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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Vintage military watches are cool, IMO however not dressy. Here is my WWII pilots watch Awesome watch? Where did you get this, and how much do these generally cost?
Happy New Year first and foremost (this being my first post of the new year). I am in the market for my first vintage watch. I don't have a lot of money to spend, and would appreciate any recommendations (places to buy, specific watches, watch forums, etc.). I have heard that the Omega Seamaster from the 50's and 60's is a good starter piece, but I've also heard counterfeit watches are rampant. I am a complete newbie to the watch world (am highly interested though), so...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith I'm normally not one to make judgements based on merely a trailer, but I did here and was proven right upon seeing the film. I regret seeing it, it's an appalling film for any true Holmes fan (and I'm a rather huge Holmes fan). It's an awful film. It's basically Jerry Bruckheimer's Sherlock Holmes, full of fights, guns and explosions. A brainless film made for the brainless masses. Bears no resemblance to the classic...
Prices cut!
Up for sale are 2 Thin Red Line shirts purchased from their clearance sale last month. The shirts fit rather large on me, but appear to be well made. Do a search for more concrete information. I am also selling a Tailgate Clothing Co. herringbone hat purchased from GILT a couple of months ago. The hat is a one-size-fits-all, but I was not happy with the fit. All prices include CONUS shipping. Please PM me if interested. Thin Red Line White Plain Poplin Dress Shirt 16.5/36...
I have a dress shirt that I got on sale. I made the mistake of not trying it on. Anyway, the sleeves are very blousy. I could probably fit two of my arms in each sleeve and still have room. Is there anyway a tailor could fix this? If so, what would I ask a tailor to do? Any idea of the cost? Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome!
Shoulders are too tight. I'd adjust my 1-2". Chest looks okay.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgomes V-necks for shirt looks great (but please no tie) and crewneck with no shirt or it looks like a priest collar... just my 2 cents of course. I actually like the look of a tie with a V-neck sweater or sweater vest. Especially if it's a wool or knit tie.
How do you lose an umbrella? It's not like it can just walk away. Unless you mean to imply someone *stole* the umbrella (which is more logical than "losing" an umbrella).
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