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I'm personally more partial to the form of the traditional Budapester, but I really like the look of the suede with the goiser stitching. Very nice work Marcell.
The heritage Bedale is a good option. I tried it last week in London and the fit is great. Much as I like the brand I think the classic fits look awful on me so this was a nice surprise. I would call the Barbour store in Soho or Chelsea and see if they ship. The price is a lot cheaper in the UK to start with and take away the VAT and you might have a good deal. It come in a few colours, including a distressed red which is surprisingly good.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmb Another interesting read is 'River of Doubt' -- covers a canoe trip down a part of the Amazon that TR did post Presidency. Nearly killed him. The guy was a bit off his rocker... +1. This is a great airport book.
Congratulations Marcell. It's also nice to hear you got up to the Pacific Northwest recently. Too bad you didn't make it up as far as Vancouver. My Koronya shoes always get me compliments.
The next big dumb fad will be barefoot running shoes: These actually are great... if you actually are training to run in bare feet, which arguably does have all sorts of benefits. But you have to run, not just sit at your desk.
I have one and it's quite comparable to the Barbas hanging in my closet. The cut is a little different than typical Barba--even closer fitting if you can believe it. Mine has darts in the back and so the fit is very slim. I would buy another if I came across one.
Price drop to $100 shipped US or Canada.
Price drop to SOLD shipped US or Canada I bought this from another forum member a while back but unfortunately it didn't fit. Marked 50EU (40US on the hang tag) but would be much better on a 44 (? or even greater: check the measurements, but bear in mind that this should fit looser than a tailored jacket). The linen is some of the nicest I've ever seen--and I own some very fine linen. It's a micro herringbone weave with natural slubs and an amazing hand; it's...
I stayed at the Corinthia and it was very nice: Has a nice indoor pool (even by Budapest standards) and great pasteries next door
He peaked with Valley Girl.
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