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That sounds neat. I would love to see pics.
The foods from the microwave thread is pissing me off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto Name some cuisines that are "American" and weren't really inspired by a culture that migrated to that particular region of America. Isnt this one of the wonderful things about America? I just spent three weeks in Kenya where all the food was boringly homogeneous. Every family within 300 miles cooked the same 10-12 dishes every week. No one ever surprised us with a lasagna or had stir fry night. On any...
I cant believe this thread really exists.
My wife is currently pregnant, which means I do the cooking and she does the cleanup! It is the perfect arrangment. I cook breakfast. Eggs. 10 minutes Lunch: I eat out. Dinner: I cook again. anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour and a half. She cleans!!!!!1!
Finally got around to working on my pork belly. Drohmans Pork Confit recipe: Just out of the oven sitting in clear duck fat. I wish you could smell this. Same recipe after chilling for a night. Also makin bacon! Going to smoke the bacon on my green egg.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Who gives a shit how he's elected? At least he's not a reptilian! Wrong. Quote: In the closely fought 2008 US Senate election between comedian and commentator Al Franken and incumbent Senator Norm Coleman, one of the ballots challenged by Coleman included a vote for Franken with "Lizard People" written in the space provided for write-in candidates.
I was getting a facial the other day and the girl who was my facilist (?) said to me, "I will step out of the room so you can take your clothes off... I mean your shirt off". Definitely a Fruedian slip.
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