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looking for L or XL (prefer XL) post specs (pic, measurements, condition, etc) please since there are different versions Cheers
Ill give u a bit more than nmerc001
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol I've started a blog about Japanese and Asian fashion with some friends of mine. We're just getting started but hey, check it out. interesting blog. looks fresh. thats the word i think it most suits it. great blogs lets keep this thread going guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by uvmboi13 I just Google Image "Justin Bieber" and get some pointers from how he dresses. I have a hard time finding where to buy the clothes he wears though. he wear a lot of G-star clothings. you can check for G-star clothings they tend to fit towards the short and skinny people
Hey guys. Was wondering what is your fav. blog to look into to help you pick up or inspire you for your new wardrobe pieces. It would be best to classify what kind of style that website focus on. ie. business, street etc. Personally I am looking for blogs that talk a bit about asian fashions for men and etc and personally I have yet to encounter a good one. I also searched a bit and past threads are old and scattered so I was hoping we can make a complete one...
in for S. Korea
local newspaper
still loooking
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