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Quote: Originally Posted by enginerd917 Thank you for the response but I think we are on different pages. I'm not concerned with their formality but would like to know what to look for when shopping for pants online (since that is where I do most of my clothes shopping) so I can find something similar made by another company (IE: very light weight, slim, low rise wool/cotton/etc..). When I look at "casual" labeled pants on various sites most are heavier...
Look up voxsartoria in the Denim for MC 101 thread.
Thanks. Wow most of these are quite ugly.
Too bad the ties weren't properly worn.
I'd be surprised if you get more than $20 for them. They don't seem to be anything special and are obviously dated. Curious, is the Lord & Taylor referring to the department store? There isn't one close to me and I didn't know they sold Hermes (or perhaps they did at one point?).
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC ^Imageshack will automatically reduce a picture to the size of your choosing when you upload it. Or you can simply post a thumbnail. +1. Just what I was going to say.
Quote: Originally Posted by cmsr0618 I am new to Style Forum so I hope I'm in the right thread. I found an Hermes tie that looks pretty old, Lord & Taylor tag, number 152 TA, and it's 3" wide about 53" long. Is there a market for these ties? I sell nice men's clothing on Ebay but would like an opinion on getting top dollar. Also, it is in great shape but could possibly stand to be cleaned. Would this ruin it or would a buyer prefer to decide about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Rivingtons SOLD. Congrats.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo I don't think they take an additional 40% off the clearance prices though (shoes that is) The price in red is the price you'll pay.
Quote: Originally Posted by softbakedgoods so are all shoes (minus cordovan) 40% off today? or just wallets and accessories? All shoes. The price on their website in red is the sale price (40% off regular prices).
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