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Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel why that sole and not too crazy about the squared off sole at the toe. Pretty sure it's a bespoke order and is following the wishes of his customer.
Beautiful shoes!
Quote: Originally Posted by MillionaireTeacher This would would considered to have "waist suppression", right? When this this "trim" style come into vogue? (vs. boxy suits) Thanks for the help... In fact, its a good contrast to the suit pictured 2 posts above, correct? It seems way to baggy on Little Bear. Yes, the waist is suppressed on the jacket. The trousers look a little puffy though. Suppressed waists on the jacket are,...
How much are your tailors charging you to reduce sleeve length? Just curious to see if there is a baseline. My usual tailor seems to have changed their pricing, although I was dealing with an individual who I had not seen previously in my 3 years of going there. They wanted $18 to adjust the sleeves by 0.75". I seem to remember they charged me $9 for that service before. I guess it's just hard times?
Esquire isn't horrible. I prefer them over GQ any day. They typically have good non-fashion/style related articles as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare cool - sorry No worries. Doesn't really matter anyway, since they're being sold off-forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo So today cashmere sweaters will be $179 each Anyone know if this will stack with anything, i.e. corporate discount, online code etc? Corporate discount code says is applied, but it isn't. Generally, corporate discount never works for me on sale items. So I would imagine the same is true of promo codes. A $179 sweater quickly becomes a $210 purchase after shipping and taxes. I'll pass.
Code doesn't work; says already redeemed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk AE's website is always slow like this, or at least it's been like this for no apparent reason just about every time I've visited it. Same for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 It is slow b/c there are thousands of people logged in trying to get $1 shoe polish. No, their site is always slow. It doesn't have the best coding, and by looking at their DNS report, they have some problems their server guys should fix, which would probably help speed up connections a bit.
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