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Cool, I am in then.
Is that whats happening? Is that called spermzzatura?
thanks for the helpful answer greg. It is gonna be weird for my office staff to see me take off pants and measure them. I dont cur, thats what is happening.
Since I am out on the loafer I think I will jump in on that chukka. I voat for red or purple. That thing is on the rain last right?
how the heck do the sizes on Rota trousers work? I am a 38 us. Is that a 56 eu or uk or whatever the hell those numbers are? Size your pants in American, dammit!!!! These colors dont run!!
Oh man, we lost the tassel. Guess I am out.
sigh. I thought this post was going to be about an actual safari.
That double monk boot in chestnut would be amazeballs.
The first one is a sonnet in black and white. The second one is vulgar and makes me randy.
I have it someplace....Maybe it is on a different computer. White shirt and camel DB, if memory serves.
New Posts  All Forums: