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The "Shoe Club" is merely the discount you get on future purchases of similar shoes (e.g., buy a pair of C&Js, get all of your subsequent pairs of C&Js at a discount). The discount differs by make. No reason not to share this... its a "club membership" that everyone gets once you puchase a pair of shoes to encourage repeat purchases. Sending traffic to their site is probably precisely what they were hoping for, particularly from new customers who don't get the discount.
I have a pair of brand new in box Allen Edmonds Dryden shoes in size 9.5E. The shoes were worn around my apartment for about 2 minutes on a carpet. These are beautiful shoes. I bought them in 9.5E and 9.5D and found that the width of of the D was better on my foot. I paid $160 plus tax. Looking for $130. Email me at I can hand-deliver (within reason) in NYC. Please find some pictures below. I will send more pictures upon...
Thanks for the heads-up Clark! This was a deal too good to pass up
Quote: Originally Posted by bobbers 30 or so shirts total, 18-20 of which are in the regular rotation. Still in the process of replacing a few ill-fitting pre-SF shirts. I'm the same way - but instead of replacing them, I'm having my tailor fit them. While the offending shirts (Jos. A. Bank) are hardly creme de la creme, spending $10 to have an otherwise good shirt fit perfectly is better than shelling out $40 on a new shirt that doesn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by zeta Any critique welcome. Only Bond villains button the top button without a tie.
Well Jantzen (despite having read each of my emails due to email confirmation) has never responded to my multiple requests for a response. Terrible, terrible customer service. I don't think I will be ordering from them again.
Quote: Originally Posted by linsook first time ordering? 2nd time. I made a few adjustments to my first shirt, but referenced my prior confirmation number.
Sent an order in on January 28. Sent a follow up email asking for confirmation on February 20. Sent another email requesting confirmation on March 11. No response to date... FML
Placed an order on November 21 by email. The automatic receipt shows that Jantzen read the email on November 22, but I have yet to hear anything from them. This is my first time ordering from Jantzen. Is it appropriate to follow up? And if so, by what means?
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