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Hello! I realise this is going to be a rather difficult question, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what color this blazer is: Also, what color is the very faint pinstripe? I really like this jacket's look. I realise this may also be a difficult question; but could anyone guess as to what kind of fabric this is? Any help or opinions are greatly appreciated and encouraged! Thanks!
Hmmm. Can someone explain to me the difference between full canvas, canvassed, and fused? Why are they good? Bad? What is the best? I've never quite understood what these terms mean.
Those look beautiful. I'd go ahead and get them, can't beat the price! Post pictures if you do end up getting them.
Quote: stach Equipment belts are not made to be threaded into loops, because then you would have to thread the pouches onto the belt each time you put the belt into pants. Cops usually wear a leather barracks belt to hold up their pants. Yes, I am aware. In my profession in law enforcement, I am well aware. However, I have seen people wear the Sam Browne belts (the large belt that snaps onto the smaller belt and holds the equipment holsters) with a...
For the life of me I can't remember where I read this, but I was reading about him the other day. When he tried to break it in the states before, it was in NYC. It didn't take well so he went back across the pond. Anyway, the article said he'd be trying again - except this time in LA, where it is felt that he'd receive a much better reception.
Absolutely breathtaking. This is marvelous, marvelous work! Color me impressed. I love seeing craftsman shine at their craft. Beautiful!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Ummm - I was actually thinking that you might use the vest to replace the equipment belt. The more I think about, the more I find the belt to be really geeky. I completely agree. Those belts are designed for police/military exclusively. If you wanted to wear the large belt like you have without the different holsters, that would look better. But then you'd have to wear pants that have large enough loops...
Those are absolutely beautiful boots! Thanks for sharing the pictures; that definitely helps put them into perspective as they are incredibly versatile.
Hmmm...not sure. Then again I am not brave enough to pop my collar. Honestly, I think it looks like you're trying too hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by BourbonAndPeanuts What kind of belt does you all generally wear with jeans and black Chucks or navy slip-ons. A brown leather belt always seems a little off to me, but black leather looks even worse. A canvas belt works for both but I don't want to be restricted to canvas whenever I wear my Chucks (which is a lot). Thanks for your comments. Rule of thumb: belt should always match the color of your shoes, not...
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