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Ron Zacapa 23 yr old and its not close.
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl I'd love a pair of Skulls if anyone can get me a set! You must have a black tie event on the horizon
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Hi - I just copied and pasted from the order page. Refer to my previous post - it's defintiely gone up. Well mine remains the same. I can only imagine that its factoring in VAT or shipping that wasn't included before. Where do you live?
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Ahh maybe not... What with all the cancellations, the prices have now shot up 1x Half Brogue Black Calf, size 8.5, width F, Leather sole £135.70 1x Half Brogue Snuff Suede, size 9, width F, Leather sole £125.35 1x Half Brogue Willow Calf, size 9, width F, Leather sole £146.05 Not such a good deal now - am probably going to cancel Your price may include VAT
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Jeez, this whole thread is a good example of the mass hysteria often seen on Styleforum. Well, I'm not hysterical about it, but I am opting out also. At ~$160 shipped, this was a great deal on AS shoes. At ~$230, it wasn't. I appreciate TRL's attempts to secure us the best deal possible, but $50 in shipping is pretty steep. I was assuming, based on the previous transaction, that the VAT would more...
Quote: Originally Posted by Anders Is this true? That is the price excluding VAT, but the website says shipping is 18GBP per shoe. Unless there is some deal that I am unaware of, which is very possible. Personally, I started a new job so I need to buy these shoes anyway. I'm just trying to decide if I'm going to buy through TRL or another avenue. One item to note is that the Pediwear site does not have Monks, nor brown plain-toe blutches, both of...
Quote: Originally Posted by samus Let's try not to make any untoward implications. They have been very forthright and helpful. strongly agree
Well, lets put it this way... From the US you can get AS on Pediwear for 153-178 GBP shipped. Likewise, you can get Loake 1880s for ~136 GBP shipped. The way Richard has been conveying the deal, its going to have to be pretty close to his original estimates to live up to the expectation. I am going to assume that the total per pair is going to be about 115 GBP shipped to the US until I hear otherwise. I would guess that the VAT would at least offset the...
Thanks for all of your responses. What about the quality of HSM generally?
What is the employee name for the HSM/HF friends and family? If you don't want to post, please PM me. Thanks in advance.
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