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red fortress: history and illusion in the kremlin catherine merridale Pretty good read. Her writing never gets overly dry and she makes the, occasionally, dry material very entertaining. 1 down
Are you confusing the Founders Circle with teh Inner Circle?
[[SPOILER]] On the subject of a loafer, I am very interested in one. Would prefer Forest last or something with a wide fit option. That copper suede is cool. Would be interested in Cordovan as well.
Olive, copper & blue Navajo wool/silk square Navy cashmere woven tie, red & cream stripes Green self-tipped silk tie, orange & blue print Mmm will try and post pics in the wild when they get here.
Good signing by Bears. I predict 7 consecutive Super Bowl runs. Seriously though, I have to believe that the contract is going to be pretty team friendly when it comes to salary cap hit. As someone who lived through the "rex is our quarterback" years, this signing comes as a relief. While I am certain there will be controversial moments over the next few years I think that this signing will be looked back on as a good thing. Hopefully they can get the defense to average...
Got my confirmation email before the site had loaded my completed transaction. LOL! 2 new ties and a PS headed my way!
Any thoughts of a loafer as we head toward spring? I would be interested in some type of cordovan or a cinnamon colored suede
Steve don't send out that cordovan blucher (?) on the rain last without finalizing my spot!
Got that same tie from my wife. Has a very nice heavy feel to it.
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