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I have been looking forward to this album since I heard High Road. Will be purchasing tonight.
Creationism= theory Evolutionism= theory People going to a school to to study creationism = people going to school to study a theory Thus you all have a problem with people studying theories. This thread smells of censorship.
This is quietly a really really good thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Much funnier than Dane Cook or Dimitri Martin. Then again, so is bubonic plague. +1111
Gold plated machine guns are serious.
That jacket has made me hate kissing buttons.
Watching the Poland episode right now. It is very interesting. Edit: This guy can HANDLE his booze!
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas And did your friend wind up arrested for assault and battery, then sued for every penny he owns, or will earn in 10 years? Actually, he did get arrested.
I have a story. I was out with some friends in a bar and some idiot grabbed my friends brand new fiancee's ass. My friend confronted him. The idiot taunted my friend and insulted his size and height and poked him in the chest. Big mistake. My friend was an all state wrestler and had been studying judo since he was 6. My friend proceeded to break the guys arm in 2 places and his nose. He then broke the ass grabbers friends arm. Moral of story, if you get caught grabbing...
New Posts  All Forums: