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USA USA USA USA, I hate to see so many sad faces on our friends to the north. Nah, I love it!!!!!
So what would a decent tailor charge for turning some of these cloths into suit and jackets? I really love the idea of buying raw cloth and having a bespole coat made, I have no experience with it and would not enjoy getting ripped off. Does anyone have any experience with a good tailor in the Chicago area?
I wish those Moras were 13 E.
I know I am a few pages late. How long would it take to braise this?
Yeah it is ridiculous. If a 30 year old wrote it he would be hailed as a semi retarded genius and the Family Guy team would hire him for insane amounts of money. The only notable thing about the strip is that a 5 year old writes it and it is better than Family Guy. It gave me a couple chuckles.
FX has been on fire lately. I really liked Testees also. I wonder if that show will be coming back?
Ras Trent in the house!
Is it Navy? Have you done any alterations?
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