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I did not understand over half of the words in that story. I still think it was friggin cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson The only good thing about Lincoln, IL is the First Wok Restaurant. Go there, get the General Tso's, thank me later. I eat there every time I am in Lincoln. Never had the General Tso's. I will try it next time.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Lincoln, IL (or somewhere around it). Where I went to Bible college. Really my only friend on a campus full of people who I didn't agree with and who didn't agree with me. BTW, I have never been a groomsmen or BM before. Hell, I've only been to 3-4 weddings. What are my responsibilities/roles, and how does only being in the area of the bride and groom for a week before the wedding affect them? You...
Saddleback leather.
Ozzie looks awesome.
Go to the clubs. Find a boyfriend. Move in. The sore ass wont last long. Ask edmorel for tips.
I was just thinking about this the other day. I bought a 4 pack of beer for 10 dollars instead of a case for 10 dollars. Times, they are a changin'....
I would see it. Looks better than Avatar.
This is my favorite line in the whole thing. Quote: Get a real black bow-tie – the kind that you need to tie yourself. Pre-tied bow-ties are for clowns and liberals BTW I agree.
13 E!!!! AAAARGH, damm you big feet!!!!
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