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That's mean
Well... I actually bought the first ones that Cravate Noire posted. They look much better now (and they were stunning right out of the box)
From what I've seen, squared, unattractive and oversized (and mostly in black fabrics)
I'm not in Chile yet, and I've never heard from that brand. Is it local?
Hey there, like musicguy said, there seems to be a decent group of Styleforumers in Santiago so I guess that the proposed get together is a great idea. I'm about to relocate there in about a month (I'll be there on the week of the 13th of February as well, but I don't think I'll have too much free time). It's funny, when they told me at work that I was going to be transfered to Santiago instead of Rio de Janeiro like I was expecting I spent a lot in new shirts and suits,...
Never, that's why I would like to get a tie with the stripes going in the other direction.
Thanks for the link, I already saw it but that's not what I'm looking for. I want the same design, but with the stripes going the opposite way. However, if I don't find what I want I will order the same type of tie from gieves and hawkes military that have the standard tie.
I was browsing the new lookbook by P.Johnson Tailors (you should do the same because it is great) and I saw the Fleet Air Arm Zig Zag regimental tie but with the stripes falling from the right side instead of the left. I suspect Drakes made ir for them but I'm not sure. Could anybody care to point me to another place closer to home (Europe) where I could get my hands on a tie with the same design. I...
At least for Spain, and my guess is that for other European countries as well, that is not the case anymore. Even if it is marked as a gift, you will have to pay taxes for the estimated value of the package.
I am seriously considering to buy a black duffel bag from Glaser, but the Logo is also a deal breaker for me. It's been a long long time since I bought anything with a logo on it, and I'm not about to start again. Also, the black leather looks to shiny I like it to look more natural. Has anyone had the oportunity to take a closer look? or even better, could somebody post a picture with greater detail than the one in their website.
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