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Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud Still no answer to my question, why not mark everything extremely cheap since it's person to person deal they can never check and most won't know the real value anyway. Most businesses won't do this. Individuals (ebay, B&S, etc) often will. Customs will on occasion turn back parcels that in their opinion are not accurately declared.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Maybe you're using the shrimpy APC pockets as your benchmark, but I don't find the 5ep pockets to be at all deep. Yeah, I really like the 5ep pockets too. Don't change them.
They take a long long long time to fade, and the fades aren't great. They're my beater jeans so they get washed, and they've shrunk a lot with very little stretching. I like them for the history and the price.
She's a professional blogger. Google her and you'll find she does: and has in the past written: It's distressing that there is something called...
Have a look through the RM Williams site. They have a tie in to the film:
He gets some very nice stuff. I've done one transaction with him and it went well. Package was returned to him for some reason and he reshipped overnight fedex (expensive to Canada) and ate the extra cost.
Congratulations on this Jamison. The site looks great. I see a scarf in my future.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Look into the panasonic th-pz800u, one of the best 42s out as far as non pro stuff is concerned. They should be adjusting prices soon to account for the holiday season. +1. I bought one of these recently and it's outstanding. I was waffling between Samsung and Sony LCDs but plasma still wins out, and there are great deals to be had.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt If you stare at this picture his head begins to grow.
The TN visa is the right way to go; there are a limited number of H1B visas every year and you are competing with the rest of the world for those. As mentioned above, the key with TNs is that only particular classifications are OK, and you must have a university degree in that area. For engineers, it's quite straightforward as long as you get all the paperwork in order. For a lot of other professions, it really depends. I heard that TNs have just been extended to 3...
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