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I have it someplace....Maybe it is on a different computer. White shirt and camel DB, if memory serves.
I am a big guy. If that stuff is long. I am actually still a big guy even if that stuff isn't long lol. Hit me up spoo.
Honestly, after holding this tie I am thinking about buying all versions of it.
new pickups for me!
Anyone interested in getting some loafers made up for summer? I was thinking something in brown Cordovan, if Carmina still has any.
I feel that the list of style icons that are acceptable as closet wallpaper is very short and does not include Daniel Craig.
Well, I am drunk. So I subbed.
Would anyone consider that rain lizard in brown?
It was the Camoshita ones that I really liked.
Hoping that long sizes will be stocked in those sportcoats.
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