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Quote: Originally Posted by arirang It isn't the masses who shop there - it's a niche store for guys like Ricky over here Hillarious, since I actually saw his character at the mall in front of an International Clothiers type store.
Your shirt will fall apart after a few washing from this place. I laugh at the masses that shop at that store with the dragon and or flame silk screened shirts its like repellent to women.
I've heard good things about Andrie Master Tailors on 121 Ave and 54 St, I've never been to them as I'm on the opposite side of Edmonton but they might be worth a try. Sam Abouhassan will not likely touch clothing other than his own, but he carries a great reputation and does bespoke suits for some of the Oilers, Alberta politicians, I priced out a bespoke suit with him before and it was north of $4000 for a decent cloth.
The first thing you will learn is that you don't want to work for CK unless your looking to work in a sweat shop in China. No love for CK here.
The fit in the body is still about the same, but I don't find the sleeves the same as I like the "puckering" were the sleeve meets the body. not a bad shirt for $150 but won't pay anything past that for them. I can't imagine anyone paying retail prices for these new shirts.
I picked up a few Borrelli's from the new batch that came into Ehaberdasher and there is big difference, like someone said before it sounds as if there is plastic in the collar, the button holes are machine made( not a big deal) but the collars seem to fit a bit smaller, I'm a 17.5 and normally they fit very comfortably now they are snug on me, the collar no longer has that nice roll to it that I had come to love.
I believe on the tag inside the suit jacket pocket it lists the breakdown as 80% wool and 20% polyester the jacket being made of wool and the lining is the polyester, thats what I remember for my days with Boss.
The machine sewn button holes seem to be the norm for 2010, a drop in quality to recoupe some funds to repay the Italian government might have come about by whom ever is running LB right now.
Victim of the BOSS marketing machine -Ill fitting Boss Black suit, double pleat - multiple pairs of Aldo ahoes This is why I don't believe SA anymore as there just there to make a buck.
You are bang on with the William collar as I could never figure out the model types from the tags. but now I know. Most of mine say Willaim/St on the tag, and I believe I will try to still source these models as they work great for me.
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