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I second the idea of only buying 3-4 knives.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May This is going to be ruined by the fact that half of the point of playing it will be online multiplayer which will be pointless in light of the fact that people will play 12 hours a day and dominate anyone who doesn't take it seriously, possibly come up with strategies that take advantage of design deficiencies (zergling rush anyone). I might give it a try for the 1p campaign at some point if I'm bored. So...
I felt something move in my pants. i realized it was for the dude.
I didnt read any of this but, is this the Thin Lizzy thread?
I know where you can get a great volvo for 8 K.
It is whipping right along for me!! I got so much done today thanks to SF being down. I feel like I actually accomplished something.
I hope it is good. Really enjoyed the book.
I will not be going this year. My wife, who is my ever steady concert going companion, is pregnant and cannot take the heat. been the previous 4 years. Great festival.
Found a recipe that imitates Reds Lobster Rolls. Gonna give it a go this weekend.
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