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Anyone know where I can get a red gingham shirt?
What's a good leather conditioner for shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by I call this one: "How to pass the bar exam like a fk'n champ" woe has it right. The guy in the background with the lazily tied tie and frumpled trousers has it wrong. Congrats!
Contact the seller. Explain to him your concern, and point him to this thread. Hopefully you can return the shoes and get a refund. That being said, it's a bit naive of you to purchase them just because they were labeled RLPL. Many eBay sellers are clueless to the nuances of the RL brand and sub-brands (although the seller's email seems to signal he has a good understanding of RL, but it seems that in this case he is mistaken). For that sum of money, I would expect some...
Be careful to avoid fakes.
Any plans to offer shirts in larger neck sizes?
The best gift you can give your cobbler and tailor is this: repeat business! Keep using them to get your sartorial needs handled and that will be gift enough.
That's pretty terrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by obiter dictum My fifth order just came in, usually I've had a 1-1.5 month turn around, but this time: Ordered: 20th of august Confirmed 20th of august (!) Received 2nd of august Personally I haven't had any problems with Jantzen, but maybe I'm lucky. I'm going to keep at it until I get unlucky I guess? Great shirts for the price. Did you mean the 20th of July? Otherwise, I'd like to borrow your time machine.
Can be used or new. Preferably a white dial, but black would be fine as well.
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