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Thanks gentleman. As always, fellow SFers come through.
I was watching the International tonight, and was curious what tie pattern this would be called, and what kind of shirt collar that is, and what tie knot is below: Thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater haven't we done this before? so we can move this along, i'll summerize: no one that i know of thinks it's s good line at retail. at a steep discount, several of us have found items we like. most haven't and don't care for the line. (interesting side note: you can cut and paste the last paragraph into any thread about any brand and it'll still work) ok... move along..
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Is gilt a $400 million dollar company? According to their Wikipedia page, they are a $150 million dollar company. But who knows.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Another member of your outlaw motorcycle club is here on SF. His handle is Holdfast, and he often posts ensembles in WAYWRN. He had to flee the US and now lives in the UK. Great guy. - B
Quote: Originally Posted by nohomo WTF? If he's on a budget, as I am sure is the case, it's not too bad of a place to start.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blake686 I was hoping somoene could help me identify this pair of Polo shoes. They say "Bench Made in England" inside of them like the C&J made ones, but the soles don't look like C&J soles. sorry the pictures suck my camera is a POS. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Pretty easy. If they are RLPL, they are made by Edward Green. If not, and are marked Made in England, they are indeed C&J. They don't use any...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel he knows that it does not mean 85 in japanese, just like Ocho Cinco does not mean 85 in spanish. I wish football would bring back endzone celebrations, the one thing I love about soccer (other than the blatant racism and hooliganism) is the great celebrations some do after scoring a goal. Have some fund for God's sake. Does he now? His actions certainly don't imply that understanding.
If he's going to change his name, he should change it correctly. So that means eighty-five, not 8-5. On a somewhat related note but unrelated to Ocho Cinco, there was a kid in my high school gym class who's name was Ben Dover. No joke, true story.
A few tips: - Focus on quality over quanity - Take advantage of sales (lots going on right now) - You don't have to rush out and buy everything at once, take your time and "build" - that's why they call it "building" a wardrobe, as most cannot afford to build an entire wardrobe in a single period of time
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