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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Would you like me to post a picture of my penis? no... but really yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles That is filthy. This is legitimate undertaking, not some kind of sick internet nerd joke. I didnt hear a no...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol You have a dick. Deal with it. Or you can buy compression boxers. Consider source before you follow advice.
2 humblers please. One black and one brown.
I love to shoot and I love to hunt. I shoot a Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 gauge. Very utilitarian gun. You can drop this sucker in a lake, come back a week later and fire the shell that is in it. I have fired tens of thousands of rounds through this gun and I can count the misfires and jams without taking my shoes off. That being said you can buy a good shotgun for a few hundred bucks. If you are a beginner I would suggest going with a pump as it will force you to focus a...
Whip it out.
I am better looking than every dude on this list. I couldve killed in Capitol City.
Interesting dynamic between Don and some of the younger execs. They are choosing to keep him in the dark, making their own decisions about stunts etc..., but they are still dependent upon him when shit hits the fan.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Just when I thought this thread couldn't get nuttier...
I second the idea of only buying 3-4 knives.
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