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I would not wear suede to Sutton Place under any circumstance, but I absolutely would not wear them in the freezing rain and snow that is predicted for Thursday night to a bar packed to the gills with drunk 20-somethings slamming down mixed drinks filled to the brim as fast as the open bar will let them. No one in Sutton Place will notice your shoes. I promise. I would wear the beatest beaters you can get your hands on.
He means The shoes available make my eyes bleed.
Quote: Originally Posted by shawnee4885 Hey everyone, I am looking for a peaked lapel, side vented, 1 button tuxedo jacket, along with non-pleated pants. Why can't I find this anywhere online? NOBODY seems to have these features together in a tuxedo... are these features not supposed to go together or something? This is my first tuxedo as well, so maybe I am looking in the wrong places. I am also trying not to spend too much on it. Am I going...
Scored a couple for myself and for Christmas gifts. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason We had a trainer who was a crossfit nut. He was always trying to get everybody doing it and bragging about it. He had his client doing a circuit, and he collapsed due to kidney failure and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Turned out to be rhabdomyolysis, the trainer got fired so fast his head spun. This is a truly dumb reason to dismiss Crossfit.
Like any shellfish, pearls used in your MOP buttons can go bad if not cared for properly. Since you (apparently) were careless with your iron, the pearls got overdone. Write this up as a life lesson and toss the shirt. When you next order a shirt with MOP buttons, for your first wash remember to steam it until cooked properly and add a spritz of lemon to the buttons.
Animal Pak
All of your photos are "forbidden"
how much for the rug?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Problem is, those will only sell once on deep discount cause we're cheap bastards. Well, I'm not paying 70 GBP for any shirt. However, between TM Lewin, Tyrwhitt, etc. the going rate for shirts seems to run about 20-30 GBP (incl. VAT) plus delivery. At that price, I have and will continue to buy. I very much doubt anyone is losing money at 20 GBP per shirt.
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