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Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth Both Hereward and Richard deserve a round of applause for their efforts in going the extra mile. I'd prefer if they kept the upcoming AS sale open only to those who had enrolled in the original pre-order offer, just to be fair. Any leftover stocks can then be open for sale to everyone else after a pre-determined period has passed, if the Thin Red Line so wish. This is to avoid a case where those who already expressed...
Quote: Originally Posted by onix This sounds even better right? Depends on the cost, doesn't it?
Lupa or Pepolino (
Quote: Originally Posted by onix I just wrote a script to find all available shoes and sizes and it will update to me every 15 minutes FYI, there are 2 UK12 right now, but a minute ago there is a UK8.5, somebody was lucky Yea, I was just lucky. My point was for other posters to go back every once in a while and just check. You might get lucky too. I can barely check email and you're writing scripts like that? Wow. Just wow.
For any of those interested, I would keep checking the TRL website for returns. I just scored a pair of the black suede loafers in an 8.5UK which someone must have sent back. I ordered a 9UK in my original order (which I found ran a little big), so if they don't fit, I will be putting them up here for sale.
Do these run true to size?
Does anyone know if the Sumners run true to size or a bit small like the Horatio?
Quote: Originally Posted by onix RL Horatio is made in Italy, how can it be Alden? You're right. I was looking at the Sumner which is Made in the USA.
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat Ralph Lauren 'Horatio' Penny Loafers $136 shipped. Thanks for the heads up. Is it safe to assume that these are the same as the Alden Handsewn Pinch Penny Mocc?
25% Off Ralph Lauren Men's Coupon Code "RLSPRING" at Plus free shipping. Good through May 13.
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