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I'm looking to buy my first tux (for my wedding). Although well versed in other areas of trad wear, I am sadly a dinner jacket neophyte. Can anyone give me some thoughts on these two tuxes and and Hart Schaffner Marx in general? Thanks in advance One button: Two button:
I still have another few months...
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I'm down for like 4 or 5 pairs. Already got the monk, great suede and construction. This is a great deal for a noob, like myself. Already have the monks in dark brown suede. Going to get Chukka in tobacco suede Penny in brown suede Half brogue in light brown suede Still thinking about more. For those people starting a shoe rotation, this is a great deal. I've heard it often remarked that cheaper suede...
The next step would be colored socks.
Has anyone confirmed that the 115GBP includes VAT?
for a less formal event than a wedding, I would go with boat shoes.
Say yes to seersucker. The wedding may be a bit early, so you'll have to judge by formality, location (the further down South the better) and the weather (the hotter the better). However, you can indeed wear the jacket and pants often as separates. Yes, the pants will look good with a polo of the right colour if your style (preppy) finds it acceptable.
Pediwear suggests a 7.5 UK. That would be nice for you, since there are plenty of 7.5 UK available from the original sale at 79GBP.
Agreed. I wear a 9.5E in AE and a 9 for the TRL shoes is just a tad big but a 8.5 would almost certainly be too small.
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