in 30 arrived. They fit much better than the 0702. Only the leg opening is a bit wide, but I knew this before. Just giving them a hot soak. Interesting: They don’t seem to have as much starch as other jeans. Recently I soaked a pair of Jean Shop Slim Fits and the water turned dark yellow brown immediately. That’s the suff I don’t want to have in contact with my skin. The Momos just lost a bit of indigo and the water is still clear.
Thanks for helping, @IIIrd Icon and @Mistral. Will get the 0202 in 30. Did you SU1 to get a more relaxed fit?
The 702 I got from Blue Owl are not undersized in the waist. They are size 30 and the waist I measured is just a bit under 31. The fit is tight but not uncomfortable and I am able to button all the way up. I expect the waist to stretch a bit anyway. The problem is that they are too tight in the crotch area and I don’t expect any streching there. Therefore I will probably exchange them for a pair of 202 in size 30. This will give me half an inch more in the rise and the...
Just contacted Kevin From Blue Owl about an exchange. Considering sizing up from 30 to 31 in the 702 or getting a pair of 202 in 30.Anybody here who has both models and can comment on this?
Got a new pair of Momotaro 0702. Bought them TTS. Waist fits ok. Thighs are nearly bursting them. Very tight in the crotch area. They might be ball breakers, maybe thats because the denim is still so hard. Hoping for a litle bit of stretch after breaking them in. @IIIrd Icon I handwash new denim once, to shrink them and to get out the starch. I remember reading that you hot soak your new jeans twice. What’s the reason for this?
In January, I heard back from Levi's Made & Crafted customer service. I believe it took a while to get through to the right person. They offered to replace my faulty jeans and even asked if they should remove the leather patch for me. In the end, the customer service was very good. Today a new pair of Tack jeans arrived. Really like the fit and am looking forward to wearing them.
Albam sea wash - Albam regular leg - sd -1 - initial warm soak to shrink them and get rid of the starch - worn daily for six month - gentle wash because of an ale accident in a pub after six month - worn twice per week for 12 month - sea wash after 18 month, followed by a normal wash - now at the tailor’s to repair the crotch blow-out There is a lot of abrasion through sand the fabric feels coarser than before. Wouldn’t do this with all my jeans, it was an interesting...
Yes, a fraction of an inch makes a difference in fit. I would not have my jeans tapered. These jeans are designed a certain way and when you change the design it will probably look unbalanced. Get a pair that is a good fit for you right away.
I’m considering buying a pair of PBJ jeans in raw with with indigo warp and weft. Still not sure whether to get the 007 or 009 model. Currently I tend more towards the 009 as I don’t want to wear a ball-breaker and my tights might look like stuffed sausages in a 007. On the other hand I am looking for a slim pair of jeans... So far, working backwards through the thread has been helpful. If I choose the 009, I would size down one to 29. On photos the 009 seems to have...
I see, its a boar bristle brush.
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