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This should have been posted in the new pinned thread for PSAs! But thanks for letting us know. Now, if AE's website would actually load (I swear they have the slowest server in the world)...
nevermind, found it. Mods, please delete. Apologies for the wasted space.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 A bottle of booze! Unless the tailor does not drink, at which point the gift is both awkward and unwanted.
Quote: Originally Posted by pitboss12 I'd worry about theft more with the postal service than UPS. UPS has some pretty aggressive loss prevention programs in place at their facilities. As for lazy and disorganized, they are part of the Teamsters. Pretty sure the USPS Postal Inspectors are more aggressive than UPS. Those guys mean business, and supposedly, they have a huge budget as far as federal law enforcement is concerned.
Quote: Originally Posted by pdial Just go to Express, there is no need for MTM. +1.
One of the things lacking in my wardrobe is, surprisingly, a few decent white dress shirts. I have several white dress shirts, but most of them are thinner and you can easily see through them, leading me to avoid using them altogether. What type of fabric would you suggest? Working on a budget here, so under $100 would be ideal.
Quote: Originally Posted by viator Saks had some Grenson shoes, and I believe Tyrwhitt sells Loake. Except that Tyrwhitt does not have a store in the US. I think the OP is looking for brick & mortar stores.
Not that I am aware of.
Make sure to bring an apple. Seriously though, some good advice here. Good luck with the interview! The very fact that you are concerned about your appearance for the interview is a good thing.
Isn't American Living as sold in JCPenney a RL product?
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