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Ozzie looks awesome.
Go to the clubs. Find a boyfriend. Move in. The sore ass wont last long. Ask edmorel for tips.
I was just thinking about this the other day. I bought a 4 pack of beer for 10 dollars instead of a case for 10 dollars. Times, they are a changin'....
I would see it. Looks better than Avatar.
This is my favorite line in the whole thing. Quote: Get a real black bow-tie – the kind that you need to tie yourself. Pre-tied bow-ties are for clowns and liberals BTW I agree.
13 E!!!! AAAARGH, damm you big feet!!!!
PM sent
Get a midnight blue, peak lapel DB with white buttons and three inches of ankle showing. Have her take off your garter.
I feel like Kelly Ripa could get it. It would provide for some fun pics for my SF crew.
If your previous wife died then it is in fine taste. If you are a divorcee then it is in bad taste. If your previous wife had a sex change operation, borrow his tux.
New Posts  All Forums: