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Dean? Couldn't resist.
I forgot to mention my dad replaced the original band with the one shown in the pictures in the mid to late 60's.
Here are the pics. Thanks for all the replies.
I would never sell it, either. I will get it appraised, thanks for the advice.
Definitely not that Manouche guy. Thanks for the responses, I will have to check the dial again and see if it has the red script. I will post a pic when I log back in. Go Canes!
Newbie here and I have a question for you guys. My dad gave me his Rolex Submariner that my mom gave him back in 1954. It has always been sent to the Rolex office in New York for tune-up and cleanings. Other than sentimental , how much value does this time piece have? I am not interested in selling it, but would like to know its value. Thanks. Go Canes!
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