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So, are you selling this or...? (Seeing as how there is no price mentioned)
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Thursday in the A: Great look! What brand/style are the trousers?
Web/User Interface designer in the public sector.
Quote: Originally Posted by jessbaumung Quartz watches are the worst. They generally look and feel super cheap. You should look into something like a Seiko Spirit Automatic. Check out this one. Its so nice. http://www.seiyajapan.com/c=hhmcZxvZ...5-SCVS013.html Another option is to find a nice vintage Omega or something similar on Ebay. There are tons of nice watches in that style to be had for cheap. I have like 6 of them now and I paid less than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker ^ Good question. To me soporific = solids, very small neats or tone-on-tone patterns. Dull silk or softer wool/cashmere for extra snooze points. Unsoporific is easy = bright colors, high contrast patterns, shinier silks. This mild middle way is more difficult to gauge. Here's a tonal stripe in a dull silk/wool. I think it's too loud to be soporific. Maybe it's mildly unsoporofic. Nice. Who made this tie?
I work in IT as well and simply put, there is no dress code. In my case it's as a result of being a unit in a large department that services public education. Those at the university level are probably aware that there lacks a sense of any dress code (except for upper admins). The standard uniform for IT here is a t-shirt and jeans. I am well dressed, but typically never wear a tie (I get enough "Going for a job interview?" and "Why are you so dressed up?" and "Did...
Anyone know where I can find some dark brown/chocolate brown herringbone weave trousers?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartolo One thing you MUST consider is that a vintage watch may very well require hundreds of dollars of service to get it running reliably. It's very common to pay $400 for a vintage Seamaster that then needs $400 of work, even from Ebay sellers who describe it as "recently serviced." "Recently serviced" often means cleaned and adjusted, but parts could be worn to the point that much more is needed. Buyer beware with respect...
Prices slashed again!
Thanks for the great suggestions! I've even had a member here PM me with a pretty good deal on a Seamaster. Still waiting to hear back regarding final details though. As for my interest in vintage, it touches on my historical interests as well as aesthetics. The idea of holding something in my hand (rather wearing on my wrist) that is proof of time past is simply amazing to me. The craftsmanship that goes into the watch (such a simple device in use, but complex in it's...
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