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I think that The Dandy is the perfect title. The only issue would be its similarity to Ellen Moers' excellent The Dandy: Brummell to Beerbohm, which is shortened on the spine to read simply The Dandy.
Congratulations Fok.
Was passing through London today and picked up a really nice New and Lingwood lavender check shirt at £47. Seems that most of Jermyn St. has gone on sale, including H&K. Pink is one of the few not on sale yet is astonishingly busy. Sure is hot in London today.
Amazing buy. I recently picked up a Zegna 15 Mil 15 for a similar price. The seller didn't advertise it as such, but I noticed the label and grabbed it. Really nice hand to the fabric; my tailor who did the alterations was really impressed.
It might be worth giving ClassicLuggage a call. When I ordered my Brigg umbrella in January, I was chatting about this SAB bag. They said that they are having trouble sourcing the D&H version, but are working with a Scotland-based manufacturer that may be able to provide a more steady supply. Unfortunately, I don't recall the name.
I have no experience with Coppley MTM, but I do have a pair of RTW Coppley slacks that I bought at Harry Rosen two years ago. They're nicely made and the fabric has a fine hand; but most importantly, they fit me better than any other slacks in my closet. Everytime I wear them my wife comments on how great they look.
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