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Hello All! We're long overdue for a WAWN face off. This is the priliminary stage, so start nominating your choices. We'll take these nominations in consideration and narrow them down to three. The three remaining will battle it out for 50 dollars to be used at peasantonline.com. Nominate as many as you wish just keep to posting that have been made in April and May and plz plz remember to provide the thread address to their posting. Just a name & picture will not...
just posted the raglan zip hoodies on the website (peasantonline.com). Let me know if you have any questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report WOWZA! This completely sums up why I love menswear!
I'm a rock climber so I spend quite a bit of time outside and in the elements. Not that this makes me a pro, but it certainly makes me cool . Seriously, as previously posted stay away from North Face and for all the reasons previously posted. Mountain Hardware makes amazing puffy coats and I love the styling of Arcteryx as well as it's durability. Going a completely different direction..consider Belstaff. They are the jackets worn by Che Havera during his motorcycle...
don't do it! if you need to know if you should buy it, you'll probably struggle with how to wear it well and this could go dangerously wrong.
We've got all of the above on its way. I'll probably start pre-orders today, so check out our thread. Let me know if you've got any questions.
Take an additonal 20% off your order at peasantonline.com! code: 20additional
Poly- the jeans look great on your junk..uh..I means legs. Seriously nice fit; thanks for posting. The pair you have are indeed a 12oz selvage denim. The 8oz. is crazy light; almost a shirting weight. Very breathable for the summer. The red head guy in the GQ pic is wearing the summer weight.
mainy - you're good. we got the order for the size 29. it just so happened that the 32 had just previously sold out. glad the website's keeping you on your toes. your gonna love the denim. they'll ship out tomorrow!
sz. 32 with all measurements taken while garment is laying flat waist 16.5" front rise 11" innerseam 34" outerseam 44.5" leg opening 8.5" sz. 29 waist 14.5" front rise 10" innerseam 34" outerseam 43.5" leg opening 8.25"
New Posts  All Forums: